Stones for The Third Eye Chakra: To Keep Your Chakra Healthy -

Stones for The Third Eye Chakra: To Keep Your Chakra Healthy

You will be spending every fraction of a second of your time making, moving, and manifesting the best for yourself. Thus, keeping your third eye chakra healthy is critical. A balanced chakra assures your mental growth and development.

The chakras underneath your sixth all focus on your physical environment, society, and worldly nature. But the third eye chakra is your connection between you and your spiritual self. It is where you start to dive into your higher consciousness and take measures into holistic living.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Stones for The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the starting point where innovations, creativity, and mental pressure begin and release. Your third eye chakra is your creative hub, capturing insights that circulate through your great cosmic consciousness. It is the location where manifestation starts and carrying stimulating and innovative ideas to you.

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You might feel inspired and think of creative things as the positive light that reaches the third eye chakra. When this force escapes your mind, it propels you forward, ensuring that you take the necessary steps into accomplishment. When you start to notice that your third eye chakra is out of balance, worries and restricting values will rule your life. 

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You cannot tell the difference between the guided thoughts by spiritual enlightenment and those driven by terror and delusion. Your views would appear to be true but when your third eye starts to shut down, it isn't easy seeing the broader perspective and reach through your metaphysical and psychic skills. 

In reality, something beyond your five senses is likely to make you shut your mind and deny it. Here are the following reasons that you might experience.

  • You won't even be able to have seen a solution out of the problems you're having.
  • You struggle to achieve direction in your life’s decisions. 
  • You have a hard time making a goal for your life's purpose because you feel that your existence requires significance.

You cannot see inside and manage your shadow self because your third eye is out of control. You fail to recognize the facts about yourself and are afraid of judgment by others. It makes you feel trapped and unable to progress in your life.

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5 Best Stones for The Third Eye Chakra

  • Amethyst

Since it enhances the third eye chakra and aids us in our enlightenment; thus, amethyst is also referred to as the stone of enlightenment. This stone for the third eye chakra emerges from the spirit and improves perception and psychic abilities. It is particularly beneficial throughout mindfulness because it relaxes the mind and enables you to access higher awareness states.

You develop new knowledge, understanding, and experiences with its help. You can also harness reasoning and spiritual wisdom for improved mental clarification and judgment. Dream retrieval, insomnia, and sleep, in particular, can all benefit from amethyst.

Amethyst increases your vibration and provides you with more excellent knowledge and understanding as it also encourages the development of positive hormones.

  •  Ametrine

Ametrine is a rare and beautiful combination of amethyst and citrine that promotes deep connection and personal strength. It enhances mental sharpness and provides spiritual wisdom to help you transcend your mental barriers.

You can further realize the significant factors of your problems in using this third eye chakra stone. Its mystical yet grounded force connects your intelligence to your spiritual enlightenment, allowing you to see beyond delusions and bring a greater perspective on your life.

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  •  Labradorite

Since it is a magical mineral that binds you to the spiritual world, when it comes to life, your psychic abilities go toward transformation. Labradorite is essential as it is the stone of enchantment. It strengthens all innate awareness stages, including psychic powers, harnessing, clairvoyance, prediction, past-life retrieval and transforms the aura into a defensive shield.

This stone for the third eye chakra combines wisdom and insight while soothing the mind and activating creativity. It bestows more excellent perception and a deeper understanding of underlying causes and helps you access your soul's meaning.

  •  Lepidolite

Lepidolite allows you to be conscious and still, which enables you to remain in the present time. It is among the most effective crystals for relieving stress, as it reduces the need to overanalyze, eliminates self-doubt, and improves your mood.

It is a stone that aids you in gaining access to greater awareness and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. It helps you see your difficulties as opportunities and shows your true identity.  You will start making better choices if you use lepidolite as it strengthens your clairvoyant abilities, clairsentience, and psychic abilities.

  • Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is also referred to as the stone of awakening and clarity because it is one of the most vital third eye chakra stones. Its energy helps you activate your cosmic consciousness by providing a balance of rationality and spiritual intuition. Similar to Chrysanthemum stone, this crystal aims to stimulate the mind and bind you to a higher level of consciousness.

It increases your consciousness on all aspects, instills a passion for information and exploration, and helps you find your true intent. It brings the spiritual and physical worlds together, increases your vibration, and helps you remember your dreams. It also benefits the eyes and brain, as well as helping to ease insomnia and migraines.


Any step you take starts with a thought. It might be as simple a task of picking up a pen off the floor or as complex as writing a comprehensive marketing strategy, but the inner vision comes first.

Not every principle that applies to you is a good one. Negativity, uncertainty, and temptation are all around you. You should block out such unpleasant thoughts and concentrate on the positive by keeping your third eye chakra healthy.

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