Twin Flame Brainwashing: Red flags to look out for! -

Twin Flame Brainwashing: Red flags to look out for!

Learn how to spot these manipulators. Break the cycle of manipulation and control in your relationships.

A false twin flame is a distraction from a real relationship. When you're in a relationship, it's essential to recognize the difference between a real flame and a false one.

This person may try to influence you by telling you that you are not good enough or that you need to change something about yourself.

They may also tell you that you need to be more religious or spiritual or that you need to be perfect.

Don’t believe if they say that no one will ever love you. You can always find someone else who has your best interest at heart.

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, don't regret the years. What happened was meant to teach you a valuable lesson, so you must experience it.

Your exes may have brainwashed you before so many times. As a result, do not know how to think for yourself anymore.

You got used to relying on them, and you don't know how to make decisions for yourself. Thus, you don't know how to distinguish between a good and a bad relationship.

This might also cause you to doubt your Twin Flame that is right in front of you at the moment.

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You need to understand that you are not the only one who has been through the same thing. Many people have been through the same thing and have been in the same situation.

This is a widespread problem that occurs in relationships. Most of the time, they have a bad side to them. It is a way for them to get attention from you, and it works.

They will do everything they can to keep you with them, making you believe that you are their soulmate.

You should be careful about the kind of relationship you are having with your twin flame. You should always keep your eyes and ears open when you are in a relationship.

If you don't know what is happening, you should think about leaving that person. You should never stay with someone trying to manipulate and brainwash you.

Never stay in a relationship that has red flags waving at you. Get out of it, especially when your instincts tell you they are brainwashing you.

You need to be very careful when it comes to a relationship. You have to constantly strive to improve yourself to easily walk out the door.

You will have enough energy and guts when it’s time to leave. You can always find someone who treats you right and help you grow.

Some people have been through a lot in life, and they cannot give up the idea that they can find love again. They think that by being in a relationship with someone else, they will never find happiness.

However, your false twin flame will slowly destroy you and cause you to self-destruct. When you are with your true twin, you feel like you are in a haven.

That is exactly what I experienced when I met my true Twin flame—an abundance of grace and growth.

I used to be in a really dark, lonely place before I knew my twin flame. I was overworking myself, struggling to make ends meet, and my loneliness was deafening. 

But upon meeting him, the business I established flourished and made me earn $11,300 during the first month, I finally moved into a bigger house, and blessings just kept pouring and pouring. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

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If not, you feel like you are constantly stepping into a danger zone. It's like tiptoeing or walking on eggshells where you're afraid of what happens next.

It adds to your anxiety and stress, which doesn't help you to grow at all. Whereas with your twin flame, you are striving for mutual growth.

They are very attached to the idea that they can be happy with another person. They try to convince you that you are their soul mate and they will be happy if you marry them.

These people will try to brainwash you to think that they are the only one for you. They may even try to control you and take away your freedom.

So, you should always be careful about your friends and your loved ones. You should not let yourself get into a relationship with someone who is trying to change you.

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You should not let your self-esteem get affected by these people. You should always be strong and make sure that you don't let them get to you.

It's important to know if your new flame will be there for you and see if you can trust them. You can tell if they are genuine by how they treat you and if they show respect.

If they are doing this, they are trying to show you that they care for you. You need to know that you are being loved, and you need to know that you are safe.

If you feel like you are being brainwashed, then you should break it off. You can't be with someone who is trying to control your life.

You will find that some people are toxic and can't see it. Even though you are the one they are in love with, they can't see that.

If you have been in a bad relationship before, you may acquire some personality traits that are not desirable. These traits can be hard to deal with, but you include them in your healing.

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Your partner always talks about the past instead of the future. They talk about past mistakes and how you have changed not to their liking.

They tell you that you are not as smart or attractive as they are. Your partner makes you feel like you are not good enough or bad at anything.

On the other hand, your actual twin flame knows how to treat you. They look after your well-being and assist you in your soul evolution.

You can feel that your partner is constantly telling you how great you are. They make you feel like you are the best in the world.

You can feel that they are constantly telling you how wonderful you are in what you do. This is a prevalent phenomenon, especially in the case of twin flames. 

Don't believe everything that your partner says to you. Sometimes, they say what they do just to make you feel bad.

They say things like, “you don't do anything for me,” and you mustn't let these things get to you.  

There is a lot of brainwashing that goes on in a relationship. Most people don’t realize that they are being brainwashed because they become blinded.

They think that they are doing everything right and that they are doing the best that they can. This is why you need to be aware of how your partner treats you.

It is imperative to know what is going on and be aware of if there is a problem. You need to find out if there is a real issue.  

Your twin flame partner is brainwashing you if they flip back and forth. They say one thing to you, but their actions do not reflect it.

They seem like they have an alter ego that they can switch on and off. They want to have a façade that acts nice in front of them.

They will be good to you when you are with them. But once you are not around, they become mean and still try to manipulate you.

You can't assume that your partner is being honest all the time. There are many people out there who could take you to their advantage.

However, their true intentions lie within and hidden from you. They want to be with you, but they are not showing what you want to see.

They seem to hide behind their shadows and face you with some hidden agenda. Although you are unaware of these things, you have a gut feeling about it.

When you are excited to try new things, but they don't really like them, they tend to detach from you. They act as energy vampires where they suck your positive energy.

You feel drained and sluggish for the things you used to love. They influence you on something else or somewhat force you to be someone else.

You feel like they like to force you to believe in their beliefs. They want you to follow them in almost everything like beliefs, orders, etc.

Being born to different earthly families, raising you and your twin flame quite differently. So, you have different backgrounds and belief systems.

If not wholly awakened to the higher truth, they bring up how their family raised them. As a result, they carry family traditions, superstitions, and practices.

You would clash most of the time when pointing out how one of you grew up. It can be stressful how they can let you choose between your family and them.

It seems impossible for both parties to get along. But if they are really your twin flame, it is part of the learning process.

Sometimes, they mirror your fears and doubts. And so, they tend to jump to conclusions based on their thoughts and feelings.

They no longer consider your opinion, and they listen only to themselves.

They have an obsession with worldly things: wealth, success, careers, etc. They may be jealous of your success or just be insecure.

They talk about your looks instead of your personality. Even with the way you dress, they pick it out on you.

You feel restricted to dress what you want to wear because of their standards. They want to let you wear something that isn't your style.

It’s not that this action is always negative. It’s worse when they constantly nag you about it and require you to change for them.

You end up not being comfortable with what you wear. Thus, you lose your self-confidence, and you are not yourself anymore.

It’s like they put you into a mold where you should take the shape of it. They tend to create a new you instead of loving every bit of you.

Although the choice of clothes is less serious at first, it tends to pile up in every aspect. They would feel that they are superior to you because you always agree with them.

You may look for love in all the wrong places and seek it from the wrong people. It only makes the situation worse instead of resolving the issues head-on.

The Universe orchestrated your twin flame journey, and it leads you to something meaningful.

For a perfect twin flame journey like everyone else's, be with the right person to avoid wasting your time on people who are not meant to be in your life. 

To achieve that, I highly recommend checking out Psychic Jane as she has the talent to identify and draw the face of your Twin Flame. She has been gifted with strong abilities in both Clairvoyance (the ability to see) and Clairsentience (the ability to feel). Reach out to her and you’ll be stunned by the results. Click here to get started >> 

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