Twin Flame Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks: How to deal with them? -

Twin Flame Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks: How to deal with them?

Twin flames' affection makes them incredibly connected, and they cannot tolerate separation. They constantly worry about each other, which could lead to different anxiety levels.

Dealing with anxiety and anxiety attacks can be challenging. Identifying the triggers, making changes, and relaxing help significantly. 

What is Twin Flame Anxiety?

Twin flames may face problems that could result in stress and anxiety. The most common emotions associated with it are confusion and helplessness.

If you suspect you are experiencing twin flame anxiety, you feel you are on edge. You have recurrent negative thoughts out of the blue that could affect your mood.

What are the signs of having anxiety attacks?

You may suspect that you have anxiety, so read on. 

You sweat uncontrollably even when it's not that humid. You will likely wet your armpits, forehead, and hands with cold sweat dripping. 

You are likely to experience shortness of breath and difficulty of breathing. It feels like you have gone up the stairs quickly and that you need to catch your breath.

It may also feel like you are choking because you are grasping for air. You want to breathe freely so badly that it feels like you are drowning without water.

You may also have complaints having chest pain. The chest area seems heavy and painful and may spread to nearby areas.

You may feel a bit of tightness, and it aches like it is being squeezed. It is an uncomfortable pressure, making you feel weak or light-headed. 

You feel dizzy, and you are likely to faint. Your legs lose their power to stand firm, and you have no will to stand for some time. 

Another sign is when you notice that you are trembling. The most common part of the body that shakes a lot is the hands, and it is also possible for the entire body to quiver. 

The tingling continues to other extremities, like on your arms and legs. Sometimes, it causes numbness throughout your body, and you may want to massage it.

You have a fear of losing yourself during these times. But what truly makes you afraid is losing control over yourself and your surroundings.

You can feel heart palpitations or an increase in your heart rate. It's like it is beating fast that your heart is racing but not in a good way.

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What causes twin flame anxiety?

Missing Twin Flame

Thinking about each other makes you want to know everything. You want to see if they are doing great and what keeps them busy. 

You explore your mind of possible scenarios to comfort yourself. You worry a lot if they do not answer your calls or reply to your messages. 

You worry about them if something is wrong or if they are alright. It keeps bogging you whether they are safe or in trouble. 

You always want to take care of them, and keeping tabs on them is necessary. You feel like you must make sure they are secure.

Twin Flame Separation Anxiety 

During the separation stage, you worry about how long you will have to wait for them. You wonder if they will return to you shortly. 

Other circumstances add to the length of being away from each other. The latest one is when the pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. 

It forces people to stay isolated, and traveling across countries is not allowed. It becomes more challenging for twin flames who are living in different countries. 

It becomes impossible to see each other, given the situation. It prolongs the agony of twin flames and bottles more worries. 

You fear what will happen next because the events are uncontrollable. You assume your twin flame is coming back soon, but due to unforeseen obstacles, it takes longer. 

It seems like it will take a while, and you're afraid they cannot wait for you. It troubles you if you are moving forward towards union or will stay separated. 

Twin Flame Reunion Anxiety 

The twin flame reunion anxiety is when you get terrified and thrilled at the same time. From a separation phase, and now you are approaching a reunion.

Sometimes you feel anxious and uneasy even if you want this to happen. You hope for the day you reconnect and reunite with your twin flame.

You may feel apprehensive because of various reasons. One of them is making the same mistakes before you parted ways.

Both of you may or may not have learned your lesson after the breakup. The distance may give you the space you need to grow.

Just like a plant taking space for its roots to grow, people can benefit from it too. You allow yourself to sort things out and reflect on your mistakes.

But you are still unsure if things go back to the way before. You get nervous after feeling the excitement for the reunion.

It has been one of the things you are looking forward to happening. Yet you still worry that your anticipation could lead to devastation.

You are likely to get anxious because you are afraid you will get hurt again. You are scared of disappointment and discomfort.

The fear of the unknown takes over you. It is ultimately the culprit that is making you so stressed out lately.

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How to deal with Twin Flame Anxiety?

Believe in Connection

Believe in your twin flame and your indestructible bond with each other. Remember that the both of you belong together despite the distance.

Whether in a platonic friendship or romantic relationship, your twin flame is with you. They always want to be with you as much as you want to be with them. 

You can always feel their presence even if they are not physically with you. Your special soul connection allows you to do that, and you can even try telepathic communication.

Talk to them and believe that they can hear or read your thoughts. When you connect with them more often, you maximize and relive the love that goes deeper.

Talk to Support Group

If you belong to a twin flame community, you can share your feelings with them. They are likely the closest people who understand you because they have gone through them too.

When you talk to people who feel and think the same, you feel that you are not alone. They can give you insights that you can use to help you feel better.

You can also consult your spiritual guide, psychic, or counselor. They have more experience and can guide you to overcome anxiety and its attacks. 

Connect with your Loved Ones

If you haven't talked with the people you love, it is a great time to reach out to them. It is best not to direct all your attention to your twin flame.

Yes, they mean the world to you, but you don't have to live your life around them. Other people need you, and you also need other people like your friends and family.

Try to keep a healthy communication and relationship with them. You can schedule family trips, gatherings, or even simple lunch out. 

Keeping your social life active will entertain you. It will also guard you against anxiety and stress as long as you connect with non-toxic people.

Monitor your Emotions

It is best to take care of yourself in difficult situations, not just for yourself but for your twin flame. The oneness of the twin flames allows them to share their feelings regardless of time and space.

When you are worried or depressed, it could also worry your twin. You hurt them in a way that is not intentional because you are not mindful of your feelings.

Focus on your emotions and see how they affect your life and your partner. Embracing your feelings rather than hide will help you surpass difficulties quicker.

Moreover, be realistic about your perspectives. Your twin flame is far from perfect, and so are you.

Most things in this world are also imperfect, so be less of a perfectionist. Being a control freak somehow worsens your negative outlook on life.

Take your Time

As much as you pay attention to your twin flame's needs, it would be best if you did that to yourself also. You tend to drain more rapidly if you ignore your needs and prioritize others.

The energy intended to lift you and push you to something more significant is compromised. Beware of anything that affects you and your connection.

Take your time in identifying what's wrong and reflect on yourself. Give yourself some time to assess and improve yourself.

Don't be too hard on yourself because pressure can also cause anxiety. Instead of worrying, be confident and trust the process you are going through.

Adapting to this habit may take a while if you constantly worry that much. But once you let go of uncontrollable things, you feel lighter. 

Enjoy Life

There is much more to life to enjoy rather than worrying about things beyond your control. It will make you less anxious and appreciate the beautiful things around you more.

Focusing on the negative expounds it, further releasing more negativity. As a result, undesirable things happen because it is what reflects in your aura.

Enjoying what life offers does not have to be extravagant or expensive. You can try mundane things such as walking in parks and exercising at the gym.

You can visit places and enjoy the scenery or taste local cuisines. You can do many beautiful activities if you know where to look. 

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Focus on Self-Development

Life gives you lessons through many situations to improve yourself. The twin flame journey is also about an individual's spiritual growth.

So, it is ideal for focusing on your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. Your social life is also essential because no man is an island. 

It would help if you improved as an individual for your twin flame to improve. You mirror and balance each other to develop towards becoming the best version of yourself.

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