The Tower Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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A tower is a significantly tall and wide structure standing apart or connected to a larger facility in the real world.

In terms of tarots, The Tower will be your confirmation that there will be an intense and rapid transformation and transmutation in your life. Take note that this force and energy are beyond anyone's control. 

The Tower tarot card is about a significant and cruel downfall of the olds and a new room for something more.

This tarot card's meaning is tragedy, sinister, and release. By knowing its purpose, you will conclude that the event may be a loss, but there is always this possibility of a brand-new fresh start.

Symbolism Of The Tower Card

This tarot card shows a tower with a circular crown in tarot decks, and the setting is on a mountaintop. There are people trapped inside the building and struck by lightning in the blazing tower. 

Flames are shooting out on the windows where they are trying to escape from the danger and destruction.

The card and the depiction itself scream destruction and chaos.

The Tower is a firm structure, but the card's tower has a fragile foundation that a bolt of mere lightning was able to destroy. This happening represents human's visions, goals, and ambitions turned out to be shaky because their false premises compromised them.

The crown symbolizes the crown chakra, where the energy flows down. Around all of those are flames, twenty-two in number.

Ten of those flames represent the Tree of Life's points, while twelve of those represent the zodiac signs. 

The Numerology Of The Tower

The tarot deck's sixteenth card is The Tower. Sixteen consists of two digits: one and six- when you add these two numbers, you will get seven.

The number seven is compelling, and it expresses belief and faith. This number may signify triumph and heavenly supervision. Nevertheless, this card may also symbolize loss and failure.

The Tower Keywords


  • Abuse
  • Accident
  • Adversity
  • Awakening
  • Beyond your control
  • Breakdown
  • Breakthrough
  • Broken pride
  • Calamity
  • Change
  • Chaos
  • Crisis
  • Damage
  • Danger
  • Deception
  • Destruction
  • Disgrace
  • Distress
  • Hostility
  • Intense
  • Loss
  • Misery
  • Pain
  • Release
  • Sudden change
  • Takeover
  • Tragedy
  • Trauma
  • Upheaval
  • Violence
  • Warnings

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  • Absence
  • Accidents
  • Apathy
  • Aversion
  • Avoiding tragedy
  • Carelessness
  • Confusion
  • Delaying the inevitable
  • Denial
  • Egocentrism
  • Escape
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of suffering
  • Illness
  • Insight
  • Listen
  • Losses
  • Negligence
  • Obstacles
  • Opposition
  • Personal transformation
  • Preparation
  • Rebuilding
  • Strife
  • Surprise
  • Unpleasant
  • Vanity

Upright Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower tarot card represents disaster and destruction, intense changes that will shake everyone to the core. This tarot card is a warning; it tells you that you need to face what has to come. 

The Tower tarot card is not about torture and confusion. You will ultimately discover that this turn of developments is positive. After this discovery, you will be more ready to survive the hurdles and circumstances of tomorrow. 

During these times, you will see how weak and shaky your foundation is; you will be able to fix it before it trembles down.

Every change and truth, pleasant or not, will awaken you to reality. To surrender to the disruption, destruction, and turmoil, no matter how undesired or unpleasant. 

To step forth is to permit this building to self-destruct so you can get the chance to re-build, have more focus, and a more solid foundation.

The Tower (Upright) in Health

It would be best to start living a healthy life; you need to be as healthy as possible because you are prone to illnesses and diseases.

At least visit your physician once a month and get yourself a full medical examination.

The Tower (Upright) in Career

The Tower, career-wise, tells you that your work lacks security or there might be a job loss. It gives you the warning that a huge event is about to take place; it is something that you least expect.

If they have promoted you to a position that you're not confident with: relax, for you will overcome it, and you'll do great things.

The Tower (Upright) in Money

The Tower tarot card tells you that you may encounter bankruptcy and insolvency soon if you are not careful and discreet with your money and wealth.

The Tower (Upright) in Love and Relationships

In a tarot love reading, The Tower is not as festive and joyous as it is. The Tower can be a lousy indication representing separation, break-ups, parting, or divorce.

Perhaps your relationship almost went downhill. This could be the cause of the outrageous breakdowns that your partner witnessed.

Relationships that have weak and shaky foundations will not remain much longer; they will soon collapse.

Reversed Tower Tarot Card Meaning

A constructed tower that has weak foundations will fall and must fall.

When The Tower tarot card is in a reversed position, it foretells the abrupt recognition of a bothersome matter. 

This reversed tarot card tells you about a crisis that will be arriving soon. There will be a revelation of shocking truths or fallouts.

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Once you have experienced what The Tower tarot card has to offer: do not long to seek it. Instead of rebuilding it, search for something more significant and be sure that it has a strong foundation.

The Tower (Reversed) in  Health

Take care of yourself; take your health seriously. This reversed tarot card tells you that you are a snob to signs because of severe illness and diseases.

Get yourself a consultation with a doctor so that you may find out what's up with your body. Whether you are ill or healthy: accept the outcomes and favor yourself more by living a healthier lifestyle.

The Tower (Reversed) in Career

In your job and career, this reversed tarot card signifies that you are at risk, but you are doing a great job managing your difficult situation.

The Tower (Reversed) in Money

The Tower in a reversed position tells and reminds you to stop escaping what has come and what has to come. This reversed tarot card reminds you of the ruins that you are trying to escape.

Whatever hurdle you are trying to escape, face it. It is not that bad, for it will lead you in new and extraordinary directions. 

You need to make decisions regarding your money and wealth- think about it well, and the outcome will bring you joy.

The Tower (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

In terms of love, this reversed tarot card tells you that whatever you are still holding on to, is over now. You need to take it; you need to stop delaying what has to come.

The Tower is a sign that your relationships are about to end. This resulted from you and your partner’s lack of willingness to change.

Having different needs and interests is normal. But you shouldn’t let this be a hindrance to your relationship.

The Tower as Advice

The Tower wants you to BREAK FREE. You heard it right; you’ll break everything in order to start again.

Listen to your intuition, is your relationship not working out? This is the time to break free from what seems to be a happy relationship.

Once upon a time, you enjoyed your work. But now, you feel like you’ve been stagnant since you had your office.

The Tower wants you to shatter every single thing that’s stressing you. But, it’s okay to let go of things that no longer serve you.

The Tower Reversed Advice

The Tower, in reverse, encourages you to stay put. But the more you remain in your unstable state, the more you’ll be in despair.

You’ve been trying to hold things for a long time. You feel like it’s your primary responsibility to stay in situations and people.

But, are you happy? Maybe you’re just convincing yourself that you’re content, even if you’re not.

The Tower as a Person

The Tower is someone who has a perplexing characteristic. You view yourself as someone who has multiple personalities.

You’re open to different perspectives, no matter how complicated they may be. You’re always longing for new ideas that can satisfy your soul.

When it’s easy for you to give in, it’s also easier for you to let go. You believe that something will find its way to you.

The Tower Reversed as a Person

You believe that all things in your life have sentimental value. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to let go of them.

The Tower, in reverse, as a person is someone who is afraid to change. The fact that people and situations will change scares you even more.

The Tower Present

The Tower in its present position will bring you abundant changes. But, prepare yourself for confrontations regarding your relationships.

This will be the first time you’ll try to use your powers. You have strengths, dear; it’s your ability to ruin everything and rebuild it again.

You’re currently practicing how to let go of things. This isn’t an easy step for a sentimental person like you, but you’re showing progress.

The Tower Past

The Tower in the past shows how the world used to be cruel to you. Perhaps you've been surviving in the waves of anxiety and confusion.

In the past, you thought that everything would not truly work out. Since you didn't do anything to shake it, you remained still and silent.

The Tower Future

You’re gonna shake hands with more towers in the future. But at that time, you won’t hesitate to shatter them anymore.

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Finally, you mastered the art of letting go to move forward. You’re confident that things will come and go, but you won’t lose yourself.

You’re still trying to shatter some towers in situations and people. You’re letting yourself fall into balance and moderation.

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The Tower as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like they can slay dragons when they’re with you. They inherited a sense of motivation to continue doing the things they love.

This person feels convinced that life has many opportunities. They’re willing to try each option because you taught them to.

Perhaps you gave this person a flicker of hope. You made them feel that it’s okay to go back to square one.

They bring the line, “little progress is still progress” every day. You continue to motivate them that their goals will soon appear.

The Tower Outcome

The outcome of the Tower may show that something frustrating will occur. This has something to do with your relationships.

Perhaps a secret will reveal itself to you, and it’s going to sting. A friend or a lover may be lying to you all this time.

Your partner may be seeing someone else while you’re still together. Or your friend kept their negative feelings toward you hidden.

This will result in your first major breakdown. It will cost everyone close to you to put their distance away for a while.

The Tower Pregnancy and Fertility

The Tower is a negative sign for pregnancy. It’s possible that your pregnancy is unplanned.

Due to frustration, you would shatter objects you can find in the house. You believe this is the only way to release your stress.

This pregnancy is making your mental health worse. You’ll decide, and it will benefit your well-being instead of relying on others’ choices.

The Tower Energy

The intense energy of the Tower shouts revelation. You have the capability to banish everything to the ground.

You're the architect and artist of your world. You can build and destroy things as you please.

This energy provides you with the innovation to rebuild things. You let go of situations and people that are not relevant to you.

The Tower as Actions

You're not the type of person to wait for things to bleed. Instead, you prefer shattering things effortlessly.

The Tower as an action determines your strength to continue breaking things. This means you're used to breaking ties with toxic and stagnant cycles.

You'll accomplish it when you say that you'll do it NOW. You're not going to waste your time waiting for things to have their miracles.

The Tower as Intentions

Your intention as the Tower is simple: to continue crashing your body from negativity. A Tower doesn’t appear in front of you anymore because you’re the Tower.

Every day is about smashing the destructive cycles for you. You’ll not hesitate to break it all down when things feel like falling apart.

The Tower as How Someone Sees You

Someone admires your constant devotion to breaking old habits and vices. You serve as their inspiration in changing themselves for the better.

This person views you as someone who easily breaks down your walls. But you don’t do this for other people; you often do this for yourself

There are times when they want to approach you to ask for advice. They’re desperate to change something for themselves.

The Tower Time Frame

Because of your strong desire to shatter things, the timing can be quick. The minimum will be two weeks, while the maximum will last up to three months.

The specific duration will start on March 21 and will end on April 19. But keep in mind that the time frame is always likely to be fast.

This is because the Tower represents revelation and change. You’re going to change something for yourself, and you’ll accomplish it quickly.

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The Tower as a Woman

The Tower as a woman can present a political issue. This is when the woman is shown that she's trapped inside the Tower.

The issue falls on the interpretation that this symbolizes women's oppression. The Tower serves as a prison for a woman to hide her true dreams.

You're experiencing this conflict. If you have the Tower, then you're indecisive in destroying things.

The Tower as a Man

The Tower as a man, is someone who likes destroying things. You may have an immense temper that can also affect everyone’s mood.

There are instances when you improve by breaking your walls. You believe that this is the only way to become successful.

It took you a long time to build the walls around you. But you’ll not hesitate to break it if it’s suffocating you.

You’re someone who is open to new perspectives and hobbies. You showcase your masculine side for promotion or university admissions.

You can be unfortunate when it comes to relationships due to toxic patterns.

The Tower Communication

The Tower is both a positive and negative card for communication. This is specifically applied in relationships.

Do you feel like the air is odd between you and your person? Maybe it’s because you’re moving forward to another step of change.

This change can depend on the current energy. If it’s negative, then a sudden breakup may occur.

The Tower Reconciliation

The Tower shows a vital sign that reconciliation will take place. Everybody deserves a second chance, and so does your relationship.

You both feel like there are still issues that haven’t been solved. You’re willing to meet this past person face-to-face for clarity.

 The Tower Physical Appearance

The appearance of the Tower is diverse. It doesn’t follow a pattern or rule from the Tarot deck.

If you have the Tower, you present yourself according to your interests and personality. This can be a combination of peculiar styles and colors.

The way you present yourself is how you want others to perceive you. For example, perhaps you give a muscular appearance to show you’re capable of smashing everything.

The Tower Reversed Outcome

The possible outcome of the Tower is your lack of progress. Come on; we thought you’re better than just accepting what’s in front of you!

Perhaps you chose to let go of shattering your Tower. You believe that rebuilding your Tower will only be a waste of time.

The Tower Reversed Pregnancy

The Tower in pregnancy can be your blueprint to change. If you’re pregnant, take this as an opportunity to smash your walls.

You’re capable of turning things the other way around. Pregnancy will lead you to self reincarnation or new birth to life.

Perhaps you’ll feel like you’re a whole new person. Because of this, you’re willing to change yourself for the better.

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The Tower Friendships

This card is on the lookout for your friendships. A shocking revelation will appear from the veil regarding your connection.

The Tower can be a positive or negative sign for friendships. You need to be more cautious or vigilant in choosing your friends.

While you have the right to choose your friends, be sure they’re true. Or else, it will give you heartbreak if you find out they’re not good.

The High Priestess and the Tower

Things may start to go the way you don't expect them to. And you feel like you're about to witness a fallout situation.

So you're trying to remain calm and not immediately give up because you don't want to stay in a stagnant and devastating state.

You're someone who is willing to follow what your gut says. But it seems like you aren't in the right headspace to focus right now.

The High Priestess and the Tower are excellent tarot combinations. There are days when you feel like your intuition is wrong.

But in reality, it should always be right, whatever the circumstances. Maybe you're just trying to think of a worst-case scenario.

The Tower and Page of Cups

Now is the time to start exploring more about life. You're made to experience and learn new ideas that will help you grow.

Perhaps you're currently making your way toward a new path. But you feel hesitant because things may not go in your way.

You feel like you can step back or walk away anytime because anxiousness and negative thoughts would linger in your mind.

The Page of Cups and the Tower is an important tarot combination. They're a sign that your creative ideas can also experience challenges.

You can't experience a life where success continues to be linear. It's impossible to make your way toward a life without hardships.

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The Tower and Ace of Swords

It's okay to feel overwhelmed over a series of responsibilities. Sometimes, you aren't in control of the situation, and it's completely normal.

But this shouldn't be the reason for you to give up. This shouldn't be the last straw and the end point of everything.

Because you can put yourself back up in order to try again, there's no harm in wanting to take another risk to achieve your dreams.

The Ace of Swords and the Tower are good card combinations. They're a reminder that you can put clarity back into its place.

The Tower and Knight of Wands

You recently experienced a sudden disaster in your life. This made you almost lose the motivation to continue aiming for your dreams.

So you're currently trying to pick up where you last left off. You're trying to take your power back and focus on yourself.

Because you'll not get better if you don't do anything, so even when the situation's difficult, you're trying to remain stable.

The Knight of Wands and the Tower are a powerful card combination. They're a sign that you need to stay resilient at all times.

Because the world will not magically take away your pain, it's you who needs to adjust in order to make way for healing.

The Tower and Page of Pentacles

You have a strong desire to succeed because of your potential. It's time to use your potential for positive means toward success.

You're entering into a new phase in your life that requires determination. You're excited by the new ideas you'll encounter along the way.

But you're also expecting that hardships will enter your life. They won't go easy on you, and you must prepare yourself.

The Page of Pentacles and the Tower is a good tarot combination. They're a sign that you can conquer any Tower moments in life.

Perhaps you have already experienced a sudden breakdown in this journey. It made you question if your ideas and skills are valuable.

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The Tower and Queen of Pentacles

You're someone who is willing to be a good provider. You're eager to extend your empathy toward others who are struggling.

For some, they see you as someone who has a motherly figure. You never fail to look after people and ask about their day.

But there are instances when your social energy can drain. You don't need to show that you're immune to exhaustion or pain.

The Queen of Pentacles and the Tower is a good tarot combination. They're a sign that you're allowed to have breakdowns in your life.

The Tower and Two Cups

There are instances when you need to have fights with your partner because that's a specific thing to experience in a relationship.

So there may be times when you feel like it's not working. But it's only when you and your partner aren't on the same page.

Engaging in open and honest conversations is a necessity because communication continues to be the key to strengthening a bond.

The Two of Cups and the Tower are a powerful card combination. They're a sign that it's okay if the relationship isn't always happy.

It's normal to feel pain or disappointment toward your partner because you'll inevitably unintentionally hurt each other in the process.

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