Twin Flame Blocked Me - Why and What to Do Now? -

Twin Flame Blocked Me – Why and What to Do Now?

If you came across this article, then chances are your twin flame is not with you right now. Your twin flame may have blocked you on all social media and stopped all forms of communicating with you.

It definitely feels frustrating because when you were together, the connection was profound and undeniably special. You never thought that there would even be a separation between you and your twin flame because you thought that you two would be inseparable.

This is not at all true because the journeys of twin flames are different from each other, and some of them are destined to be separated for some time. Realize that your twin flame will pull away from one way or another, especially if you are not ready for the ultimate union. The immediate reaction is to become angry and think that the connection is not worth it, and you, yourself, may attempt to run away.

Comparing the Twin Flame Relationship from Other Relationships

Going no contact with your twin flame is different from blocking between any other two souls. This is because a twin flame relationship is far more meaningful and deep than karmic relationships that you may have once experienced. A karmic relationship is not meant to last because it teaches you lessons for you to get ready for the ultimate union with your soulmate or twin flame.

A twin flame is also far different from a soulmate because a soulmate is your perfect match, and a twin flame is your perfect mirror. Although a soulmate connection is still strong, a twin flame is far more intense than it. A soulmate is one that you ought to marry, settle down with, and start a family with.

A twin flame is someone who is the other half of your ascended soul and is much harder to find than a soulmate. Your twin flame is your yin to your yang, your lightness to your darkness, and your day to your night and is bound to be with you when you are ready for the ultimate union.

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Why Did My Twin Flame Block Me?

The thing about no contact with a twin flame is naturally frustrating but is also part of a divine purpose. When twin flames first meet, there is this massive energetic exchange, and they have to exchange all of their information, including their memories, the way they were programmed as a kid, and even their experiences and ways from their previous lives.

Meeting your twin flame is like a sped-up “getting to know you” process, and you can instantly know all their past thoughts. This is like empathy with awareness of all their past memories, and you actually know things about them that you shouldn’t be able to know. Will all this information, realize that this is the result of your energetic download from your twin flame.

When you and your twin flame are in a harmonious relationship, it is probably the end of your story. However, with your situation now, you or your twin flame might be doing something wrong, and you wouldn’t be born if there were not things that needed healing.

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Twins meet in their previous lifetimes, but they will be in full physical union with each other in their later reincarnation. The relationships of twin flames may always seem platonic, and often they do meet in the worst of times, seemingly when they are not ready.

When you download all this information from your twin flame, all of that is beyond intense, and these energies work within you. You may have thought that the things that healed with you hadn’t healed at all, and patterns within yourself that make you feel like a monster resurface. With all this experience, you may actually wonder if you actually spiritually evolved, and this triggering is equally paired with your twin flame.

Speaking authentically, living with an ego is something that we’re supposed to be. We are supposed to build an ego, and we have to experience everything that life has to offer. These layers of ourselves are supposed to exist, and many of these structures may be aligned to our core selves.

Sometimes twin flames have to fall away because triggering these traumas and negative energies is so intense that twin flames need their sacred place apart from each other to allow the new energies to settle. These facets and parts of your life need to be deconstructed for them to completely fall away from within you. The twin flame connection is so heavy and intense, and some parts of our lives need to be let go.

These negative energies prevent you from being in your highest selves, and when your twin flame blocks you, they are blocking the pattern and the negative things you triggered that they aren’t ready to face. You need to know that there is a divine reason that they must face to be their highest selves.

From my experience, I was in such a bad place before meeting my twin flame. Exhausting myself from working two jobs, struggling to pay bills, and always so extremely lonely.

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What to Do When Your Twin Flame Blocked You?

Please do not be deceived by the separation of you and your lover because twin flames are never really separated. Because your connection is so intense, it is often impossible to do all of the healing work in the presence of your twin flame. You need to realize that you need to be separated to fully heal yourself from your past and whatever it is that has been holding you down.

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During this separation, take this time to learn to balance yourself to allow bad things to fall away. Know how to embrace the journey and work on the things that need to be worked on in order to enjoy the union with your twin flame. Another thing is always to remember that your twin flame is your perfect partner, and whatever it is that they’re letting you experience, you are giving off.

Take this time to look at yourself when you and your twin flame are not together, and they are not talking to you. Because if we look at the situation at a bigger picture when your twin flame blocked you because of the triggers you gave, you probably are having a hard time accepting the triggers they gave to you too.

You and your twin flame may have had arguments about things that caused your separation, and this may be because of insecurities and misunderstandings because of the things you have discovered from each other. If you think that your twin flame is blocking these negative feelings, you probably do the same.

That is why it is important to reflect on yourself because whatever it is that you’re giving off, you are getting. At this point of separation, you need to treat it as a sacred phase where you can heal and evolve, and you need to improve your spirituality to start being the highest version of yourself.

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