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What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like?: 6 Feelings You Might Feel

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There have been a lot of questions regarding twin flame energy.

What is the actual definition of twin flame energy? Is it like other forms of energy? Can it be transferred, like electricity? How does it feel like if you're hit with a surge of twin flame energy? Can twin flame energy be utilized? Was that twin flame energy you felt just now?

This article will explain what twin flame energy is, what it feels like, how you can transfer energy to your twin flame, and how to use your twin flame energy to guide towards true union.

What Is Twin Flame Energy?

There is not a single definition that can encapsulate what twin flame energy is. It's like asking someone to define God. Sure, you get many answers, but all those answers can never really encapsulate who or what God is. You can say what God does or what some of his characteristics are, but not who he is.

In the same manner, one cannot wholly define what twin flame energy is. You can only describe what twin flame energy does. You can say what it feels like to accept twin flame energy. However, you cannot explain what twin flame energy is.

You have to know that twin flame energy comes from your twin and flows towards you. It can also come from you, and it flows towards your twin. It's something you can give and accept. It's something that you give away, and your twin senses it right away. It's something that only you can give to your twin flame, and only your twin flame can give it to you.

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That is the case because only you and your twin flame share the spiritual bond shared by two physical bodies derived from one soul. Twin flame energy is there from the start before your soul got divided and given to two bodies. Because of that fact, some people like to describe twin flame energy as the energy from the original soul.

You may not fully describe twin flame energy, but certain signs show that your twin flame is giving you energy.

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What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like?

Every twin flame journey is unique. There are no two twin flame journeys that are the same. That's why you don't have to worry if you didn't feel any of the things listed below. They are what most twin flames have experienced.

Without further ado, here are some examples of what twin flame energy feels like.

  • Heatwave from the chest

Some twin flames say that receiving energy from their pair feels like something warm is surging out from their hearts. Some pairs say that the energy they receive is scorching and pulsating. It feels like their chest is about to explode from the heat that's periodically emanating from within.

One explanation for this difference is the difference in the stage where the twin flames are at. Perhaps the warm surge is felt by twin flames in true union or spiritually close to the union. Maybe the fierce heat is felt by twin flames that are further away from the true union or are in the twin flame separation stage.

Another explanation may be tied to the emotion that the twin flame who is sending the twin flame energy currently feels. Maybe the warm surge is the twin flame energy sent by twin flames who currently feel like they want to protect their partner. Perhaps the volcanic heat is sent by twin flames who are currently experiencing sexual urges or negative emotions.

There are uncertainties in the theories, but one thing is sure: feeling a sudden heat from your chest is a sign that your twin flame is giving you twin flame energy.

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  • Pain on three fronts

The three fronts stated here are physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain—these three kinds of pain manifest when a physical distance separates the twins. You may or may not be separated due to the twin flame separation stage, but these kinds of pain manifest regardless.

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  • Emotional

When your twin flame gives you twin flame energy, you feel the emotional pain that comes from them. They may be feeling miserable or guilty. Those kinds of feelings that your twin flame feels may be transmitted to you as well. Those feelings are very difficult to bear, but they're given to you by your twin flame.

Due to the bond that both of you have, it is impossible to refuse. You have to bear the pain that your twin flame also carries.

  • Physical

There is a point when the emotional pain and stress that you are experiencing becomes very difficult to bear. During this time, it may affect you physically. However, there are also times when you experience physical pain directly. You didn't feel negative emotions but direct, physical pain that could last a while.

This kind of experience is also a part of your twin flame telepathy. You can experience physical pain from time to time when you are separated from your twin flame. This experience may mean that your twin flame hurt himself/herself during that time and that pain is also transmitted to you.

  • Spiritual

The spiritual kind of pain is not the same as the two other kinds of pain. It is different from the usual human notion of pain. Spiritual pain is the struggle with the potential loss of purpose in your life.

This kind of pain usually manifests in great confusion. There might be times during twin flame separation where you're very confused, and you're not sure why you're feeling that way. Spiritual pain is exactly that scenario. You feel like you've lost your purpose of living, and you need guidance.

If you're feeling any of the three kinds of pain, especially the spiritual pain, then there's an excellent chance that your twin flame is sending you twin flame energy.

  • Electromagnetism

If you're familiar with electromagnetism or you like to play with magnets, then you'll understand this kind of sign.

If your twin flame is sending you twin flame energy, there are instances where you'll feel like something is pulling you towards a particular direction. It's as if there's a massive magnetic pull from your twin flame attracting you towards him/her.

This kind of energy usually radiates from both of you. You both desire to end the separation, to become one again. Do note that you are one with your twin flame in your soul. Therefore the sensation from the energy emanates from both of you. You can feel some magnetic force when you receive the twin flame energy from your twin flame.

Science cannot explain it. In a way, twin flame energy is similar to electromagnetic energy, but it is not electromagnetic energy. With electromagnetism, opposites attract. For twin flames, the two bodies with a singular soul attract one another.

Your connection with your twin flame existed even before your singular soul was distributed to two physical bodies. You and your twin flame are united, and when you are separated, you will feel attracted back to one another when you mutually convey twin flame energy.

If you feel that pseudo-magnetic pull that attracts like with like, then it's a very good sign that your twin flame is sending out twin flame energy.

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Twin Flame Energy Swap

Twin flames are two physical bodies that have souls deriving from a single soul. Because of this connection, there are times when things get confusing. Twin flames suddenly get a negative emotion even when things around him/her are in a merry mood. Sometimes, the opposite is true, where twin flames suddenly become happy even when they're attending a funeral. This occurrence happens because of the energies that the twin flames share.

This kind of energy bond exists even before two twin flames meet. It existed even before their soul was split into two and placed into two physical bodies. Twin flames get to deal with it ever since they were born, so they're not too bothered about it. However, because they're so used to that kind of feeling, they become numb to it. They might not realize that twin flame energy is transmitted to them when they go on their twin flame path.

However, once they go on their twin flame path, they'll become aware of the existence of twin flame energies. They can then utilize the twin flame energies. They can use it to support their twin flame in ways normal couples can't. They can send twin flame energies to their partners and fuel them with specific emotions or passions. Alternatively, they can send distress signals or call out to their twin flames if they need help.

What's more, twin flames don't even need to send out these signals actively. They are always present because of the spiritual bond between twin flames. There will always be twin flame energy running to and fro their spiritual bond. It's like having a very deep well of energy to tap into, giving you energy and enabling you to share energy.

Guidance Using Twin Flame Energy

Twin flames are very special existences. That's why they sometimes need more than what a typical couple needs for their relationship to ascend to a true union.

The natural spiritual bond between twin flames is one of their greatest allies. They can send and receive twin flame energy with that bond even when they don't mean to. However, that ally can also become one of their greatest enemies. If you or your twin flame cannot control the conveyance of twin flame energy, one or both of the parties will end up having unfortunate circumstances. Sudden transportation of twin flame energy is sometimes harmful too.

This kind of coin flip situation is prevalent after twin flames become aware of their twin's existence. They lose the numbness that they developed when they were still living normal lives. Because of that, they become sensitive to twin flame energy while at the same time still not able to control the transmission. This increase in sensitivity results in weird, unusual situations that usually take some time to adapt.

However, things will become better over time. A higher stage in your twin flame journey towards true union will result in better control. Once you and your twin flame reach true union, the situation will reach its peak.

You don't have to worry about sending energy to your twin flame. It's natural, and the ability to send twin flame energy becomes better over time. Support your twin flame with twin flame energy and let your twin flame support you too. Because you're now aware of the existence of twin flames, allow your twin flame to help you even if you haven't met them yet. Additionally, try to adapt yourself to your twin flame's transmission of energy. If you do all this, it will be easier for both you and your twin flame when you finally meet.

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