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Twin Flame Depression: How to overcome it?

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Twin flames relationship is about two people who help each other grow. You are the two opposites that create balance in each other's arms.

However, you go through obstacles that could end up in depression. Overcoming depression may take effort and willingness to push through with life.

Like The yin and yang, the sun and star, it shows how you complement each other. On the other hand, they reflect your deepest desires and darkness.

As mirror souls, you cannot hide anything from them. They shadow back any fear, trauma, and insecurities.

Moreover, not only the negative side but also your true inner beauty and power resurface. You glow better because there's no need to keep secrets.

Keeping secrets can create a big deal of trust issues. But as for twin flames, your understanding opens to emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth.

However, there will be a time that you must experience painful stages in your relationship. It is not always sunshine on the road to going forever.

Sometimes, we also need rain and storms to test how we resolve them. It is part of the reason why all twin flames must endure and overcome trials together.

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What are the causes of Twin Flame Depression?

Twin Flame Depression is most common during the separation phase because it is agonizing and terrifying.

Even though you know this day can come, you still cannot prepare for the excruciating pain. It hits you hard when you least expect it because there is no exact pattern in the turn of events.

Lack of Self-Love

Being separated from your twin flame is heartbreaking, and you doubt yourself. You feel inferior when you are left alone, and your self-esteem diminishes.

You lose your self-confidence, thinking your twin flame hates you, and you feel that you are not worthy of being happy. You often disregard yourself as if you want to please your partner more.

But twin flame relationships are about loving oneself. Self-love becomes a prerequisite for twin flames to make their relationship work and sail smoothly.

The more you take care of yourself, the more your twin flame values you. They appreciate what you do for yourself and them.

It is necessary to embrace your individuality and respect any differences from your partner. You may have the same soul imprints, but your upbringing is not the same.

There won't be true love without knowing Self-love in the first place. Unconditional love between twin flames isn't about codependence and neediness.

Sometimes this is what is lacking in most relationships. That’s why they collapsed.


Most people get hurt when they force something to happen at the wrong time. Many times events occur which are not part of our plans.

There are no certainties in life, and you are not moving in a straight line. Our paths are designed to have ups and downs and detours to make them more challenging and exciting.

It becomes more interesting than being able to predict what happens next, right? So, timing is vital in twin flame relationships because it is what the Universe has in store for us.

Trusting the Divine timing gives life more meaning. Even though we don't know the reasons yet, most of the time, we still charge it to experience.

One day, we will look back and understand why it happened. It is best to surrender and hope that what we are waiting for will come at the right time.

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More Lessons to Learn

Sometimes we have less experience in various things, which makes us naive. There are many trials in life that we must go through to succeed.

It is just like starting a business, for example. As a neophyte, you have less knowledge about the business world compared to big companies.

You may have to experience rejection for your business proposals. Or you may receive unsolicited criticism on how to run your business.

But as you go through failures, you get to learn from your mistakes. You can distinguish what works and what does not.

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As a result, experience and knowledge can get you to success. You climb up the ladder while overcoming hurdles will make you resilient.

So for twin flames, you may have to fall and be at your worst. With it, the best things can arrive soon, and you will appreciate the bad times.

You can always get up and stand tall when you fall and make mistakes. You become braver, stronger, and more patient in love.

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When you make wrong decisions, sometimes it makes you more cautious. You are now careful with your words and actions that could affect your partner.

Life gives situations to prepare you for whatever is coming your way. You may have had significant relationships and friendships before you met your twin flame.

All of them are necessary to train you in entering a twin flame relationship. As you have more lessons, you will become wiser in dealing with and carrying out this kind of relationship.

Some instances will give your insight, while others can leave you crushed. But what's important is that you never give up and are still hopeful for better days.

More Healing

Most of the time, pain and sadness lead to depression. Frequently it is the result of such separations that twin flames can never escape.

There is a purpose behind every struggle and pain in this life. But as long as you understand what aspect you need to heal, you can survive anything.

All of us have the ability to learn to handle the situation. No matter how many tears you shed or how many counselors you talked to.

How long it will last also depend on many factors. They can be your karmic obligations or debts, lessons, and how quickly you learn to let go.

Letting go of ego, pride, blame, and judgment, to name a few. But as you undergo self-learning or a spiritual guide, the reward of the pain is worth it.


Age is just a number when it comes to maturity psychologically and spiritually. Everyone has their own pace in growing, not just physically but also on the soul level.

One of the main causes of twin flame separation is being immature. When you are not yet ready to recognize immense emotions, you may have issues coping with them.

Most likely, you refuse to swallow your pride because of your ego. The greater your ego, the more you scrap the idea of letting emotions take over you.

You become stubborn; basically, the control you always wanted is no longer yours. The runner usually has this issue.

They run away from the person or situation that makes them feel powerless. Moreover, the twin flame relationships are created to dissolve the magnitude of ego.

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How to Overcome Twin Flame Depression?


You must recognize the root of twin flame separation. Identifying what is wrong may not be easy, but meditation can aid.

Confusion may take over your mind thinking a lot about it. However, you can find the answer when you relax your mind and body.

You can attain peace of mind when you understand why both of you split. If the separation causes your depression, discuss the underlying factors.

The causes of parting ways may be intentional or unintentional, but you must find out. It is essential to understand the circumstances to learn the fundamental lessons behind them.

As you learn, you grow, and you mature as an individual. You become more prepared to face future emotional, mental, and spiritual troubles.


Realize that part of your journey includes the twin flame separation. It may be temporary but feels permanent at the moment.

But the tremendous sorrow and pain make you stronger and cleverer. It will shape you into the person you are supposed to be in the long run.

Think of the separation as a tool to boost your twin flame reunion. Remember that this is not for you to suffer forever.

It is to teach you lessons for your healing and make you a better version of yourself. As you heal, you assist twin flame synchronization.

Therefore, the pain goes away when you learn your lesson. As you gather the strength and patience, you let go of your old self that feeds your ego.


It is ideal not to suppress your feelings but instead accept them. When you allow yourself to mourn and grieve, you express yourself.

It may be disturbing and painful, but masking them will turn out badly. When you deny or do not face them at hand, they tend to keep coming back to you.

It is necessary to honor those emotions rather than make excuses or have distractions. When you create room for anguish, you improve self-expression and self-awareness.

There are many ways to express yourself, like writing, drawing, or dancing. The more you are conscious of your feelings, the more you get to know yourself better.

You feel good and are no longer stagnant because it keeps you going.

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Being happy is not the responsibility of your twin flame. Although we need them to encourage our process, our happiness is our own.

It stems from within us so that we can be happy with or without twin flame. Remember, your wholeness and satisfaction do not require a partner for you to experience them.

Although it is one of the misconceptions, you don't need your twin flame to be complete. As most people say, you must love yourself first before you can give love to others.

Work on your insecurities and raise your self-confidence. When you feel confident about your entire being, you improve your relationship with yourself and with others.

You have your dreams in life, and it would be wrong to let anyone discourage you. Your twin flame encourages you and does not burn that passion down.

The more you find and define your purpose, the more you feel fulfillment Focus on yourself, and do not forget to affirm yourself.

You are doing great and on the way to discovering how wonderful you are.

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