The Sun Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

Representing energy, optimism, joy, and hope is the major arcana's nineteenth card. It is also associated with achievements and accomplishments. The Sun tarot card is one of the deck's most positive cards.

People even refer to this tarot card as the best card in the tarot deck, for it represents everything good and positive.

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The Sun tarot card represents every person who is full of optimism and energy. It radiates positivity among those who are lucky. They will become uplifted and reinvigorated.

The Sun has a special connection with the fire element and the Sun itself. Moreover, it has a bond with the astrological sign Leo, and this tarot card has no key dates.

In a poll of yes or no, The Sun tarot card is a yes to every question because of its positive presence and nature. The Sun is your champion.

The Sun tarot card will resolve any of your hurdles and circumstances for your greater good.

Symbolism Of The Sun Card

Under the sun's gaze, an anthropomorphic sun is a child with arms spread atop in a white steed. From the ground is a flowing orange banner that is rising towards the direction of the sky. In the background, there are sunflowers, four of them.

The naked child with a wreath of yellow flowers represents joy, happiness, and innocence. She has a broad and earnest smile, plus her arms are wide open, these signify her confidence in straddling the mighty beast.

Also, a white horse is bowing, and it is lowering its head. This symbolism speaks of the connection, harmony, and wholeness of the world.

On the other hand, the orange banner's significance is that it screams action, movement, verb, and vitality.

The Numerology Of The Sun

The major arcana’s nineteenth card is The Sun. The Sun's number consists of two digits: one and nine. If you add these numbers, you will get ten.

The number ten signifies a person's fullest potential. If we further reduce the number ten into a single-digit number by adding numbers 1 and zero we will get number one. One is the number of something new and the creation.

A turning point is what this tarot card marks. One has completed a cycle; therefore, a new one will start.

The Sun Keywords


  • Abundance
  • Achievement
  • Accomplishment
  • Celebration
  • Child-like
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Contentment
  • Direction
  • Energy
  • Enlightenment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fertility
  • Fortunate
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Good health
  • Good luck
  • Happiness
  • Harmony
  • Hope
  • Innocence
  • Joy
  • Luck
  • Marriage
  • Material happiness
  • Openness
  • Optimism
  • Pleasure
  • Positivity
  • Productivity
  • Self-expression
  • Success
  • Wonder


  • Pride
  • Abortion
  • Bad luck
  • Stubbornness
  • Loneliness
  • Stress
  • Delays
  • Depression
  • Ego
  • Excessive enthusiasm
  • Failure
  • False impressions
  • Feeling down
  • Inner child
  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Lies
  • Lost opportunities
  • Low vitality
  • Miscarriage
  • Obstacles
  • Oppression
  • Overly optimistic
  • Pessimism
  • Procrastination
  • Rigidness
  • Sadness
  • Temporary
  • Unrealistic
  • Vanity
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Upright Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Success, abundance, and radiance make up The Sun tarot card. These things are what the tarot card itself is all about.

This tarot card is like the sun itself, for it gives off vitality and strength to those who see its rays. Successful and joyful events await you.

Bolt and charge every head-on and start the investment in your most significant endeavors. The positive influence of The Sun tarot card brings excitement and new opportunities to seize.

The Sun tarot card provides you nothing but the good and best, even fulfillment, contentment, and satisfaction.

The Sun (Upright) in Health

In the context of health, The Sun tarot card tells you that your positivity made a significant impact on both your physical and mental health.

For that good news, seek to have a healthier lifestyle than ever. Try out the things that you want to try out; go for it!

The Sun (Upright) in Career

Career-wise, this tarot card tells you that your projects' success depends on your participation, efforts, and outlook. While you are busy trying to attain that success, your workmates will notice how vital you are in their team.

Work hard and grind hard, everything will pay off, and all will be worth it. You will unexpectedly attain heights that you did not expect in terms of your career. Heights such as promotion could be possible.

Also, you will have a better work relationship with everyone in your space.

Your success is truly yours. Always remember to sow the fruits of your seeds. Enjoy and congratulate yourself for your achievements and accomplishments, for you deserve it.

The Sun (Upright) in Money

In terms of money and wealth, things are brighter for you than ever. You will have the chance to make more money and pay what you must pay. It is okay if you want to treat yourself as a reward for the hard work- it is a great idea.

The Sun (Upright) in Love & Relationships

This upright tarot card describes you as a loving person to yourself and your fellowmen. Your loving nature will attract many people and many things into your life. This tarot card gives you the chance to seek and seize new romantic relationships.

Always remind your dear ones that you care for them. That you will always have their back, and that they are important for you and they are worth it. The upright Sun tarot card tells you to use your love as a positive force. Doing so will make your fellowmen love you more, and many would want the opportunity to be with you more often.

If you have a special someone or in a relationship, The Sun shines on your love life. Your relationship has a bright future ahead of it. You and your partner will forever appreciate and trust each other.

If you are currently not on good terms with your partner, The upright Sun tarot card tells you to be more open and seek to have clarity and clear communication with your love.

The Sun also foretells you that a positivity-filled event will be taking place soon. It is either you'll find the one you are seeking, enter a relationship, get engaged, get married, have a baby. Whatever it is, it will be joyful.

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Reversed Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun tarot card is a bright and vibrant filled energy card, but if it is in a reversed position, all the sunshine and brightness disappear and diminish.

The reversed Sun tarot card says that negativity is blocking and overshadowing your feelings. Whether you feel down, uninspired, unmotivated, or whatsoever, note that what you feel is transient.

This reversed Sun tarot card may be warning you about your behavior recently. It may be telling you that you are boastful and overly confident. It would be best if you evaluate yourself and even your endeavors.

It would be best if you lay low a bit so that you may get back on your right track.

Also, this reversed tarot card may be your comforter. It serves as your reminder that everything will be okay, so cheer up. Allow yourself to seek spontaneity and relax. You can, and you will be able to find your joy.

The Sun (Reversed) in Health

This reversed tarot card evaluates how you have been doing these past few days in a health context. It may tell you that lately, you feel blue, uninspired, unmotivated, and under the weather.

This tarot card implies that you feel that way because you stopped doing your regular practice and habit. It would be best if you took the time to evaluate your life, lifestyle, and reasons.

If you think that it is worse than that situation, see a professional. You need to prioritize your health. You need to know what is up with you.

The Sun (Reversed) in Career

You are experiencing work hurdles. You're facing difficulties for your workmates are not responding well to you, and they do not show that you are making a difference because of your participation.

The Sun in reversed position symbolizes failure. The goals you have set are unrealistic and unattainable. If this is the situation, step back a bit and give yourself a break. Try to heal and overcome the things that are holding you back.

The Sun (Reversed) in Money

It would be best if you rethink things when making decisions involving money and wealth. Remember that when The Sun tarot card shows up to you in reverse, it means that it is not the best time to spend a large amount of money.

It would be best if you will go over your numbers and math. It would also be okay to ask for advice and assistance from people you trust that have a different approach from you when it comes to matters like this.

This reversed tarot card may also be saying that you are too pessimistic about your situation. Loosen and proceed with caution; this hurdle is not as dire as you see it to be.

The Sun (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

In terms of love, this tarot card reminds you of how foolish you have been acting.

You are egotistical and overly confident when crossing paths with potential partners if you are single. Sure, confidence is beautiful, but not too much. You need to fix and straighten yourself.

In a relationship, people are equal. Do not ever compare yourself with others. Make sure that both of you are not taking too much of each other's space. If this scenario continues, it is over.

The Sun Advice

I don’t chase; I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.

The Sun, as advice, wants you to work on your true potential. You have the ability to manifest a beautiful life if you work on it.

 This card shows that positive things will come to you if you let them. Let go of all the negative energy that’s been lingering in your circle.

 With positive thoughts, you can change the way you see the world. You’ll soon realize that life has many opportunities.

 The present may be perplexing. But believe in yourself that you can conquer anything.

The Sun Reversed Advice

Sometimes, we look back on choices we didn’t take. We refuse to take risks because it will enable us to change.

 The Sun card in reverse can tell that you’re unhappy. This can be your current job or a college course you indecisively took.

 Perhaps you focused on practicality over passion. As a result, doing your job or listening to class doesn’t excite you.

 This could also mean that you lack confidence in yourself. The opportunities that come to you are always on hold.

 The Sun wants you to reflect on your beliefs. You need to know what you want.

The Sun as a Person

The Sun as a person, is someone who believes in miracles. You can be the person who would choose to see the silver lining.

 You’re naturally brilliant, kind, patient, and understanding. So people would look up to you for being a good influence.

 You will not surrender whenever you’re facing hardships. Being able to conquer your problems is your greatest strength.

 You often radiate positive and comfortable energy to others. You never hesitate to include people who feel out of place.

 People would find hope because of you. Therefore, they want to follow your guidelines in living a happy life.

The Sun Reversed as a Person

The more you avoid your problems, the more they will appear to you.

 The Sun, in reverse as a person, is someone with low self-esteem. If this is you, then you’re currently facing severe challenges in life.

 There are times when you feel an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. This is the result of your continuous full-time work and studying.

 Maybe you can’t feel the love and energy of the people close to you. In your viewpoint, they can’t reciprocate the energy you give.

 You’re hesitant to share your knowledge with others. You feel like you’ll only be a minor inconvenience.

The Sun Present

Just like the Sun, you are the center of attraction. You must believe that all good things will come to you.

The Sun in the present position gives you abundance. You’re currently thriving when it comes to your career and lifestyle.

 You’re attracting positive energy at this time. You have solar power, the ability to give light to others.

But you’re still learning how to manage your tasks. Despite several tasks at hand, you never forget to provide time for yourself.

 Beautiful results continue to pop into your life. You continue to accept new opportunities that are beneficial for growth.

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The Sun Past

You had trouble sharing your radiance with others in the past. It came to the point wherein you had a breakdown because of too much overwork.

 The past taught you how to accept things as they are. There are people and situations that were only temporary in your life.

 However, you implemented your radiance in your childhood days. This was the first time when you discovered your full potential.

 You brought your positive energy as you grew up. Despite the rejects you encountered in the past, you continued trying.

 Be proud of where you are now, and never look back.

The Sun Future

The future will bring you more opportunities where you can show your confidence. However, this is also when you need to balance your overflowing options.

 There’s nothing wrong with trying new things. But before diving into the unknown, think if this opportunity suits you first.

 In order to prevent regrets, try to reexamine your skills and strengths. However, don’t also forget to spend time discovering your weaknesses.

 This is a reminder that good things will take time. But, your hard work and faith will give you more than what’s expected.

 In the future, you’ll enter a new stage in transformation.

The Sun as How Someone Feels About You

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else!

 Someone feels happy that they met someone like you. They think they’re always at ease every time you communicate with them.

 This person dealt with a series of misfortunes in the past. You became their reason to continue trying, no matter how risky it may be.

 You give them a feeling of warmth. Just like a cup of hot chocolate in the Christmas season, you keep them safe.

They feel like they can conquer all things when they’re with you. You taught them how to progressively build their confidence and thrive.

 The Sun Outcome

This is a time when you’ll have to take the risk. You’re ready for the countless opportunities waiting for you by the window.

This was a huge decision for you to make. Because of anxiety, you became used to hiding your gifts in the past.

Now, you’re given a chance to show your talent to the world. Maybe you got a call from your art director to showcase your favorite masterpiece.

In the past, you doubted yourself and that no one would like your pieces. But now, you’re ready to accept compliments and criticisms for improvement.

Congrats on your progress!

The Sun Pregnancy and Fertility

The Sun shows a positive omen for pregnancy. This is for females who are having a hard time getting pregnant.

 The difficulty is in relation to specific health matters. No matter the cause, this card shows that you’ll just need to hold on.

 You’ll have an opportunity to be a parent. Perhaps a number one recommendation is to have fertility treatment.

 After several attempts of trying, it’s finally on its way. You deserve to be a parent because of your pure intentions.

 This card also signifies hope and abundance for mothers. You’re going to give your child a bright future.

The Sun Energy

In the eye of the storm lies a radiant heart that can create rainbows.

The energy of the Sun card is all about optimism. This has the ability to abolish every negative energy that may consume you.

 You’re often motivated to finish your tasks and responsibilities. This is because you continue to adopt a positive mindset.

 Realistically speaking, having a positive mindset is difficult these days. However, you still continue to practice this as a part of your everyday life.

 The Sun card is also a reminder that good things come to those who wait.

 You deserve the good things.

The Sun as Actions

If you want to become successful, then you must struggle every day to thrive.

 The Sun card as an action symbolizes your determination to achieve your dreams. This could mean that you continue to take the risk despite the casualties.

 You’re someone who plans to travel across the world. To achieve this, you continue to save money from your monthly salary.

 You want to plan everything and be productive. You researched the places you want to spend your summer vacation with.

 Your hard work leads you to numerous blessings. Perhaps you got a higher position or passed a major subject.

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The Sun as Intentions

The intentions of the Sun card rely on seeking happiness. You’re starting to believe that Aristotle’s “The Good Life’ exists.

 This card presents you with a sign that good things are coming. You’ll surround yourself with positive vibes where you’ll feel safe.

 You don’t have to spend time worrying about the outcome. If you did your best, rest assured that you’ll receive good news.

 Perhaps you were once lost in finding the right answer. But now you’re doing everything you can to achieve success.

 For you, success is the highest form of happiness. You thank yourself for being constantly strong.

The Sun as How Someone Sees You

Someone views you as the most optimistic person they’ve met. You never fail to lift their mood when they’re having a bad day.

You often amaze this person every time you pick yourself up. They admire your resiliency in maintaining your strength.

You’re someone who would often engage them in a meaningful conversation. You make them feel welcome and see their feelings as valid.

The downside is that this person may see you as a spoiled brat. Maybe because you use your charismatic features to buy material things.

You can also be a narcissist sometimes. You can also be self-centered.

The Sun Time Frame

The maximum period of this card will occur in a year. It is also possible that an event may happen in a day.

The effect of the Sun’s timing can be fast. So it depends on how your energy responds to specific events.

 The Sun card’s period will start on July 23 and ends on August 22. It is important that you raise your positive energy during these days.

 This card also has a deep connection with the zodiac sign, Leo. You’ll expect major changes during the summer season.

 This period wants you to execute your radiance to your dreams.

The Sun as a Woman

The Sun as a woman can represent someone with bright hair color. Your hair color can be red, light brown, or blonde.

You're fond of wearing light or pastel colors. Specifically yellow, white, pink, and light blue.

The Sun can also represent the latest album of Lorde. Lorde's “Solar Power” album represents radiant and positive energy.

You can be someone who chooses to remain positive. Even if a situation is already falling apart, you believe that it will soon end.

You're an empath and love to help people. You want to give them consistency in finding peace, love, and assurance.

The Sun as a Man

The Sun as a man is someone who is consistent in their dreams. You may be someone who continues to thrive despite being successful.

 Your hair color can be red, blonde, or light brown. The same goes for the color of your eyes and eyebrows.

 You’re fond of executing your artistic side in fashion. Perhaps you often attend occasions wearing beautiful and light combinations.

 Despite your masculine side, you can inflict your empathy on others. You may be a teacher, priest, or simply a friend who is willing to listen.

 You have a strong faith in God and read books.

The Sun Communication

The Sun is a positive sign in having direct communication. This is specifically a one-on-one or personal type of conversation.

You may be fond of giving comfort and listening to other people’s problems. As a result, you give them free counseling services to lessen their burden.

You don’t hesitate to be straightforward and transparent. If something bothers you, or you know they’re in the wrong, you speak up.

 Because of your transparency, you give them hope in changing for the better. You give them a reason to look on the brighter side of life.

 Always be the person who understands.

The Sun Reconciliation

The Sun card can be a sign that reconciliation is on its way. This could mean that you and someone from your past can try again.

This person has so many things they wish to say. They regret not being honest with you while you were still together.

 This person is hoping you would hear their side. Their reason can be something about personal problems.

 In the past, they were uncomfortable speaking up. But with the space you both had, they’re now ready to approach you.

 This could mean harmony and balance in your relationship.

 Learn to forgive and accept.

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The Sun Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of the Sun can be “too showy.” This means that you like to wear revealing clothes or the ones that stand out.

This habit allows you to attract positive relationships in your life because you get to show your true self to people that can accept you.

You may have a body that looks like it got out of the gym. Perhaps you've been exercising to maintain your healthy body.

The physical features don't necessarily need to be exquisite. It can be seen in your joyous, playful, and confident expression.

You show your unique gifts to people.

The Sun in a Love Reading

The Sun in a love reading shows that you’re capable of true love. You deserve a love that will wait and accept you for who you are.

 Maybe you manifest love effortlessly. Or you’re constantly manifesting the love you need instead of the love you want.

 The universe hears your positive affirmations every day. Don’t worry; the right person will arrive at the right time.

 This person is going to reciprocate the energy you give. They’ll always encourage you to do better instead of remaining stagnant.

 You’re worthy of having a healthy relationship. This is also fit for the long-term.

The Sun Reversed Love Reading

The Sun, in reverse, sees that you’re uncertain of this connection. Perhaps a traumatic event in the past changed your beliefs about love.

A person unexpectedly entered your life while you’re still healing. This person continues to show you that they’re willing to wait.

The one who is holding back is you, but it’s okay. Remember, healing doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a long process.

You’re afraid bad things will happen because the connection is too good to be true. You convince yourself that they will still leave you.

Putting your faith is hard, but so is resisting your true feelings.

The Sun Reversed Outcome

You're not ready to move on to the next step. You're still submerging yourself with negative thoughts.

Perhaps you refuse to change the bad habits that you thought weren't bad. You continue to be insensitive and inconsiderate of the people around you.

You often forget the fact that not everyone focuses their attention on you. Everyone deals with their own lives and struggles every day.

You're someone who can't learn to accept your fate. Instead of complaining, do something that will improve your actions.

 You don't get to blame everything on the universe. You're the one who should be responsible.

The Sun Reversed Pregnancy

The Sun card in reverse indicates that you’re struggling in your pregnancy. This could mean that you’re not putting your faith in yourself.

 You’re currently suffering from a health condition. As a result, this can affect the health condition of the baby.

 You’re also dealing with anxiety and low self-esteem. You continue to convince yourself that you’re not fit to be a parent.

 Instead of seeking help from others, you push them away. You believe you can manage everything on your own.

 This pregnancy could also be the reason for your negative thoughts. You continue to have nightmares every night.

The Sun Friendship

You manifest healthy friendships that are good for your well-being. This is because of your capability to constantly make people happy.

 You have friends who are always there for you. They aren’t only there during convenient times but also during your breakdowns.

 There are times when you refuse to open up because you might bother them. But they continue to insist that you’ll never be a nuisance.

Whenever arguments appear, it doesn’t need to be long-term. You’re the pacemaker of your friend group in settling disputes.

Surround yourself with friends who want to see you win because they will stay. 

The Star and The Sun

You are the embodiment of light towards the darkness. With the Star and the Sun, you can achieve your dreams despite the circumstances.

The Star and the Sun have a very powerful combination. It allows you to engage in your powerful state of being and stay focused.

With the Star card, you continue to believe that there is hope. In every wonder you seek towards the world, there will always be hope.

So you’re someone who isn’t afraid to take risk. You’re open to receiving an abundance of opportunities because of optimism.

Because you know that there will always be a silver lining. With the Sun card, you are a representation of radiance.

As you bring hope with you, you’ll also bring growth. In every challenge you face, this will be another stepping stone for development.

So whatever the results, you’ll always rise. Because you believe in your power.

Death and The Sun

In every end, there is a new beginning. And part of the journey will always be the end.

You have the Death and the Sun card with you. Don’t be in a state of panic because this card serves as your guide.

These two cards have an intense connection to change. With the Death card, you’ll have to undergo another cycle in your life.

So even if it hurts to let go, you have no choice but to do so. Because staying in the same place will not result in individual growth.

This may be the end of something that is related to finances. Perhaps a loss of money that you desperately needed for survival.

But hey, your journey doesn’t stop here, so keep walking. Because with the Sun card, everything will soon be okay.

You just need to bring positivity along with you. Be open to change that’s comfortable.

Justice and The Sun

This is a daily reminder that the truth will set you free. You have to be honest with others and, most significantly, yourself.

The Justice and the Sun remind you to evaluate your choices. Try to reflect on them once more and see if there should be any changes.

With the Justice card, perhaps something is making you stagnant. So you're still here, remaining in your little bubble instead of exploring.

Maybe there is a part of you that needs to be honest with yourself. This card isn't only a peacemaker to solve disputes about what is just.

Instead, it motivates you to know the truth. You can't run away from your problems, and you'll face them eventually.

With the Sun card, keep in mind that when there is truth, there is optimism. Don't let your guard down because acceptance can lead to growth.

And growth can lead to success.

The Tower and The Sun

Sometimes, things will inevitably start to fall apart. Whether it is a project or a relationship, it will crumble to the ground.

With the Tower card, you have to prepare yourself for what's coming. Because not everything is purely sunshine and daisies.

The Tower and the Sun card can have their combination. This specifically refers to the destruction of things for their recreation.

So if you have the Tower card, expect something to fall apart. Maybe an upcoming project you've been looking forward to won't be successful.

Maybe the canvas that you've been working on will be a mess. But if these circumstances happen, know that they serve a purpose.

It's time to tap into your beliefs and be sure of what you want. Sometimes, things need to fall apart in order to fall back together.

With the Sun card, this is a sign of change, something that can inspire.

The Devil and the Sun

You need to stop living on the inside of your head. Maybe everything is only temporary, and you need to stop being delusional.

The Devil and the Sun is an essential combination. It gives you a strong sign that you need to start changing for the better.

With the Devil card, perhaps you're too filled with pleasure. You engage yourself in an addiction that somehow turns into vices.

Maybe you let yourself feel lost in the midst of drinking. Until you feel like you don't have the courage to pick yourself up.

But don't let yourself submerge into addiction until it drowns you. Because the Sun card wants you to fight your demons.

The Devil should not have the upper hand in your life. The Sun will guide you in order to open a new path for change.

Look on the bright side. You'll realize that there's more to life.

The Empress and The Sun

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to intertwine with nature. This is where you’ll begin your journey to living a positive life.

The Empress and the Sun have a beautiful combination. These cards both show positive signs of your current situation.

With the Empress card, there can be a sign of pregnancy. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for this wonderful news to arrive.

Now that it’s finally here, you’ll learn to adapt to new changes. With the Sun card, the possibility of change is a good sign.

Because you’ll enter the stage of parenthood, something that’s still new to you. You’ll enter this stage, bringing strong optimism inside of you.

You need to keep in mind that change is good. Because it will only intensify your strong, independent, and motherly figure.

So don’t hesitate to hold hands with change. Because it’s always good for nurturing good health and beautiful life.

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The Fool and The Sun

You’re still intertwined with your youthful energy. Which is a good thing because it allows you to see a meaningful life.

The Fool and the Sun card look really good together. Their combination shows a powerful positive symbol that’s beneficial for you.

You’re going to live this life and turn it into something beautiful. The challenges or obstacles will not be a hindrance in achieving this.

With the Fool card, you’re always up for an exciting adventure. You open yourself to constant adjustments to learn new ideas.

Because you believe that the world is an enormous place. It’s filled with ideas and lessons that continue to be on the rise.

So with the Sun card, this journey of yours can be successful. As long as you continue to hold onto hope and curiosity.

Don’t permanently settle on the things you’re familiar with. Instead, seek another journey to learn the unknown.

The Hanged Man and The Sun

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You’ve been fighting all your life, and you deserve to live a good life.

The Hanged Man and the Sun are a powerful duo. It allows you to view things from a larger perspective than relying on what’s narrow.

Maybe you feel like every pain you experience has a purpose. But you can’t also help but wonder if all the pain is worth it.

With the Hanged Man, you’ve been into many painful experiences. Because of the quantity, you feel like it’s already an endless cycle.

With each painful experience you have, comes a new lesson. So these experiences serve as the purpose of bolstering your individual growth.

But in reality, it only teaches you to be wiser and more resilient. With the Sun card, you need to bring your positive mindset with you.

Your painful experiences will only bring you more growth.

The Sun and Knight of Cups

With every hustle and hard work comes another fruit of success. You’re currently going through a journey toward implementing your creativity.

The universe wants to congratulate you for being here. Despite the hardships you face, you’re still eager to learn more.

The Knight of Cups and the Sun have a powerful combination. They serve as your guide to keep in track of your goals.

With the Knight of Cups, you’re going on a wonderful journey. You’re now showing your skills and gifts to the world.

Perhaps you’re working on a project for the company. Or you’re constructing your own artwork that will be showcased in a gallery.

Keep in mind that you’ll do great on this project. As long as you never lose yourself, you’ll seek more adventures.

The Sun card shows that you’ll always remain positive. Whatever the result may be, you’ll still rise once again.

The High Priestess and The Sun

In order to reflect well, you’ll need to have a healthy environment. Because this will enhance your ability to think carefully about your decisions.

With the High Priestess and the Sun, you’ll find your answer. Things may be overwhelming for now, but you’ll soon receive clarity.

Because all that matters is for you to gain peace and strength. You won’t let yourself feel destruction or loss for the things that don’t deserve you.

With the High Priestess, you need to tap into your intuition. Think carefully and reflect on your beliefs, actions, and decisions.

Try to weigh the pros and cons before taking a step. Before you make a decision, make sure that you’re ready and confident.

The answers lie inside you, so you just need to interact with yourself more. With the Sun card, this will be a constant journey toward individual growth.

You’ll never lose yourself with confidence.

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The Lovers and The Sun

You deserve the love you continue to give to others. You deserve a love that will never make you question your worth.

The Lovers and the Sun combination screams genuine happiness. If you encounter this alignment, know that you deserve it.

Because you’ve been giving unconditional love to others. So it’s time for you to receive the love you give without hesitation.

With the Lovers card, you’re currently in a healthy relationship. One that doesn’t make you wander in perplexity or devastation.

This relationship is bound to last in the long run. Because you both have the ability to give each other a meaningful life.

With the Sun card, everything will fall into its proper places. You’re feeling happy because everything seems to be at the right time.

Don’t ever doubt if this relationship isn’t for you. Because you’re one of the rare individuals in this world who deserve this.

The Magician and The Sun

You’re a wizard, just like Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Because you have the ability to manifest your dreams into reality.

You’re someone who is always relying on practicality. As a result, this gives you the courage to accomplish your skills by hand.

The Magician and the Sun is a very powerful combination. It enhances you to continue striving in order to seek true happiness.

With the Magician card, you have the ability to be resourceful. It doesn’t matter if the process is long because you can remain patient.

You’re someone who never fails to align your words with actions. So if you say you’ll start on a project, you’ll genuinely do it.

You don’t like to sit around and waste your time with the wind. With the Sun card, you consistently implement having a positive mindset.

Because this encourages you to do better and stay on your path.

Temperance and The Sun

It’s important for you to keep things all in order. All of this is in order to remove yourself from self-sabotage or negativity.

You’re someone who is willing to have a balanced life. Because you believe that this is the key to making yourself happy and accessible.

The Temperance and the Sun motivate you to do better. It allows you to view things from a moderate and neutral perspective.

Some days you’re doing well; some days, you’re falling apart. But despite that, you’re still making sure that your feet are on the ground.

You still check yourself if you’re in a balanced state. Because you want to keep everything straight and organized.

With the Temperance card, you’re willing to have peace of mind. So you want things to be in moderation instead of lingering on it.

With the Sun card, you choose happiness along with the peace you deserve.

The Chariot and The Sun

It’s all inside your head, how you want to change the world. You’re more of a critical thinker than only relying on your emotions.

You know that life will not put you in an easy situation. Each day is a challenge for you to implement your skills and be better.

The Chariot and the Sun is a combination that screams motivation. You have the mental capacity to get things done in order.

All you have to do is to remain in a balanced state. Don’t forget to intertwine with your inner self because that’s where the power comes in.

Mental intelligence exists, and it resides in your head. With the Chariot, you’re always in the right headspace to make wise decisions.

These decisions continue to lead you to a successful path. Along with your willingness to learn more, you’re ready for new opportunities.

With the Sun, always reside with optimism.

The Sun and Ace of Cups

It’s okay to have a creative mind because that’s completely normal. But being able to use your creative mind, in reality, is extraordinary.

The Ace of Cups and the Sun want you to focus on your goals. If you have plans to show your artistic side, now’s the time to not hesitate.

Because you have what it takes to be an artist. Not necessarily a painter, but someone who creates a world that’s exquisite.

You’re an artist in your own way who views things from a different perspective. You like to focus on the deepest parts to analyze something.

As you form your creative ideas, you have the ability to execute them. With the Sun card, you’re confident that everything will be successful.

With the Ace of Cups, you turn your abstract ideas into crafts. You try to work everything with the power of your hands.

You can inspire people.

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The Sun and Ace of Swords

You know that life is too short, so you need to be sure. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life wasting your time.

The Ace of Swords and the Sun is a good combination. These cards can give you the assurance and clarity that you need.

With the Sun card, you can see everything from a beautiful perspective. Even with the struggles that you face, you view them as beautiful disasters.

Because you’re someone who still sees the good in every situation. You believe that all of your hardships have their true purpose.

And maybe the purpose of your hardships is to be more specific. With the Ace of Swords, it gives you the sign to be sure.

It gives you the reminder that you couldn’t just live in regrets. So before you make a decision, channel all the energy to yourself.

Decide what’s best for growth.

The Sun and Four of Cups

Remember that it’s okay if you want to pause for a while. It’s okay if you want to find a place where your mind can relax.

The Four of Cups and the Sun give emphasis on meditation. As you let meditation enter your life, you’re also entering positivity.

If you’re feeling burnout from your work, this is a sign for rest. Go make that letter to your boss, showing that you need to be excused.

Don’t wait for your body to be completely restless. Take this as an opportunity to have a self-date or go for a vacation.

With the Four of Cups, you need a moment of silence. Drift yourself away from the noises in the city and work.

Find a place where you can nurture and communicate your thoughts. Channel your inner energy as you intake positivity.

Because meditation and positivity are meant to be, they’re invincible.

The Sun and Knight of Pentacles

No matter what happens, keep your eyes on the prize. Life is a race; if you’re not fast enough, you won’t reach the finish line.

If you want to be in the first place, start showing your determination. Hard work and consistency are essential to get the job done.

The Knight of Pentacles and the Sun shows practicality. Instead of lingering on theories and visions, put your dreams to work!

Will you just sit around all day and wish upon the stars? Will you let someone receive the award as the champion and let it go?

No, you’ll not let anyone stop you from reaching your dreams. You’re going to be more active and more methodical today.

With the Knight of Pentacles, you need to get the job done.  Receive the motivation you need with the Sun card.

Align your positive mindset with your actions. Be the change you want to see.

The Sun and Knight of Swords

You’re the knight in shining armor in your own story. And the plot twist will show that you’re also the author of your book.

You’re someone who will take the leap of faith without hesitations. In a heartbeat, you’re willing to achieve your goals despite the circumstances.

The Knight of Swords and the Sun is a powerful combination. It gives you the push to become the best version of yourself.

With the Knight of Swords, you’ll enter a new journey each day. Each trip will require you to take a path that’s unknown.

So without prior knowledge, you’ll take the opportunity. Even if you encounter hardships along the way, these aren’t relevant.

Because you’ll get to the finish line no matter what it takes. Because you have the power of the Sun, optimism will not disappoint you.

So prepare yourself for another journey that will show your radiance towards success.

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The Sun and Queen of Pentacles

As Halsey said, “I’m heading straight for the castle; they wanna make me their queen.” You are a powerful queen who has the ability to rule your kingdom.

The Sun and the Queen of Pentacles are a powerful combination. It intensifies the feminine and resilient energy inside you.

With the Queen of Pentacles, you’re someone who is down to earth. This means that you’re willing to be an all-around person for everyone.

You’re someone who is willing to be a mother figure. Maybe people look up to you because of your ability to provide and love.

You’re someone who continues to show your independence. You aren’t fond of receiving help from people because you can manage.

With the Sun card, you continue to harvest a positive life. You apply your leadership and practical skills to claim success.

Despite the hardships, you’ll not back down. You’ll get your own crown.

The Sun and Queen of Swords

As a woman, you have the ability to build the life you want. Because of this, you'll not let misogynists and norms dictate your future.

Because you're someone who wants to be on your own. You want to show that you're independent enough in order to reject help.

The Sun and the Queen of Swords give you the motivation to succeed. You have what it takes to manifest your dream life.

With the Queen of Swords, you're capable of solving matters on your own. This allows you to learn ideas and experiences.

Because of your experiences, you apply them for future purposes. This is most relevant when you use it for a career you really want.

With the Sun, you have what it takes to balance your power. You know the alignment of your priorities, and you value time management.

You don't pressure yourself. Because you know you'll get there.

The Sun and Two of Cups

If you’re in a relationship right now, you’re lucky. Because this relationship has the ability to be stable for the long term.

The Two of Cups and the Sun show an immense sign of commitment. You and your partner are willing to face the challenges that will occur.

This is because you’re both committed to making this work. You both understand that love isn’t only for fun and excitement.

Instead, love is more about intimacy and a deeper sense of understanding. It’s about facing the darkest days or when things get complicated.

With the Two of Cups, you’re both up for showing dedication. Both of you will constantly make an effort for this to work.

With the help of the Sun, this is going to be a happy relationship. You’re going to experience the love that you long yearned for.

Now’s the chance to show how much you genuinely love them.

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