The Hermit Tarot Card Reading (Upright & Reversed) -

The Hermit Tarot Card Reading (Upright & Reversed)

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Connection and association are one of the essential components of existence. Yet, there are moments when we need to take a step backward from others instead of going and approaching them.

Most people believe that The Hermit tarot card has a neutralizing implication and portrays distressing emotions such as isolation and loneliness.

In times of loneliness, you often find yourself searching for more meaning in life. You have this deep craving inside you, wanting to fill the void within you.

The Hermit card is the major arcana's ninth card that screams solitude's power. The Hermit is the epitome of self-reflection in search of knowledge, lightness, and enlightenment.

The Hermit tells you about the efforts and actions you will take to search for your true authentic self. This tarot card will be your guide in doing so.

The Hermit's appearance signifies that someone will enter your life that will serve as your mentor. The Hermit is a seeker of the knowledge within. In the path of the night, he wanders lonelily in search of something.

You may associate this tarot card with the earth's element, the planet Mercury, and the astrological sign Virgo. The Hermit's key dates range from the 23rd of August up to the 22nd of September.

If you are wondering if this tarot card is a yes or no – it is neither. The Hermit stands in between.

Symbolism Of The Hermit Card

The Hermit tarot card shows a man, an old one, and on a mountain is where he stands. His outstretched hand is holding a lantern while his other hand is carrying a staff.

The mountain where the man stands symbolizes one's success, achievements, and accomplishments. The lantern that the old man is carrying is a representation of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. If you will check closely, the man's lantern has a star inside. It is the Seal of Solomon, the symbol for wisdom.

The staff he is holding in his left hand is the figure of power, influence, and authority. Moreover, this staff also tells about the importance and value of the man's journey.

You will see that the man is alone in a very much isolated place in the tarot card's depiction. He went on a long journey with only a lantern and a staff. This description alone shows his determination for his search and journey. He is in solitude alright, but he is also at peace.

You will notice that The Hermit is looking down from where he is; this signifies that he is open and willing to share the wisdom and lessons he learned.

The Numerology Of The Hermit

The Hermit's card number is nine, and much like the World tarot, it is a figure for completion and conclusion . The number nine indicates that you are near the ending. With the major arcana's The Hermit, it means that you finished the first set of this arcana.

Before you move entirely forward to your next destination, this tarot card tells you the need to take a break and withdraw for a bit. Associated with this tarot card, The Hermit, is the astrological sign Virgo. Before the Fall Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Virgo is the last sign.

The Hermit and the Virgo share the same qualities and characteristics. For in-depth analysis, study, and learning, there will always be a capacity.

The Hermit Keywords


  • Being alone
  • Circumspection
  • Contemplation
  • Corruption
  • Detachment
  • Deliberate
  • Enlightenment
  • Giving guidance
  • Humility
  • Inner guidance
  • Insight
  • Introspection
  • Meditation
  • Observation
  • Perspective
  • Privacy
  • Prudence
  • Receiving guidance
  • Reflection
  • Search for the truth
  • Searching
  • Self-reflection
  • Solitude
  • Soul-searching
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Treason
  • Wisdom
  • Withdrawn from society


  • Alienation
  • Being anti-social
  • Being overcome by fear
  • Concealment
  • Disguise
  • Exile
  • Fear
  • Forced isolation
  • Hiding
  • Isolation
  • Lack of communication
  • Loneliness
  • Lost
  • Misfit
  • Paranoia
  • Paralyzed by fear
  • Perfectionism
  • Policy fear
  • Recluse
  • Rejection
  • Returning to society
  • Sadness
  • Solitude
  • Withdrawal
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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Hermit in an upright position tells you that you are currently self-reflecting. This reflection of yours is valid, so always keep that in mind.

Allow yourself to have alone time This will help you find the lightness and enlightenment you long desire. The more you allow yourself to take your time, the more chance you will have a better sense and outlook.

The Hermit (Upright) in Health

If you take time away, it will help your body to take a break and de-stress. Meditate and ease yourself, and you will then find yourself better than ever.

The Hermit (Upright) in Career

The Hermit card reveals how much time you are consuming in thinking much about your plans in your current career path. At the moment, you may think that this career will not work, and you may feel unfulfilled. But what you need to do is try to understand it.

It would be best to answer your questions and find things out by having an open mind. Search for the joy that you have been searching for.

Look for the reason and purpose for you to be closer to the career path that you chose. Try to work it out.

If you're looking for answers, check if the Hermit says YES or NO. You need to think deeply before taking a path.

The Hermit (Upright) in Money

During this time, you may be realizing that money does not bring you the happiness that the world has to offer right now.

This tarot card may be telling you to focus less on money and earthly materials. You will find satisfaction, fulfillment, contentment, and happiness elsewhere.

The Hermit (Upright) in Love & Relationships

Love will be one of your most outstanding teachers in life. In love, you need to be true to yourself.

In a love context, The Hermit card will be your signal that you need to take some time to yourself. Spending alone time with yourself will help you connect freely and form a strong relationship with another person.

You may feel lonely, but it comes significantly to you and your soulmate. This alone time will help you be in the right direction, the one that you truly deserve.

You should shift your perspective in seeing this as an advantage. This would enable you to get yourself back on track.

If you are currently in a relationship, this upright card tells you that both you and your partner need to do some soul-searching. Both of you need to search and reflect on things, resulting in a better and happier relationship.

You and your partner should focus on prioritizing yourselves first. For example, find a new hobby, share your gifts, or find a job.

A great deal of communication and trust is the key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. This key will be the foundation that will glue you until then.

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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

When The Hermit in a reversed position shows up, this means that you currently desire to be alone. It is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone, it is entirely okay. However, the solitude that you crave may or may not bring harm to yourself and your fellowmen.

It would be best to learn to weigh and stabilize your need for truth connected to your fellowmen.

Besides, this tarot card may or may not take your potential and power back and exhibits how to exist authentically in this reversed position.

The Hermit (Reversed) in Health

You are bottling yourself up; stop this practice, or you might explode. If you explode in the process, this will affect your health and your entire life significantly.

See a professional or a loved one whom you trust, open up to them. Do not let yourself be a grenade.

The Hermit (Reversed) in Career

The Hermit in a reversed position warns you about contemplation and intention. This card tells you that you are ready to rejoin and reconnect with the community, and this time you have a clearer understanding of everything.

Bits of realignment is a requirement, whatever you plan to take in nurturing your career. Also, this tarot card may speak for you how you long to extend your solitude.

The Hermit (Reversed) in Money

In the context regarding money and wealth, this tarot card that you may seek another's advice. It would be best if you come out of your contemplation; this will be helpful.

Positively, this can point to a healthier and sounder bond with your material situation.

The Hermit (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

Listen to your intuition, is this relationship working for you? Or does it only benefit your partner’s own interests?

The Hermit may be a sign that you choose to be lonely. You don’t want to depend on your partner or others anymore.

Loneliness is what The Hermit in a reversed position says about the context of love. This tarot card reveals that this loneliness is not your choice, but they are forcing it on you.

Nonetheless, this forced loneliness may help you concentrate on yourself and clarify what you need and want in terms of love. Concentration and clarification will be your way to produce a future relationship that has a solid foundation.

Presently is the best time to study your relationship and your differences. Check the areas of your relationship that needs tending. Aside from love and time, a relationship needs care and attention so that it will last forever.

The Hermit Advice

Remember that it’s okay to disconnect yourself from the outer world. Your feelings will always be valid, despite the circumstances.

The Hermit’s advice wants you to focus on reflection. This could have something to do with your career, relationships, and education.

The world will give you as much space as you need. Don’t think too much when the time’s running out.

You’re allowed to reevaluate things from a different perspective. A viewpoint you have in the past doesn’t necessarily mean you hold it forever.

The Hermit wants you to focus on yourself because you became too busy focusing on others’ responsibilities.

The Hermit Reversed Advice

You’re preventing yourself from having genuine feelings. Instead, you continue isolating yourself from people who can comfort you.

The Hermit, in reverse, reminds you of your intrusive thoughts. Because you believe that negative feelings will always manifest.

Refusing to seek help from other people can be suffocating. You do this because of the mindset that you can handle it on your own. 

You don’t believe that more extraordinary things will come. The things that happened in the past are always on your mind.

You don’t trust your guidance. When you wait for things, they’ll arrive when you don’t force it.

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The Hermit as a Person

The Hermit as a person is someone who likes to view things from a different perspective. They’re the ones who choose to view things from afar.

You can be someone who doesn’t want involvement in certain situations. You want to be the viewer or the listener instead of speaking your thoughts.

For example, you rarely participate in online class discussions. However, you choose to write down your thoughts about the lesson in assignments.

You’re a pragmatic and analytical person. You often analyze things out of personal experiences or the encounters of others.

You’re more of a natural or life-smart person.

The Hermit Reversed as a Person

The Hermit is a person who resists expressing themselves. They’re too shy to say if something bothers or perplexes them.

You may be someone who clings to the past. You refuse to move to a healing phase because you’re afraid of abandoning things.

You don’t want to go through self-reflection because you believe that your negative thoughts won’t go away.

Instead of going out to explore the world, you’re in isolation. So you adapted to being lonely rather than presenting yourself to people.

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You believe you can handle things on your own. But you’re desperate to hold on to someone.

The Hermit Present

The Fool in the present shows that you’re currently in a state of healing. So you’re taking your time to disconnect from the world.

Maybe you’re currently going somewhere far away. You think that going to different places is the blueprint for finding yourself.

You’re slowly accepting life as it is. You don’t force yourself to lean on the past, for it’s not relevant anymore.

You’re learning how to overcome your fears. Maybe you’re deciding to socialize with people again.

You’re finally out of your space of isolation. It’s time to depend on people who will be there for you.

The Hermit Past

The Fool in the past showed you how terrible life could be. It was a phase where you stopped believing in keeping the faith alive.

You thought that being optimistic is just a waste of time. In your viewpoint, it only made you more delusional to expect things.

You’re someone who thought that you could do things on your own. You don’t need the help of anyone because you have yourself.

Sometimes you prefer to be alone rather than join crowds. But the more you became alone, the sadder you felt.

The past taught you to dwell in constant isolation.

The Hermit Future

In the future, you’ll continue to grow into an exquisite individual. Someone who is already capable of accepting their fate.

There will come a time when you don’t have to overthink situations. Instead, you’ll gladly let go of things that make you feel less worthy.

You’ll continue to travel to increase your inner strength. This is your way of reconnecting with yourself after years of abandonment.

You’ll now look at things from an optimistic perspective. New opportunities will come your way because you believe they will.

This will be a time when you can finally master the art of self-love.

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The Hermit as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels uncertain if they should approach you or not. Maybe making the first move is never your priority.

This person feels intimidated whenever you’re around them. Your presence gives them cautious signals as a sign that they should act right.

They’re too shy to ask you questions or start a conversation. Most likely because you prefer to spend time alone rather than having a companion.

There are times when they spend a lot of time reading you. They’re perplexed about handling things when it comes to you.

But this person feels like you’re a reasonable observer and naturally bright.

The Hermit Outcome

This is a perfect time to align your priorities and beliefs. You’ll need to take an extended break to feel at ease.

You’re willing not to engage in communication until further notice. You understand that this is for your own good.

The healing journey will encourage you to travel constantly. You can climb a mountain or go camping by yourself.

You may discover a new hobby or passion along the way. You’re going to practice mastering this hobby until you can accomplish it.

Everything will make sense in the end because you chose solitude, the art of interacting with yourself.

The Hermit Pregnancy and Fertility

The Hermit card can be a positive sign for pregnancy. However, this is about finding enough time to decide your child's future.

It's important that you'll plan the responsibilities you'll be doing. First, you work with your partner to discuss your child's funds.

This can also be an opportunity for you to have rest. It's going to be parent time.

You and your partner should start talking about family planning. If everything goes downhill, you need to have as many backup plans as possible.

Entering the cycle of motherhood can be a path to personal development. Always trust your intuition.

The Hermit Energy

The energy of the Hermit focuses on the self. It deals with achieving inner and spiritual knowledge.

Perhaps you want to cleanse your soul spiritually. You do this by intertwining yourself with nature and exercising.

The immense energy represents your blazing desire to change. You don’t only change your bad habits, but you encounter self-transformation as well.

The Hermit’s energy reminds you that you’ll never be alone. The universe has your back even if you want to do it alone.

Through consistent yoga or meditation, you continue to be productive. This is a way of bringing back your old power.

The Hermit as Action

One of the vital forces of the Hermit is implementing action. You have the ability to restore balance and let go of vices.

You may be someone who loves to organize things. You organize category by category in order to be productive.

You’ll prepare yourself if something isn’t for you. You’re willing to remain or relinquish things according to your strength.

If you want something to achieve, you act on it. You devote your time and effort to making a dream come true.

Waiting for a miracle can lead you to desperation. Allow things to arrive at the right time.

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The Hermit as Intentions

Hermit's intentions often focus on withdrawal. You'll withdraw if you want to change something or if things are unhealthy.

This may or may not be a pure intention to others. What's important is how you'll be able to handle situations that overwhelm you.

The intention is to bring back the energy of the self. So you have the ability to take back your power.

You're open to reflection. Maybe you have a journal that contains all the goals you have for yourself.

You look for progress in every step you take. This is a reminder that you've come this far.

The Hermit as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as an introvert who is always unbothered. They feel like you fully disconnect yourself from the social world.

They view you as someone who chooses to live in their own world. You refuse to hop into other people’s orbits; you prefer to have yourself.

But they observe how you’re often observant of things. But when you analyze something, you don’t broadcast it to everyone.

They also see you as a nerd but don’t take this the wrong way. They admire your continuous desire to learn new things.

They think you’re an academically and naturally intelligent private individual.

The Hermit Time Frame

The Hermit can not be a positive sign for timing. This is about when you’re waiting for something to happen.

Depending on the situation, it will take a long, but it cannot also happen. This card wants you to focus on your self-reflection.

But the maximum duration may last up to 6 months or even one year. It can start on August 24 and will end on September 23.

The Hermit also joins the Virgo season. So the time duration can possibly be between August 21 to September 20.

Don’t spend your time looking for a specific date and month.

The Hermit as a Woman

The Hermit as a woman is someone who naturally embraces constant solitude. With or without company, she’s always comfortable on her own.

You, as the Hermit, may be fond of spending time alone. You love to walk alone in parks, malls and spend your time in a library.

You agree that knowledge is power; that’s why you always choose to learn. You believe that we can all educate ourselves with the world in front of us.

You’re someone who chooses to act all Ms. Independent for a personal change. But you just don’t want to interrupt people or cause inconvenience.

The Hermit as a Man

The Hermit, as a man, loves to interact with nature. You may be someone who loves climbing up on mountains and hills.

You’re fond of doing things in your way. Maybe you’re the guy who created a Tiktok about his solitude in the woods.

You, as the Tiktok guy, choose to post videos about the traditional way of cooking. Your viewers always ask questions about why you’re alone.

The masculine energy in you applies to your choice of solitude. You want to show how manly you are by preferring to be alone.

You’re your own company, and that’s already peace.

The Hermit Communication

You can serve as the passageway for someone’s communication. The Hermit wants you to enhance your powers of being a mentor.

You can be someone who resides in a provincial or unknown land. But you’ll gladly assist if someone asks for your guidance about spirituality or relationships.

This person will seek answers from you, but you won’t give them to them. Instead, you’ll show them the way to find the correct answer.

You don’t mind teaching them the art of solitude. You can tolerate communicating with a person with the same interests.

The Hermit is a progenitor of the future.

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The Hermit Reconciliation

The Hermit shows that there’s no sign of reconciliation. Don’t waste your time waiting for the wrong person.

It can be you or this person who is in Hermit mode. If it’s the both of you, then you need to focus first on healing yourselves.

Being apart from a relationship is a positive sign because you need to grow apart in order to prioritize yourselves.

You may not admit it, but relationships can also be draining. The Hermit reminds you to look for solitude’s shelter while you reflect.

You may not end up together, but you’ll be thankful soon enough.

The Hermit Physical Appearance

The typical Hermit card in tarot shows an old man. This man wears a hood and looks like he’s about to climb a mountain.

This person doesn’t have a straight posture. His back is slightly bent, and he’s also carrying a stick.

The representation of this card encourages you to be a wanderer. Instead of having company, you’ll go through it with yourself.

For the Hermit as a woman, it can be an old lady. This lady has gray or brown hair.

The appearance would most likely have an old structure. It can be an elderly or a middle-aged person.

The Hermit Reversed Outcome

You refuse to enter a journey for healing. You hold on to the past because it became a part of you.

You continue to neglect to arrive at self-reflection. You’re afraid to confront yourself about your flaws and mistakes.

The people who don’t deserve you are still in your life. You find it hard to let go of people who impacted you.

Your negative thoughts continue to surround your space. You allow yourself to submerge into loneliness.

You want to enter a stage of change. But you’re not open to committing to change because your focus is on the past.

The Hermit Reversed Pregnancy

The pregnancy made you feel like you were incapable of anything. You don't believe you'll be a great parent.

This is because you know you can't take care of yourself. Taking care of a child was never part of the plan.

Your mind's swimming in negative thoughts and anxiety. You have countless “what ifs” on how the results should be.

You don't prepare yourself for the arrival of your child. This can be due to your lack of motivation in yourself.

You need to reflect on your choices before it's too late. You don't want regrets to consume your conscience.

The Hermit Friendship

The Hermit in friendship is a perfect example of being study buddy. It can be you or someone who wants to get high grades in class.

You’re the opposite when it comes to socialization. This person may be an extrovert, while you’re an introvert.

Despite your differences, this person continues to approach you. They want to learn from you, especially your study habits.

The Hermit shows a healthy friendship that came from being study buddies. Maybe both of you have similar interests in a particular subject.

What makes you compatible is that both of you are always willing to listen.

The Hermit and Two of Cups

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to be alone for a while. Even if it means that you’ll have to detach from your current relationship.

But detachment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll leave the connection. You just need to be alone with your thoughts for a while.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than choosing what’s best for you. And your partner needs to understand if you’re in a Hermit mode.

The Two of Cups and the Hermit is a vital card combination. These cards are a sign that you’re willing to work on yourself.

In a relationship, solving problems together can’t be contained. You both need to work on your individual issues sometimes.

And the Hermit card can be your guide in improving yourself. Intertwine with your inner self and think about what needs changing.

Once you’re ready, you can move forward with your partner. Be sure to engage in an open conversation.

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