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What It Means To Throw Up in Dreams? – Meaning and Interpretation

Vomiting or throwing up is an unpleasant experience associated with sickness. When we’ve eaten something poisonous or rotten, the body purges it out by throwing up. In dreams vomiting or throwing up also means that we may have something in our life that is causing us stress such as toxic relationships.

Much like Needle Dream, throwing up in dreams can also signify dissatisfaction in life. Something in your life is causing you to feel like something is missing or something is wrong. You feel like there are things you need to do to get the life you want.

Vomiting in a dream is a manifestation of your desire to rid yourself of something undesirable. It could also signify removing or walking away from a person who is a negative influence in your life. It could also be a sign of being in an embarrassing situation. It could also mean rejecting some viewpoints or beliefs.

Dreaming of throwing up also implies overindulgence. You may be overindulging into something, and this could be damaging you or your health. It could lead to addiction and vices that will, later on, turn into bigger problems. Too much of everything can be destructive, so heed the warning.

Meaning of common dreams about throwing up

To throw up on yourself in dreams

To dream of throwing up on yourself could indicate that you may have said something that you regret. You may have expressed your emotions in the heat of an argument or a stressful moment and, you wish you could take it back. Your words could have offended someone dear to you and, you are genuinely sorry.

This could reflect your desire to talk to them and express your apologies. You wish to be able to explain things to them. Throwing up on yourself is a reminder by your spirit guides to be extra careful of your words. Think twice before saying something.

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Dreaming of someone else vomiting

If you dream of seeing someone vomiting, it could symbolize a person close to you that may have offended someone, or they may have offended you. This person could have said something that hurt you. 

Your spirit guides may be giving you a warning against this person. This person may be gossiping about you. They could have been spreading nasty lies and rumors about you. Someone might accuse you of things you never did.

This could imply some negative energy around you. You may have fake friends. Always know that you can’t trust everyone. Always remember that there will be insincere people.

To throw up blood

When you throw up blood in a dream, it could be a terrifying experience. It is often associated with health problems and negative emotions. It could symbolize some disease that will probably cause you to be hospitalized in the near future.

Throwing up blood in dreams indicates not only physical health issues. It could likewise be about your mental and emotional state. You may be overthinking a lot lately, and this is affecting your perspective in life.

Your guides may be telling you that you need to see your doctor and start prioritizing your health. Throw-up dreams are similar to dreams about whales concerning awareness. Thus, If you are aware of your bad lifestyle habits, it’s time to make some changes. If you aren’t feeling well lately, visit your physician as this could be an early sign of some illness.

Dreaming about feeling nauseous and vomiting

Feeling nauseous and eventually vomiting in a dream could mean that some troubles and worries are stressing you out. There could be problems in a certain aspect of your life that has kept you preoccupied. Some new duties at work will be given to you. Some tasks will consume your time.

Dreaming about not being able to prevent vomiting

When you dream of being not able to prevent vomiting or throwing up, it could be a representation of some major life changes that will soon take place. You will undergo some rebirth or transformation. It may be difficult and scary at first, and you may worry if you need to make the necessary changes. The changes will happen whether you like it or not.

This could be a sign of your longing or desire to achieve more in life. It could signify your wishes to advance more and reach your full potential.

To step into vomit

When you dream of stepping into vomit be observant, and take the color of the vomit into account when making an interpretation. If the vomit is clear or colorless, it could indicate people you rarely know or least expect to help you will be the one to be there for you. These people could offer you guidance and advice. The help could also come in the form of financial assistance.

If, on the other hand, the vomit is tremendously nasty or disgusting, then it could be a warning. Someone you don’t know is planning to trick you.

 A stranger may offer you some, business opportunities which in reality is a scam. It could also be evil people planning to harm you.

To see a child vomiting

To see a child vomiting in a dream could symbolize your regrets due to lost opportunities from your youth. This could also imply your desire to turn back time. You may have good memories from your childhood, and you wish you could go back to those times and live a worry-free life.

It could also signify a new beginning. A start of a new chapter in your life is soon to happen once you can close your old life chapter.

For parents, dreaming of a child throwing up could indicate that you may be feeling worried over the health of your children. You may feel that your kids have some problems they are not telling you. As a parent, you feel the need to protect them and make sure that everything about them is fine.

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Dreaming of several people throwing up

When you see several people throwing up in a dream, it is an indication of fakeness and treachery. It could symbolize fake friends and betrayal. Some people resent you. They are conniving and planning an attack against your character or even to physically harm you.

This could most likely be an attack on your character, malicious gossips, and smear campaigns. These individuals will spread rumors against you to prevent you from achieving your goals. Most likely, these would be workmates who are jealous of your upcoming promotion.

To dream of several people throwing up is a sign of a horrible scenario. Some people are waiting for the perfect timing to carry out negative actions towards you. Consider this dream a warning.

To see your parents throwing

When you see your parents throwing up in a dream, it could mean that they are taking over your problems to make your situation more comfortable. Your parents will not only show your support but will help you in dealing with whatever hardships you are going through. 

It could also mean that you have to express and show gratitude to your parents. Be thankful that they are always ready to face your problems for you.

Dreaming about being disgusted and vomiting

Being repulsive of vomit in a dream can imply tough times. It may be that your angels and guides are telling you that a series of difficulties are coming your way. You have to prepare yourself to be able to manage and deal with these problems effectively.

Seeing a thing that disgusts you, such as maggots on a decaying part of an animal that caused you to vomit, could also foretell you being overwhelmed with duties and tasks.

Your guides are telling you that seeking help and assistance is something you should consider. Being disgusted with vomit in dreams can mean you want to make changes in your life. You feel like there are so many things that are not working for your good.

Non-stop vomiting in dreams

Non- stop throwing up, or vomiting symbolizes constant struggles to free yourself from difficult situations. It could also be a reminder that there are issues you haven’t dealt with, and you need to deal with them the soonest to avoid further complications. You may have overlooked a situation, and this oversight might present troubles in the near future. 

It is best to deal with whatever issues you are facing as soon as possible. Being passive about it may cause more problems later.

When you dream of vomiting or throwing up bugs

Throwing up bugs in dreams is a bad omen. It is believed that you may have wronged someone and, that person is planning revenge on you. It is also widely accepted as a form of witchcraft and sorcery. For some, vomiting of bugs represents negative karma.

It can also symbolize past mistakes that you want to correct. This could also be a reflection of your desire to do what is right. It is your conscience speaking to you through your subconscious. Your health may be at risk here, so take the necessary steps and visits to your doctor.


Dreams are always reflecting our repressed thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, a certain type of dream manifests as a sign of warning from your angels. So, you need to pay attention and discover the meaning of your dream and what it pertains to your life.

Throwing up in your dream signifies a lot about yourself that needs to be changed. It tells you to be aware of your thoughts, words, and action that can have an impact on the people around you.

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