Twin Flame Chaser Characteristics: Are you a Chaser? -

Twin Flame Chaser Characteristics: Are you a Chaser?

There's no question that Twin Flames have a strong physical and spiritual connection. What are the signs that you might be a Twin Flame Chaser?

Certain character traits are common in Twin Flame chasers. You often have a history of being attracted to unavailable partners. 

First and foremost, it is important to become emotionally stronger and more balanced. This means becoming less reactive and more proactive in your life.

It is best to take care of yourself emotionally and mentally as a twin flame chaser. While the runner is away, feeling devastated is common.

Doubts and self-esteem seem to be at their lowest. But the situation will make you both better persons and prepare you for your union. 

It may sound cliché, but it's really not you. You just have to get through this stage and continue learning. 

Additionally, it is helpful to work on developing self-love and self-confidence. It is also beneficial to let go of any anger or resentment you may harbor. 

These negative feelings will only push your twin flame away. The energy you are extending must be full of positivity to attract good vibes. 

What is a Twin Flame Chaser?

In a twin flame relationship, two people are deeply in love with each other. But the intensity of love between them can affect the oneness of their souls.

As twin flames mirror themselves in many ways, it can be overwhelming. 

You can see yourself that you haven't realized before, which confuses you. 

They can put everything on hold today in hopes of a better future. It is because, at this relationship stage, they have to deal with personal issues.

They may have a pattern of getting too attached or obsessive too soon. They may also have low self-confidence and feel unworthy of love.

Chasers are the ones who pursue the runner in twin flame relationships. They are the ones who feel that their loved one does not reciprocate their love. 

They are more spiritually evolved and awakened. Sometimes, they have unrealistic expectations and believe their partner is perfect. 

On the other hand, the runners get scared of the intensity they feel. It is so profound that they cannot fathom it, which makes them petrified. 

They may turn to other people or things that can distract them. But the runner has to run because they need it.

The time during separation can help them develop spiritually. Their soul needs to grow separately and go through evolution. 

Before the reconnection of twin flames is necessary to strengthen the relationship. 

Find out more about some of the most common characteristics of Twin Flame Chasers.

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What are the Characteristics of a Twin Flame Chaser?


Twin Flame chasers often have a strong desire to fix or rescue their partner. You often put the other person's needs before their own. 

You can be codependent in their relationship. As a result, you are very attentive to their surroundings.

Your awareness is high, and you tend to notice everything and everyone. You can pick up what others are feeling, especially with their twin flame.


In addition, you're highly intuitive and can read people very well. You may seem complicated and complex, but it's because you're intelligent.

Although you appear timid sometimes, you carry it like an introductory mask. Once you reveal the true you, you are courageous.

You are sensitive to the energy fields around you. Not just on people or objects, but you can see it with animals, too. 

You have the ability to pick up subtle changes of their twin flame and others. You can easily sense a person's tone of voice, slight gestures, and facial expressions.

 You can tell if someone is lying to them with it. It also helps you to avoid getting hurt or being taken advantage of.

You can do well in their business because you can tell if someone is trustworthy or not. 

Sometimes, intuition is paired with premonition. You have dreams that allow you to sense what their twin flame feels and thinks.

Deeply Spiritual

Since a twin flame chaser is deeply spiritual, you are less materialistic. You have a strong sense of purpose in your life when you're aligned with your spirit. 

Because you understand the journey that takes place, you stay motivated. You focus on things that matter, especially when things get tough. 

It helps you significantly in decision-making. But you are usually down to earth and do not require many things to be happy.

As a result, you do not need a lot of money to indulge in possessions. You are not interested in spending on unnecessary things that will make you feel bad afterward. 

You are more likely inclined to help others without returns. You find joy in seeing others doing well as well. 


You have so much passion in your heart as a twin flame chaser. You feel things with so much intensity, which makes you very passionate.

You have many outlets like hobbies to express yourself freely. It can be various things which may include art, craftsmanship, or talent in singing or dancing. 

But that doesn't stop there because you are passionate about people, careers, and relationships. You are willing to fight for anything or anyone you love.

You believe that you have finally found the person they are meant to be with. You will do anything to make that relationship work.

You may be very clingy and needy at the beginning of the relationship. They are often very optimistic about the relationship and believe that it is meant to be.

Sadly, it can also lead to being highly possessive. You think that you alone can make the other happy and no one else can.

As a result, you become too possessive in your twin flame relationship. You worry that someone else is trying to steal your partner from you. 

Or you overthink that your twin flame is having an affair. Bottom-line, you have distrust for them, and they will feel it tremendously.

It can suffocate your partner, and they may feel restricted in the things they want to do. You can also feel jealousy when they spend time with their friends or relatives.

But twin flame chasers still go through a difficult phase, and you also struggle to overcome them.

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      During the separation, the most common experience is an emotional wound because of hurtful rejection.

      You can imagine even a small rejection hurts much more with your twin flame. It gets harder and more painful as time goes by.

      It can be a source of mood swings because your mood has been affected. Sometimes, it does affect not only your mood but also your perception of yourself.

      You can get angry at little stuff, which may also lead to aggression. 


      It is completely normal to be confused with everything that's going on. You believe that you can have your happily ever after right there. 

      But unfortunately, love stories also have their endeavors and issues to settle. And for twin flames, the instant and the intense bond can be a magical feeling.

      There are so many things why chasers feel confused. It may be because both of you need to grow more separately.

      The timing may not be right, and one of you is still emotionally or spiritually immature. You end up working on these things to allow yourself to raise your vibrations.


      Whether you admit it or not, you blame yourself for everything that's happening. You always think about what things you may have done to frighten them.

      Well, in fact, you are making things worse with your blaming. Unfortunately, self-blame can also be because of your past controlling or abusive relationships.

      You may have carried that burden to the present, and it's an aspect you need to heal first. You focus on who's to blame and sometimes claim it to stop the argument.


      When their twin flame runs away, it's like a piece of your heart has been taken away. Your other half is turning the other way, and you feel empty.

      The split between the two twin flames is a heartbreaking scene. You feel incomplete and sense that you have lost a part of yourself.

      It can also be feeling like there's no point in living life. You get to encounter the “dark night of the soul,” which we'll explain in another article.


      The feeling of emptiness is not only on the physical level but can also manifest physically. It is like a hollow feeling or chest pain, which makes you lethargic.

      It is an unbearable pain you experience when losing your twin flame. You may feel shocked and confused, as mentioned after they run away.

      You begin to question yourself what you did wrong, or isn't your love too much? The physical discomfort sets in after endless overthinking.

      You can experience headaches and sleep disturbances because of overanalyzing things. When you have no good sleep, you lose your appetite and may have indigestion. 


      Twin flame chasers are more accepting of the situation that has happened. Even though you want to bring back your twin flame so bad, you accept it.

      It doesn't mean that you are already giving up. It's more on being aware of the moment with fewer judgments and more trusting.

      You trust the process and are likely to feel better about the circumstances. You feel calmer, and it helps you think less about negative thoughts. 


      The signs from the Universe are telling you that you are on the right track. You sense that the spirits guide you throughout the process.

      Many opportunities keep pouring in. You become more optimistic about things, and you attract positive vibes. 

      As you chase your runner through time, it can be exhausting. But you continue to persevere because you know the result, a twin flame reunion. 

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