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Tiger Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Interesting Dream!

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As most of us know, the tiger is a symbol of strength. When talking about a tiger dream, this means that you will be able to overcome difficulties in life. You will have the power and determination to surpass life's obstacles. Also, this kind of dream means that you do your best every single day.

Though tigers are similar to lions, tigers are more ferocious. They have the extinct to kill and prefer to hunt alone rather than as a group. But like lions, tigers also symbolize courage.

There are many more positive traits about the tiger. It is no wonder why most people prefer the tiger over the lion. The tiger is so precious that people hunt down their skin until this day.

In general, a tiger dream can either have a positive or negative interpretation. In a positive sense, some of your problems will go away if you have this dream. But at times, a tiger dream can also mean fear of facing difficulties.

Dream of a Ferocious Tiger

A dream of a ferocious tiger means that you will not meet your expectations. You might feel upset because of this. But it is essential to note that you should not set your expectations too high. If you put too high expectations, you will be prone to disappointment.

Another interpretation is that the people in your workplace fear you. Your co-workers also feel hurt by you, so be careful of what you do. It is a reminder to think before acting and not to say or do things out of impulse.

Dream of a Black Tiger

As a background, a black tiger usually has a smaller body size than the common striped tiger. But like the striped tiger, the black tiger is very wild. So in connection to dreaming of a black tiger, it means that you will be able to earn money soon. All in all, a black tiger dream is a good sign that means financial growth in your career.

Due to their similarities in their species, seeing a black cat in your dreams has the same meaning as of dreaming a black tiger. These cats in your dream can mean change. Your daily routine won't be the same as before, and it will positively impact you. Also, a dream of a black tiger symbolizes the season of winter and the element of water. The combination of winter and water means that you will have more time to rest and care for your emotions.

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Dream of a Large Tiger

Dreaming of a big tiger can be surprising and overwhelming for some people. Specifically, a kind of tiger called the Bengal tiger also has a large body size. So dreaming of a big tiger might be a dream of a Bengal tiger.

For the dream interpretation, dreaming of a large tiger is a message from the subconscious mind. A huge tiger in a dream means that you will be better at solving your problems in life. Additionally, it will be much easier for you to find solutions and take action. You will also have the ability to control your emotions when encountering problems.

Dream of a Tiger and a Lion

When dreaming of a tiger and lion together, this means that you have a good grip on what you want in life. Also, you work hard to achieve your ambitions. By heart, you have a competitive spirit that has the potential to become a leader. You crave power and have many connections with other people.

Just like in Dreaming about Monkey, A tiger and a lion dream can also mean that you will encounter an unexpected problem. But despite feeling caught off guard, you have adequate preparation to face the issue at hand. Additionally, how you handle the situation will significantly affect your life. You might live a better or worse life compared to before. So think of the solution carefully before you act.

Dream of a Tiger Chasing You

If you have dreamt of a tiger chasing you, this is a sign of bad news to come. There is nothing much you can at the moment to prevent the bad news from coming. But what you can do is stay calm before the news arrives. It is so that you can handle the problem with a clear mind.

A tiger chasing you in a dream can also symbolize your aggression towards someone. You feel angry because this person harms your life. The best solution for this is to distance yourself from this person before worse comes to worst.

Dream of a Tiger Doll

If you are a confident person, you increase your chances of dreaming of a tiger doll. It is because a tiger doll dream means that you have high self-esteem and believe in yourself. Also, if you dream of tiger dolls of different shapes and sizes, it means success. You will be able to attain your goals and become a successful person.

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Dream of a White Tiger

There are two sides when dreaming of a white tiger. The positive side is that your problems will soon have a solution. Everything will be calm again, and luck will be on your side. Another good news is that you have intuitive gifts that are rare. So, you should immediately use these talents to your advantage.

The negative implication of a white tiger dream means that you are wasting your time. You are spending too much time on unimportant matters. It is a sign that you should learn how to prioritize your life. Through prioritization, you will know what is essential and what you should ignore.

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Dream about Tamed Tigers

Dreaming of a tamed tiger or a domesticated tiger means that your life is approaching the right path. So, take your time to review and improve your plans. Through this, you can increase your chances of living a quality life.

Another interpretation is that you have the longing to do something different. Though this idea of what you want to do is far from your nature as a person, you want to do it. It is because this is something new to you, and it drew your interest. An example would be a scientist interested in learning fashion out of curiosity.

Dream About a Tiger Cub

The meaning of dreaming about a tiger cub is that you have a large circle of friends. The only disadvantage of having too many friends is that you cannot spend time with everyone. It is why this dream is warning you to pay attention to your friends. You must segregate those who are genuinely your friends from those who will bring you down.

Once you know who your real friends are, show your appreciation. Tell them that you like being around them. On the other hand, beware of friends who will only bring bad luck to your life. Distance yourself from these poisonous people until you cut ties with them.

The tiger cub also symbolizes youth and childhood. So if you are a mother or father, dreaming of a tiger cub means that you are thinking of your children. Your child is very dear to your heart, and you care about them very much. Thus, having this kind of dream shows how much you love them.

Dream of a Tiger Attacking You

Similar to Baldhead dreaming, A tiger attacking you in your dream means that you are on the rough side of the road in your life. People are judging you either at your workplace or by those who dislike you. It is vital to know which people are there to see you fail in life to avoid them. Though it is natural to feel insecure, you must keep your head high.

Another possible meaning of this dream is that you are unwilling to face your mistakes. It is because when a tiger is attacking you, it is only natural to run away. It is the human's flight response. But, the action of running away symbolizes avoiding issues that exist because of you.

Dream of a Free Tiger

When dreaming of a tiger that is free from its cage, it represents freedom. But too much freedom is not always a favorable situation. Too much freedom can mean that you are speaking harsh words or that you are acting impulsively.

When you release hurtful words and actions, you may end up affecting other people. Thus, you must be more careful with what you say and do. Think before you act is the crucial lesson in this dream. Do not let yourself interfere with your relationships.

But, there is also an optimistic interpretation of dreaming of a free tiger. A tiger in freedom is a symbol of your optimism and willingness to take chances. You have a personality that is free-spirited and carefree. By being free, is the only way for you to express who you truly are.

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Dream of Chasing after a Tiger

Chasing after a tiger in a dream means that a solution to your problem is on its way. You may be feeling worried because matters are getting worse. But dreaming of chasing after a tiger is a sign that good luck is on your side.

Eventually, you will trap the tiger. After trapping the tiger, the dream has another entirely different interpretation. Trapped tigers mean that you are safe from people who are out there to hurt you. An important message from this dream is that you should not be afraid of threats.

Dream of a Sleeping Tiger

If a tiger is sleeping in your dream, this means that you feel comfortable. Despite the problems that come your way, you do not let them affect you. At the moment, issues do not seem to be that severe, in your opinion. But the moral of this dream is that you should not wait for problems to worsen before taking action.

Another interpretation of a sleeping tiger is a hidden force in your life, such as a talent. A friendly suggestion is to use these hidden talents so that you can be the best version of yourself. But the “hidden force” can also mean something unexpected happening in your life. So be watchful and be aware of what you are doing with your life.

Dream of Petting a Tiger

If you dream of caressing a tiger, you will excel in many areas of your life. It can be through a career progression or an improvement in your personal life. But, this dream can also translate as your desire to do things that are unnatural to you. You may want to try a new hobby because anything new to you catches your interest.

Dreaming of a Circus Tiger

When you experience a dream of seeing a circus tiger, it means that you must be careful of your decisions. A recommendation is to take your time to think before you act. If you do not do so, then you might get betrayed. The possible people who will betray you are close friends and colleagues. So know which people are genuine and who are just there to see you fail.

Another interpretation of this dream is safety. The people who intend to hurt you will not succeed. But be more observant of your dream because if the circus tiger is alert, it is a bad sign. The message of a wary tiger is that danger is looming around the corner.

Dreaming of a Dead Tiger

If you dreamt of a dead tiger, this means that you are experiencing a difficult time in life. But the good news is that you will be able to solve the problem soon. So start brainstorming solutions and do not let the issue snowball. If you let it snowball into a bigger problem, then it might become unsolvable in the end. Remember, the power of a dream to change your life depends on your willingness to take action.


This topic on tiger dreams is interesting because, in the real world, it is a ferocious species. Many people fear the tiger and may even feel afraid of dreaming about this animal. But when dreaming of tigers, it usually has a positive interpretation. An example would be the ability to overcome life's obstacles. But if not positive, then a warning and a helpful tip about how you live your life is its purpose.

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