The Universal Law of Reflection: Ever Heard Of This? -

The Universal Law of Reflection: Ever Heard Of This?

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People often reflect on themselves from time to time. They reflect on many things—their life, choices, decisions, and even their personality. Reflecting on oneself is necessary, especially when you want to change something in you. It is also a great way to realize things that are better off out of your life.

In spiritual terms, there is something we call the Universal Law of Reflection. Some of you might have heard about it; some haven’t. Either way, we will discuss more the Universal Law of Reflection in this article. By the end of this reading, you will know how important it is to reflect on things in your life, may they be bad or good.

What is reflection?

A reflection is an act of mirroring yourself and realize what traits and personalities you have. In the dictionary, it is also the state of reflection. Reflecting is also an activity for most people to see who they are in other people’s eyes.

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What is the Law of Reflection?

The Universal Law of Reflection deals with a simple idea. When you take a look at yourself in the mirror, you begin to wonder about certain things. You may realize that you have gained weight, got pale, or you might also notice the changes you’ve had in the past months. The Universal Law of Reflection works the same way; it lets you realize things you don’t seem to notice.

Let’s put it this way. You stare at a mirror, and everything that you see is yourself. The Universal Law of Reflection deals with everything you see in your mirror reflection, which is your inner self. Among all the universal laws, the Law of Reflection is the hardest to comprehend and understand.

Not many people get the real deal of what the Universal Law of Reflection is all about. The reason for this is because humans tend to accept what’s on the outside more than what’s on the inside. People also like to think that the people who surround us make us happy and unhappy in this life. The truth is, it’s only ourselves who makes us either because we hold that choice.

It is in our hands as humans to choose which one to do or not. If we choose to be happy, it will be hard for us to feel angry or unhappy. If we choose the other way around, it’s challenging to reach a point of happiness. The only thing that makes you feel miserable in this life is not who surrounds you, but who’s within you.

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What does the Universal Law of Reflection say?

According to the Universal Law of Reflection, one cannot blame anyone around them for their current life situation. If you are poor, you should not blame anyone for why you are lacking. You cannot say a person frustrates you if you are not frustrated beforehand with yourself. It is not them who makes you angry, but it’s your inner self who does so.

If you feel irritable or angry at a person, it’s because you carry that feeling inside you all the time. It may be because you are trying to change or get out of the situation you are in. You may also feel angry because you want to control or manipulate a person, but it’s not working. There could be tons of reasons, and whatever it might be, you don’t accept it.

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Understanding the Universal Law of Reflection

Like any universal law, one can understand the Universal Law of Reflection. The only way to work with this law is not to blame other people or situations. You need to understand that sometimes the mirror you are looking at does not direct a reflection within you. It could be a reflection of the opposite thing.

If your personality is kind and caring, you might attract people who always take advantage of kindness. With that, it’s not their fault; they always take advantage of you. Maybe you are overly too kind to them, and you allow them to treat you that way. There is also a reason you can attract these kinds of people, and it could be for you to discover where your kindness can lead you.

When you work under the Universal Law of Reflection, you will realize that kindness does not always work. It does not equate to innocence as well. Sometimes, being too kind places us in dangerous circumstances. Keep in mind that we live in a cruel world where people hurt even the kindest people. If you’re too kind, sometimes you forget to value and love yourself because you care for other people more.

Another example is when you see beggars on the street asking for money. Some people get annoyed with beggars when they see one or come across them. If you are one of those people, then you should start reflecting on yourself. Maybe there is something in your life where you are begging for something, and seeing a beggar gets you mad.

The best way to work under the Universal Law of Reflection is to realize everything you go through has a reason. Whatever circumstance you are in, whoever you are dealing with, you have a chance to learn a lesson. You need to accept the lesson and apply it in your life. Changes may be necessary, but remember you need to do it to be a better person.

Reflections come either good or bad. If you reflect something good in yourself, think of ways on how to be better at it. However, if it’s a bad thing, you need to look at different angles on how you can change. It would help if you found a balance within yourself and find peace.

With that, the next time you feel annoyed or mad at someone else or a situation, think about it. What part of that person is reflecting on me? What aspect of this situation or circumstance can I get a lesson from? Ask these questions to yourself and dig deep within you for answers.

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How does the Universal Law of Reflection manifest in our life?

There are tons of ways that the Universal Law of Reflection can manifest in one life. Under the Universal Law of Reflection, you can recognize your traits and personality in responding to them. It can be either negative or positive, and you must acknowledge whatever it is. The Universal Law of Reflection has four manifestations, which are:

What you admire in others is what you think exists in your inner self.

If you like someone because they are fun and cheerful, it is possible that you like them because you find yourself similar to them. With that, you consider yourself as a fun and cheerful person too. Whatever you like in other people, you also think you have those traits in you, whatever they are.

What you don’t like or resist in others is discoverable in yourself.

Let’s say you know someone who shows off an attitude you don’t like towards other people. You don’t like them for it, but it could also be possible you have the same attitude in you. You might not have realized it now, and it is something you should reflect on.

You get scared of what you don’t like or resist in others, realizing it exists in you too.

On the opposite side, it could also be possible that your dislike of others exists within you. However, the case is you get scared to admit it. There are things within us that we struggle to admit to ourselves, and it’s something we should reflect deeply. Acceptance is essential for people to change. Without it, changing is useless.

You resist yourself. That’s why you dislike other people.

You think of yourself too low; that’s why you would rather dislike others to feel better. Thus, reflecting on yourself is the best thing to do. You should always be ready to accept your flaws and change for the better.

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