Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The Three of Wands is a Minor Arcana card that talks about travel, adventure, creativity, and kindness. This is associated with the number 3 being the third card in a Suit of Wands tarot deck. Hence, if you got this card in a tarot spread, it encourages you to persevere, for you are going places!

Doors of opportunities are opening, so take a leap forward and start making your dreams and goals into reality. The Three of Wands card is full of optimism, so if you have this yearning to travel and go to places you've never been before, this card is the perfect one for you. It tells you to have faith and get somewhere you've always wanted to go. 

Three of Wands Upright Keywords

  • Advancement
  • Growth
  • Vision
  • New opportunities
  • Drive
  • Conviction
  • Confidence
  • Wisdom
  • Travel
  • Freedom
  • Reward
  • Contentment
  • Successful outcome
  • Take a chance

Three of Wands Reversed Keywords

  • Lacks vision and motivation
  • Insecurities
  • Avoiding risks
  • Postponement
  • Hindrances
  • Obstacles
  • Stagnation
  • Delays
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Lacks direction and planning
  • Emotional baggage's
  • Not yet moved on
  • Self-conscious
  • Disappointment
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Three of Wands Meaning and Description

The Three of Wands is depicted by a man standing on a tall cliff looking at the sea below him. On the horizon, tall mountains can be seen representing his goals and endeavors. He wears a red dress that represents his energy, spirit, and passion. A green scarf is hanging on his shoulder, symbolizing growth, expansion, and newness.

Three blossoming wands can also be seen standing firmly on the ground. These wands are sometimes called “staves” or “rods,” and it symbolizes ambition, motivation, initiative, and desire. If you look closely, you will see that the arrangement of wands is forming a triangle symbolizing stability, structure, and security.   

Notice also the sky is color orange signifying that the sun is setting as reflected by the color of the sea. This indicates that the day is ending, and it also signifies a productive day. The man standing found common ground, enabling him to get the support and cooperation from his colleagues sailing away abode in that ship. 

The Three of Wands card is also related to business, work, and trading. This is represented by the sailing ships seen on the card. This represents adventure, travel, freedom, and movement. Hence, the Three of Wands is also a card of endeavors and taking chances. It takes patience and faith because it takes some time for the ships to come back and bring bounty. 

Three of Wands Upright Meaning

An upright Three of Wands signifies advancements, growth, new opportunities, freedom, and taking chances. This card also indicates that your hard work is paying off, and the rewards of your labor are coming your way. The outcome of the choices you made is evident in the provisions that you currently enjoy. You have made the right decision, and it resulted according to your expectations.

The Three of Wands card is a motivator, telling you to trust yourself and be confident of your skills and abilities. It also pushes the person who encounters it to be brave and seize their dreams and goals in life. It tells you to embrace your freedom and be responsible for managing it. Keep in mind that nothing will happen in your life if you won't do something and be brave.

Lastly, the Three of Wands tells you that rapid growth and expansion are happening in your life. Your visions and goals are starting to manifest into existence. You will encounter more opportunities to enhance your skills and give you the leverage to strategize your plans to produce more successful results. You have the potential, so be open with new learnings and enjoy every experience as you go along your journey.

Three of Wands (Upright) in Spirituality

An upright Three of Wands in relation to your spirituality tells you to be brave and explore more the spiritual side of your life. This card also signifies that you feel confident and content with your spiritual status presently. 

The Three of Wands also signifies that you have the vision and wisdom to gain clairvoyant skills. You can see what is ahead, and the reason for this is that you have established a deeper and strong connection with your spirit, allowing you to see what the ordinary eyes cannot see. Having this card in a tarot spread tells you that now is the time to practice and learn more about psychic development. 

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Three of Wands (Upright) in Health 

An upright Three of Wands in connection to your health is a good omen. If you are looking for a piece of positive news about your health, then the Three of Wands is a perfect card to get in a Tarot reading. This card tells you that your health is in good shape, and if you have been injured, your recovery will go smoothly. Any illnesses or discomfort you have right now will go away, and you will be back to your standard shape and routine in no time. 

Three of Wands (Upright) in Career and Finances

In relation to your career, the upright Three of Wands tells you that work-related travel will occupy your time lately. This is a good thing because you have been feeling idle recently, and the craving of getting somewhere nudges you inside. If this does not resonate with you, it could either be that you will transfer to a new place or country for a new career opportunity.

If you have a business, the upright Three of Wands is a signal that now is the best time to expand your company. This card signifies expansion in the business aspect, such as putting up another branch of your shop or an international export deal is coming. 

In the financial aspect, the Three of Wands is a good sign indicating that your finances are abundant. The rapid growth and expansion in your career or business have increased your wealth, giving you financial security. You may consider putting your money into long-term investments or treating yourself to vacation as a reward for your hard work. 

Three of Wands (Upright) in Love and Relationships

The Three of Wands in the love aspect is a good sign to get on a tarot spread. This card signifies success, contentment, and stability in your relationships. If you get this card and you're looking for a reading about your love life, this means that your relationship can withstand any problems and will succeed in the long run. This card also signifies that you and your partner will travel a lot, bringing back the spark in your relationship. 

Suppose you are single when you got an upright Three of Wands. This signifies that you will have the best moment of your single life. If you're not yet ready to enter a relationship, getting an upright Three of Wands resonates perfectly with you. Plans of traveling and going on an adventure with yourself will come into mind. This will help you get to know yourself deeper and appreciate the world around you. 

Three of Wands in Reversed Meaning

A reversed Three of Wands signifies insecurities, hindrances, avoiding risks, disappointments, and delays. This card tells you that opportunities are in front of you, but you keep turning your back away from it, afraid of taking the risk and losing. This results from a lack of motivation resulting in you sulking away and limiting your potential to expand further. Personal reasons are holding you back. However, you must fight these negative thoughts away and forge ahead in achieving all your endeavors. 

Furthermore, the reversed Three of Wands signifies your failure in the attempt to reach your goals. You are bombarded with numerous problems, hindrances, and delays as you go along your journey towards personal development. Feelings of dissatisfaction and stagnation are winding you down, depleting your energy and motivation to move forward. 

Three of Wands (Reversed) in Spirituality

A reversed Three of Wands concerning your spirituality signifies your disappointment and lack of progress in the spiritual aspect of your life. You may be having a hard time connecting with your spirit and attain inner peace. Spiritual blockages and hindrances are stopping you from developing your psychic abilities and manifesting your true potential. 

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Three of Wands (Reversed) in Health

A reversed Three of Wands in relation to your health tells you that you need to take precautions on your health. Since this card is also associated with travel, it's best to think ahead of your safety and health. Ensure that you get vaccinated or take necessary precautions if you plan to travel to countries with dangerous diseases. 

A reversed Three of Wands is also a sign that you have recently been injured or have an illness, and your recovery time is taking too slow. This card tells you to be patient with yourself and don't push your body too hard. Take things slowly, and you will regain your vitality again in no time. 

Three of Wands (Reversed) in Career and Finances

In relation to your career, a reversed Three of Wand signifies disappointment, stagnation, delays, and postponement. Your company may have offered you a new task that involves a lot of traveling, but unfortunately, minor problems and hindrances stopped it from happening. Cancellation and postponement of plans will happen, so you should lengthen your patience during these moments. 

The Three of Wands in reversed also signifies that you recently got a job offer, but you turn it down due to personal reasons. You may have a hard time choosing between your personal life and spreading your wings to the career you have always wanted. Don't let past emotional baggage stop you from becoming your truest potential. 

In a financial aspect, the reversed Three of Wands tells you that your finances are not in good shape. It might be that you have mismanaged your finances and spent too much on something invaluable. This is the result of having no clear direction and plans of where you are indeed headed. It is best that you be more conscious of your spending and be responsible for allocating your money to compensate for your needs. 

Three of Wands (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

If you expect good news about your love life, the reversed Three of Wands is not something you want to get in a tarot reading. This card signifies instability, disappointments, and conflicting issues playing a part in your relationship. The Three of Wands card also signifies that you feel weighed down by your relationship, making you feel stuck and stagnant. 

Keep in mind that being in a long-term relationship requires both partners to grow together mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But in your case, having a reverse Three of Wands signifies that you have grown apart from each other. One reason could be distance; it's either one of you travels a lot, making the other feel neglected and unloved. 

The distance can do cruel things to a relationship if both partners do not work together in making things work. It is also hard if your partner does not support and approve of your decisions in life. Perhaps you want to spread your wings and be your true self, but you feel restricted and torn because of your love life. 

You need to settle this with your partner and talk things openly with each other. Independence for individual partners is still essential in a relationship to avoid losing yourself in the process. 

Suppose you are single when you got a reversed Three of Wands card. This signifies that you still haven't moved on from your past love. Moving on and letting go are two different things. You can move on but still have the memories, feelings, and grudges over to your past ex-love lingering in your mind and heart. Letting go, however, is the act of fully letting the past go and starting your life anew with no hard feelings, and allowing yourself to experience love again. 

Three of Wands Yes or No

Overall the Three of Wands card is a yes. Suppose you got this card in an upright position; it's definitely a big yes on your part. Much like the Star tarot card, the Three of Wands is full of optimism and a bringer of new adventures and opportunities in your life. If you're someone who loves to travel or has been planning on doing so but can seem to decide if you want to go or not, this card is perfect for you. This card brings an air of motivation and will inspire you to let yourself be free and explore the world outside your bubble. 

Three of Wands Advice

The Three of Wands advises you to expand your ideas. If your goal is to think big, then do BIG as well. 

This card encourages you to bolster the expansion of your firm or business. You’re going to attract more customers or clients along the way. 

This is an opportunity for you to pour your power into the things you’ll do. You have to act according to what you really want to achieve. 

There’s nothing wrong with moving forward to the unknown. What’s important is your strong desire to learn and adapt to new things. 

Don’t be scared to try.

Three of Wands Reversed Advice

Aside from taking the risk without hesitation, you also need to retreat. You need to stop for a brief while to consider and reflect on your decisions.

The Three of Wands, in reverse, wants you to slow down. You don’t have the ability to take complete control of the things around you.

Instead of going for the path of expanding your business, reevaluate your decisions. You don’t always have to go big; you can go downsize. 

Instead of going through the details and enacting them, revise your plans. It’s okay to change some ideas in order to avoid serious consequences. 

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Three of Wands as a Person

The Three of Wands as a person is an achiever of dreams. If this is you, then you wouldn’t hesitate to try until you succeed. 

You’re someone who likes to think out of the box. When others see the joint parts, you focus on the broader perspective.

Your continuous drive of optimism is the blueprint to your dreams. You choose to see the brighter side of life rather than give up. 

You have the ability to be a good example to people. You wouldn’t hesitate to inflict your knowledge and positivity on others. 

Don’t dwell on your failures too much.

Three of Wands Reversed as a Person

The Three of Wands is in reverse as a person is someone who is arrogant. Perhaps people find you infuriating if you choose to be boastful of your successes.

You’re someone who resides with competitiveness that presents a negative impression. As a result, you rarely make reliable or healthy connections with people.

You’re the type of person who doesn’t want to give up. You’ll do whatever it takes to reach your goals, even in negative ways.

Because of your competency and pride, you would pull down others. You only care about making yourself reach the top of the stairs.

Three of Wands Present 

You currently surround yourself with an abundance of blessings. The Three of Wands in the present encourages you to thrive more!

Perhaps you’ll soon hear from an employer providing you with a job offer. It’s up to you to make the decision and take this as another opportunity.

It seems that your business continues to expand its blossoms to people. You often interact with countless satisfied customers every day.

The present encourages you to take every opportunity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so you should be grateful.

Thank the universe for giving you another shot at triumph.

Three of Wands Past

The universe saw how you were exhausted in the past. This was the time when you almost got to the point of giving up.

Perhaps you chose practicality over your passion. As a result, you forced yourself to choose a job that you didn’t want for yourself.

The result of this decision leads you to experience a lack of motivation. It felt like you were working for the sake of existing instead of living. 

The past left you with a large wound that serves as a reminder of your struggles. It taught you how to always rise up when you fall. 

Three of Wands Future

The future will prepare you for a massive flight to success. You encountered hardships in the past that will lead you where you need to be. 

You don’t have to worry, because you got this! Rest assured that your complex work will pay off once again. 

The future prepares you for challenges in the long run. You have what it takes to slay the negativity that will enter your life again.

You’ll apply the lessons you learned in the past. You’ll not act impulsively and reevaluate the choices you’ll be making. 

The future welcomes you to a realm of hope.

Three of Wands as How Someone Feels About You

Someone looks up to you as if you’re their role model. This person serves you as their inspiration for achieving their goals. 

This person is eager to learn from your views and experiences. They feel blessed whenever they receive new insights about success. 

You’re someone who gives them constant hope. You continue to remind them that everything will be okay. 

You make them feel safe whenever they’re feeling uncomfortable. You always make them feel that their feelings will remain valid and essential. 

You’re the reason why they choose to pursue their dream course or career. 

They’re forever thankful for you.

Three of Wands Outcome

Ready to take another step?

The outcome leads you to an adventure. You’re going to take the road that you refused to take in the past.

You’ll bring curiosity and knowledge with you on this journey. You’re willing to open yourself to countless possibilities. 

Perhaps you’ll bring a map that shows all your desired goals. You’ll do everything it takes in order to achieve them one by one.

Take this as a sign to increase your personal growth. Instead of viewing this journey as a weakness, look on the brighter side. 

You’ll know how to be careful in making decisions. 

Three of Wands Pregnancy and Fertility

The Three of Wands can be a sign of pregnancy. This solely focuses on a period of waiting for the good news to come.

If you feel like waiting takes forever, then your dream will eventually come true. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to open new beginnings.

Through the period of waiting, you learned to master patience. Indeed, patience is a vital virtue that results in abundance and success.

Your family and friends are also waiting for the big day to come. You’ll prepare yourself as you enter a new stage in life. 

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood!

Three of Wands Energy

The energy of the Three of Wands represents your strong desire to persist. You constantly broaden your perspectives to discover new opportunities. 

Being able to learn more ideas every day wouldn’t hurt a fly. This proves that you’re capable of adapting to personal development changes.

The immense energy lies within the urge to fulfill your goals. Giving up is never an alternative for you when problems resurface.

This card enhances you to expand your mindset and actions. When you align your vision with your movements, things will fall into place.

Beautiful things are located in distant and peculiar places.

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Three of Wands as Action

Don't spend your time waiting for your dreams to show up. Your goals won't automatically appear in your bedroom window.

The Three of Wands as an action encourages you to MAKE YOUR MOVE. So instead of whining about the delay of your goals, take action towards it.

Understandably, patience is a virtue. However, you must also change your mindset by focusing on yourself as the “doer.”

Miracles don't exist all the time, especially when it comes to your dreams. It's you who needs to do the deed. 

You have the ability to be in control of your life and career.

Three of Wands as Intention

It’s true; the Three of Wands card as an intention is pure. This could mean that you’re willing to exert your skills and effort for a good cause.

The good cause is your ability to influence others. You can be a good example to people who want to undergo the same process as you did. 

You can be an inspiration to many in regards to manifesting their dreams. They’ll see you as their guide in choosing the right path.

Your intention has something to do with your growth. In order to become better, you’re willing to encounter hardships to succeed. 

Three of Wands as How Someone Sees You

Someone admires the strong intellectual impact you have on them. This person thinks that they may be out of your league. 

This person sees you as someone who is academically and naturally bright. They admire how you perfectly apply critical, logical, and philosophical ideas. 

Perhaps this person has an interest in philosophy and art. They feel like you can both share a connection in regards to your perspectives.

They love the thrill and idea of you challenging them. They’re expecting they would let their guard down when it comes to you. 

This person admires you for the way you think. 

Three of Wands Time Frame

The Three of Wands has a time frame. You’ll have to use two cards to know if an event can happen.

The event is most likely to occur in six months up to a year. On the other hand, the card is an essential representation of the number three.

The event can happen in three days, three weeks, or three months. At the end of the day, it will depend on your situation and energy.

The Three of Wands has a connection with the zodiac sign, Aries. And its period may start on March 31 and end on April 10.

Three of Wands as a Woman

The Three of Wands can apply in the form of a woman. You’re someone who doesn’t give up on pursuing your dreams.

You have an interest in art, philosophy, or literature. This is because you want to broaden your perspective on different things.

You tend to view the world from a different perspective instead of the mainstream. You believe that life has many opportunities that we can seek. 

You’re someone who sees the brighter side of life. Dark times are only a challenge for you to intensify your skills. 

Show the world that a woman is capable of change.

Three of Wands as a Man

A man like the Three of Wands can be seen in the tarot card. In the card, a man is standing on a cliff while looking over the mountains. 

The painting “Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog” is a great example. You may be someone who loves to view things from a higher angle. 

You often expand your visions and actions in order to succeed. You’re willing to go beyond your limitations to fulfill your dreams. 

You’ll not hesitate to continue moving, even if life shows you reasons to give up. You’ll continue to be a wanderer of endless possibilities.

Three of Wands Communication

The Three of Wands has the upper hand in communication. You have the ability to put things under control.

You’re capable of exerting a strong influence on others. Once you communicate, people will understand your point of view.

This is relevant when it comes to leadership. You have the ability to take the lead and be an excellent example to your subordinates. 

Applying your artistic and philosophical style is a plus. You influence people to have the same interests as you do. 

You give people a reason to continue moving forward. You can be the light that guides them progressively.

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Three of Wands Reconciliation

The Three of Wands can be a sign of reconciliation. This could mean that a past person is currently planning to reconcile. 

This person is taking their time before they move forward. They don’t want to meet you when they’re not ready or don’t have plans. 

This person finally sees the bigger picture of your connection. They continue to think about the problems that occurred on the surface.

They’re willing to make huge adjustments for this relationship to work. They want to offer a healthy and stable relationship with you. 

You’ll both try to sort out your differences and problems.

Three of Wands Physical Appearance

The physical appearance would most likely present a sexy type. This means that you may be fond of giving an exquisite appearance to people. 

You’re effortless when it comes to pairing yourself with clothing styles. The crowd will always take a quick glimpse of you. 

You’re often a head-turner on special occasions. Your strong charisma gets the crowd every time. 

Your partner was probably attracted to you in a sexual way at first. Everything you do is already a turn-on for them.

You never fail to bring yourself to a sea of strangers. You’re willing to form connections.

Three of Wands in a Love Reading

This card presents a strong suspicion when it comes to love. Prepare yourself for surprises when it comes to relationships!

If you’re single, someone will enter your life to give you the love you deserve. Both of you’ll be willing to build a robust foundation for your relationship.

You need to prepare yourself for the challenges that you’ll encounter. The key for this relationship to work is communication and understanding.

You’re not committing to a relationship just for fun or excitement. You’re ready to engage in order to give love and receive it. 

This is a beautiful opportunity for your growth.

Three of Wands Reversed Love Reading

The Three of Wards in reverse signifies that things aren't the same. You probably can't arrive at a final decision in the relationship.

It's always understandable that couples often experience personal problems. But you need to address or solve your issues instead of lingering on them. 

If you don't do anything, it will affect your relationship. But seeking advice or comfort from your partner isn't a bad idea. 

It's normal that you and your partner have different preferences. You can't force them to like everything you are interested in.

Compromises in relationships exist in order to solve disagreements and misunderstandings. 

Three of Wands Reversed Outcome

The outcome shows that you’re not ready. You refuse to take the next step to the stairs of success.

You’re still afraid and uncertain about taking the road. This is also what happened in the past, and you did it again.

You’re not organized when it comes to laying out your plans. You don’t have a clear picture of the goals you want to achieve. 

There is no progress because your plans are always on hold. You want to achieve character development but resist change.

You’re either impulsive or indecisive. You often regret the decisions you make for your future.

Three of Wands Reversed Pregnancy

The good news you’ve been waiting for may not come. The card in reverse presents a negative sign for pregnancy.

Perhaps you’ve tried several times for the pregnancy test to show the positive sign. However, things didn’t work out the way you intended them to.

This could also mean that you’re impatient when it comes to the outcome. As a result, you may act impulsive and make decisions to regret later.

Rest assured that your family and friends will be there for you. They’ll be your support system all throughout the acceptance process.

Beautiful things will always take time. 

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Three of Wands Friendship

The result of the card doesn’t always bring positive news for friendships. The Three of Wands encourages you to spend time with yourself. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you engage with bad friends. However, you need to make time for yourself to discover your interests. 

It’s okay to rely on your decisions based on what your friends want. You believe that they always have good intentions.

But there’s nothing wrong with admitting what you genuinely feel. You can feel if this friendship is for you or not.

It’s okay to focus on yourself and meet new people along the way.

Three of Wands and Three of Swords

There are times when the stars aren’t in proper alignment. You feel like the universe isn’t in favor of what you want to achieve.

Perhaps things are starting to fall apart, or they already happened. This made you isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

You need to take your time in healing before you get up again. Know that this stagnant state is necessary to provide time for yourself.

The Three of Swords and Three of Wands is an essential card combination. They’re a sign that you deserve to move away for a while.

If you currently broke up with your partner, try traveling solo. Whatever the reason is, you deserve to have a change of scenery.

If something traumatizing happens, the emotions can be overwhelming. You feel like you’ll never be okay again.

But take this as an opportunity to go on a vacation and for self-love.

Three of Wands and Ace of Swords

You’re someone who is finally ready for a new beginning. Now isn’t the time to waste opportunities and weep in regret later.

So you’re trying to prepare yourself for what’s about to happen. This will be an incredible journey that will require travel.

Once you engage in this travel, you’ll discover new ideas from a broad nature. Since you’ll be interacting with nature more often.

The Ace of Swords and Three of Wands are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that you’re willing to be sure of your goals.

You don’t want to waste time choosing only what’s temporary. Instead, you want to determine goals for the long run.

With the Ace of Swords card, this gives you guidance and clarity. May you not rely on perplexity as you enter a new path toward success.

You have the ability to create a beautiful life out of your constant travels.


The Three of Wands card talks about growth and expansion all taking place rapidly in your life. You may feel that everything is fast-forwarding like in the movies and think you are not yet ready for the challenge. But know this, opportunities will not come to you if you're not ready. The universe can sense your promptitude; hence opportunities flow through your life with ease. Be brave and welcome these new challenges in your life with total optimism and enthusiasm. 

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