The Seven of Swords Reversed: Is It Betrayal and Deception? -

The Seven of Swords Reversed: Is It Betrayal and Deception?

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The Seven of Swords tarot card depicts a man sneaking away from the camp with five swords in his hands. He peers over his shoulder at the two swords that he left behind. The swords were left standing in an upright position. Some tarot cards show the man smiling with pride for sneakily getting away with the swords without getting caught.


When the Seven of Swords card is drawn reversed and concerning your job, it means that you should not trust those around you. It appears that some of your colleagues are not very thrilled with your methods and accomplishments, and they may be scheming against you. Watch out for those who appear to be friendly, for they may be wearing a mask to disguise their true intentions.

The card could also represent your intentions to be other than pure. Perhaps you are the one scheming against a competitor or even your boss since you have been craving that job promotion for so long that you might just do whatever it takes to get what you want. You may be lying and cheating your way to the top, keeping your friends close but your enemies even closer.

Always keep your wits about you – do not lose your nerve in the face of adversity. When challenges are upon you, others will wish to see you fail. Trust yourself, and you can overcome just about anything, no matter how difficult it may appear. However, it may not be wise to drown in your pride – there is nothing wrong or weak about asking for help when you need it. Just be careful where the support comes from.


It will not be something you want to hear when the card is drawn in the context of love and relationships. It would appear that there are more than two people in your current relationship. For this reason, the lack of loyalty has doomed your relationship, and it is unlikely to last for much longer.

Find out what Seven of Swords as feelings has to say. This contains information about positive and negative feelings.

Either you or your partner has been cheating, and the lack of loyalty will burn down whatever is right between the two of you. If your fidelity is not in question, then you should observe your partner, as he or she may be lying about what they are doing and who they are seeing when you are not around. But if you are the cheating party, then your secret will soon be revealed.

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Your romantic relations may not be the only one in trouble, but the deceit could be coming from one of your platonic ones. A friend may not be a friend, but more like an enemy in disguise, masquerading for the sake of obtaining your trust. Keep your guard up to avoid being stabbed in the back by someone you thought was your friend.

The relationship you have with yourself is also one of the utmost importance. You may be feeling like you have betrayed your true self on your journey to impress those around you. You may feel like the imposter, wearing a mask to protect yourself from judgment from your peers. However, the longer you wear your mask, the easier it is to lose yourself, and the harder it will be to reveal who you truly are.

The more you hide, the more guilt will build up inside of you. The best way to relieve the pressure is to unburden yourself, no matter what you are hiding. Charades may be fun at first, but eventually, you will get tired, and the truth will flow out like a waterfall – uncontrollably. Your emotions may come bursting out, and that may not be what you want. So it would be best to release everything that you are feeling before it's too late.

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If you are currently suffering from health issues, the underlying problem might be disguised as something mild that you think is nothing to worry about. Your body may be trying to get your attention, pointing out that something is wrong, yet you keep ignoring the signs. Trust your instincts when your body feels different.

When the doctor says that you are all right, push for more tests to be done. The mild symptoms may only be the beginning of something severe that is best to be caught early on. Don't deceive yourself into thinking that everything is fine when deep down, you know something is wrong. Take action the moment you sense something off-putting with your health.


Not all that glitters is gold. Good fortunes easily blind you, and it makes you blind to all things negative that may be lurking in the shadows. Do not be fooled by a sudden influx of luck or money, as it may be a distraction from something terrible that will strike while you are on a high.


You may be feeling like you have lost your way recently, and you are looking for some guidance. There is no harm in listening to what those around you have to say. However, it would be best to remain wary of the advice you receive, no matter who it comes from.

Both friend and foe may offer you some sound advice that may seem like the best thing to do. But make sure it serves your best interest at heart. Those who provide advice may not always do so for your benefit, but theirs too. Most people have an ulterior motive for helping someone on their journey. Just make sure that you can live with the actions you take without any regrets down the road.

If you doubt who to trust and what advice to follow, seek the wisdom of more than one person. Go to those who inspire you to be better, those who have challenged you to grow, and those who have always supported you on your journey. However, do not be close-minded about receiving advice from a stranger, as they could probably deliver the best wisdom of all.

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