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How To Effectively Use Twin Flame Crystals?

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Before we talk about what crystals are important in this Twin Flame journey, let us first discuss how these crystals will help you. If we go back to our Physics class, we can recall that the Universe is energy, atoms that are vibrating in frequencies.

What are Crystals?

If we look at the low end of the spectrum, there is fear, shame, and guilt, and if we look at it at the atomic level, there are atoms that move slow and heavy way. If we now look at the higher end of the spectrum, there is joy, peace, and love, and here, the atoms move in a fast and light way.

Crystals have atomic structures that are very high vibrational, and human bodies have a low frequency of vibration. These crystals will help us raise our vibrations because they align in higher vibrations than our bodies.

Our human bodies have different chakras that are associated with different colors, and the colors of each chakra in our system resonate with the colors of the crystals or gemstones we use. The different colors of these crystals have different high-length rays and different vibrations. We can use these frequencies of crystals to help us energize, raise, cleanse, and purify our energies.

Ways to Use Crystals

It is important to know that these crystals will not do your Ascension and clearing work for you, and they will solely stir up the negativity that needs to be released and life your vibrations. It is advisable to keep the crystals in your space for a few days to test your reaction to them because it interacts with your energy.

It is good to keep these crystals by your bedside or meditate because their impact on our aura and energy systems will be more noticeable when we are relaxed. Some of the crystals also absorb negative energy, and when we are asleep, the crystal interacts with our auric fields, and it will be able to uplift and protect us.

Before moving forward, I want you to first reflect the purpose of doing this. Is this because you think they can help you change for the better? Because twin flames can do that to your life. 

I used to be in such a dark and melancholic place before meeting my twin flame. I worked two jobs, struggled to pay bills and rent, and spent each day feeling lonely.

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After meeting him, I started a business and earned $11,300 the first month, moved into a bigger home, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

The Crystals that will Help You in the Twin Flame Journey

These following crystals will heal blockages and will enable you to open your heart to accept your Twin Flame into your life:

  1. Moonstone – If you are arguing with your twin flame, and it may seem like you need a little help to allow you to understand your partner more, you can give your twin flame a moonstone on the night of the full moon to increase and keep the passion between the connection.
  2. Leopard-Skin Jasper – If you are in a long-distance relationship with your twin flame, it is best to place it beside your bed or under your pillow for comfort.
  3. Black Tourmaline – If you and your twin flame have obstacles in between your relationships like negative energies, entities, and destructive forces, this crystal will act as a psychic shield.
  4. Aquamarine – This crystal reminds us that the soul must evolve along the pathway, and it is a valuable crystal for twin flames.
  5. Rhodonite – This crystal balances our Alpha and Omega energies and will help us achieve Tantric Union to become the highest versions of ourselves even in the presence of our twin flames.
  6. Black Onyx – If you are still confused about this whole journey of twin flames, the Black Onyx will help you become the Master of this destiny.
  7. Black Obsidian – This crystal will help you heal your soul in this lie and your past lives, and this will pave the way to have the unconditional love you are aiming for.
  8. Rhodochrosite – If you still are not in union with your twin flame, this crystal needs to be used to attract your twin flame love because it is in tune with the frequency of love and forgiveness.
  9. Amethyst – The amethyst is one of the most popular crystals there is, and it helps us fulfill our Mission on Earth and protect us from psychic attacks.
  10. Peridot – Just like the Black Onyx, the Peridot will also help you understand this journey you are going through and your spiritual purpose here in the 3D realm.
  11. Magnetite – To help us work with our Twin Flame Mission, Magnetite will help us to temporarily align our chakras and connect us to the energies of the Earth.
  12. Coral Quartz – This crystal will help twin flames in their journey because it pulses with the energy of pure unconditional love.
  13. Clear Quartz – This crystal is perfect for Twin Flames because it honors Mother Earth and Kundalini. Kundalini Awakening is important in the journey of Twin Flames because it will help us how to love our partners unconditionally and people in general.
  14. Sunstone – To stimulate the personal power of attraction of Twin Flames, they can use this particular crystal.
  15. Watermelon Tourmaline – This crystal promotes love, spiritual awakening, joy, and peace, which will be helpful for twins to understand this whole journey.
  16. Green Adventurine – This crystal will help you get closer to your Spirit Guides, and this will help you show empathy for others.
  17. Rose Quartz – This crystal is popular for love in many forms, including love between Twin Flames. This will strengthen your relationship because it inspires the Love of Beauty in yourself and your Twin Flame.
  18. Citrine – This crystal helps us enjoy and move forward on our Twin Flame journey with a positive mindset, and it is helpful in all aspects of this journey.
  19. Blue Lace Agate – The Blue Lace Agate helps us to accept love and eliminates resentment and bitterness within ourselves.
  20. Ruby in Fuchsite – The Ruby in Fuchsite helps us keep our individuality and self-worth in this 3D reality we live in as it strengthens our Spiritual connections.
  21. Garnet – This crystal will simply make you more attractive to your Twin Flame.
  22. Carnelian – The crystal, Carnelian, helps us alleviate jealousy and possessiveness in this Twin Flame relationship.
  23. Chevron Amethyst – This crystal will help us stimulate our third eye and will enable us to find a positive answer to our problems, especially in this Twin Flame Journey.

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You should also be 100% certain first that you want them in your life, or that the connection between you is real. 

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The Best Ways to Clean Your Crystals

Like any cellular phone, your crystals need to be recharged as well so that they can be used to their maximum potential. It is very important that we clean and charges our crystals because we will never know who touched that crystal and left their energy there.

It is advisable to clean your crystals whenever they were touched by somebody else other than yourself. In this portion of the article, you will be given ways to clean your crystals.

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  1. When your crystals are not brittle, you can wash them with sea salt and water to get rid of any unwanted energy accumulated in your crystals. However, if your crystal has little holes, you cannot clean it in saltwater because it will be damaged. It is also better if you add dried sage, basil, or lavender because it will enhance the bath’s cleansing effect.
  2. You can also simply use running water to clean crystals, and while you are doing it, you ask the Universe to clean the negative energy from the crystals. You can imagine a ray of white light and filling it with wisdom.
  3. Crystals like Carnelian and Clear Quartz are actually associated with purification, and these can be used to clean other stones from the negative energy they may possess. All you need to do is stack these stones on top of any crystal that needs to be cleaned off.
  4. Place your crystals underneath the full moon, and these will soak up some of the lunation’s energy that will it clean them.
  5. You can also use distilled water that has been left under the energy of the full moon to use it to bathe your crystals. We call it “moon water,” and you can use it to soak crystals to clean them.
  6. By simply visualizing that you are cleaning your crystal, it is also a way to cleanse them. All you need to do is hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize a ray of light that is washing over it.
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Steps to Program your Crystals

  1. Hold the crystal with your left hand because the left side is the receiving side.
  2. Stand in any natural light and say an affirmation of “I will use this crystal to the highest good, and for it to be used in love and light.”
  3. While still holding the crystal in your left hand, think about whatever it is that you want the crystal to support you with and speak to it into existence.
  4. After you envision whatever it is that you want from your crystal, recite an affirmation of “This crystal is for (your purpose).”

It is important to store your crystals inside a pouch or wrap them in a silk scarf away from sunlight to keep them safe.

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