Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The three of cups is part of the minor arcana. It is the third card in the suit of cups which is also termed as the Chalices. This suit of the card is used in divination and sometimes for playing games.

This card is quite a friendly card for it depicts three people coming together. Their three cups, coming together for a toast. This card tells of a joyous occasion, a good time for socializing.

Behind the ladies are plants, wreaths, and flowers that symbolize growth and fruitfulness. Flowers also represent beauty and compassion. They could be celebrating growth, sprouting, and fruitfulness in their life and relationship. Wreaths are also long before associated with victory. Thus, this may mean victory is coming your way.

It’s interesting how one person is turning away from the viewer or to you. This may symbolize a stranger turned friend or someone who isn’t honest to you. This gathering is also seen less compared to the card with only two cups.

Three cups can symbolize being superficial. It can exhibit a lack of intimacy and secrecy, unlike what we usually have when it’s exclusively just for two. Nevertheless, it could also mean strong bonds with your relationships.

Three of Cups Upright Keywords

  • Celebration
  • Parties
  • Festivities
  • Socializing
  • Good conversations
  • Happiness
  • Collaborations
  • New ideas
  • Happy gatherings
  • Weddings, Engagements, Graduation, etc.
  • Happy times
  • Compassion
  • Fruitfulness
  • Growth

Three of Cups Reversed Keywords 

  • Gossip
  • Neglected social life
  • Cheating
  • Frustration
  • Independence
  • Alone time
  • Going overboard 
  • Overindulgence
  • Lack of friends
  • Broken engagements and events
  • Affairs
  • Solitude

Three of Cups General Meaning

The three individuals coming together represent sisterhood, brotherhood, or in general, a strong bond between the people around you. They seem to be celebrating happy times. Thus, something excellent and fruitful must have happened.

They share their feelings of compassion, beauty, and growth. They might have been friends for years, and so they have the chance to get together. On the other hand, they can also be new in strengthening their bond.

They might have met each other just recently and developed a connection with each other. These people may possess a common denominator. That’s usually how people meet each other, right? Anyway, they might feel comfortable with each other as they are all willingly raising their glass.

Three of Cups (Upright) Meaning

The three of cups card is a card for celebrations, reunions, gatherings, and events where you can get together. This card brings good news of victory. You can expect something good happening in your life, something worthy of celebrations, indeed.

It can also be a sign of a past someone entering your life again. You might find yourself coming together with the people you know (friends, acquaintances, families). This can also mean the start of something new, a new partnership or group of friends.

Overall, the three of cups in an upright position represent happiness. This card exudes positive feelings and emotions that also guide you to the right path. These positive things in your life help you grow and continually change for the better.

When this card appears, it urges you to gather with your friends. Make time to catch up and have an overall good time. This card symbolizes an enjoyable point in your life. It offers various opportunities to meet people and build great relationships.

Three of Cups is also a good sign for collaboration. You can plan or participate in a collaborative creative project. Being with a team that you like will inspire you greatly. This is also a great time to harness your creativity and strengthen relationships.

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Three of Cups (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Three of Cups is an essential card in a love reading. This may be the sign that you’ll be in a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

The right person will make their way towards you unexpectedly. They’ll change your perspectives about how you see love.

This person is willing to engage in a higher level of commitment. They’re eager to do anything to make you happy.

This card can also be in relation to your social groups. You’ll be able to introduce your loving partner to your family and friends.

If you are single, this card tells of a past figure that may re-enter your life romantically. This can be your “the one that got away” or maybe a past friend that was special. Both of you can ignite old flames and become close once more.

For friendships, the card tells you to be with a company that helps you grow rather than stagnate you. Be with a group that celebrates with you and cries with you, the ones you genuinely connect with.

Three of Cups (Upright) in Career and Finance

The Four of Wands which holds the same message as this card tells you of an upcoming celebration in your line of work. In the aspect of career, you may be expecting celebrations. There may be work-related celebrations coming your way. These events can help you improve a lot. Use these as platforms for growth.

These celebrations and steps can manifest in many ways. It could be a graduation or a step further in education. It can also be a step away from education, as college graduation. You will now shift into the non-student life and search for a job or be already in a position that you like.

If you are already working, this can symbolize a promotion on its way. If you have business in mind, this means that a significant percentage points to success. All the hard work you put into your job will be to fruition. 

They will finally acknowledge your hard work, integrity, and productivity. Hold your head up high and keep on doing a good job. Also, do not get air in your head and keep your feet on the ground. Humility is vital.

Three of cups in the aspect of your financial life symbolize success. A lot of money is coming your way, but there is a high chance of you spending it on all these celebrations—a gentle reminder not to overspend.

Three of Cups (Upright) in Health

If you have been struggling with health complications, this card brings good news. Three of cups represent getting back your vitality and good health. Three is a number that signifies completion. Thus, this challenging chapter in your life is coming to an end.

Since this card indicates a lot of celebrations, this may affect your health. Be careful not to overexert yourself. Do not submit to overindulgence and have fun responsibly. Fitness is as vital as the connection we build. Do not ruin one or both by acting extremely out of line.

Three of Cups (Upright) in Spirituality

Three of cups in the context of your spiritual life means having to collaborate with people o yourself. You might find yourself joining every part of you into complete harmony—your mind, body, and spirit, as one and effectively working together.

You may be able to interact with them on a spiritual level. Having these connections will propel you forward and teach you a lot of new things about spirituality. You guys will learn from each other. This card encourages you to keep these spiritual friends and continue learning from each other.

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Three of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

The three of cups in reverse tells of your tendency to prefer being alone. Opposite to the solid socializing aspect of the upright card, you might tend to be alone. This is usually caused by a lack of time or refusal.

Maybe you have exhaust your energy in going to gatherings that you prefer to be alone for now. Perhaps you lost the connection, and you’d instead connect with yourself. It may be best to work alone in your projects or work-life during these times.

You might put your creativity level in a box if you force yourself to participate in a group. It’s maybe best to keep all your creative juices and work alone for now. Do not work so hard that you end up being disconnected from everyone, though. If you feel like slipping down this path, rekindle your connections immediately.

It’s helpful growing apart, but it can get lonely as time goes. There can be fallout and a significant change that will affect the balance and harmony of your friendship. This card can also symbolize the imbalance that’s already existing in your circle.

Three of Cups (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

If you are already in a relationship and pick three cups in reverse, this is not good news. It can indicate the death of fire in the relationship. No matter how happy it started, this happiness might fade away.

The Three of Cups in reverse in a love reading speaks about the short term. Perhaps all the fun and excitement of the relationship will come to an end.

There is a probability that a third party may be involved. This person is willing to do everything it takes for your relationship to fall apart.

There is also a probability that gossip or rumors may take place. Again, this can also weaken the foundation of your relationship.

If you are still single, this card can indicate a happy and joyful relationship coming your way. However, these relationships can be short-lived. As mentioned before, the happiness and excitement might gradually fizzle as you go on with your relationship.

Three of Cups (Reversed) in Career and Finance

Three of cups in reverse and the context of a career may signify failed plans. If you have been planning to launch an event or host a celebration, this may not be the best time. This card can represent delay or cancellation of events.

Three of cups pose a warning in your workplace as well. There may be someone that’s sabotaging you behind your back. They may seem friendly and all great when you’re with them. However, they may turn out to be someone that will betray you.

Negative associations and activities may lead to conflict and can cause further destruction to your relationships. Try to avoid these situations as best as you can. You don’t want to find yourself caught in between.

In the financial aspect, this card can represent stress and disappointments because of your financial decisions. You might be overspending or overindulging. Remember to be mindful of your expenses to avoid disappointments and regrets.

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Three of Cups (Reversed) in Health

In the aspect of health, this card, the same as the Queen of Swords, can warn you of overdoing things in the social part. You might be partying too much, and it’s negatively affecting your health. Having fun is okay but overdoing it to the point of compromising your health is disagreeable.

Three of Cups (Reversed) in Spirituality

In the course of your spiritual life, you may have been interacting and participating in group activities. However, there may be someone in your group that is not clinging to good intentions.

We all have our instincts about people, right? This may be the time to trust your instincts and assess the people around you or within your group. There may be people who act kind in front of you but is the opposite behind your back. Be wary of people like these.

Three of cups pose a warning and a reminder not to go against what you believe is right. Be discerning, and don’t be easily deceived. It pays to be mindful and objective about essential things in life.

Three of Cups: YES or NO?

The three of cups card represents being together and sharing a joyous occasion. These situations bring you positive emotions, and in turn, you exude positivity outside. All these descriptions point to a specific answer, and you guessed it right. Whatever question it is you have that may be troubling you, the answer is yes.

This answer has one exception, though. If this decision involves choosing between being alone or having company, three of cups encourage you to choose the latter. This card is all about connecting with others and building good relationships. Therefore collaborating and choosing to have a company is the best choice for this card.

Three of Cups Advice

The Three of Cups as advice wants you to express yourself more to others. You’re someone who hesitates to say what you really feel.

But try engaging in having meaningful conversations with your family and friends. It’s important to realize that they have your back despite the circumstances.

This is the time to spend time with your family and friends. Because all you need is a group of people that are willing to listen.

Engage yourself in joyful activities to boost your energy. This will also enhance your self-confidence.

Don’t forget to be happy every single day; you deserve it.

Three of Cups Reversed Advice

The Three of Cups, in reverse, may show that things aren’t going the right way. You can take this as a sign to surrender or leave the situation.

Now may not be the right time to settle and work on the situation. Give it time and reevaluate yourself if this is what you really want.

Remember that it’s always okay to leave people that continue to drain you. Sometimes, we spend too much time hanging out with the wrong people.

You’re having a difficult time finding joy in your life. You continue to ask yourself if you’ll ever find happiness.

Three of Cups as a Person

The Three of Cups as a person is someone who loves to socialize. Perhaps you constantly create new connections that will turn into friendships.

You’re someone who can blend easily in a crowd. This is because of your good communication skills that have the ability to influence people.

You’re the LIFE OF THE PARTY and love going out to clubs, parties, etc. you believe that this is a necessity in terms of having fun.

You also have exquisite clothing fits that will astonish the crowd. Finally, you’re a head-turner, someone that quickly presents a strong charisma.

Continue making genuine relationships.

Three of Cups Reversed as a Person

The Three of Cups, in reverse, is someone who is secretive. If this is you, then you rarely speak what’s on your mind.

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You’re someone who hesitates to blend and join the crowd. You’re too anxious as to how people will perceive your presence.

You’re someone who likes to keep things to yourself instead of being honest. As a result, you’re having difficulty opening up to your friends and family.

You often don’t have concrete or specific goals in mind. So it’s possible that you can also be indecisive in terms of your individual decisions.

You always hide your parts.

Three of Cups Present

In the present, you’re currently working to achieve your goals. You’re entering a new phase in your life that will bring you genuine happiness and peace.

This may be a job or a hobby that’s now a part of your schedule. But take time in implementing these activities; you’ll get there eventually.

You need to pour in all of your devotion and dedication to the things you do. This will only quicken the process, and soon, you’ll see evident progress.

You’re trying your best to socialize with people more. You believe it’s important that you continue to form meaningful connections.

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Three of Cups Past

In the past, you definitely faced a wave of challenges. But these situations are all beneficial in order for you to continue growing.

You used to be selective and secretive in terms of expressing your thoughts. You had a difficult time opening up to people about what you really feel.

You prevented yourself from joining large crowds. This is because you were anxious about how people will view you.

But this is also the time wherein you applied your maturity. Perhaps you became too vigilant or careful in making decisions.

You did great evaluating options before you made a decision

Three of Cups Future

In the future, you’ll continue to soar high in the sky. This is the sign that you’ll soon reach your dreams, no matter how far they are.

You’ll encounter new opportunities and challenges as well. But you know that all of these are part of the plan to gain success.

You’ll apply for a job that will make you genuinely happy this time. Instead of thinking if the salary is good, you’ll choose a career that best suits you.

In this lifetime, earning money is not the only necessary thing to accomplish. Instead, it’s also finding happiness despite the chaos.

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Three of Cups as How Someone Feels About You

Someone finds you intriguing, so this person wants to know you more. They feel a connection whenever they’re with you.

This person wants to be the one to initiate in creating honest conversations. They want to make you feel that it’s okay to speak whatever your heart desires.

This person feels inspired and motivated as you continue to achieve your dreams. You’re someone whom they would often look up to.

This person feels happy whenever you interact with each other. You may not be aware of it, but someone is always thankful to have you.

This person wants to provide.

Three of Cups Outcome

The outcome will lead you to interact with social groups more. You’re now ready to show your good communication skills to others.

This is a time to celebrate your victories and achievements. You’ll have or join a party in order to let yourself feel joyful and relaxed.

You’ll receive an abundance of blessings because you deserve them. You deserve this after all the struggles you faced just to get here.

This may also be the time that you’ll meet an old friend. It’s time to reunite connections with people who are important in our lives.

You deserve to be happy.

Three of Cups Pregnancy and Fertility

The Three of Cups is an essential card for pregnancy. This symbolizes special occasions such as baptisms, birthdays, or baby showers.

This is definitely the right card if you want to know your pregnancy results. So be prepared to enter another exciting stage in your life.

You’ll exert all your effort and time in making your baby’s celebration possible. You’ll start to name the likely guests and plan the flow of the program.

This is a sign that you’ll soon receive the happiness you deserve. Since this card represents joyful celebrations that would reach success.

Your baby is also happy.

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Three of Cups Energy

The Three of Cups aims to influence positive energy in your life. This could be in relation to interacting with more people and celebrating accomplishments.

This card will never fail to uplift your spirit and raise your vibrations. You’ll soon adapt to having a positive mindset in the way you view life.

Since this is all about positive energy, you’re willing to accept an abundance of blessings. You know that this is beneficial in acquiring true happiness.

Get yourself out there, and share your radiance with others. It’s never too late to offer a helping hand in terms of listening.

Three of Cups as Action

The Three of Cups card as an action can be specific in connections. For example, this may signify that you’ll have the courage to confess your feelings.

You’ve been hiding these feelings for quite some time now. You’re afraid that you’ll only end up getting rejected or something terrible will happen.

But now, you’re slowly starting to accept the fact that you must confess. Whatever the result is, it doesn’t make sense anymore.

You’ll take action in order to show what you feel no matter what. After all, you don’t want to end up regretting things you should’ve said earlier.

Three of Cups as Intentions

The Three of Cups card have genuine intentions related to seeking happiness. Perhaps your main goal is to be happy, despite the struggles you face.

The Three of Cups encourages you to look on the bright side. You need to understand and accept situations that aren’t for you.

You’ll do everything it takes to arrive at your destination. But you’re also considering your choices if they’ll really make you happy.

This is also the opportunity to form healthy and reliable connections. So show what you’re capable of to social groups.

These social groups are beneficial in bolstering your individual growth.

Three of Cups as How Someone Sees You

Someone views you as a passionate and understanding human being. This person may often see you reaching out to people.

They admire your constant advocacy for empathy. Perhaps they often see you helping or giving advice to someone.

This person thinks that you’re the main character of the crowd. Therefore, you would often blend into different groups no matter the occasion.

This person views you as someone who is constantly thankful and happy. They feel like, despite the responsibilities you have, you always choose happiness.

This person also admires your dedication to your goals.

So keep up the excellent work!

Three of Cups Time Frame

The Three of Cups can have a specific time frame. But of course, the result will always depend on your situation and energy.

The Three of Cups is a representation of the number three. It stands for three days, weeks, or months for that event to unfold.

The card has a connection with Mercury in Cancer. A specific period may start on July 2 and ends on July 11.

This card has a connection with the element of water. This element is a perfect symbol for the growth and expansion of ideas.

Don’t hesitate to grab opportunities that will occur.

Three of Cups as a Woman

The Three of Cups, as a woman, is someone who loves to party. Perhaps you literally know all of the upcoming parties in your village.

Despite being able to have fun during the night, you would hustle during the day. You can never neglect and forget to adhere to your goals and responsibilities.

This could also signify that you’ll receive an abundance of blessings. Your manifestations may arrive at your doorstep, just wait for it.

You’re someone who still chooses to see the brighter side of life. You’re someone who is willing to seek and claim happiness; you deserve it.

Three of Cups as a Man

The Three of Cups as a Man is someone easygoing. But, despite being easygoing, you never fail to think about your responsibilities.

You’re someone who loves to balance your priorities. So you learned how to balance your work and personal time.

Whenever your shift was done, you would often go to parties. This is to loosen the stress a bit and divert your attention away from anxiety.

You’re someone who is willing to find happiness in the midst of chaos. You’ll never hesitate to receive more blessings left and right.

You should give yourself a chance to change every day.

Three of Cups Communication

The Three of Cups is an essential card for communication. Now may be the time to say what your heart desires to the people who deserve it.

It’s important that you engage in honest and open conversations. This will only strengthen your confidence in saying your thoughts and emotions.

This is also the time wherein you need to raise your concerns. Don’t be afraid of speaking up when something or someone bothers you.

It will only be difficult for you if you continue to keep it private. It will only hurt more if you choose to keep it to yourself.

Three of Cups Reconciliation

The Three of Cups is a good sign that reconciliation will occur. A past person finally realizes that you're still meant to be.

This person often looks back on the memories you shared. These memories became a huge part of forming your individual mindsets.

They're still attracted to you physically. They still think that you're the most beautiful human being they have ever seen.

You have already become a massive part of their lives. So the separation will not be the reason why you two fall apart.

This person can't let you go; they'll show up when the time's right.

Three of Cups Physical Appearance

The Three of Cups can have a specific physical appearance. You may be someone who is physically attractive and has a strong charismatic presence.

You can blend easily in a crowd because of your looks. People would immediately recognize your strong presence.

Your exquisite laughter is also considered in this category. You would always look more beautiful every time someone made you laugh.

The downside of this physical appearance is that you may wear baggy clothes. This is a representation that you’re being secretive and choosing to hide your parts.

All in all, you’re good at making people genuinely happy.

Three of Cups Reversed Outcome

The outcome will lead you to resist the urge to interact. Perhaps you’re not too confident when it comes to social interaction.

You’re not ready to practice communication skills. This is because you had difficulty speaking up about what you wanted in the past.

Your resistance to being expressive will only suffocate you. There are times when you’ll need someone to listen and understand your problems.

You don’t believe that blessings will be on their way. This is because you often have negative thoughts that would ruin your day.

You refuse to meet an old friend to confront your past.

Three of Cups Reversed Pregnancy

The Three of Cups card in reverse shows that you’re not ready for pregnancy. So expect that there will be no celebration in store for you.

This card often symbolizes celebrations, specifically about a baby’s arrival. But this isn’t the right time for you to love and provide for a child.

This is because you’re still uncertain of what the outcome will be. And you refuse to receive guidance from your family and friends.

It’s also because you don’t believe you have the full capacity to commit. Maybe in the present position, you need a lot more healing to do.

Three of Cups Friendships

The Three of Cups shows a positive sign for friendships. Perhaps now is the time that you should celebrate with your friends.

Take this as an opportunity to hang out with your friends. Guide them in exploring new ideas and hobbies during their free time.

Since this card symbolizes celebration, prepare for exciting agendas in clubs or parties. You have the free will to decide that you deserve to experience fun.

You have friends who will always make you happy. They’ll never leave your side even when dark times will consume your energy.

Be thankful for friends that bring laughter.

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