The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The Wheel of Fortune is a Major Arcana card that represents all other aspects displayed by other cards in a tarot deck. This card is strongly connected with astrology, alchemy, and Greek mythology. 

The Wheel of Fortune is a bringer of surprises. It will bring growth and progress into your life. This card talks about finding purpose and embracing your destiny.

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Wheel of Fortune Upright Keywords

  • Cycle of life
  • Luck
  • Destiny
  • Crossroads
  • Breakthrough
  • Transformation
  • Karma
  • Good fortune
  • Random coincidence
  • Opportunities

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Keywords

  • Bad omen
  • Misfortune
  • Old habits
  • End of a chapter
  • Negligence
  • Opposition
  • Postponement
  • Disruption
  • Hindrances

Wheel of Fortune Meaning and Description

As mentioned, the Wheel of Fortune is associated with astrology, alchemy, and Greek mythology. 

Seen on the four corners of the card is an angel, an Eagle, an Ox, and a Lion. These four creatures are linked with the four astrological signs Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. You can also see that each animal is holding a book, which is the Torah Hebrew’s Bible that educates awareness and wisdom. The wings on the four animals symbolize balance, stability, and resilience. 

At the center of the card is a wheel with 4-8 spokes inside it. English letters are inscribed alternately with Hebrew letters. We can see the letter T-O-R-A when translated in Latin meaning Law, and Greek letters when translated means God. Alchemical symbols are also engraved on the wheel’s spokes that signify earth, water, fire, and air. 

A devil with a dog’s head can be seen ascending on the lower right of the wheel, is the God Anubis. He is the God of the afterlife which signifies in this card the journey of our soul to the spiritual realm. There is also a snake on the left side of the card, this animal is considered to be the deadliest fauna in Greek mythology. This animal also symbolizes our existence in the physical world. 

There is also an Egyptian sphynx that rests on top of the wheel. This signifies guidance, wisdom, strength, and knowledge.

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Upright Wheel of Fortune General Meaning

The upright Wheel of Fortune signifies that your life is constantly evolving and changing. It tells you that life has its ups and downs and most of the things happening in the physical world are temporary. Your problems, personal struggles, and hardships will all come to pass. The upright Wheel of Fortune tells you to keep your faith and never give up. 

This card brings you good news that a breakthrough is coming to your life. The Wheel of Fortune has somewhat the same concept as the Death Tarot card, it tells you that the end of something is the start of something new. A new chapter in your life is commencing. This card tells you to not get too attached to material things. Stay humble and do not let your material accomplishments go way beyond your head. 

The upright Wheel of Fortune tells you to make the most of everything that is happening in your life. Always aspire to see the good in things, and utilized the lessons brought upon by your problems. These are the things that make you stronger, wiser and give you the wisdom no money can buy.

The upright Wheel of Fortune works on the principle of karma, that every action has its corresponding consequences. The card signifies the cycle of a cause-and-effect relationship. Thus, if you want to be treated with respect, you must do the same to the people around you. 

This card is optimistic, it promotes positivity, thus it has the power to attract promising opportunities into your life. In return, you also need to feed your mind with healthy thoughts. The way you think is the same with eating, fill it with unhealthy and negative thinking patterns that can cause a serious threat to your health.

The upright Wheel of Fortune advises you to visualize and affirm the things that you want to happen in your life. You have the power to manifest the life that is aligned with your destiny. The Universe can sense the energy you emit, the higher energy frequency attracts more positivity, abundance, happiness. By doing so you will notice that good things flow in your life with ease. 

Wheel of Fortune (Upright) in Spirituality

The upright Wheel of Fortune concerning spirituality tells you to develop your spiritual connection with your spirit. It tells you to allow it to guide you in your spiritual path. 

Be open to new learnings, it is time to grow and enrich your life with lessons you gained throughout your spiritual experience. It also tells you to align your soul to your true purpose. If you take heed of this card’s advice about your spirituality, you will find that anything you set in your heart and mind would manifest into reality. 

Wheel of Fortune (Upright) in Health

Being the card that represents constant change, this card tells you that you need to make adjustments or changes in your healthy lifestyle to avoid health-related issues. If you have a current illness, you need to start making changes as soon as possible before it is too late. Heed your doctor’s advice eat healthily and nourish your body with nutritious food. 

Sometimes being sick or having a disease is God’s way to slow you down. It signifies that you are overloading yourself with work, pressure, and stress. Thus, this card tells you to look out for yourself and do not neglect your body’s needs.

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Wheel of Fortune (Upright) in Career and Finances

The Wheel of Fortune in the career aspect is a positive sign. This card has the same message as the Fool Tarot card, it brings promising opportunities and signifies that significant changes are transpiring. If you are working your ass off for a job position, this card signifies promotion and bigger compensation. 

If you have plans of leaving your current employment to go after your dream job and are waiting for a sign. The universe is sending you a signal that now would be the best time to do so. Embrace the massive shift in the career area of your life. These opportunities will lead you to infinite potential and a brighter future is ahead of you. 

The upright form of this card tells you to be in harmony with the changes happening in your life. Enjoy your journey and face each challenge with determination and you will succeed.

Financially, this card tells you to be wise in spending your money. Keep in mind that things can suddenly change and you should set aside something for emergency purposes. Reward yourself by paying yourself first and your future self will thank you. Keep in mind that small steps come big in the long run. If you feel financially stuck, this card signifies changes and financial abundance.

Wheel of Fortune (Upright) in Love and Relationships

If you are in a long-term relationship, the upright form of this card signifies changes. It is time to step up and make some improvements in your relationship. Plans of marriage, and having kids, or moving in together.

However, not all change is good. Suppose you feel stuck in a relationship and you feel unhappy and miserable. Maybe it is time to reconsider your choices, you have the option to leave or stay. If you have decided to go separate ways, maybe this separation is your needed break to find and recollect the missing pieces of yourself.

Suppose you want to save your relationship from the brinks of crumbling to pieces. This card tells you to make changes to improve your relationship. Work together as a couple. Maybe there is something you need to change or improve about yourself. You need to look introspectively, perhaps your constant fights and arguments only reflect the things you do not like about yourself and project it to the people you hate.

If you are single, this card tells you that it is the best time to look for love. Meet someone new and start finding the destined person to spend with the rest of your life. 

Reversed Wheel of Fortune General Meaning

You are at the heights of your career or a phase in your life, and just when you gained momentum and everything is doing fine, then an unforeseen problem came. Things abruptly shifted making things going downhill and on the brink of collapsing. The reversed Wheel of Fortune portrays feelings of vulnerability as a response to these things happening around you. 

When this happens, this card tells you that situations have gotten out of hand and you must do something to find a way through the chaos. Much like the Five of Wands, this card signifies that you are constantly faced with constant opposition. It also tells you that you may face hindrances and problems along the way, that you are at a difficult moment of your life making it hard for you to cope up with the rapid change. 

The Wheel of Fortune reversed indicates difficult times ahead. It advises you to learn from your mistakes, these are challenges that will give you a lesson that will be beneficial for you in the future. Widen your mind and heed the true meaning of these inconveniences. You may not notice it, but it already points you to a much better future.

 Like a wheel, life keeps turning. One minute you are on the top, the next you are on rock bottom. Being at your lowest does not mean the end of the world, be optimistic. After hardships comes a breakthrough for a new chapter of your life full of possibilities.

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Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) in Spirituality

Concerning spirituality, the reversed form of this card signifies that you feel stagnant. Despite all your efforts, you are constantly faced with roadblocks making you feel distant from your true path. This card indicates that you are facing hardships and trials. There are instances where you feel your faith is being tested. 

You encounter a very challenging situation, and it is at these moments that we must be hopeful of God’s grace and seek his help and guidance. Prayer is the most powerful weapon for all the battles we face. Your problems too shall pass, you just must trust the timing of God. 

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) in Health

The reversed Wheel of Fortune in reversed tells you to take care of your health. This card tells you that despite facing challenges and problems, there is no need to shoulder everything on your shoulder. Be optimistic despite challenges, your struggles are temporary so do not stress too much.

The best way to control stress is to control the way you react to certain situations. This card tells you to choose your battles wisely. There is no need to invest emotions and waste time in trivial matters.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) in Career and Finances

The reversed Wheel of Fortune concerning your career signifies you feel trapped in your current job. There is no free time and lacks progress and growth and you are stuck in a monotonous cycle. However, these circumstances are brought upon by your decisions and a result of your choices.

The presence of a reversed Wheel of Fortune presents you with questions if you are happy and content with your current job. It also asks you if you have taken advantage of the opportunities presented to you, or did you shy away from these possibilities.

Financially, this card tells you to avoid taking risks while this card is around. It also tells you to put your money where it is secured. This card also highlights your negligence to set aside a part of your income as your emergency fund. Thus, it is best that you came up with a budget plan and make your money work for you, and not the other way around.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

If in a relationship the reversed form of this card signifies that your relationship starts to feel bland, boring, and monotonous. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have reached a dead end. Keep in mind that it is normal to experience ups and downs in a relationship.

Being in a long-term relationship can soon get to a point where everything turned to routine. In the first stages of the relationship, there is the love high until such time you both fall into a routine. You must work together to fix your current situation, spend time together, and spice things up. 

If you are single, this card signifies that you feel unlucky in your current love situation. Your responsibilities demand too much of your time and leave you no time for love.

The Wheel of Fortune Advice

The Wheel of Fortune is an immense card representing change. Whether you like it or not, you have to change something in yourself.

Let go of things you can’t control. But keep your feet on the ground for the things under your control.

You’re a human being; you’re different from other species because of your ability to rationalize. So change the things that you think will not be better for your growth.

Let go of people who are no longer relevant in your life is okay. You’ll only continue to ride the wheel by putting up with their toxic behavior.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Advice

The Wheel of Fortune, in reverse, shows that you’re going in circles. You’re desperate to seek change, and yet you choose to engage in your cycle. 

You may be having a difficult time abolishing unhealthy patterns. Your continuous ride in the wheel shows that you’re having negative thoughts.

You feel like you can’t change all the circumstances. You’re being hopeless because life continues to show its superiority over you.

Whenever you try to change something, you feel stuck in a loophole. You experience countless rejections that make you lose optimism.

You believe there’s no way out, and you’re stuck forever.

The Wheel of Fortune as a Person

Your mother didn’t raise a quitter, so you continue to stand until now. The Wheel of Fortune gives you the motivation to continue trying.

You intertwined yourself with the Wheel for years. You adapted cycles that brought you to change.

A challenging situation that requires you to give up isn’t new to you. You already know what to do when things start to crumble again.

The constant spin of the Wheel made you the person you are today. You learn a lot of lessons as you continue your journey to success.

The Wheel made you wiser, stronger, and more benevolent.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed as a Person

You’re doing it again; you’re still going in circles. Aren’t you tired of going through the same cycle of suffering?

You’re someone who thinks you’re completely stuck. The endless cycle of misfortune has already become a part of you.

The change continues to approach you, but you push it away. You believe that what you are now is the only version.

You refuse to seek improvement and guidance from others. You feel like you’ll only cause inconvenience to them.

The Wheel of Fortune shows that you’re afraid of failing in front of people. You isolate yourself instead of helping yourself.

The Wheel of Fortune Present

The universe notices that you’re holding on to a thread. This thread represents hope that change will occur.

You may have had a massive fallout in the past. You continue to experience good and bad days along the way.

The fallout you experienced in the past is what you’re currently rebuilding. You’re trying to pick up the pieces and make them whole again.

The present is a time for you to grasp change. While you’re fixing things, allow yourself to change for the better.

There will be another set of obstacles. However, trust that good thing are on their way.

The Wheel of Fortune Past

The past made you feel like you’re unworthy of improvement because that became your mindset due to countless hardships.

You thought that the world was full of misfortunes. You used to envy people who were living their best and most luxurious lives.

Your negative thoughts became a part of you. The Wheel of Fortune shows that you used to be stuck in circles.

You felt discouraged when a company didn’t hire you. The admission results paved the way for you to isolate yourself from everyone.

The past showed you a dull and dreary life version. But these experiences made you resilient.

The Wheel of Fortune Future

The future will encourage you to continue being open to change. Whether it is positive or negative, you’ll keep going.

You made an abundance of victories in the past. This makes you feel like you’re capable of achieving anything despite the challenges.

You thought back then that there was never a solution. But you’re the one who found the answer to end your battles.

You’re ready to move forward to the next journey. You’re aware that you’ll face hardships again, but these will only make you wiser.

All the experiences heading your way will be necessary for your successful self-growth.

The Wheel of Fortune as How Someone Feels About You

This person is in astonishment every time you change something about yourself. They feel like you can quickly abandon unhealthy situations.

You’re someone they want to be friends with. But they can also sense if there are times you don’t initiate in approaching them.

They feel a sign of relief when they hear about your experiences. They got motivation from you to break toxic patterns.

They also feel like they can be their authentic self when they’re with you. They don’t bring the urge to form a facade to impress you.

You taught them how to be patient and kind. 

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The Wheel of Fortune Outcome

The Wheel of Fortune became the sign for you to move forward. You’re ready to let go of the old cycles you’ve been carrying in the past.

You realize that progress will not happen if you refuse to change. You’ll continue to be in a loophole that will only consume your thoughts.

You’re preparing yourself for the possible challenges that will occur. But this isn’t new to you anymore; you know what you have to do.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages you to take the leap of faith. You’ll have to adjust to situations that are still unfamiliar to you.

The Wheel of Fortune Pregnancy and Fertility

The Wheel of Fortune is not a specific sign of pregnancy. However, it reminds you to keep the faith in yourself.

This card can be a sign that you need to break-up with your toxic traits. They’re not relevant for your child’s overall life aspects.

You need to come up with a decision on how you’ll deal with this. You must get out of your unhealthy cycle and start adjusting.

You’re going to be a mother now. It’s time to start educating yourself and practicing to be better. You don’t want your child to experience the same thing you did.

The Wheel of Fortune Energy

The Wheel of Fortune energy has something to do with being yourself. It enhances you to show off that you're capable of change.

This is an energy that pushes or pulls you back. A strong indication that you're in control or not in control of things.

When the energy pushes you, it's a positive impact. It wants you to stop resisting yourself to change and take action.

When the energy pulls you back, it's a negative impact. You're the one who is only holding back, you're the negative energy.

The energy that inflicts change allows us to welcome new opportunities.

The Wheel of Fortune as Actions

Niall Horan once sang, “We took a chance; God knows we tried.”

The Wheel of Fortune card as action reminds us to act on what we want. It doesn’t matter if the outcome isn’t successful; what matters is you try.

Instead of relying on your visions or writings, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Go outside and ride a bike or climb a mountain.

If you don’t want to be stuck in cycles, you need to take action. Your dreams will remain dreams if you don’t make them real.

When you attempt to take an action, be sure you’re also willing to change.

The Wheel of Fortune as Intentions

The Wheel of Fortune aims to succeed by continuously changing. Therefore, you continue to change in order to break your toxic characteristics.

It’s all about improving and influencing others to do the same. You may be someone who wants to guide people on their dream path.

You can be a counselor who loves to advise people. You suggest steps on how to break karma.

You’re someone who wants to see people be the better version of themselves. You want them to let go of a situation as you did.

You aim to change for yourself instead of changing for others.

The Wheel of Fortune as How Someone Sees You

This person feels like you have your life wrapped around your finger. They think that you have everything under control.

They enormously admire you for always being resilient. You’re their motivation to continue striving for their goals.

They want to be friends with you but are shy to approach you. You can sometimes be intimidating or a “snob,” even if you’re not.

This person wants to see you succeed. They want to be at your graduation ceremony or promotion celebration.

You showed them to break karma in life cycles. As a result, they want to be there for your journey.

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The Wheel of Fortune Time Frame

The Wheel of Fortune time frame can be short or long-term. It can happen immediately, and it can last up to a month.

But the card has a potent symbol of the number 10. This can be ten weeks, months, years, and possibly decades.

The number 10 on the card is a representation of new beginnings. You’ll have to start all over again in order to change.

The period can start on November 23 and up to December 21. This time frame will focus on a significant change in your life.

You’re going to be the best version of yourself.

The Wheel of Fortune as a Woman

The Wheel of Fortune as a woman can be seen in the Fates. This comprises three women who are capable of knowing important events for a human.

A woman who is like the Fates can be someone who got everything under control. You can manage their plans that will be convenient with their schedule.

You’re aware that you encountered countless hardships in the past. But this only made you happier, stronger, and wiser in standing up for yourself.

You don’t want to depend on people often, especially on a man. You believe you can handle things perfectly on your own.

The Wheel of Fortune as a Man

The Wheel of Fortune as a man is someone who prioritizes ambition. You’re someone who continues to hustle despite countless rejections.

Perhaps you have your own business or law firm. You like to put everything under control and assist people with their needs.

During your free time, you focus on writing down your thoughts. Your journal is an advantage to knowing what points you should improve.

You may also stick to a specific schedule in order to be productive. Like the Wheel, you run in cycles while following a positive plan.

You constantly create long-term goals for your future victories.

The Wheel of Fortune Communication

The Wheel of Fortune is an advantage for communication. It will unveil the good and bad times people will often face.

You may be someone who likes to engage in deep conversations. As a result, you express your thoughts when it comes to topics about life in general.

Perhaps you have a philosophical way of thinking to understand life. You like to talk about life with people with the same interests as you.

When it comes to personal advice, sugarcoating isn’t part of your list.

Instead, you tell people the ugly truth about life and how they can overcome it.

The Wheel of Fortune Reconciliation

The Wheel of Fortune can be a sign of reconciliation. However, it depends on the situation and the interpretation of change.

The change that leads to reconciliation is possible. You’ll reconcile with your past if you are willing to change for the better.

You understand that major adjustments will take place. But you’re willing to adjust if it means returning the intimacy.

On the other hand, change can mean that reconciliation will not happen. So you need to go on with your life to focus on yourselves.

People will leave so that you can be the best version of yourself.

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The Wheel of Fortune Physical Appearance

The physical appearance is inconsistent. Maybe you're someone who likes to change your fashion style several times.

Your career can be a fashion designer, influencer, or model. You change your fashion style every day in order to experiment with new developing trends.

Changing your clothing style depends on your personality. You're someone who likes to change because it brings out the best in you.

There are days when your clothes are all sunshine and daisies. In contrast, there are days when you go on a black theme.

Your hair is also inconsistent. Sometimes it's long, short, curly, or changes color.

The Wheel of Fortune in a Love Reading

The relationship can be a slow-burn romance. Sometimes it shows progress, while there are times when it’s stagnant.

The Wheel of Fortune is immense energy for change. As a result, you’ll start to notice significant changes when it comes to your relationship.

You and your person may take it to the next level. Whether they’re still courting you or you’re waiting for them to ask for your hand.

This change is inevitable, but it’s beneficial for your growth. This is where you’ll realize that you need to be yourself.

They’re the right people when they can SEE the real you.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Love Reading

The Wheel of Fortune, in Reverse, is a negative sign. This could mean that your relationship has already become toxic.

You continue to adapt yourselves to the cycle. Both of you can notice the toxicity, but you don’t change yourselves for it.

Your relationship lacks communication and respect. Most days, you would argue about the smallest things and make up for it.

Your fights continue to occur, but you both know they’ll end soon. Instead of opening up to each other, you act as if nothing happened.

The Wheel of Misfortune will continue to spin if you don’t change now.

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The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Outcome

The outcome will result in you holding back. You’ll continue to hold on to things that are not good for you.

You’ll remain stuck in a cycle that discourages you from succeeding. But you thought you were already used to it, so you’ll go with the flow.

Your negative thoughts totally inflicted your mindset. You refuse to change because you choose to think negatively.

You’re afraid of committing yourself to transformation. The thought that the world is watching scares you.

You’ll reject the opportunities that are unfamiliar to you. You’ll stay inside your own space that continues to consume you.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Pregnancy

You believe that luck is not on your side. The pregnancy will lead you to feel an overwhelming sense of pressure.

The ways of motherhood stress you. You heard of the successful experiences of other mothers, but you’re afraid it won’t happen to you.

You feel like pregnancy can be a competition. The current demands of society when it comes to family pressure you.

You’re currently stuck in a cycle going nowhere. There’s not enough progress in planning your child’s future.

You’re not ready to leave your old life. So the idea of immediately changing yourself worries you even more.

The Wheel of Fortune Friendship

The Wheel is a great sign to know the progress of your friendship. It can continue to spin for good changes, while it can also remain stuck.

This is not a negative sign of friendship. Instead, it can show ways on how to improve or bolster your company.

This can relate to a low-maintenance friendship. Maybe you and your friend haven’t seen or talked to each other for years.

The Wheel can see if there’s progress or updates. You can talk several times a month or see each other once a year.

Your friendship will show your dedication and commitment.


The Wheel of Fortune is an optimistic card that brings hope and motivation into your life. Just like the Ten of Wands, this card tells you to keep fighting, never give up, and strengthen your faith. Let this card be your guide in times of despair and hopelessness, know that it will all come to pass. 

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