Twin Flame Ghosting: Why your twin flame is ignoring you? -

Twin Flame Ghosting: Why your twin flame is ignoring you?

What does twin flame ghosting mean? Can your twin flame ghost you?

There could be many reasons why your twin flame is ghosting you, but losing the connection isn’t one. One common cause could be because they are afraid.

If your twin flame ignores you, they don't have a problem with you. They may stop replying to your messages or answering your calls, but they think about you.

What is ghosting?

“Ghosting” is a term that describes an act of ignoring or rejecting someone. It is an act of not giving other people attention.

Short or long duration does not matter as long as they purposely neglect the other. Other examples of ghosting include making excuses, rejection, and no contact.

Like a ghost, a person can appear and disappear anytime and anywhere. Some people described ghosting as ending a personal relationship without explanation.

They seem to vanish into thin air, just like a ghost or a bubble. A bubble can burst anytime, which can also be a visualization of the situation.

Someone who is ghosting is cutting off all means of communication. They do it in an abrupt manner leaving the other party hanging.

They also will not respond to you when you try to initiate contact. They may not show up at your place, or they may even cancel plans with you.

They might even ignore you when you are in public places. Or they are not fully committed to your relationship right now.

Ghosting is a bad thing to do, and it can be harmful to your 3D relationship. It can result in misunderstanding and breakups, but it could be helpful in your twin flame relationship.

You would think to hold on to save the relationship you have been protecting. You must endure and overcome the challenges when it's a twin flame relationship.

It is part of your journey to learn for your spiritual awakening.

I was in a really bad place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and just always so lonely.

After meeting him, I launched a business and made $10,000 the first month, moved into a bigger place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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What happens when your twin flame is ghosting you?

Ghosting is a common thing in today's society. It happens because of many different reasons from various standpoints.

If you are the one who is being ghosted, you can try to understand their reasons. You can try to see if there is a problem in your relationship.

If you find a reason, you should try to resolve the issue. To stay in the relationship, you should be patient and continue communicating.

Some people may not want to be in a relationship and are afraid to get hurt. Others may be too busy with their own lives to give you the attention you deserve.

If you feel like you are being ghosted, there are things you can do. You should decide to either let them go or to stay with them.

This is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. It hurts your feelings and your ego to have someone ghosting you.

In the twin flame relationship, this is probably the time during separation. The twin flame runner is the one ghosting you, the chaser.

You might ask yourself why your twin flame is ghosting you. It can get frustrating when you're trying to understand them, yet you have no idea why.

You want to know what's going through their mind and what changed them. Most likely, you are the evolved twin.

Your twin flame is dealing with a lot of emotions and may experience soul shock. The spiritual whirlwind may shock their spirit resulting in running away.

Because the intense emotions scare them off, they ghost you. It's not about something you have or have not done.

It's not something that they want to hurt you intentionally. Both of you should blame no one because they simply don't know how to handle things.

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What are the common reasons for ghosting?

They have fears because of the intense connection. They are afraid because of the fears of intimacy, commitment, or abandonment.

They may also doubt what is going on but likely the result of the karmic cycle. Frequently, they felt this because of their childhood wounds in the past.

Some would say they ghost someone because they are tired of the other. They wouldn't want to proceed with the next phase with them.

Moreover, most of the ghosting in various relationships results from attraction to someone else. They may ghost you because they find someone else attractive. Twin flame may date someone else.

They think that what they are looking for is the other person. They may want to see someone else.

They lose sight of the diamond because of its shiny glass. They may have steamy conversations, which leaves you with the cold ones.

Another reason could be the twin flame mirroring. Since your presence as their twin flame triggers many insecurities, they run off.

They feel overwhelming energy that pushes them to flee. They like to avoid you as much as possible, so they always make lame excuses.

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You might know how the 3D relationship works, but this is a different level. A twin flame relationship is not always about what we want.

It is what the Universe is guiding us to do. You are more significant than yourself and your plans because you can't dictate your life based on your ego.

You can make choices because of your free will. However, you will face similar future situations until you are ready to ascend.

You can be stuck in your journey, which stops you from evolving. When you refuse to grow, you may have to learn this lesson in your next life.

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What are the early signs of ghosting?

If you are being ghosted, you will feel like you are being left alone or feel like your twin flame hates you. You will feel as if you are invisible or unimportant to them.

They seem to be unbothered by you or your relationship. You can get the impression that they are no longer interested in you.

You may notice they are pulling away and seem distant during your conversations. They usually avoid eye contact with you.

They don't want to meet you even if you plan. You are putting effort into planning your special day or, should I say, date with your twin flame.

It would feel that they have no intention to ghost you because sometimes, they plan with you. But at the last minute, they cancel them without wanting to reschedule.

Although it is inevitable because of your busy schedule, they should have wanted to push through it. But instead of rescheduling, they ultimately left it out on the calendar.

Some people who do not wish to be with the person tend to do this. They might say they have a day full of meetings or extended tasks that keep them from showing up.

It can be seen quite often in blind dates as well. Persons going on blind dates tend to remove themselves from the situation.

Communications seem half-hearted, and they couldn’t last a minute talking to you. They are avoiding you, and you feel excluded.

The ghosting person will also feel as if you are not good enough for them. You will feel like you are not good enough for the person you are talking to.

You can see whether they respond to you in texts or calls if they are interested or not. They may start to take time before replying or answering your call.

And when they respond, it’s usually one-word answers. They seem inattentive and uninterested in keeping the conversation going.

“Okay,” “OK,” and “K” are examples of common replies. They seem to be looking for an escape route out of the relationship.

Conversations start to change, and you want to figure out what's happening. You will notice subtle changes if you want to figure out what went wrong.

It may be changed in their tone or how fast they reply. During the conversation, you can also identify who is the one initiating the message.

If someone is attracted, they will tend to ask questions or open up about topics. They are likely to get to know more about the other person’s thoughts or opinions.

They may have opposing views and disagreements. But overall, what you both want to do is never stop talking to each other.

Because of that, lovers usually stay late at night talking to each other. There are many songs that talk about it.

Even on social media, they are unlikely to show you off on their accounts. Unlike most couples who post their photos together with sweet captions, they are likely to be silent.

In worse scenarios, they may suddenly block you on all social media accounts. They want to stop interacting with you, your mutual friends, or your family.

They remove you as a contact on all platforms aside from blocking you and your number.

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What should you do when your twin flame is ghosting you?

Being ghosted is not fun at all. It is a dilemma mixed with pain and confusion.

You might feel angry and frustrated with what’s happening. It hurts them when someone backs off without explanation and leaves them clueless.

You start to question your feelings and memories spent together. You feel like you have woken up from a beautiful dream, and now it's a nightmare.

You doubt if everything they said before were all lies. Because of the unwanted feelings, you must reflect on yourself.

You must focus on your personal spiritual journey and look forward to what's next. You cannot control your twin flame or their decisions, but you can focus on your healing.

You can do twin flame affirmations, meditations, and readings. Moreover, focus on your part of the journey while your twin flame does theirs.

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