The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The Lovers card is one of the major arcana cards that talks about union, bonds, and love. This major arcana card has a loving message to anyone who has encountered it in a tarot reading. 

The Lovers card representation shows the union of man and woman as God blesses them through the angel.

This card will guide you in keeping the balance in all aspects of your life and maintaining the peace and harmony in your soul and the people around you. 

Discover more about this major arcana card. Continue reading and find out what this card truly means to you.

Table of Contents

The Lovers Upright Card Keywords

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Partnerships
  • Morals
  • Union
  • Options
  • Sympathetic
  • Important choices
  • Openness

The Lovers Reversed Card Keywords

  • Vanity
  • Disagreement
  • Inequality
  • Imbalance
  • Insignificance
  • Skepticism
  • Mistrust
  • Detachment
  • Irresponsibility

The Lovers Tarot Guide Description

The Lovers tarot card is the 6th major arcana card. The card shows a naked man and woman standing below an angel who watches over them. 

The naked man and woman stand on a green plain with mountains on the back. The mountain at the backdrop represents the outburst of emotions and passion when a man and a woman engage in a spiritual, sexual union.

If you notice closely, behind the naked woman, an apple tree has a green serpent wrapped in its trunk. This reminds us of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve encountered the snake. 

Moreover, if we look closely behind the naked man, a tree whose branches and leaves are on fire. The tree of flames represents man’s masculinity and passion. 

If you count the flames in the tree, there are a total of 12. The twelve flames symbolize the twelve astrological zodiac signs.

Upright Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

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The Lovers tarot card in an upright position refers to meaningful connections and significant relationships that you have in your life right now. Encountering this card in a tarot reading shows the positive qualities that you have as a person. 

The upright Lovers card reveals that you have a meaningful and sweet connection with a special someone. 

The Lovers (Upright) in Spirituality

The upright lovers’ card in the spiritual reading tells you that you are about to discover your spiritual self. This is the authentic spiritual self that has been dormant sleeping inside of you. 

This signals that you are to embark on a spiritual journey towards understanding yourself deeper. Doing the things that you truly loved with a special someone will make every second of it memorable.

The Lovers (Upright) in Health

In the love context, the upright Lovers tarot card suggests that it would be best if you have someone with you to recover from any health issues. 

Call someone whom you truly trust, and never be afraid to ask for help if you need one. Keep in mind that it is innate in humans to maintain social interaction to survive in a crucial world. 

The Lovers (Upright) in Money and Career

Drawing an upright Lovers card in a tarot reading indicates new connections and relationships are starting to blossom. 

Be it in a romantic setting or a platonic one. The Lovers tarot card is all about partnerships and unions. 

The upright Lovers card in relation to your career signals that a breakthrough is coming through. You will come to a situation wherein you need to make an important decision that will significantly impact your career and financial situation. 

However, on the financial aspect, this card indicates that now is the perfect timing for you to grab any good financial opportunities that may come your way. 

Encountering an upright Lovers card tells you that you will attract luck and will be blessed with a bounty of financial blessings.

The Lovers (Upright) in Love and Relationships

The Lovers card is the best card to look for in a love reading. If you’re looking for a sign that they’re your soulmate, THIS IS THE SIGN.

Drawing this card in a tarot reading also signifies your decision about commitments. The card wants you to look introspectively inside you on how committed you are to certain aspects of your life. 

May it be between friendship or love, family or love, or work or love? 

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The reversed Lovers tarot card indicates that you may be in a confusing situation right now. You feel lost, and you don’t know which way to go. 

One thing is certain; the reversed Lovers card tells you to uplift yourself. There are no other people who know yourself deeper than you. Let go of negative thoughts that linger in your mind and shift your focus on the positive side of things. 

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The Lovers (Reversed) in Spirituality

In the spiritual context, the reversed Lovers tarot card indicates that lately, you are too focused on material pursuits that you have already strayed away from your spirituality. 

For this is the conduit that will show us and remind us of who we really are. The most rewarding thing to achieve in this lifetime is to attain the highest level of spiritual awareness a person can have.

The Lovers (Reversed) in Health

The reversed Lovers tarot card tells you that you must take care and prioritize your health. It’s easy to get caught up with the hectic routine of your day-to-day life. 

But you must also listen to your body and learn to slow down if things get too heavy on your end. You are working too hard, and you also need to rest and relax for a while.

The Lovers (Reversed) in Money and Career

The reversed Lovers’ card in the context of money and career signifies a blossoming relationship at work. 

Make sure to have a clear picture of your priorities. Be responsible and always draw a line between work and pleasure. 

This card tells you that there is a conflict arising between you and a co-worker or a business partner in a career and business context. Open communication is a must in any workplace to establish trust and camaraderie with your team. 

Encountering this card also indicates that you have been irresponsible in handling your finances. You tend to splurge on non-essential things in pursuit of instant satisfaction and to feed thy ego. 

It would be best if you learned how to manage your finances well to avoid being trapped in a pile of debts. 

The Lovers (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

Where did we go wrong? I know we started out alright?

This can be a sign that your relationship is already sinking. The anchor won’t be able to hold on for much longer.

The physical connection is robust, but you lack the stability in connecting mentally and emotionally with each other. 

The relationship slowly loses its essence of love. It can be possible that one of you is already falling out of love.

Suppose you are single when you encounter a reversed Lovers card. This card signifies that new love is starting to blossom, but it will happen gradually. 

You should take things slow if you have someone who is trying to win your heart. Take the time to get to know that person fully to avoid regrets in the end.  

This major arcana card is warning you to make sure that you are in sync and connected with a person before jumping into a relationship. There should be a balance between the intensity of your sexual, mental, and spiritual attraction with that person. 

The Lovers Yes or No?

This card is a go signal to leap forward and be courageous. 

The Lovers Advice

This card encourages you to trust your intuition. It can be justifiable that your gut feelings are correct once the situation occurs.

It’s valid to make choices out of love. But you also need to balance what your heart and mind say into compromising.

The Lovers Reversed Advice

The reverse in the Lovers card wants you to choose impulsiveness. Everything won’t make sense if you don’t follow your heart.

It’s true that love can all make us fools. But the card in reverse wants you to choose for your happiness.

You don’t want to regret things. You often ignore if the brain is telling you that you’re going the wrong way.

The future or the outcome doesn’t heavily concern you. What matters to you is your hedonistic state in the present.

The Lovers as a Person

The Lovers card as a person doesn’t necessarily involve romance. Sometimes, it relates to yourself and the choices you make.

You may be someone who intertwines with your morality. When you make a decision, you weigh which is the greater good.

You see things from a broader perspective. For example, you may have an interest in philosophy relating to life’s existence.

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The Lovers Reversed as a Person

You’re afraid of commitment instead of your work or academic deadlines. This relates to The Lovers in reverse as a person.

Wake up and make up your mind! The universe continues to shout at you for being indecisive.

Here’s a daily reminder to STOP GIVING MIXED SIGNALS AND BEING A RED FLAG! It will only make you miserable.

The Lovers Present

The present outcome shows that you’re currently in a healthy relationship. So congratulations, bestie, you, of all people, deserve it.

You may be feeling like you’re finally with the right person. You settle disputes and situations in a mature and polite manner.

The Lovers Past

You fought in a battle for you to be the winner. You experienced trauma from your past romantic relationship.

This person changed your views about love. As a result, your concept of love tarnished after what they did to you.

The Lovers Future

You’re going to make it; you’re almost to the finish line. Then, in the future, you’ll completely heal and make yourself feel alive again.

Love gave you countless sufferings in the past. It slowly changed your beliefs and actions about love.

The Lovers as How Someone Feels About You

When you have the Lovers card, someone genuinely loves you and finds you alluring. They’re willing to take the risk to make you the happiest.

They’re always at their happiest whenever you’re around. You gave them innumerable chills and butterflies in their stomach.

The Lovers Outcome

You both believe you’re willing to commit to the relationship. However, there still needs addressing when it comes to individual beliefs.

This mainly concerns your diversity of moral decisions. You can have the same interests, but you have different moral standpoints.

The Lovers Pregnancy and Fertility

The Lovers is a sign of abundance when it comes to pregnancy. You and your partner are ready to be parents!

The news about your pregnancy encouraged your partner to work harder. He wants to provide stability for you and your child.

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The Lovers Energy

The Lovers pull in an intense energy for you and your partner. This energy is a perfect representation of balance and unity.

The energy intensifies whenever you two are communicating. You’re both working out on your differences and learning how to compromise.

The Lovers as Actions

The Lovers put balance on the dichotomy of words and actions. If words already make sense, actions are the main point.

You need to align your words and actions. Even if your feelings may sometimes contrast, it’s essential that you still show pure intentions.

The Lovers as Intentions

You or this person may have soulmate intentions. This means that they’re willing to love you for the long term.

The Lovers card exists to show pure intentions. Since it links with love, it should have the embodiment of all good things.

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The Lovers as How Someone Sees You

When you have the Lovers card, someone thinks you’re a WALKING GREEN FLAG. For example, just like the color green, you make the environment a healthier place to live.

They see you as someone having only pure intentions. They can’t believe that people like you are rare in this world.

The Lovers Time Frame

The Lovers' time frame always depends on the situation. The timing should be specific when you're curious about a what or when question.

But the Lovers card specifically connects with Gemini season. So a situation of yours may occur between May 20 up to June 20..

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The Lovers as a Woman

The Lovers don't necessarily need to rely on one gender. Since it focuses on union, it can be a man or a woman.

But the Lovers as a woman is someone who focuses on showing their feminine energy. You're someone who prefers to be vulnerable around your partner as a sign of transparency.

The Lovers as a Man

The Lovers in the soul of a man surrounds himself with masculine energy. You’re someone who likes to show off to your partner that you’re the best.

Your love language can be quality time or physical touch. It’s easier to express what you feel through actions, an additional point if you’re clingy.

But there are times when you choose to be private. You refuse to be transparent because you’re afraid to be vulnerable.

The downside can be your possessiveness. You show your dominance to your partner when you feel jealous or upset.

Keeping them safe should be your top priority.

The Lovers Communication

The Lovers card shows communication as the key to a long-lasting relationship. So if you want to work it out, you’ll always find a way.

The prophecy is true for people who are currently in a long-term relationship. Their secret recipe is a constant practice of adopting healthy communication.

The Lovers Reconciliation

If you’re looking for a sign of union, refer to the Lovers card. It can indicate if a reconciliation from a past person will happen.

The positive side shows that this person still has feelings for you. They continue to reminisce about the healthy connection that you both had.

They believe that you’re still a good communicator and listener. No one gets to understand their depth perspectives other than you.

The Lovers Physical Appearance

The physical appearance is diverse when it comes to the Lovers.

Your physical appearance eventually reflects on your intentions. If you’re a woman, your eyes can be a sign of knowing your genuine emotions.

While if you’re a man, the radiance in your eyes also has the answer. As the line goes, “The eyes chico, they never lie.”

The Lovers Reversed Outcome

Are you at the right time and place? Or are you not the RIGHT person this time?

A genuine person came into your life while you're still healing. This person is willing to wait until the time that you're ready to commit again.

This person seems like an illusion. You believe that rare people like them don't exist.

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The Lovers Reversed Pregnancy

One of you is not ready to enter parenthood. It can be you or your partner who refuses to provide.

Maybe you're afraid that a bad omen runs in the family. You saw how your parents fell out of love; you believe you'll experience it also.

You're not expecting this pregnancy to happen. You're not looking for commitment, but you happen to forget about protection.

The Lovers Friendship

You effortlessly manifest love the way you manifest friendship. Friends who give unconditional love surround your safe space.

The Lovers card can also be about friendships. You either have many true friends or a few whom you consider as the real ones.

You have friends who are always there through ups and downs. They’re with you whenever you celebrate and when you fall.

The Emperor and the Lovers

You have the ability to be an excellent provider to your partner. Because you wish nothing but the best for this relationship to grow.

Even if you're not at the peak of stability, you're currently working hard. You're exerting double time and effort for the work you do.

This is because you want to provide a stable life in the long run. You shouldn't let yourself be distracted by unnecessary things.

The Hierophant and the Lovers

This relationship is filled with immense abundance and trust. You may start to doubt if everything is real around this connection.

Because this connection seems too good to be true to exist. You feel like it’s impossible to find the right one for you.

The Hierophant and the Lovers are a powerful card combination. They’re a sign that morals and values are essential in the relationship.

Because it’s these views that help us understand each other. It’s these views that will provide you and your partner with safe spaces.

The High Priestess and the Lovers

Intuition serves as the blueprint for strengthening this connection. Because this is where you can fully understand your partner’s side.

But it doesn’t start specifically from knowing directly from them. Instead, you trust your intuition if something comes from your partner.

And if you feel like something is wrong, you wouldn’t hesitate to reach out. Because you don’t want to waste time by avoiding problems.

The High Priestess and the Lovers are essential tarot combinations. They’re a sign that trusting your intuition is everything.

The Lovers and King of Cups

The smallest things matter the most in a relationship. Because it’s the smallest things that can impose significant reactions on us.

You’re someone who loves to value the little things. So in return, you’re willing to notice and understand the little details.

This talks explicitly about your daily intentions with your partner. You’re willing to learn more about their interests and habits.

With the Lovers card, this relationship has the potential to work for the long term.

The Lovers and King of Pentacles

You have the potential to build a successful and wealthy life. So you’re willing to give this to the love of your life as well.

You’re someone who has the potential to be a good provider. Perhaps you often love to spend money on your loved ones.

This doesn’t seem to present a negative impact. Because what matters is the fact that your actions and intentions are consistent.

The Lovers and the King of Pentacles are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a reminder that the relationship will flourish through effort.

The Lovers and King of Swords

Perhaps this is the perfect time to say that you’ve made it. You finally found someone who can make your world complete.

So you feel like this must be purely fate rather than a coincidence. You feel like this person is definitely the right one for you.

So now isn’t the time to overthink the situation. Now is the time to start investing time and effort to make this connection work.

The Lovers and the King of Swords are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that you’re compatible in terms of love.

The Lovers and Knight of Swords

This relationship has the potential to grow more in the future. Especially when you and your person are dedicated to checking your bucket list.

This means that you’re willing to achieve your goals as a couple. Even if not for the relationship but for the individual growth of each other.

You should keep in mind that this is an essential aspect of the relationship. Not only are you teaching yourself to grow, but your partner as well.

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The Lovers and Knight of Wands

You don’t let your words contradict your actions. So if you feel like you need to act on the relationship, you’ll do it immediately.

Because you don’t want to waste time relying on your words. You know that they don’t have any essence without taking action.

This is specifically applicable when you’re courting someone. To prove that you’re a worthy suitor, you must put it into hard work.

The Knight of Wands and Lovers are a powerful tarot combination. This is a sign that you’re willing to double your efforts for love.

The Lovers and Page of Pentacles

Always remember that you’re worthy of genuine love. You deserve a love that will continue to choose you no matter what.

So this is a daily reminder that you shouldn’t settle for less. Start manifesting positive outcomes in your life right now.

And watch out how everything will start to unfold for you. Because you’ll realize that there’s more to life than relying on what isn’t for you.

The Lovers and Page of Pentacles are a powerful card combination. This is a sign that you have the ability to manifest love.

The Lovers and Page of Wands

This connection has the potential to last for the long run. So now isn’t the time to start doubting if you deserve this kind of love.

Because anybody would burn bridges to have the love you have. Not everyone is blessed to be with good people in their lives.

In order to take this connection to the next level, feel free to travel. This may be a sign that an adventure is beneficial for growth.

Continue making memories for life.

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The Lovers and Queen of Swords

Independence can always be the most beautiful thing. But you need to keep in mind that you’re also allowed to be vulnerable.

You’re allowed to show your weakest posts in a relationship. Because being independent can hinder you from expressing yourself.

You already adapted the feeling of solitude and handling things on your own. But it wouldn’t hurt your ego to ask for your partner’s help.

The Lovers and the Queen of Swords is a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you deserve a healthy relationship.

The Lovers and Ten of Cups

The process towards a healthy relationship isn’t easy. It’s inevitable to encounter difficulties and disputes along the way.

So it’s essential to keep in mind that you need to take risks. You’re not entering a relationship for the sole purpose of having fun.

You enter a relationship because you’re willing to give and receive love. It’s in these instances that you can create goals for the connection.

The Lovers and Three of Swords

There are instances when you feel like the relationship isn’t working. Although this may not be entirely true because there are ways to save this.

But it’s inevitable to encounter hardships with your person. It’s unavoidable to end up in tough fights and arguments that widen the gap.

But it’s important that you’ll both do anything to resolve such conflicts. Especially when you don’t want to lose each other in the process.

The Three of Swords and the Lovers are a powerful combination. They’re a sign that heartbreaks and grief can affect the relationship.

The Lovers and Two of Cups

This may be a sign that your relationship will upgrade. You just need to trust the process, and everything will fall into place.

Don’t hesitate to continue to show how much they mean to you. Because it takes consistency and dedication for a relationship to work.

Perhaps you and your partner are currently in a healthy relationship. This serves as an opportunity for you to take the next level.

The Lovers and King of Wands

You’re someone who is always sure of your goals. So you often create practical and concrete plans for your relationship.

This means that you have the potential to be a good provider. You have a solid authoritative figure who can handle things well.

You don’t want to put your relationship to rock bottom. So you’re willing to do anything it takes to make this work.

The King of Wands and the Lovers are a powerful card combination. This is a sign that you can stay resilient.

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The Lovers and Knight of Cups

You can turn things around with your creativity. So you can definitely apply more creative ideas to strengthen the relationship.

Perhaps you love to plan out dates to make your person happy. But you think of dates with different agendas or locations.

So you may be someone who is also willing to explore. You wouldn’t explore new ideas without the presence of your partner.

The Knight of Cups and the Lovers are an excellent tarot combination. This is a sign that what you’re thinking can contribute to this connection.

The Lovers and Queen of Cups

You need to keep in mind that your ideas will always matter. Your ideas can always contribute good intentions and outcomes for the relationship.

So try to lay out your plans and explain them to your partner. Be someone who can be a personal counselor to them.

This means that you have the ability to provide a safe space for them. A space where they can freely express their thoughts and emotions.

The Queen of Cups and Lovers is a good tarot combination. This is a sign that you shouldn’t hide your views in the corner.

The Lovers and Queen of Pentacles

You’re someone who has the ability to be a good provider. This is specifically applicable when you’re a woman.

You’re someone who continues to live an independent life. But you’re willing to provide financially for your loved ones.

You’re willing to give more than what you can receive. Because you want to make sure that the people you love are safe.

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The Lovers and Queen of Wands

You believe that communication is the key to healthy relationships. So you’re trying to use your confidence and willingness to apply this.

Because you want this current connection to work out. In order for things to flow to the next level, it’s important to talk. 

You’re someone who wants to improve your social skills. Because you believe that it’s essential to interact with your partner more.

The Lovers and Six of Wands

The things you’re waiting for will finally appear soon. You just need to apply more determination and consistency toward your goals.

All your efforts will not be in vain because you’ll win this fight. You’ll not only be making yourself proud but your personality as well.

So you need to keep in mind that you’re not alone. You have someone who is willing to support you in everything you do.

The Six of Wands and the Lovers are an excellent tarot combination. These cards can give you the motivation to keep going.

The Lovers and Two of Swords

When it comes to relationships, you also need to choose yourself. You don’t need to give everything to make your partner happy.

You need to know the truth that may sting a bit. This is the fact that your partner shouldn’t be your world.

You need to stop focusing on a single thing when you have your individual goals. You need to work on improving yourself and only for yourself.

The Two of Swords and the Lovers are a good tarot combination. This is a sign that you need to stop being dependent on people.

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