The Moon Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Mystery, wildness, deep subconscious, illusion, and disillusion are what the major arcana's eighteenth card represents. The eighteenth card of the tarot deck is the most mysterious and elusive card of them all. It partakes confidence and the umbra like the deck's tarot cards: The High Priestess and The Devil.

This eighteenth card of the tarot deck is The Moon. Daydreamers and connivers: they are the bodies The Moon tarot card prefers to make its presence recognized. It signifies those who feel strong and loyal to themselves, and that is how it should be. Though your dreams may cloud sometimes, you should not stop reaching and achieving them. Please make it a reality.

The Moon tarot card is a notable firm tarot card that demands many things from the person receiving the reading.

A strong sense of understanding is what this eighteenth card possesses. But beware of this card for it leaves those who draw it vulnerable to a course of unexpected changes. One may associate it with the water element, the planet Neptune, and Pisces, the astrological sign. The Moon's key dates range from the 19th of February up to the 20th of March.

Some link The Moon tarot card with three aggressive and sinister drifts of the human subconscious: obsessions, darkness, and delusion. It signals the loss of direction, a bypass towards our inner world's depth, where our beasts and villains live, and the only way to recover is to get in touch with them.

The Moon tarot card may have close ties with another card in the tarot deck: perhaps, The Sun. Well, it seems like they represent duality and fill the voids of each other.

The Sun and The Moon is a symbol of lightness and darkness. Sure, you may seem like you always think that you have all the fun in the world, but you cannot be the best version of yourself if you keep avoiding and not acknowledging your darkness and shadows. You need to accept these parts of yourself.

Table of Contents

Symbolism Of The Moon Card

The Moon tarot card shows a night setting where there are two great large pillars. The pillar towers signify duality: the positive and negative energies. The towers' likeness in appearance may foretell how humanity struggles to distinguish the lightness and the darkness, even the good and the evil.

There is also a dog and a wolf: both howling at the Moon. These animals exemplify humanity's animalistic energy: the domestic and submissive side is what the dog represents, while the wolf represents humans' wild side.

Meanwhile, there is a fish, a crayfish, and it emerges from the water. It is starting on a lengthy quest to prove its value, noting that determination leads to victory. You are valid and worth it no matter how others regard your value and worth.

In the tarot card, The Moon has sixteen chief and secondary rays while it is shedding some fertilizing dew, and it is in large drops.

The Numerology Of the Moon

The tarot card deck's seventeenth card is The Star, while the nineteenth card is The Sun tarot card. In between these two tarot cards is the major arcana's eighteenth card, The Moon.

The message of the major arcana's number eighteen is that only attaining peace will enable us to dominate our deeper, animal nature and energy and be unhesitant to walk on the foreign route.

The Moon tarot card's numerology is the number eighteen. When you reduce it, it is equivalent to nine, while adding one and eight are still equal to nine. Nine is roughly fulfillment, realization, and selflessness.

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The Moon Keywords


  • Anguish
  • Anxiety
  • Complexity
  • Confusion
  • Danger
  • Darkness
  • Deception
  • Delusion
  • Depression
  • Difficult period
  • Dreams
  • Error
  • Fear
  • Hidden enemies
  • Hidden things
  • Illusion
  • Insecurity
  • Instability
  • Instinct
  • Intuition
  • Melancholy
  • Mental confusion
  • Misconception
  • Occult forces
  • Risk
  • Secrets
  • Subconscious
  • Terror
  • Uncertainty
  • Unconscious
  • Vagueness


  • Blocked intuition
  • Clarity
  • Conquering anxiety
  • Denial
  • Enlightenment
  • Inner confusion
  • Inconstancy
  • Insomnia
  • Instability
  • Misinterpretation
  • Misunderstandings
  • Mysteries unveiled
  • Overcoming fear
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Regaining composure
  • The release of fear
  • Repressed emotions
  • Resolution
  • Revelations
  • Self-deception
  • Silence
  • Subsiding anxiety
  • Truth
  • Unusual dreams
  • Understanding
  • Unhappiness
  • Unveiling secrets

Upright Moon Tarot Card Meaning


The Moon tarot card often reveals itself as a delegate of the profound subconsciousness, hidden, concealed, and the secreted.

The Moon in an upright position can be some delusion. If The Moon tarot card appears to be in an upright position, it tells you that something is not what it seems to be.

There may be a concealed revelation in your days that you require to unseal. May it be your desires, ambitions, or any other in your life; it means that it is not what it appears to be; it is not what you thought it is. The Moon tarot card forewarns you of allowing what elements appear to be.

Now, it is time to uncover things from the deep. Enable the lightness to glow and gleam upon the illusions and delusions in your world.

The Moon (Upright) in Health

You are in a state where your well-being is at its lowest state and condition. May it be your physical or mental well-being, go to a professional, and take care of yourself. If not, your health issues will continually keep you from reaching your life goals.

If you feel that something is faulty and crazy, now is the chance to get to the root of it. It would be best if you stood at nothingness to perceive the explanations and solutions that you need and seek.

Also, for women, this could betoken an overthrow in the menstrual cycle. If not the menstrual cycle, there could be other dilemmas such as an imbalance in the hormones, so take your health seriously.

The Moon (Upright) in Career

Be true to yourself. Do not pretend to be happy when, in fact, you are not. In terms of your job and career, if you are already unhappy, be sure to talk it out with your workmates honestly.

Seek your happiness. Do not be afraid to up your game, explore your options, you will find something worth your while and will make you happy.

The Moon (Upright) in Money

Keep your money safe from someone who is trying to take advantage of you. Your past decisions will be backfiring you, so to be safe, do not listen to those trying to advise you. Do your thing and do what feels right.

The Moon (Upright) in Love and Relationships

Single or in a relationship: when this tarot card appears to you, that means there is room for change and a desire for it.

The Moon card in a love reading represents balance and strong commitment. You and your partner should be willing to sort out your differences.

Make sure that your partner does not have hidden motives, nor are there skeletons in their closets.

Better, talk things out. If this partner of yours does not desire change, consider parting ways.

Do not let love blind you.

The first months of the relationship will not be easy. This is the part where you and your partner need to be patient and understanding.

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Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning


This tarot card is different from others. If The Moon tarot card is in a reversed position, well, you sure are lucky, for it brings you positive readings. The Moon in a reversed position in a tarot card reading implies liberation from whichever compels you.

The Moon, in a reversed position, often characterizes exposures and revelations. Brand-new data will rise to enlightenment. This tarot card can be an incredible and frightful encounter, even if you previously assumed the fact.

Be considerate of yourself while you swaddle yourself with authenticity. If you are fighting with whatever illness or battles, do not worry about ending these issues in your future. This deck's tarot card assures you that whatever pain you are feeling, it will be over, and you will be okay. Every pain, every fear, every wound, and every other will soon evaporate.

Guidance and higher energy are what you need to move forward, and The Moon tarot card will be your provider and supplier. With both in your hands, you will surely be on the right path.

The Moon (Reversed) in Health

In the upright position, The Moon tarot card is a warning. On the other hand, if The Moon tarot card is in a reversed position, expect better days to come. Every pain shall be subsiding. Calmer and healthier days for you, you shall expect.

The Moon (Reversed) in Career

In your job and career, The Moon tarot card tells you that you can approach your work with a different style from a different angle. Never let anything hold you back, and always remember that there is always room for advancement, innovation, and improvisation.

The Moon (Reversed) in Money

You will get a bright turn in terms of money and finance. If you work, expect that you will have a raise or a better salary with benefits. When there is an opportunity presented, make sure to take it and seize it. It will be your big break.

The Moon (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

The Moon, in reverse, wants you to look back to square one. So be sure you know the information and ways that are necessary for this connection.

Perhaps you and your person are continually going downhill. You’re both finding it difficult to work together as a team.

This card tells you that someone of value is not authentic; they are hiding something from you.

There are times when you’re confused about continuing this connection. You don’t know if you should leave or stay.

Nonetheless, your partner shall reveal his or her true colors. Better not let your guard down. Always proceed with caution. Do not pursue a relationship with someone who harms.

The Moon Advice

The Moon, as advice, has several interpretations. It depends on your situation and your desperation to grasp what the Moon will say.

The Moon wants you to trust your intuition. If you feel like something huge is about to happen, follow what your gut says.

This could also mean that someone close to you is hiding something. It doesn’t have to be about you, but this will make you realize a lot.

This card wants you to view a critical situation from a different perspective. You need to think out of the box instead of looking at the narrow points.

The Moon Reversed Advice

The Moon, in reverse, wants you to reevaluate your decisions. This could mean that you’re not following your instincts.

You prefer to stay ignorant of the fact that terrible things would happen. You believe that these events will pass and they won’t hurt you.

This card wants you to know that you’re rushing things. Pull the break, stop the car, and think about stopping for a little while.

Because you tend to rush things, this makes you feel overwhelmed. You’re not required to get things done immediately.

All of us have different paces. Little steps of your progress always matter.

The Moon as a Person

The Moon as a person, is someone who is an empath. If you have the Moon, you like to put yourself in the shoes of others.

You love to view things from a different perspective. For example, in art, you focus on analyzing the details that are supposed to hide.

You can be intuitive most of the time. You feel like you can guess a critical event that will apply to you.

The goals that you have for yourself are just around the corner. You’re persistent when it comes to achieving your dreams.

You’re the artist of a deep canvas.

The Moon Reversed as a Person

The Moon, in reverse as a person, is someone who thinks they’re inferior. This person feels like they’re not capable of achieving their dreams.

You may be someone who tends to overlook a situation. This is because you’re too busy paying attention to the things in front of you.

You don’t consider analyzing a situation from a broader perspective. You believe focusing on the narrow parts is easier and more prominent.

When it comes to your intuition, you often ignore it. As a result, you would regret it whenever you discover that your intuition is right.

Stop being so naive!

The Moon Present

In the present position, you’re finally doing things for yourself. After months of isolation, you engage with other people to express yourself.

You’re currently working on changing something for yourself. It can be your food habits, career, time management, and other self-related activities.

There are times when you’re having a hard time listening to your intuition. But you believe you’re powerful every time you get to practice it.

Significant adjustments are exhausting, but you know it’s for the best. You probably moved into a new city or workplace.

The universe is proud of your progress; keep the strong faith alive.

The Moon Past

The Moon shows you’ve encountered rough challenges in the past. This made you feel skeptical about finding the essence of your life.

Perhaps you believed your negative thoughts would manifest. It affected your confidence, career, and relationships.

You refuse to believe that your intuition is always correct. This led you to regret the missed opportunities that approached you.

The past version of you views life as meaningless. You found it difficult to hold on to a silver lining of hope.

In the past, you thought it was impossible to change. Surprisingly, you managed to get yourself out of the darkness.

The Moon Future

The Moon in the future will encourage you to take the leap of faith. You may not know what will happen, but choose to take the risk.

Perhaps you’re going to meet new connections from work. This will allow you to show your skills and be worthy of the position.

You’re going to work on a new project that is unfamiliar to you. However, your pressure will not intensify because your co-workers will help.

The future prepares you for more challenges that may overwhelm you. So it’s important that you know the things you can control.

Reach for the stars!

The Moon as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels uncertain if they should stick with you. This is because there are things about themselves they wish to hide.

This person can sense that your intuition is strong. They’re afraid you won’t understand their flaws

Despite their uncertainty, they want to know you more. This person may feel that you can be a good companion.

They find you intriguing, especially in terms of your perspective. However, this was the first time they saw someone peculiar.

There are times when they want to reach out. But they would always hesitate because they have trust issues.

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The Moon Outcome

You believe that life is like a rosary, full of mysteries. You’re now ready to dive into the unknown to learn new ideas.

In the past, you were hesitant to use your intuition. It made you almost lose the faith you have in yourself.

In the current state, you can’t wait for things to unfold. Perhaps you view this as a mystery hunt in search of a treasure map.

Maybe at an early age, you’re starting to fulfill your dreams. If you wish to be a lawyer, have you bought the Unsolved Files already?

You’re now entering an exciting journey.

The Moon Pregnancy and Fertility

The Moon shows a sign that a pregnancy will occur. If you’re looking for a sign, trust the Moon and your intuition!

It can be possible that you’ve been waiting a long time for this. You used to believe that you’ll never get the chance to be a parent.

When this card appears, you’ll probably start buying baby accessories. Your family and friends will be delighted to hear the news.

This is an opportunity for you and your partner to grow. You’re ready to take another step in life and love.

Congratulations, dear one. The universe will guide you always.

The Moon Energy

The energy of the Moon card will get you rising from your bed! Expect to feel the strong vibrations surrounding your safe space.

The energy of this card focuses on your raw and genuine feelings. It will crawl up to your skin to know your fears and dreams.

It has the ability to make you realize your anxieties and doubts. These will resurface on the water every time you feel exhausted.

The Moon encourages you to never give up despite the hardships. You’re capable of fighting your demons in your nightmares.

Always seek guidance from the Moon; you’ll be okay.

The Moon as Actions

The Moon card, in action, reminds you to do what you want. However, you need to do in-depth research on the things you’ll do.

Taking the leap of faith is okay, for it can be fun and exciting. But also, keep in mind that you’re avoiding letting yourself fall into a dark hole.

Your actions always align with your words. If you want to achieve something, find your own path or pace to achieve it.

This card also enhances you to move forward without fear into the unknown. If you continue to reject opportunities, then what will become of you?

The Moon as Intentions

To others, seeking the unknown realm may make you feel delusional. But in your perspective, this is where the life journey begins.

The intentions of the Moon card would align with searching for the unknown. On the other hand, you may be someone who is constantly invested with theories.

Speaking of theories, you prefer these over practical applications. You believe it is fun to live inside your mind with innumerable information.

Perhaps you like going to the library and reading a variety of peculiar genres. Trying out a genre that is not your personal favorite is always a good idea.

The Moon as How Someone Sees You

Someone thinks you’re peculiarly beautiful. This person is astonished every time you introduce a new idea that may seem unfamiliar.

They see you as someone who never stops pursuing dreams. Despite the pain and struggle, they know you can conquer it all!

They would like to know more about your perspective. Even if they find you a philosophical wizard, they still want to listen.

This person views you as an optimistic individual. On days when you need to give up, you always find a reason to survive.

This is a reminder that someone out there is glad that you exist.

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The Moon Time Frame

The Time Frame of the Moon depends on the deck that will be used. It will also depend on your situation and the fate that resides within you.

A significant event can happen in the summer. Moreover, it also has a relation to the Cancer sign.

It can occur during the appearance of a full or new moon. Just additional information, these are the events that are good for manifesting!

If this appears in your reading, prepare yourself for significant changes. This could indicate a decision that you should choose or an opportunity.

The night when the moon appears, release fear.

The Moon as a Woman

The Moon as a woman is someone who sticks to her intuition. You’re probably the girlfriend who never fails when she trusts her gut.

You’re someone who executes empathy and open-mindedness. You believe that in order to understand people, you must always be willing to listen.

Perhaps you’re fond of reading or writing poetry. These activities raise your vibrations in looking at things from a different angle.

You’re the type of person who enjoys her own company. In your case, being alone will make you discover a lot of things.

You will never stop until you reach your dreams.

The Moon as a Man

The Moon as a man may be different from others. He chooses to work things alone most of the time.

If you have the Moon, you may love to observe or speculate on things. Being able to learn complicated ideas is exciting for you.

You may have an interest in art and philosophy. You believe that these concepts make up most of the world’s existence.

There are times when you doubt your beliefs. Which is why you continue to cross-reference sources before firmly standing by them.

You’re the artist of your own universe. You’re a free thinker of modern literature.

The Moon Communication

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The Moon card is a sign of miscommunication. This is specifically applied to romantic relationships.

You and your partner are currently going through a rough path. This is the result when both of you refuse to listen to each other.

Every time you explain your side, they argue that their side is more valid. It’s more of a vice-versa situation that continues to go back and forth.

There are nights when you overthink this connection. You feel like your endless bickering will only consume both of you.

Now is the time to reflect on past actions and forgive each other.

The Moon Reconciliation

The Moon card shows that reconciliation may not be possible. Perhaps you or the past person is hesitant to show up.

Both of you were in the wrong in the past. Unfortunately, this breakup is the cause of your arguments that soon became a  toxic cycle.

If you think they’re not the right one for you, then a reconciliation isn’t necessary. Both of you need to heal and grow apart for the better.

You and this past person need some time to focus on yourselves. But when the time runs out, it’s possible that you’ll both be living different lives.

The Moon Physical Appearance

The Moon's physical appearance is not a requirement. The focus lies within the beauty of the soul.

If you have the Moon, you probably change your looks often. It can be your hair length or hair color.

The importance of analyzing you as the Moon is your inner beauty. If your soul has pure intentions, then it can be justifiable that you're beautiful.

Since the beauty resides within you, it also shows your gifts. You may be someone who pours beauty into your artworks and poems.

You're fond of inflicting beauty on others. Your inspiration is the wonders of nature.

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The Moon Reversed Outcome

The leap of faith, for you, doesn't exist. You believe that possibilities are absent on the other side.

Your anxiousness will lead you to retreat. Instead of exploring the unknown, you'll choose to remain in your small space.

You kept on saying you need more room to grow. But you're also the one who's holding your growth back to its roots.

Perhaps you often think negatively about your gifts. As a result, you prevent yourself from participating in work meetings and classes.

You believe that there are people who are better than you. So you take this sign to relinquish.

The Moon Reversed Pregnancy

The Moon, in reverse, shows your pregnancy is stagnant. So pregnancy may occur, but you're not satisfied with it.

This is possibly a pregnancy that wasn't part of your list. You believe you have other matters to attend to instead of raising a child.

This could also mean that a pregnancy will not happen. The news will leave you in devastation and peril.

Perhaps you expected this vital day to come. However, you'll have no choice but to accept the results.

This could be a cause of health problems or family-related illness.

Hold on, dear, because someday you'll be okay.

The Moon Friendship

The Moon in Friendship is a sign of miscommunication. Please don’t add fuel to the fire when the tension is still on the rise.

This could be the cause of a misunderstanding. Perhaps you and your friend have different interpretations regarding a situation.

Both of you didn’t have the chance to explain your side to one another. As a result, you both form assumptions about the reason for your distance.

Currently, you’re not talking to each other. It seems that you both let your pride get the best of you.

The only way to resolve this is to say sorry.

The Moon and The Sun

The combination Moon and the Sun presents diversity. They are not literally the same in terms of structure and meaning.

In the tarot card, the definitions of the Moon and the Sun are different. The Moon represents strong intuition and perhaps mystery.

While the Sun represents overflowing positivity in all areas of life. The alignment of these two may show the possibility of toxic positivity.

It’s kinda contradicting when you hear the term “toxic positivity.” Try to look at your current situation right now.

Maybe on the outside, you’re nothing but an embodiment of radiance. On the outside, you present someone that gives light to others.

You’re someone that represents optimism as the blueprint to success. So people think you often bring positivity with you.

On the other hand, you’re mysterious on the inside.

There are days when you smile on the outside. But you constantly weep on the inside.

The Magician and The Moon

The combination of the Magician and the Moon screams power. This is indeed a powerful card that joins two forces.

When you encounter this combination, intuition and creativity are linked. Together, they inflict their powers in order to do something extraordinary.

The intuition belongs to the Moon, while creativity belongs to the Magician. Perhaps you’re currently trying to work on a specific project.

This project doesn’t only require constant hard work from tools. Sure, you may already have everything in hand, but do you forget something?

That’s right; you forgot to bring your intuition to the table. As you continue this project, tap into your intuition constantly.

You’ll realize that you have the power to turn your dream into reality. If you’re working on this project, you’re also manifesting for it to be successful.

The alignment of your mind and body coincides. So don’t let your guard down this time.

The Moon and Ace of Cups

There is a connection between the Moon and Ace of Cups. If you encounter this card, try tapping into your intuition and desires.

This is a representation that your intuition and illusion are coinciding. But try not to view this as a negative impact on your life.

Remember, it’s okay to be delusional whenever you’re manifesting. That doesn’t make you less of a person, to begin with.

But with these two cards combined, it will raise your energy. It will make you realize something regarding the desire you’re hoping for.

Perhaps something seems missing, or you’re only looking on the shallow surface. You may realize that you can’t only rely on your illusions.

Because they may get you constant false hopes. So if you’re manifesting something, always rely on your intuition.

Don’t be afraid to take the risk, but also be cautious. And observe if something is right for you.

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The Empress and The Moon

The Empress and the Moon are an essential combination for pregnancy. You can try to serve this combination as a guide.

The Empress represents your current situation of entering parenthood. You’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to receive this news.

On the other hand, the Moon represents observation and perhaps, uncertainty. Since this is your first time, things can be perplexing.

Despite the uncertainty, this doesn’t need to discourage you. With the Empress, you’re enhanced to trust your abilities.

You’re going to be a super mom, and you’ll enter this road with strength. Despite the uncertainty, you’ll have to take a risk.

Take the leap of faith, even if the road becomes bumpy. Because you already have it within you– endurance and persistence.

So open your heart and mind to the possibilities of this pregnancy. Dive into new ideas and lessons that you’ll cherish.

Learn to be more independent.

The Fool and The Moon

A process of development comes within the Fool and the Moon. This combination may come off first as a reversed representation of the cards.

When these two are aligned, it can result in impaired judgement. When your mindset and intuition don’t greet each other, things may go overboard.

But you don’t have to rush on things. You don’t have to figure everything out immediately to solve this loophole.

What you do need is a lot of DETERMINATION and PRACTICE. In order to get rid of bad judgement, you must educate yourself more.

Don’t only rely on your own judgement, seek help from others. Let others help you to tap into your intuition and form good judgement.

Because honestly speaking, you’ll learn from the thoughts of others. You can’t just simply say that “a man is an island.”

So keep track of your perspective and intuition. Make sure they’re always compatible.

The Hierophant and The Moon

The Hierophant and The Moon are a good combination. It represents the necessity of being consistent in terms of achieving your dreams.

When you encounter this combination, you have that fighting spirit. It always ignites inside your heart and mind to continue moving forward.

Because these cards are a representation that delays don’t matter. As long as you’re still in your little bubble of process, there’s always progress.

So it doesn’t matter when others stop believing. Because you’re still here, hoping for the possibility of the impossible.

It doesn’t matter when others start giving up. What matters is someone like you still stands firmly on your own principles.

One of those principles is to love the purpose of life. If you’re still searching for it, take this as a sign of adventure!

You’ll bring your morals as you seek for your own purpose. And that’s a beautiful thing to do.

The Moon and Judgement

The Moon and Judgement remind you that YOU NEED HELP. This is because you can’t always manage things on your own.

Seeking and implementing independence is a good thing. It allows you to discover your individual skills and passion as you go along.

It enhances you to seek the beauty of life through your own lenses. Also, it teaches you to be stronger and wiser each day.

But there are times when the work you do gets exhausting. There are times when you’ll feel an immense amount of stress from your responsibilities.

You need to keep in mind that experiencing struggles isn’t your fault. They’re always part of human nature to make us more resilient.

But you need to accept the fact that you can reach out to others. Because there are people who are willing to hear you out.

So this is a time for reflection and healthy communication.

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The Moon and Two of Cups

Something needs to grow in terms of a relationship. Because the Moon and the Two of Cups says that something’s lacking.

If you’re currently having an on and off situation, take these cards as guides. Especially when it comes to engaging in your current relationship.

The Moon may represent that uncertainty is lingering. Perhaps you or your partner is feeling uncertain about your relationship.

Uncertainty can be applied in different areas of the relationship. It can be uncertainty of the present, future, or current actions.

In order for this relationship to flourish, communication is the key. Don’t wait for the time that one of you will have to adjust.

During an open conversation, let your thoughts speak for you. Remain transparent to your partner and make sure to be precise.

Avoid causing confusion that may end up in misunderstandings. Try to apply empathy and be each other’s constant support system.

The High Priestess and the Moon

The High Priestess and the Moon are essential for revelations. Time is running out, but there’s no need to rush for things to unfold.

This card combination may show the possibility of pregnancy. But it’s currently represented as a secret for some reason

As you channel the High Priestess, you want things to be the middle ground. You don’t want to cause an overwhelming feeling.

You don’t also want to rush things for the sake of success. Because you’re currently enjoying taking time with this process.

If this isn’t related to pregnancy, maybe it’s just an overall result. A specific result will come at the right time, and you don’t want to stress over it.

Maybe you used to whisper a wish in the night sky. You prayed for stars for your dreams to appear right in front of you.

But you need to understand that patience is a virtue.

The Moon and Ace of Wands

The Moon and the Ace of Wands complete each other. They’re like yin and yang, two opposing forces that are bound to ignite.

When they’re aligned, they become the missing piece of the puzzle. So you may take this as a guide in terms of your current journey.

The exquisite thing about this connection is the emphasis on light and dark. The dark represents the former, while the latter represents the light.

With the Moon with you, keep on taking huge risks. Despite the negative energy that surrounds you, don’t stop in your tracks.

Because eventually, the Ace of Wands will come to life. It will be your knight in shining armor that guides you along the way.

Perhaps you’re on a rough path at a stage in your life. But this combination wants you to fight off your demons.

It also wants you to keep searching for the flicker.

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The Moon and Knight of Cups

The Moon and the Knight of Cups want you to GO FOR IT! Sure, life will continue to be hard on you, and that’s okay.

Because it’s already a common thing for human nature. We don’t always get what we want to achieve in life that easily.

There’s no exit or an easy way out of your obstacles. You just have to be brave to face it, one way or another.

With the Knight of Cups, it encourages you to keep taking the path. You’re a risk taker who has the ability to be independent.

While you’re taking the path, the Moon enters the picture. It swarms you with thoughts of perplexity and sometimes negativity.

But don’t let this consume your being; view this card from a different perspective. Instead of feeling uncertain, you’ll still take a huge step.

Because your parents didn’t raise a quitter to just walk away.

The Moon and Queen of Cups

With the Queen of Cups, you’re someone who is a mentor or professor. You’re a good influence on others and teach about specific topics.

When this card is aligned with the Moon, there are days when you evaluate yourself. You evaluate if your teachings align with your actions.

Nobody is perfect in this world, we exist, and we make mistakes. But in those mistakes, we can always get lessons.

What you’re doing is an excellent example of extending your kindness to others. You’re being a good leader in terms of teaching what’s right.

You’re letting yourself reach out to people who deserve your kindness. But with the Moon card, there are days when you’re hesitant.

Maybe some part of you is afraid to dive into the light. Maybe you’re overthinking if what you’re preaching benefits the good of all.

But don’t stress yourself; you’re still learning to live this life.

The Moon and Queen of Wands

There are days when you feel like a superstar in the spotlight. While there are days when you just want to hide behind the curtains.

But during these different days, keep in mind that you’re going to be okay. This is a representation of the Moon and the Queen of Wands.

The Queen of Wands is a strong representation of confidence and determination. You’re a queen of your own kingdom, determined to succeed.

So maybe you’re currently trying to achieve your goals. You’re trying to find opportunities left from right.

Because you want to prove something to everyone. You want to change into a better version, someone who is independent.

But with the Moon card, you’re still limiting yourself. Perhaps you’re still reluctant about which path you should take.

Remember, you’re still making progress even if you want to slow down. Let confidence reign instead of anxiety consuming your mind.

The Moon and Ten of Swords

The Moon and Ten of Swords are a combination for a fallout. You’re probably at the stage of your life wherein everything’s falling apart.

With the Ten of Swords, perhaps you experienced betrayal. This may come from a past person you once gave your unconditional love.

Or this may come from a friendship you thought had pure intentions. Maybe someone attempted to ruin your reputation at work.

Whatever the situation, this made you heighten your trust issues. With the Moon card, you’re always anxious with people around you.

This combination is a representation of a mountain in front of you. With this, you may want to read Brianna Wiest’s book, “The Mountain is You”.

According to her book, rock bottom is where we begin our healing journey. So if everything feels at rock bottom, take this as a sign to detach.

You can face the mountain and find genuine peace.

The Moon and The World

Relax and hold on because you’re almost there. Now isn’t the time to walk away entirely and start rejecting everything.

The Moon and the World is a beautiful tarot combination. With these combined, you’re currently taking a long journey ahead.

This journey isn’t as easy as it sounds because it requires progress. And even if you don’t always see it, remember that you’re doing great.

Perhaps this is in relation to the career path you’re taking. You’re undergoing a process of studying before you get that degree.

There are days when you enjoy studying a topic or field. But there are nights when all you want is for this to be over.

With the Moon card, you’re anxious if you’ll succeed. But don’t quickly assume things; you’re not at the end of the road yet.

With the World card, you’ll get there. The task will be completed; you’ll achieve everything.

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The Moon and Ace of Pentacles

Are you starting to doubt yourself with the situation you have? Stop doing that because you’ll get where you need to be.

Realistically speaking, you can’t immediately stop your self doubt. But the best you can do is to keep climbing the ladder to success.

Trust the universe that everything will be alright. One day, all of your efforts and sacrifices will be worth it because you survived.

With the Ace of Pentacles, it shows that you’ll be successful. Your daily manifestations will show up at your doorstep.

You just need to grasp faith, and it will hold on to you. But with the Moon card, it’s inevitable to feel afraid of the outcome.

But always remember, there’s nothing wrong with being anxious. You just need to remain strong with whatever life throws at you.

You’re almost there; just hang on. One by one, your goals will appear in reality.

The Moon and Ace of Swords

Focus on the game, and do everything to get to the goal. Now isn’t the perfect time for immediate resistance to kick in.

The Ace of Swords and the Moon is a combination of success. But before you enter sunshine and rainbows, you’ll have to endure the storms.

The Ace of Swords offers you the power of focus and determination. With constant focus, believe that you can control anything.

You have the ability to control your life because it’s yours anyway. Don’t let other people dictate you with what you should do.

Remember, you have the free will on how to achieve your goals. So despite the bumpy roads, keep your eyes on the road.

It’s inevitable to feel reluctant during this process. With the Moon card, there is a lack of hope that things will go well.

But don’t focus on that, focus on the prize, and don’t stop!

The Moon and King of Cups

You have the ability to be a good leader to others. Be the change you want to see today to inspire others to be better.

With the King of Cups, you have the determination to succeed. But you won’t use force or abuse in order to get to the top.

Instead, you’ll focus on prioritizing the needs of the people. You’re someone who is a mentor or a professor, and people can rely on you.

Your great philosophical thinking allows others to see the beauty of life. The exquisite thing about you is you would teach good values and morals.

But there are days when you feel like everything is overwhelming. Because of your empathy, the feelings of others can affect you.

But this isn’t necessary for a bad way. In fact, being an empath just shows that you’re a good person.

Just don’t keep on doubting your constant values.

The Moon and King of Wands

With the King of Wands, you have a lot of goals for yourself. The plans that you have right now are bound for the long term.

You’re trying to keep your feet on the ground and remain focused. You won’t let yourself get distracted by irrelevant situations.

You’re someone who is naturally intelligent and has the potential of leadership. So maybe you’re now leading others.

Remember, perseverance and compassion are essential. You don’t just lead others by force but with good intentions.

But with the Moon, there are days when you feel stagnant. These days, you just want to sit on your throne and reflect.

You want to reflect if you’re doing and deciding the right things. You’re also overthinking situations that are related to your leadership.

Maybe you feel like success is taking too long. But remember, all you have to do is persist and be patient in everything.

The Moon and Knight of Pentacles

Nothing will stop you from chasing after your dreams. Even if there are times when it can be exhausting and overwhelming.

If you place yourself in a job, you’ll just focus on accomplishing it. The time duration when this will stop doesn’t mean anything to you.

Because you’re willing to grow along with the process. As long as progress shows up, you’ll still continue to do your best.

This is the power of the Knight of Pentacles. It inflicts you the courage to be a risk taker and be practical in life.

With the hardships you face comes the impact of the Moon. In this journey, you may experience burnouts or unexpected delays.

But you need to keep in mind that it’s normal. So it’s totally okay if you want to stop working for a brief moment.

Because you’ll get back eventually. And your pragmatic approach will make you stronger.

The Moon and Page of Cups

Don’t pressure yourself to conform to society’s standards. You don’t need to figure everything out immediately or all at once.

Take this as an opportunity to go on an adventure. This is because there is so much more to life than just staying in one place.

There is so much more to discover if you leave your comfort zone. Because with the Moon card, you’re still resisting.

But the Page of Cups reminds you that it’s okay to take a leap of faith. The combination of these cards screams action.

Now is the time to take yourself on an adventure. This road isn’t only for fun, but it can make you the best version of yourself.

Don’t hesitate to listen to new ideas and principles. Don’t limit yourself to knowledge just because your anxiousness tells you to.

This is your life, don’t let it go to waste, and continue learning.

The Moon and Queen of Swords

With the Queen of Swords, you’re a mixture of knight and queen. Because you have what it takes to guard yourself and be successful.

The world welcomes a 21st century woman like you to succeed. You can bring enormous change and inspire a lot of people.

The Queen of Swords and the Moon is an essential combination. This shows that being a girl boss isn’t always filled with daisies.

There are days when your efforts are evidence that would result in achievements. But there are also days when you doubt yourself.

Even in the midst of a successful woman is someone filled with questions. Perhaps you’re uncertain where this road will take you.

But one thing’s for sure; you’re still going to be powerful. If you keep the faith within you, the world will still be beautiful.

So don’t overwork too much and give it a rest; you’re doing great!

The Moon and Three of Swords

You’re currently experiencing countless breakdowns. With the Three of Swords, you’re probably going through a separation.

Or you’re trying to forget about a painful incident. The reason behind this may be because of a loved one you wholeheartedly trusted.

It’s possible that a dispute is currently on the rise. The issue hasn’t been solved, and you’re taking this as a time to grieve.

With the Moon in the picture, you’re feeling anxious. The combination of these cards represents immense negative thinking.

Maybe you’re starting to ask, “What if this won’t work out?” You’re wondering if this dispute will come up with a solution.

But you don’t need to wish upon the stars to solve this. You and the ones involved need to make a move.

But it’s okay if you’re taking your time to heal. Your feelings will always be valid.

Just don’t let negative thoughts consume your mental health.

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