The Star Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Star Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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A representation of optimism. The figure of hope and faith. This tarot card is the card that signifies creativity. It is the major arcana's seventeenth card in the tarot deck, The Star. The Star will not only be your guiding light but also your gentle reminder to not lose hope and faith.

This tarot card has a special bond with the element of the air, the planet Uranus, and the astrological sign Aquarius. The Star's key dates range from the 20th of January up to the 18th of February.

Symbolism Of The Star Card

An unclothed woman pictures The Star by a pond where she is kneeling innocently. This naked woman serves as Eve's reminiscent. On her face, you will see a splash of optimism that one needs in overcoming the inevitable odds of inexperience. Also, the look on her face may symbolize her outlook and understanding of things.

The woman is pouring a jug of water in both hands: one for each. You will see that the jug on her right flows into the pond. While on the other hand, the jug on her left flows onto the earth.

The water pouring into the pond signifies its addition to the whole. The water that flows back onto the earth flows back into the streams, creeks, and rivers of this world. Remember that there is no room for greedy and selfish people here.

It is futility and folly to fight the inevitable- the ones that are beyond your control. In this case, you need to have acceptance of the situation and have more faith and hope. Besides those mentioned, the water pouring back onto the earth can imply the contribution and enrichment of life's circle.

Eight stars that are seven-pointed: you will notice how these stars watch over the woman in the scene. The stars are seven-pointed because there are a total of seven chakras. The count of the stars is eight, so it will serve as a gentle reminder to have a positive outlook of yours remain.

The Numerology Of The Star

The Star's number in the major arcana is seventeen. If you add the digits together: one and seven, you will get the number eight. Acknowledge one of this tarot card's symbolism: it has eight stars.

Also, the Strength tarot card's number is eight, and if you lay eight on its side, you will see the figure of infinity. Therefore, the number eight stands for infinity, symmetry, and harmony.

The Star Keywords


  • Altruism
  • Balance
  • Beauty
  • Belief
  • Brightness
  • Calm
  • Clarity
  • Comfort
  • Confidence
  • Contentment
  • Creativity
  • Divine love
  • Empathy
  • Enjoyment
  • Enlightenment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Faith
  • Fertility
  • Friendship
  • Generosity
  • Good fortune
  • Good health
  • Grace
  • Happiness
  • Harmony
  • Healing
  • Help
  • Hope
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Interest
  • Light
  • Loss
  • Love
  • Miracles
  • Opportunities
  • Optimism
  • Peace
  • Positivity
  • Prestige
  • Promise
  • Protection
  • Purpose
  • Rejuvenation
  • Relief
  • Renewal
  • Restoration
  • Self-confidence
  • Serenity
  • Special
  • Spirituality
  • Success
  • Talent
  • Travel
  • Unexpected help
  • Wisdom


  • Abandonment
  • Anxiety
  • Arrogance
  • Blockage
  • Boredom
  • Burnout
  • Delays
  • Depression
  • Despair
  • Disappointments
  • Disenchantment
  • Disinterest
  • Distraction
  • Doubt
  • Fear takes over
  • Fleeting happiness
  • Focusing on the negative
  • Hopelessness
  • Illnesses
  • Impotence
  • Imbalance
  • Lack of empathy
  • Lack of faith and hope
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Loss
  • Miscommunication
  • Misfortune
  • Missed opportunities
  • Negativity
  • Pessimism
  • Poor health
  • Poor judgment
  • Refusal
  • Repression
  • Selfishness
  • Self-doubt
  • Stubbornness
  • Suspicion
  • Theft
  • Unhealthy
  • Unreasonable
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The Star Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Star Tarot tarot card is the one that follows The Tower card in the tarot deck. The Star is your welcoming reprieve after every hurdle and obstacle that you have been through.

Things have been difficult and will continue to be difficult, but you are a tough gum; always keep in mind that you are love and that the Divine will not let you down. The Star tarot card will bless you with faith and hope.

In the situation that you get The Star tarot card in an upright position, you are entering a life phase that is more stable and calmer.

If it's The Star tarot card, rejoice for the impossible is possible; anything can happen. This tarot card will fill you with happiness, joy, and grace while chasing your dreams. This card will uplift you.

Do not just look at the sky's stars; go and reach for it. There are not just there to give you a guiding light, but they are also waiting for you. Let yourself dream big, and then work hard to achieve it.

If you're looking for an answer, ask the star for a YES or NO. This card can have the answers you need about pursuing big dreams.

The Star (Upright) in Health

The Star is simply one of the deck's best cards when it comes to this context. If, by any chance that you think that you are not doing well, see your doctor to put you at ease.

The Star (Upright) in Career

In terms of career, do not seek your opportunity, let it come to you. When these opportunities do present themselves before you, grab them and seize them. Do not be picky and demanding, be open to these opportunities presented.

If your situation involves your emotions, like, for example, you are not happy anymore with your career path. You can always stop and look for another. This tarot card tells you that you can always search for the unknown that you desire- something that will make you truly happy.

Listen to your heart; you are valid; choose what makes you happy.

The Star (Upright) in Money

The Star in an upright position is a good sign when the context is about money and finance. This card also tells you that you can try leaps and things, but you need to calculate how things will be and their risks.

The Star (Upright) in Love & Relationships

If you are in a relationship, this tarot card tells you to up your game. The Star in an upright position tells you that there is room for something new and something unexpected. 

You deserve a love that isn’t rushed or inconsistent. You deserve a love that is slow in progress but can make you feel at home.

Your person would always choose to understand you. They never fail to reciprocate the love and care that you give.

If you are single and ready to mingle: you have to watch out, for it will not take long now until you meet your partner. This person will be the best partner you will find, seize your chance and seize the moment!

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The Star Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

All the trust, faith, creativity, and hope: you are losing them all; that is what The Star in a reversed position reveals. You have been through so much that you have an overwhelming crisis.

You are struggling but remember the tough gum within you. Do not let your feelings get the best of you. Do not question God's existence for He will always be there for you. Remember that even though it is challenging, God will not give you these hurdles if He knows that you cannot overcome them all.

The reversed Star card is like your test of faith and test of hope. In these tests, you will only have two choices: be The Tower or be The Star. You need to trust yourself more and find your way back to God.

This reversed tarot card tells you to take some time out. It would be best to nourish yourself with self-love, self-care, and self-confidence: you can get through with what you are going through.

The Star (Reversed) in Health

You are good and healthy; you can keep it up if you will not let negativity and pessimism get the best of you.

The Star (Reversed) in Career

This tarot card exhibits your enthusiasm for your career path in the old days. The Star reveals the difference between then and now: it exhibits your feelings. You are currently unfulfilled and is not satisfied with how things are going.

This tarot card in a reversed position lets you know that your career is not at fault, it is your outlook that negatively views things. If anything, what you need to do is reevaluate your chosen path and approach it differently.

If you do so, you will get back that enthusiasm that you once had. If not, then seek the path that will make you happy, evaluate your options.

The Star (Reversed) in Money

You have not been the responsible person that you are in terms of money. You need to study your condition and state to find out what might happen to you in the future if you keep being irresponsible.

The Star (Reversed) in Love & Relationship

If this reversed tarot card is what you draw, you are going through a rough time in terms of relationships. One of you starts to feel distant, weary, and bored with the other in your relationship.

Perhaps you recently went into a traumatic event. You think that this event changed the way you view love.

You think that love is all just for show. But deep down, you would die for the people you love in secret.

If you are single, this tarot card reveals how lonely you are and have been. It reveals how worn out you are in trying to invest in a relationship. Even so, do not let these failed investments get the best of you. Do not let these investments be the reason so that you may stop believing in the name of love.

Do not lose yourself. Love is not something you should seek; it will come to you in its will. You need to wait and expect the unexpected.

The Star Advice

Every day is your birthday; make a wish!

The Star advises you to make a wish even if times are rough or complicated. You deserve to whisper what you want to the stars.

Keep in mind that your wish must align with your intentions. It's okay to make wishes for others' sake, but also think about what you want.

This is also a perfect time for healing. The Star is willing to guide you to the right place where you should be.

Don't worry too much about how things will unfold. The stars and the universe are always with you.

The Star Reversed Advice

What if what they say is true? That things will never work out?

The Star in reverse is a sign that you submerge yourself into melancholy. You refuse to accept the possibility that everything will be okay.

You relinquished hope and optimism a long time ago. This is when your dreams are already in reach, but something dreadful happens.

It’s okay to distance yourself away from the world for a while. But it’s not okay if you choose to be in isolation forever.

The Star in reverse, wants you to give up on your dreams. Don’t let negativity consume you.

The Star as a Person

She was already a star when she appeared in my bedroom. She gave me a flicker of hope to continue living.

The Star is a person who is like the center of the universe. If you have the Star, you often share your radiance with others.

You’re someone who always lifts the mood of others. You inflict your bright colors on people whose colors are dark and dull.

You offer unconditional love and care to the people around you. Every time they’re in need, you’re always in a way to save them.

Continue to run after your dreams, our Star.

The Star Reversed as a Person

The Star reversed as a person is the complete opposite. The former chases after their dreams, while the latter has already given up on their dreams.

You may be someone who doesn’t believe in fate. To you, fate or destiny is only an illusion, and dreams don’t make sense.

Because of an unfortunate event, you stopped exerting effort. You came to the point that you’ll only wait for judgment day to take you.

You’re discouraged in the things you want to achieve. You hesitate in reaching out to others because you think you’re a nuisance.

You threw away your dreams.

The Star Present

The present position is a significant shift in your life. It focuses solely on being able to achieve your dreams.

You’re currently juggling options to come up with a choice. This may relate to the career you want to have in the future.

You know this situation is a little too risky for you. That’s why you ask for advice from people who went through the same situation as you.

It’s important that you broaden your perspectives. You need to let yourself be open to possible opportunities to increase confidence.

Take your time to decide for yourself. Everything will work out.

The Star Past

The past position made you the strong person you are today. In the past, you went through fire and water in order to accomplish your goals.

You were a non-believer of destiny and optimism before. You used to think that good things don’t miraculously come to you.

But it took you a long time to try journaling. This became the blueprint for carving out your dream goals.

You tried listing your dreams one step at a time. Which is why you also tried achieving them for countless months.

You had a massive support system that was willing to guide you.

The Star Future

The future will be a challenge for you. It will test you if you have already mastered staying positive in difficult times.

A problem will surface itself in your business. Perhaps a client will sue you for a false accusation of a crime you didn’t commit.

Keep in mind that when these things happen, you’ll handle it. It’s because you already know what it’s like to get here.

Maintain your positive mindset even if things will fall apart. In the end, the universe believes that you can conquer every conflict.

The tides are high, so prepare your ship and sail!

The Star as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels safe and complete whenever they’re with you. They feel like the Lord sent them an angel to protect them from peril.

This person is always thankful for your existence. They’re amazed every time you would mend their broken heart.

This person feels like you can always be trusted. They never hesitate to tell their ugly truths and flaws to you.

You never fail to understand this person. Most of the time, they want to reciprocate the kindness that you give.

You always take them to another dimension. They can’t believe you can do unique talents to express yourself.

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The Star Outcome

The outcome will lead you to the right path. This time, you’ll not hesitate to let the waves take you and heal.

You’re ready to leave the past behind and start a new life. You finally understand that there are things that are not for you.

You’re going to welcome your new life with open arms. You’re willing to place yourself in a new cycle of birth and changes.

You’re confident that good things will come, but you have to wait. This time, you’re going to manifest the life you want for yourself.

It’s okay to take time to heal.

The Star Pregnancy and Fertility

The Star card is a good sign for pregnancy. It can indicate if you’ll enter a new cycle in your life, which is to be a parent.

Perhaps this has been your wish all along; you’re ready for parenthood. You sought help from the stars in the past to hear your prayer.

Now your wish is finally coming true. You’re going to experience unfamiliar yet exquisite things during this process.

This is also an opportunity for you to show your abilities. Show the world that you deserve to become a mother.

Your child will carry the same hope you have.

The Star Energy

The energy of the Star is calm and persistent. You have the ability to make things more beautiful and safer for others.

The energy comes within yourself. It’s based on your confidence and optimism to achieve the things you desire.

You have a peculiar power that can comfort someone. You’re the calm between the storm or the rainbow after the rain.

You often inflict your kindness on other people. The ease that comes within you has the ability to calm your nerves.

Some might say that you have the power to heal. But it’s just your ability to understand people.

The Star as Actions

There are days when the Star becomes a supernova, and its light diminishes.

The Star as an action shows how dedicated you are when it comes to healing. If you wish to be okay, you’re gonna do everything to be okay.

You’re someone who will not waste their time waiting. You know that waiting will only consume you, so you choose to get up and try again.

Your actions often align with your perspective. If you see an obstacle as a strength, you’re going to fight it till the end.

Whenever you take action, you become wiser and more compassionate.

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The Star as Intentions

If you have any supernatural power, it would be the power to heal. You have pure intentions that have something to do with taking care of people.

You’re consistent when it comes to your actions and intentions. When someone asks for your help, you won’t stop until you can offer them a solution.

There are times when you feel like you should be responsible for others. As a result, you continue to exert your patience and understanding toward people.

As for yourself, you intend to have the best version of yourself. You’re willing to improve yourself despite being successful already.

The Star as How Someone Sees You

Someone thinks you’re the most uplifting person they’ve met. Perhaps you helped this person during their darkest days and when they had no one.

They see you as someone who continues to persist. Giving up is not an option when it comes to reaching your dreams.

They often wonder what got you motivated every day. It seems as if you’re always full of energy and love.

This person also thinks you’re the best teacher. Because of you, their principles in life suddenly changed.

They hope that all your dreams will come true. It’s because you, of all people, deserve it.

The Star Time Frame

The Star has a connection with the zodiac sign, Aquarius. The specific month would start from January 20 up to February 18.

The most extended time frame of this card may take up to a year. Whatever the result is, it will depend on being able to achieve your dreams.

Before this time frame occurs, you must prepare yourself. Perhaps you’re expecting a job offer or an update from a University admission.

Before you enter this era, you must consistently seek guidance from the stars. Your dedication is a requirement for good things to approach you.

You’re the Star of your dreams.

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The Star as a Woman

The Star as a woman may be a representation of a Goddess. If you have this card, then you must be persistent in claiming your goals.

You’re someone who is quiet whenever you’re in a crowded room. However, this serves as the gateway for you to observe everything around you.

You’re the type of person who can stay consistently productive. You want to make your friends and family proud of your progress.

You have several dreams for yourself. You’re hardworking, ambitious, patient, and understanding.

The way your radiance shines gives hope to others. You’re always capable of changing someone’s mindset.

The Star as a Man

Your words and actions eventually reflect on your dreams. As a man, you often show your masculine side to people as a sign of bravery.

If you have the Sun card, then many people will take you as their inspiration. Whether it be your employee, a friend, or even your children.

You never fail to represent yourself as a good influence on other people. You believe people can change for the better if you help them.

You pour extra effort and time into the work you do. Not because you’re desperate for a promotion, but because you love your job.

The Star Communication

The Star shows a good sign for communication. This card serves as the blueprint for forming trustworthy and stable connections.

If you have the Star card, you’re willing to comfort others. You have the power to heal wounds with the use of your words.

You apply your empathic skills in order to reach out. You’ll never hesitate to have a long conversation to solve people’s problems.

When it comes to relationships, you don’t often fight. This is because you’re always transparent and open with your thoughts.

Good communication is the key to success. It enhances us to inflict our light.

The Star Reconciliation

The Star card can show a premonition of reconciliation. This is a sign that you may reconcile with a past person to try again.

But this reconciliation won’t occur if you’re not ready. This person may not reach out if they know you’re still heavily suffering.

This is an opportunity where you can get to forgive each other. Be sure to say what’s really in your mind to lessen the burden.

It is possible that both of you are willing to try again. You’re someone who wants to accept this person in your life again.

You’ll start growing and thriving.

The Star Physical Appearance

A physical appearance is not a requirement to have the Star as a person. You’re likely to attract people because your good intentions are evident.

The usual representation of the Star is someone with pale skin. This may represent their pristine or tranquil beauty that stands out.

The eyes can be bright blue or brown rather than black. The same goes for their hair color; it can be any light or pale color.

The way you present yourself to others is how they perceive you. Perhaps you’re someone who is friendly and can make yourself comfortable.

People admire your beauty.

The Star Reversed Outcome

The possible outcome will lead you to be skeptical. If you’re thinking of changing something, you’ll just let things be.

You refuse to intertwine your soul with healing. You believe that it’s impossible for you to move on from things that ruined you.

You stopped believing that second chances exist. There are days when you reject opportunities that can bolster your career.

You’re not ready to take the next step. This is because you’re scared of the fact that you’ll have to change.

How can you heal at the right time? If you bring your past every day with you?

The Star Reversed Pregnancy

The Star in reverse is a sign that there’s a barrier in your pregnancy. It could be your negative thoughts that continue to resurface in your mind.

You’re not preparing yourself for what’s about to happen. Instead, you lay in your bed often, only to sleep and watch television.

How will you be a good parent if you can’t even take care of yourself? You continue to intake unhealthy foods that are not good for the baby.

You don’t believe that blessings will knock on your doorstep. This is because you aren’t thankful for the life you have every day.

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The Star Friendship

You’re blessed to have friends whom you can always count on. This is because you’re always there for them as well.

You once wished upon a shooting star that you’ll have true friends. Finally, you found them after countless years of settling with different people.

These are the people who would always check if you’re okay. They know you can handle yourself, but they insist on being there.

They never fail to be transparent and open with you during conversations. They believe that you, of all people, will always listen.

You manifest stable and long-term friendships because you deserve it.

The High Priestess and the Star

You deserve good things to happen in your life. So you’re willing to take back your power under all circumstances.

Immense wisdom and speculation lie within your soul. You’re someone who is willing to understand the outer and inner world.

The more you engage in yourself, the more powerful you become. Because you put in too much work on the things you desire.

The High Priestess and the Star is a powerful combination. They give you the light at the end of the tunnel to keep going.

With the High Priestess, intelligence is the most powerful tool. Since you always have this, you’re capable of making your life better.

While with the Star card, you always remain hopeful for the future. Whatever challenges you face, you know you got this!

The answer lies within the vast universe before you. Continue to seek innumerable possibilities that will boost your inner strength.

The Hierophant and the Star

It’s really difficult to know what’s real and what’s not. But this shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to stop searching.

Because you have to work hard to find the answers you need. You can’t just rely on other people and expect them to find it for you.

Instead, you’ll do the honor and educate yourself more. Along this journey, you’ll realize that morality and tradition are always important.

The Hierophant and the Star are a good card combination. They want you to intertwine with the tradition that influenced you.

Because no matter how long-term they are, they’re related to morality. Continue to seek what’s right to live a healthy life.

With the Star card, what you’re searching for will appear to you. Things might be confusing right now, but you’ll soon gain clarity.

Don’t lose hope because your hard work will pay off, be patient with yourself.

The Star and The World

Don’t put pressure on yourself too much right now. Because there will come a time when you’ll finally receive the good news.

This is the result of your consistency and perseverance to succeed. So don’t doubt your skills and views because they’re a huge contribution.

Now isn’t the time to sit and watch everything unfold. You’re at the end of the tunnel, so keep trying to travel through the dark.

This process is necessary in order for you to get used to it. You have to get used to the reality that life is complicated.

The Star and the World are a good card combination. This is a sign that completion is on its way, and you’ll be rewarded.

So don’t waste your precious time on things that will distract you. With the Star card, you need to bring hope with you at all times.

Engage yourself in the light.

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The Star and Three of Swords

There’s no turning back when it comes to the actions you take. Whether they’re right or wrong, you can’t directly change the past.

Because the creation of a time machine can be pure fiction. There’s no guarantee that you can turn back in time to redo your actions.

So the best thing you can do right now is to change. If you made mistakes that you deeply regret, ask for forgiveness and change.

This is important if you hurt someone who truly cares about you. This should be a reminder that you need to think carefully before doing something.

The Star and the Three of Swords are a good combination. They’re a reminder that repentance and acceptance always exist.

Because this means you’ll have to undergo a new stage in your life. You have to undergo a considerable transformation cycle.

This should improve you to be better and more hopeful.

The Star and Two of Cups

Realistically speaking, we always hope for the best. We want to remain optimistic, especially if we’re in a relationship.

Because we don’t know what will happen in the future. If you’re also thinking about this, you’re doing everything possible to work things out.

Because you want your current relationship to last. You want to engage yourself in a higher form of commitment with your person.

But being in a relationship will always require growth. It will demand you more and will make you do better.

The Star and the Two of Cups are a powerful combination of love. They’re a sign that when everything seems complicated, always remain hopeful.

This doesn’t require you to rely on everything on a divine being. But instead, have a positive mindset as you become the best version of yourself.

Because if you wanna be the perfect partner for your person, be someone who stays.

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The Emperor and the Star

Don’t stress yourself too much when it comes to working. Because you’re doing the best that you can to be successful.

So don’t stop trying, even if life shows you reasons to stop. You need to keep in mind that you have a goal you want to achieve.

Even if things might be falling apart, this isn’t the end for you. Instead, this is something that requires you to be more hopeful.

But you’ll not sit here and wish that everything will come true. You’ll continue to be hopeful by putting in all the hard work.

The Emperor and the Star are a powerful card combination. They serve as your motivation to keep going even if things are overwhelming.

They’re a sign that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. You need to give yourself more recognition for the sacrifices you make.

You’ll live for the hope of it all.

The Star and Ace of Swords

In this life, you’re made to do more and become successful. You will not only stick to one place, but you’ll continue to explore.

There’s so much more to life’s possibilities as you exist. So continue to engage yourself in exploring new ideas and interests.

Because you’ll always continue to receive lessons from your experiences. And they shall serve as your guide toward encountering challenges.

The Ace of Swords and the Star are a good combination. They serve as your guide toward harvesting your true potential.

You’re not someone who identifies yourself from the wants of others. You have your own philosophy and dreams in life that are relevant.

With the Star card, you apply optimism in everything you do. This is important when you’re trying out a new hobby or interest.

But you’re also learning how to be careful with your actions. Because you don’t want to regret things.

The Star and King of Cups

It’s okay to rely on optimism if you’re starting to lose hope. It’s okay if you’re reevaluating if what you’re teaching is correct.

Because you know that it can affect the minds of others. You’re not someone who wants to cause manipulation and disturbance.

Instead, you’re someone who is willing to teach the right thing. Because you often do the right thing and follow the right way.

So it’s okay if you want to change your beliefs about something. After spending time on researching and verifying, it’s okay to switch sides.

The King of Cups and the Star is a good tarot combination. They serve as your strength towards preaching what you believe is right.

With what you teach, this can benefit those who listen. Especially when it has something to do with harvesting values and being consistent.

So whatever the result is, always hold on to positive thinking.

The Star and King of Pentacles

You now believe that everything is within your reach. You finally have the chance to enter a luxurious and successful life.

This is the result of your constant hard work and patience. Despite the trials and errors you faced, you still chose to stand still.

This is what happens when you’re genuinely dedicated to what you want. You align your visions to your words and actions each day.

So now, you’re trying to live your best life because of success. Perhaps you’re now a successful businessperson who runs a large company.

The Star and the King of Pentacles is a powerful combination. They’re a reminder that you’ll receive what you desire because of action.

With the King of Pentacles, you don’t let yourself completely wander. You want to live life the hard way by showing effort.

So this results in receiving countless abundance and opportunities for being hopeful.

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The Star and Knight of Cups

You don’t let your creative ideas erode. Instead, you allow your creative ideas to transform into action through practicality.

Because you’re someone who wants to make it happen. Even though you’re aware that it’s difficult, you’ll still insist on taking risks.

The journey ahead is long before you receive actual results. But this doesn’t matter as long as you apply your creative ideas.

Continue to be the person who wishes to create a beautiful world. One wherein opportunities and inspiration are evident to others.

The Knight of Cups and the Star are a powerful combination. They want you to have the urge to keep going no matter what it takes.

Because you want to remain optimistic that things will work out. You want things to work out so you can finally receive fulfillment.

So don’t stop sketching your ideas and turning them into crafts. Because you’re doing greater and stronger.

The Star and Knight of Pentacles

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to quit. So instead of relying on others, you’re the one who puts in all the hard work.

Because you’re capable of showing your true potential. You never fail to show that you’re determined to be better for things to flourish.

Since you’re a risk taker, you apply a systematic approach. Instead of relying on abstract ideas, you want to use practical ideas.

This is a way for you to be more focused on the future. You want to plan long-term goals that are useful in the real world.

The Star and the Knight of Pentacles are a good combination. They serve as your guide to continue working hard despite your struggles.

With the Star card, you align yourself with positive energy. Because you believe that this will strengthen your determination to succeed.

So never stop showing up for yourself.

The Star and Knight of Swords

The world is an enormous place where battles exist. As a Knight, you're willing to engage in bloodshed in order to claim victory.

Because victory will be given to you for your hard work. You will fight a great battle that will encourage you to be more resilient.

The consequences don't matter when it comes to you. Because you know that eventually, you'll get what you want.

So even if life gives you a sign to surrender, neglect it. You're always stronger and wiser than you think.

The Knight of Swords and the Star are a great card combination. These cards complement each other well in terms of dedication.

With the Knight of Swords, you're willing to take numerous risks. Because you're eager to achieve your goals to be successful.

With the help of the Star card, you apply optimism. Because you're confident that you can slay more dragons.

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The Star and Nine of Cups

When you finally have everything you need, contentment appears. You feel like you have already accomplished enough, so you deserve to rest.

Perhaps in the past, there wasn’t a day when you stopped working. You have to show strong determination every day to get what you want.

Because you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. You don’t want your efforts to go to waste because you stopped working.

So it’s okay if you don’t want to be hard on yourself anymore. It’s okay if you don’t feel like overworking today.

The Nine of Cups and the Star are a powerful combination. They’re aligned with your intense desire for hope and success.

You’re now at a stage wherein you can access everything. You have the free will to provide for yourself and for your loved ones.

But even if you now have everything, you’ll continue to remain positive.

The Star and Queen of Wands

You continue to harvest good connections in your life. Because you tap into your strong social skills to engage with others.

This is brought by your strong confidence and reliance on yourself. You believe that you can accomplish anything that you want to pursue.

So you’re always keeping your feet on the ground. Every day is a challenge, so you’re always ready to accept these circumstances.

The Queen of Wands and the Star are a powerful combination. You’re someone who resides with your strong feminine energy.

Confidence is always your best friend; hope is a long-term sister. You wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for them.

But the hard work is all on you because you’re a risk-taker. Even if there are times when you want to rest, you’ll still continue thriving.

Because you want to show the world that you’re capable of doing something that’s fulfilling.

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