The Magician Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The Magician is the first Major Arcana card also known as “The Juggler” or “The Magus.” This card follows the Fool marked as number zero. The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, and the element air. 

This card talks about power, skills, potential, resources, the union of the physical and spiritual realm. The Magician tells us that there is a superior being that works among us. It refers to the interconnection that exists between the material and the spirit world.

The Magician tarot card will show you how to connect with your higher self and allow it to guide you to your true path. This card assures you that you have all the things you need both in the inner and outer aspects of your life. 

Table of Contents

The Magician Upright Keywords

  • Testimony
  • Materialization
  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Power
  • Inspiration
  • Willpower
  • Aspirations
  • Skills
  • Focus
  • Resourceful
  • Rationality
  • Psychic abilities
  • Logic

The Magician Reversed Keywords

  • Deception
  • Untapped potential
  • Lack of preparation
  • Flawed plans
  • Deceitful
  • Dishonesty
  • Misconception
  • Manipulative
  • Craving
  • Treachery
  • Lacks presence of mind

The Magician Meaning and Description

Being the number 1 card in a tarot deck, the Magician signifies beginnings and new endeavors. The card depicts a man standing with his left hand pointing upward and the right one towards the ground. The position of the man’s hand signifies that he acts as a channel between the material and spiritual realm. 

This card is comparable to the phrase “as above, so below.” The interpretation of this is that everything is interconnected. It also confers that one must view things from above to see the bigger picture. To make it simpler, one must look outside of himself and view his life from another perspective. 

This card is also beaming with creativity. It promotes universal consciousness through creative force. The Magician wants you to utilize the wisdom and knowledge provided by your spiritual pursuits to manifest your ideas into the physical world. Keep in mind that man can create something using his resources, but it all started from mental creation.

Seen in the card is a table with a sword, cup, wand, and pentacle on top of it. These four things represent Minor Arcana’s four suits and the four earth elements (earth, water, fire, air). This signifies that you have all the things you need both on the inner and outer aspects of your life to succeed in all your endeavors.

The white robe of the man symbolizes innocence, purity, light, and illumination. His red scarf represents passion, desire, strength, courage, willpower, rage, wrath, and lust. There is also an infinity sign above his head and his belt is a snake biting its tail. These two symbols are a representation that you possess limitless potential and access to an infinite possibility.

In front of the man are blooming flowers of roses and lilies. This indicates the manifestation of one’s aspirations and cultivating one’s potential.

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Upright the Magician General Meaning

The upright Magician tarot card will be your guide in manifesting your ideas into reality. This card will provide you with everything you need and will deliver you closer to your goals. However, it instructs you one thing, that is to attract and magnetize the things you want to happen in your life. But how will you do that?

This card follows the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. It tells you to think of the things you desire and ask God to bless you with all your goals. These positive thoughts emit high vibrational frequency and in return attract positive energies. The universe will bounce back the positive energy you emanate through the manifestation of your needs and desires.

You will notice that a new door of opportunity will open to you. Thus, the Magician card leaves it to you on what to do with it. 

The Magician in an upright position signifies your strong connection with your spirit. It also tells you to utilize all your resources to make something out of nothing. Regain balance in all aspects of your life, mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Combine the strength in each of these aspects to create and manifest.

The universe is sending you a signal through this card that now would be the best time to put your plans into action. This card guarantees a high chance of success if you know how to play your cards well. You have the knowledge, skills, and creativity to turn your aspirations into real life. So, stay in tune with your intuition, since it will be your guide to navigate through your path the universe has destined for you.

The same with the message of an upright Knight of Wands, the Magician tells you to always keep a clear picture of your goals and aims. Dig deep inside you on what motivated and inspired you to set these goals. Turn your focus and efforts in planning how to attain all of these. 

The Magician (Upright) in Spirituality

The Magician encourages you to deepen your understanding of the spiritual path you are following. Turn your focus in nurturing the spiritual aspect of your life by expanding your knowledge and awareness. 

This card also encourages you to find your core and develop your spiritual consciousness. This practice is best if you want to improve your psychic abilities. Other positive effects of this practice are to heal trauma, anxieties, and reduce negative thinking patterns. 

The Magician (Upright) in Health

The Magician upright concerning your health talks about healing and restoring vitality. Suppose you are battling with an illness and suffering from a disease. This card tells you to reassess how you combat your sickness. It also advises you to re-evaluate your treatment option or try a more holistic approach to treat your disease.  

The Magician (Upright) in Career and Finances

An upright Ace of Wands has the same message as the upright Magician card in a career aspect. It brings promising and great opportunities to the person who encounters it . If you have plans of leaving your current job, this card tells you to take the risk for you have a big chance of succeeding.

If you are working your way for a promotion, this card is a bringer of good news. It empowers you to be courageous and take the leap to go after your dream job. 

Financially, the upright Magician signifies excellent financial standing and financial abundance.

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The Magician (Upright) in Love and Relationships

If you're looking for some love advice or positive news about your love life the upright Magician is a great card. If you’re in a relationship, this card represents stability, commitment, openness, and affection. This card signifies that your relationship is traversing to the next level. You and your partner feel deeply toward each other and both are ready to step up and enter a lifelong partnership.

If single, having this card means that now is a favorable time to start dating and meet new people. You will meet someone who will make you feel the love you never experienced with anyone before. 

The Magician (Reversed) General Meaning

The reversed Magician signifies that you are still in the planning stage of your life. You have set your goals but observes first the patterns and synchronicities around you. You feel unsure whether you have all the things you need to start your new venture.

The reversed form of this card tells you to be in tune with your spirit. Attract the life you want to live, for what you think you become. The universe is showing you signs directing you to your destiny.

If you are currently working on a project this card signifies that you feel stagnant due to the lack of progress in your situation. There is also the uncertainty on where you are truly headed and what is the endpoint of your journey. This happens due to a lack of inspiration causing a creative block. Perhaps your plans are not aligned with your life’s purpose and mission and the universe telling you to stop and realign yourself with your destiny.  

The Magician (Reversed) in Spirituality

A reversed Magician card tells you that you need to get out of your comfort zone and discover a new spiritual path. This card tells you to allow yourself to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You feel stagnant because your current spiritual path does not suit you anymore. You’ve outgrown it and now is the time to spread your wings and discover where you truly belong.

This card also tells you that you have psychic abilities, and it warns you to put them to good use.

The Magician (Reversed) in Health

Unlike all other tarot cards, the Magician in reversed still has a positive connotation. It tells you that you have healing talents, that you possess the nurturing hands of a healer. You have the power to absorb the energy of others and restore it, in return the negative energy was transferred to you. Hence, this card is a reminder that you need to take care of your own mental and emotional health. Failure to tend to these health aspects can cause paranoia, mood disturbances, and hallucinations.  

The Magician (Reversed) in Career and Finances

A reversed Magician card concerning your career signifies shying away from opportunities presented to you. You have the potential, skill, and talent, but you are not using it to advance your career. The reason for this is fear, you are afraid of criticism, failure, judgment, and negative comments. You lack confidence in yourself even though your creative talents are highly regarded by the people around you. 

A reversed Magician card in its extreme form indicates that you are surrounded by manipulative and treacherous people. This makes you feel stagnant in your current situation. Like the High Priestess card, the Magician will let you see through the deception. So, be careful whom you trust.

Financially, the reversed Magician indicates a rough patch on your financial aspect. You need to take action to change your current financial situation and determine what motivates you to work harder. 

The Magician (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

Manipulation, deception, and dishonesty, are the current emotions at play in your relationship. Some things need to change to make your relationship survive and it all starts by communicating openly.

This card is also a signifier that you are in a manipulative and narcissistic relationship. You need to reconsider your choices before the damage has worsened.

If you are single, this card indicates that you feel that there is no chance you can find true love. This card invites you to look introspectively. Maybe you are also avoiding meeting new people. Go out and meet new friends, maybe he/she just around the corner.

The Magician Advice

The Magician tells you to place your perspective and position on a scientist. This means you should be open to exploring different areas of a subject.

You may be thinking about solving a problem. You may want to take time to decide on the course or job that you’ll choose.

The Magician wants to tell you that you shouldn’t rush. Take your time to make a conclusion.

In the end, you must be clear about your intention. Say your intention to the sky, write it down, or talk to a friend.

Ask yourself,  “What do I really want to achieve?”

The Magician Reversed Advice

The Magician's reversed advice tells you that you can’t save anyone. It’s time to make yourself happy before you continue to choose others.

Maybe one of your great strengths is being an empath. But a person who always puts other people first can be suffocating.

The universe knows that you’ll do great things. You need to prioritize yourself and the things that you want to achieve.

You need to realize that not everyone can reciprocate what you give. It’s not your fault that they can’t take care of themselves.

Do you want to have a life you borrow from others?

The Magician as a Person

The Magician as a person is someone who puts logical reasoning first. You’re constantly curious about how things exist in this world.

You’re fond of problem-solving, which will intensify your intelligence. You have an interest in taking a course in sales or communication.

You bring your leadership spirit everywhere you go. As a result, people will quickly follow and understand your views and orders.

You’ll study an object or topic every time you see it. But, before you conclude, you’ll adhere to deep thinking first.

The Magician in your spirit lays an eye wide open to the world’s innumerable wonders.

The Magician Reversed as a Person

The Magician Reversed is in the palm of your hand; what are you WAITING for? Don't spend your time hiding inside a box.

You're most likely a lowkey person. You're a silent listener to the class, but you're consistent in getting straight As.

You don't raise your hand whenever your manager wants the group to ask a question. You're afraid that you might say or do something that's not right.

The worst-case scenario can be your ability to manipulate others. You're used to pulling tricks to deceive.

You don't want to have the spotlight, or you're capable of stealing it.

The Magician Present

The Magician in the present position wants you to seize the day. So if you’re planning to do something, IT’S NOW OR NEVER!

This is an important time for you to reflect. Show devotion to what you want.

This will not be successful if you choose to act like someone else. Do you want to impress a person? Be yourself.

While it’s true that simplicity is beauty, you must also exert effort. For example, you impress a person by writing them a note or giving them flowers.

There’s an abundance of luck coming your way, be ready to receive it.

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The Magician Past

When you look back on the past, you feel contentment and nostalgia. You remember the days of your triumph and happiness.

Maybe you lost the motivation to be active in everything. You probably stopped working on your science project or sold a house.

This is simply because you feel like you’ve established enough. You feel like you are finally on top of the world.

You’re content with the foundation you built for yourself. Dazzling medals and certifications are already around your home; what more can you wish for?

You decided to rest because you did your part; all is well.

The Magician Future

The Magician in the future brings you a race setting. You’re almost at the finish line; keep running!

All your hard work will pay off this time. So don’t think that you won’t be getting that degree, because darling, you will!

It’s been a long period of exhaustion and doubts. You’ll finally have the recognition you deserve.

Maybe a trip to the beach will do the trick! But, before you play in the sand, focus on your goals first.

The universe continues to smile at you. It knows how important it is that you must succeed, so believe you will.

The Magician as How Someone Feels About You

As the line goes, If life is a movie, then you’re the best part.” This person is happy that you came into their lives.

In the past, this person thought you were too good to be true. Because you’re capable of giving them warmth and comfort.

Taylor Swift is right,today was a fairytale.” You made their lives magical, free, and less exhausting.

This person also feels like you two share a connection. You both have a deep level of understanding.

They are always comfortable when they’re with you. They wouldn’t have to put on a mask to play pretend.

The Magician Outcome

For the Magician outcome, you’re preparing for take-off! You have your rocket ship with you, and you’ll take that risk for an exciting adventure.

You’ll be able to accomplish your goals. The journal where you wrote down your plans? They’ll come true!

On this flight, you’re ready to take the next step. You’ll take that admission test, present a proposal or start a business.

This can also be a time for new opportunities. You’ll be ready to receive and work on them.

Your goals will align with your actions. You’re confident enough that you have what it takes to succeed.

The Magician Pregnancy and Fertility

The Magician card is also a representation of pregnancy. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself as you enter the life of motherhood.

You must take this card seriously. This will be your guide in having all the needed resources.

The Rider Waite version of this card showcases tools on the Magician’s table. These tools are the blueprint for the Magician to create his incredible inventions.

Like the resourceful Magician, you’ll need to prepare your own tools. These tools should make you and your child healthy.

You’re on the right path. You got what it takes to be a super mom!

The Magician Energy

You’re a master manifester! It’s time to release your potential as a Magician.

When you receive this card, it forms a connection with your higher self. As a result, your manifestations will appear.

A fire will ignite inside of you. This is a Major Arcana card with high energy.

You’ll have the ability to turn your dreams into actions. The intense energy of this card will give you immense motivation.

Just like Harry potter, you are a wizard! While you may not make spells, you can show off your talents!

There’s magic that exists within you; use your powers now!

The Magician as Action

Are manifestations part of your everyday living? To make your dreams come true, you should TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION.

Don’t waste your time waiting for the stars to give you what you want. You’re a powerful being; use that magic inside of you!

Are you thinking of writing a fantasy book? Or do you want to take freelancing?

All your “what ifs” should not remain in your brain. Keep in mind that your words should align with your actions.

But you can always take your time in evaluating the things you want to do. Remember that small progress is still progress.

The Magician as Intentions

The Magician loves creating visions. These visions are essential for the Magician’s life.

Like the Magician, you need to turn your visions into reality. Don’t only visualize what’s happening in a book; claim you’re the protagonist of it.

Remember that you’re the one in control of what happens in your life. But asking the universe for help isn’t a bad thing.

Your intentions must result in a good outcome. Moreover, the outcome must be beneficial for yourself.

However, you must not take your intentions too far. Don’t get to the point where you’ll use your magic for greed or deception.

The Magician as How Someone Sees You

If you’re curious how someone sees you, they find you intriguing. They’re fascinated with your ability to turn your imaginations into reality.

You give them the motivation to work for their dreams. They saw how magical the world is because of you.

This person may think that you always see them.” You see their hidden emotions, flaws, and dreams and still accept them.

They view you as someone who can blend easily in a crowd. You made them laugh on several occasions.

They’re astonished at how you continue to pursue your goals. They feel like you can always understand them.

The Magician Time Frame

The Magician can be your blueprint when you’re curious if something will happen. Of course, it depends on your card.

The first interpretation shows that it will come when the time is right. When you’re least expecting it, that’s when it will happen.

The first interpretation will make you realize if something is for you. It doesn’t have to happen immediately, be patient.

While the second interpretation shows that the event will occur in social gatherings. A party where a clown is playing can be the sign.

The Magician’s prediction is full of magical surprises, so you better watch out!

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The Magician as a Woman

The Magician as a woman was a representation in the Delta Enduring Tarot. In this card, a woman is preparing a stew.

The woman makes use of everything that’s in front of her. She’s resourceful in creating the stew.

If you got the Magician card, you can do this, bestie! You’re a powerful being that’s capable of making magic.

You may initially feel shy, afraid that you might mess things up. It’s okay to stay in the box for a little while.

But you have to start exercising your skills. The world needs a gifted and powerful woman like you.

The Magician as a Man

The Magician is not an ordinary man. But, like normal people, he makes mistakes and has his ego.

What makes this man peculiar is his ability to gain self-awareness. He knows his responsibilities and prioritizes his goals.

You may be someone who wraps your head around your ambition. You want to manage things smoothly and consistently.

Like the Magician, you’re capable of making magic. You can find the resources you need if you know what you want.

You’re someone who loves to provide. Your family, lover, and co-workers are grateful for you.

The universe wishes you success on your journey.

The Magician Communication

The Magician possesses a strong power for communication. If you got this card, then maybe you’re eloquent with words.

You’re capable of constantly persuading a large audience. This is applicable when you’re a speaker, preacher, or entertainer.

People can suddenly feel an immense connection with you. Just like a marketing specialist, you can always encourage them to purchase your products.

The downside of being a good communicator is the ability to deceive people. Maybe you’ve tricked someone into believing something impossible.

Your negative impact may heavily affect your audience. You can influence them to pull tricks on others as well.

The Magician Reconciliation

The Magician in reconciliation is a sign that the fire’s still burning. Finally, there’s a possibility that a past person is ready for reconciliation.

This person sees you as someone who changed their lives for the better. You made their life more magical and less exhausting.

You both shared a strong bond in the past. You influenced this person to work hard.

The thread that connects the two of you is still holding on. But now may not be the perfect time for reconciliation.

You have to prepare yourself. This person will be at your doorstep at the right time.

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The Magician Physical Appearance

In the Magician card, the man wears a white robe. The robe is a symbol of purity and innocence.

People who receive the Magician card don't necessarily wear a white robe. They can be scientists, magicians, entrepreneurs, or journalists.

You're powerful if you're interested or belong to the categories mentioned! This is because you balance your actions, feelings, and goals.

But keep in mind the white robe that the Magician wears in the card. You must not deceive others based on your physical appearance.

It's fun to wear a quirky outfit. But remember that it should represent the real you.

The Magician in a Love Reading

Love is in the air, human! The Magician in a love reading shows a positive sign that can make you fly!

You're preparing to enter a committed relationship if you're the Magician. You're probably thinking of ways that will impress them.

This can also mean that you're a good communicator. You'll not hesitate to speak your thoughts in order to form trustworthy relationships.

Your person can have the same characteristics if they're a magician. They're devoted to making you happy.

They may have a strong charisma that you'll find stunning. Their physical appearance can easily be the center of attention.

The Magician Reversed Love Reading

Do you wish for a perfect or an ideal partner? Then, be careful of what you wish for!

This presents a negative sign when you get the Magician reversed in a love reading. It can be you or your partner who puts up a facade.

Maybe you’re not completely honest with your person. You continue to tell them things that are never true.

This can also apply to your counterpart. Be cautious; perhaps they’re only trying to impress you with someone they’re not.

Believe in the saying, “looks can be deceiving.” You need to stop ignoring their red flags bestie!

The Magician Reversed Outcome

The Magician outcome in reverse tells you that you’re not prepared. Your rocket ship is waiting, but you can’t start your engine.

Don’t worry; you’ll accomplish your goals. But you’ll not work immediately on the things you wrote in your journal.

You keep thinking that you’ll fail the admission test. You’re afraid that your business will not stand out.

When new opportunities appear, you always reject them. Because you doubt your abilities.

You’re still struggling to show your confidence. Your actions, feelings and visions don’t compliment each other.

The things you want to happen won’t happen if you’re overthinking it.

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The Magician Reversed Pregnancy

The Magician reversed in pregnancy is a sign that you’re not prepared. Since this is an unplanned pregnancy, you’re still not thinking straight.

You may be ignoring the guidance that this card gives. The resources are in front of you, but you’re not using them.

Overthinking is your worst enemy in recent times. You’re thinking that you’re not capable of entering motherhood.

The fact that a fetus is inside of your womb still feels surreal. You’re not used to being the “bigger person.”

Maybe you continue to ask for guidance from others. But you cannot follow one of their advice.

The Magician Friendship

Since you're a master manifester, you can manifest friends easily! You may have a huge circle of friends.

Your friends view you as someone inspiring and creative. They want you to teach them how to draw or write a fantastic story.

They're genuinely grateful for your existence. You're a good communicator and listener every time they're having a rough day.

They may view you as the “king/queen of the crowd.” Your socialization powers can sweep everyone off their feet.

You're reliable in group road trips or random hangouts. You always make exciting and practical plans to make your friendship stronger.

The Magician and the High Priestess

Don’t try to look around too much. Remember, the answers can be found within you; trust your gut.

What you’re looking for might already be in front of you. Take this time to interact with your higher self to achieve your goals.

The Magician and the High Priestess is about intuition into action. You have to believe that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Because no one will do it for you, so you need to find yourself. And it’s okay if the journey is a long one; remember to bring patience with you.

With the Magician card, you can have all the resources available. If you want to achieve something good, start doing it today.

The answers will rely on the guidance of the High Priestess. If you feel like this opportunity is for you, then start moving.

With intuition, you know what’s right for you.

The Fool and the Magician

There are many opportunities that are waiting for you. As a result, you have the strength to carry yourself through this journey.

You know that you shouldn’t be wasting your time. So you’re willing to do whatever it takes to receive new knowledge.

The Magician and the Fool is a powerful combination. It gives you the reminder that you can be skillful even if you’re just wandering.

With the Fool card, maybe you choose to wander in life. You don’t solely focus on a single idea, but you want to explore more.

You have this youthful energy that is constant and active. So you have this urge to look and learn new ideas because of curiosity.

With the Magician card, you can still have the resources for you. As you wander this journey, you can find the tools that you need.

Who knows, maybe you’ll start working on a project.

The Magician and Ace of Wands

A beautiful journey will now come to an end. It’s time to pack your bags and start a new journey that will bring growth.

You became successful from your last project. The company showed recognition for your sacrifices and efforts as an employee.

But now, you’re ready to apply all the lessons you learned. You’re going to bring them as you enter another stage in your life.

The Magician and the Ace of Wands will only boost your skills. They are here to guide you through undergoing another tough challenge.

With the Ace of Wands, you open yourself to a new beginning. You’re ready to be open to new opportunities that are for you.

You’re now prepared to apply for a new job position. One wherein you’ll grow more and try new things.

The Magician card will guide you here. Remember to collect all the tools and values you discovered.

The Magician and the Devil

Don’t let unnecessary activities revolve around your career. You’re almost at the peak of success, now isn’t the time to stop.

You have what it takes to control negative energy. Keep in mind that you’re always stronger than your demons and voices.

The Magician and the Devil show their complete opposites as a combination. But they can serve as a guide to spot your weaknesses.

With the Devil card, maybe you’re still lingering in hedonistic activities. Maybe you stuck yourself often in drinking, parties, and pleasure.

But you must be aware of the consequences of your actions. Because this can affect your progress in your career.

With the Magician card, you need to stay focused and consistent. You shouldn’t let temptation hinder your true potential.

You have the power to gain control of your life. You also have the ability to lose yourself for temporary happiness.

Don’t waste your time.

The Magician and the Lovers

Actions will always speak louder than words. When your words don’t align with your actions, you’ll encounter several problems.

Which is why it is important that we mean what we say. In order to do that, you apply dedication and skill to strengthen your words.

The Magician and the Lovers is a powerful combination. They can be your guide in order to sort out your priorities in a relationship.

With the Lovers card, you’re engaging in a meaningful connection. You don’t plan on leaving and detaching from this soon.

Because you want to offer a higher form of commitment. This commitment is strong, and you’re willing to build a stable foundation.

The Magician card can make your wish come true. You need to lay out the tools necessary and show your skills.

Show how dedicated you are to making this work. Nothing beats the power of hard work and consistency.

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The Magician and the Tower

Sometimes, it’s always inevitable when things become overwhelming. Suddenly, you just feel like you don’t have the energy to work.

So when you decide to set aside your responsibilities, things may crumble. But know that this isn’t always your fault; you don’t have the upper hand.

This is because things fall apart as a test and a purpose. These situations can be relevant in order to improve your skills and wants.

The Magician and the Tower want you to keep going. Even if you end up receiving bad results, don’t stop showing your potential.

Because when your project isn’t successful, it’s not the end. There’s so much more to life than relying on a single responsibility.

If a relationship has been falling apart, don’t force it. You’re not always responsible if people don’t get to act right.

So let your Tower fall, and be brave to face rejections and failures.

The Magician and Chariot

If you have willpower, you can easily manifest anything. Not just manifest, but to create the reality that you want.

No one can take away the power that you have. So you need to practice and embrace it, whatever the challenges may be.

The Magician and the Chariot are a double motivation as a combination. They will serve as your driving force to fulfill your desires.

With the Magician card, you’re capable of showing your skills and resourcefulness. You don’t want to make excuses to achieve your goals.

Because you know that you’ll achieve it, one way or another. It takes a lot of time and energy, but it will be worth it.

With the Chariot card, align your skills into focus and determination. With these two elements, you’ll never have to worry if you’re losing track.

Because you’ll show that you’re in the right place at the right time.

The Magician and The Empress

As a woman, you have the power to create your reality. After all, this is your life and existence; no one should intervene.

Don’t let yourself conform to society’s fixed norms and standards. Instead, be YOUR OWN STANDARD which is capable of success.

The Magician and the Empress show a powerful feminine combination. You’re not only just a pretty face; you have the willpower to succeed.

So you’re going to face serious challenges and will be glad to receive it. Because you know that they’re beneficial towards individual growth.

With the Empress card, don’t put a facade on someone you’re not. Instead, show your true intentions and be compassionate.

There’s nothing wrong with showing people that you care. And with the Magician card, you’re willing to make concrete plans and solutions.

Because you don’t only raise words of affirmation. You put your words into action.

You’re an inspiration to many.

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The Magician and Hierophant

In order to start your journey, you still need to look back. Even if you don’t, because there are things that you should learn.

You don’t enter a new journey while carrying a blank slate. Instead, you’re willing to enter another stage while bringing the lessons you have.

The Magician and the Hierophant are a powerful combination. They serve as a reminder that the past and present can still coincide.

With the Magician card, you’re focused on achieving your goals. So you don’t let distraction get the best of you in working.

You’re someone who is willing to dedicate full time and energy. As long as results aren’t showing up, you’ll still persist.

But the Hierophant wants you to look back on history. You still need to follow some rules that can be useful on your journey.

Nature respects your decisions, so you should also respect such rules in return.

The Magician and the Star

Keep in mind that results will always show up. You may not like what you see, but it’s happening behind the scenes.

If you’re working on a project, don’t pressure yourself too much. Align your actions with positive beliefs that everything will work out.

Because they will, as long as you’re determined and focused. With your positivity, you’ll view life as more beautiful than it is.

The Magician and the Star is a brilliant combination. They’re here to remind you that there’s nothing impossible when it comes to dreams.

With the Magician card, you’re working hard. Maybe you want to have a higher promotion or get hired.

But even if the results aren’t fast enough, rely on the Star card. This will give you immense hope that everything will be okay.

You don’t have to overthink if something isn’t for you. Because you’re willing to exceed your efforts to succeed.

The Magician and the World

As long as there’s progress, keep on working! Even if the progress is only small, it will still intensify the process.

So have a little faith in yourself that you can do this. Because you need to achieve your goals despite the hardships that you face.

The Magician and the World is a combination of focus. You have to remember that this is your life; you’re at the center.

You’re at the center of everything that seems impossible to accomplish. But with your strength and endurance, they’ll end up being successful.

With the World card, perhaps a journey is about to have its end. You’re approaching the finish line, so hang on a little more.

Because you see positive results to make your dreams come true. This will be the end of a cycle, and you’ll get hired.

This journey wasn’t possible if you didn’t try to show your skills.

The Magician and Justice

Something big is coming your way, perhaps a revelation. So you need to prepare for this, no matter how positive or negative it may be.

You’re fully aware that your actions will have consequences. So now may be the right time to start reflecting on your choices and beliefs.

Even if the process is smooth, you can still encounter difficulties. You can still intentionally hurt the people around you.

So it’s important that your skills will also have a good impact on others. Because your career doesn’t only revolve around you.

The Magician and the Justice card is a good combination. These are the cards where you can discover your intentions.

So be careful what you wish and aim for in life. You may be focused and elevating in your career, but it can have consequences.

If you don’t learn how to differentiate bad or good, it can be difficult.

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The Magician and Page of Cups

The universe congratulates you if you found something good today. Something that can heighten your desire to go on a road trip.

This road trip will require you to enter a new stage in your life. One that will bring you clarity and curiosity about the things you want to explore.

Because life will always offer you more opportunities to grow. You just have to apply your creativity and willingness to every opportunity.

The Magician and the Page of Cups is a powerful combination. They are interrelated when it comes to your desire to be creative.

Remember, you are the artist of your reality; make it worth it. Don’t let the past or negative thoughts be a hindrance to being successful.

Because you have what it takes to apply your creativity. You’re skillful and competent enough to present yourself to the world.

Because you can inspire and change many people.

The Magician and the Hermit

Remember, you can ride a journey even if you’re alone. You don’t need to rely on anyone at the moment; just focus on yourself.

Things can be a little too overwhelming for you. As a result, you need to focus on finding your voice and reflecting on it.

Because the answers can be found within you. Despite all that uncertainty, you can discover what you want in this world.

The Magician and the Hermit want you to be in solitude. Even if you’re alone, you have what it takes to practice your skills.

Because you can discover new interests as you go on. Once you discover a new interest, take this time to practice it.

This combination shows that independence is a powerful thing. Because it allows you to manage things on your own.

With the Magician card, turn your solitude into something productive. This is a time to grow.

The Magician and Death

Goodbyes and detachments will definitely hurt you. Maybe there are instances when you don’t want them to let go, but it’s necessary.

So you have no choice but to move on and start fresh. These past situations will enable you to find more room for growth.

As you enter a new cycle, you’ll have to leave things behind. It’s extremely difficult to do so at first, but you’ll get used to it.

The Magician and Death is a combination of finding yourself. If you experienced failures in the past, you could always try again.

If you recently resigned from your work, it’s okay. Because there’s so much more to life than relying on a single space.

With the Magician card, you must bring your lessons to the table. You may already forget about the past, but you can still show your skills.

So let this be another journey of awakening.

The Magician and Strength

Keep in mind that THIS IS YOUR LIFE, so you’re in control of it. You don’t need to doubt if what you’re doing is heading the wrong way.

Because you know what benefits you need to receive. You know the kind of passion and love that you should receive.

So whatever path you’re taking right now, it can be a difficult one. But once you learn that you can do it, it will be worth it.

The Magician and the Strength is a powerful combination. These cards may guide you to boost your endurance and optimism.

Because there’s no such thing as an easy road to take. You need to turn and burn bridges if you want to strive.

With the Magician card, you have everything you need. You just need to show that you’re strong enough to win this battle.

Once you finally win, you can already conquer anything.

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The Magician and Temperance

You need to keep things working and in good shape. But you also need to keep things in a sensible way to restore balance.

You don’t need to give too much or give too less on things. You just need to align your focus on prioritizing a balanced life.

In order to do this, you’ll keep in touch with determination. Intertwine yourself in activities that will make you in a balanced state.

The Magician and the Temperance is a healthy combination. These cards will help you to manage and prioritize what needs to be put first.

With the Magician card, you’re always willing to show your skills. You’re someone who doesn’t give up easily in life.

But you need to realize that you shouldn’t overwork yourself. With the Temperance card, you need to balance your activities.

Provide time to stay productive for work. And provide more time for self-care.

The Magician and the Emperor

You’re in charge of the life you want to live. And you also have the power to be a good example to the people around you.

So don’t hesitate to show your abilities and views. Because as you show them, someone is always willing to learn.

Don’t try to submerge yourself in the opposing side. Don’t be someone who uses their power for selfish and greedy interests.

The Magician and the Emperor is specifically for a father figure. So if you’re often the one in charge of the house, show your skills.

Show how you can influence your family to be better people. With the Magician card, you’re determined to let them live a good life.

Remember, you must always practice what you preach. So be someone who is willing to imprint inspiration to many.

With the Emperor, you’re in control of everything good. Be someone who craves for change.


Encountering the Magician card in a tarot reading brings you an infinite potential and possibilities waiting for you. Whenever you get this card, it is a way the universe is telling you to be optimistic. The energy you send out to the universe will be given back to you. Hence, if you radiate positivity, good things will also come to you. 

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