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Tsunami Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Emotional Forces

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Have you experienced dreaming about a tsunami? You might have felt terrible when you woke up. Having this kind of dream is beyond scary that you might wonder what this dream could mean. If you're curious about what this dream holds, join us as we travel down the path of dreams and meanings.

Having a tsunami dream can be very stressful and create a sense of anxiety that can lead to a panic attack. This dream` usually appears when you are under a lot of stress and is very emotional. This dream has something to do with collective emotional forces.

This dream can hold various interpretations based on the details of your dream. Thus, when you wake up from your dream, it's essential to list down those details. The details are essential to have a footing in finding the related meaning of your dream.

If you're depressed, you're likely also to have this dream. Thus, it's vital to assess your dream and try to see which part of your life your dream resonates with.

So, without much further ado, unravel the meaning of your tsunami dream with us below.

The Meaning Behind Tsunami Dream

●    Experiencing Tsunami With Family Dream

Dreaming about a tsunami with your family in it means you are waiting for approval. You could be waiting for the approval of your family whenever you make a decision. Nonetheless, if you become too dependent on your family's approval, you wouldn't have a life of your own.

Understandably, family opinions matter a lot, and you do need them when you make a big decision. But, waiting for approval is an entirely different thing. Try to have the courage to get away from your family's shadow because only by then you will see your true potential.

Similar to having a dream about ocean waves , the dream could also mean that you lack the confidence in getting out in your family's shadow. You're too comfortable and dependent on them that you're losing your stability. It's not bad for your family to have a pre-made decision for you. What's terrible is not voicing out how you feel even when you feel terrible.

It could be hard to step away from things that you are so used to. Nonetheless, if you want changes, you might as well change yourself first. Change can only happen if you start to change yourself for the better.

●    Escaping a Tsunami Dream

Similar to the dream of a building collapsing, dreaming that you've escaped a tsunami means that you are trying to survive in your waking life. It could be that you are having significant problems and you are trying to run away from them. You could be afraid of facing them as you believed that you're not capable of solving them.

If this resonates with you, you may start considering facing your problems in life. Remember that these problems won't go away if you only run from them. It's also possible that they will build-up over time, and you will even have a more difficult time by then.

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●    Surviving a Tsunami Dream

To dream that you've survived a tsunami signifies trust in the universe. You could be having doubts about the universe's plan for you, but you have now come to a point where you start to believe. It could be that you've experienced the supernatural providence from the universe.

You could also be facing hard times in your waking life. But, you are firm with your belief that the universe got you. You could also be leaving a toxic relationship that has flushed down your grit.

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●    Drowning in a Tsunami Dream

Dreaming that you've drowned in a tsunami means something is missing in your life. It could also be that you are drowning in the negative emotions in your waking life. Whatever your situation could be, you're letting the universe handle everything for you.

You are putting your trust in the universe, and the universe is doing something to pay you back for your trust. At first, you'll find it hard to know where to start, but you'll have a clear view of which way to go as time goes by.

●    Seeing a Tsunami from Above Dream

Seeing a tsunami from above indicates your tumultuous innermost emotions. It could be that you are suppressing your emotions, and it's starting to take a toll on your mental health. Consider opening up to others to reduce the burden you feel inside and make you feel better.

The dream also represents your kind and loving nature. You love to comfort those struggling with problems and try to listen to them with all your heart. You are a compassionate person, and the universe will reward you for that.

This dream also indicates that a supernatural power is protecting you. You have a connection with higher powers that can help you during your most difficult times.

Dreaming about a tsunami from above also signifies that you a suited as an intuitive healer. You could also be a great fit as a counselor, therapist, or nurse. Helping others during their needs is very fulfilling for you.

●    Recurring Tsunami Dream

When your tsunami dream kept on repeating, it signifies spiritual struggles. You could be dealing with material things too much that you don't have time for spiritual things. It could be that you are slowly tuning out with your spirituality because of material things.

Having material things in life isn't bad. It's actually essential for us, humans. Nonetheless, if these things become your top priority, that's where it goes wrong. It would be best if you try to learn how to balance these two to avoid any conflict.

Tsunami dreams correlate with spiritual things. It could b signifying something that you need to change in your life or things that you should avoid. It could also be calling you to align with your higher self.

Typically, this type of dream involves the feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. It likewise tells about your fear of losing control over your life and the situation around you.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Tsunami

In spiritual symbolism, the tsunami correlates to the water element. Water signifies the flow of emotions, spirit, intuition, as well as perspective. We are all connected in spirit and come from the One Source of life.

Problems, issues, and disasters are there to us remember that we need to be humble and not be prideful. It also tells us that we need to trust the universe because we are only a small fragment made by the Source of life.

When you dream about a tsunami, it means you are afraid to trust and let go in the spiritual sense. It could be that you are a very self-sufficient person, that's why you're having some doubts to let go. You are afraid to lose control over your life, and that's understandable.

Nonetheless, trying to trust the universe will always be a good thing for you and everyone. The universe will never put your life at risk or ruin your future. As long as you trust, you'll be in the right hands.

Things to Assess in Your Waking Life

  • Check if you currently have anxiety or depression.
  • Check your feelings if you are happy, sad, or feeling any other emotions.
  • Check if you have ever wanted to change your current life.
  • Ask yourself if you have you want more than what you have.

If your answer is affirmative to any of these assessments, your spiritual life is at a loss. It will help if you balance your physical reality with your spiritual life to avoid a collision.


A tsunami dream can be terrifying, that you will ask yourself what it could possibly mean. Nonetheless, the meaning of this dream could be vast and varied. It could be that this dream is telling you to face your problems or fears.

The dream could also be giving you some information about your spirituality. It could also reveal the bottled-up emotions that need to get released from you to be free. You could also be denying the request of your higher self.

The dream also foretells that you will gain inner strength once you decided to face the waves of your life. You will never be alone in your journey, as the universe will be with you through it all. All you need to do is to trust and learn how to surrender.

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