The Ultimate Guide To Twin Flame Healing -

The Ultimate Guide To Twin Flame Healing

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If you felt some sort of familiarity when you meet someone for the very first time, and you can’t point a finger how, where, and when you met this person, you have most probably just met your twin flame. A twin flame is very much different from a soulmate, and it cannot be used interchangeably.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame can be a lover, a friend, a parent, a co-worker, or even a student, and they are meant to push you to want to engage with the divine, shift consciousness, and become a better, soulful being in this world. This connection is not mind-based, physical-based, or even emotionally based because it is a soul-based relationship, which completely changes your life.

An ascended soul was once divided before you were even born, and when they decided to come down to this 3D realm, finally, they decided to be in two separate bodies. These two souls agreed that one would be ahead when it comes to their spiritual awakening, and one will be there to ride along.

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The Purpose of a Twin Flame

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is not only to be romantically together but it is actually to pull out all the things you have buried deep to heal these and become the greatest version of yourself. Your twin flame will be the one to remove all your masks and will help you recognize what is stopping you from being your true self.

There is no other way to do this but to face these fears, shame, and doubts and learn how to heal from them. If you are the awakened one, then you are most probably the chaser, and you are the one that is ahead of your spiritual journey.

As the awakened one, it is your job to do the healing for both of you and stand as a teacher for the spiritual awakening of your twin flame. Your twin flame partner will be the one to hold the mirror or become the pillar in this relationship. They will hold the mirror for you to guide you where and how you can love yourself better.

The Twin Flame Healing

The Twin Flame Healing is slow but a fundamental process that most of us overlook. This is not an overnight journey, and it does not mean that if you see these signs, you should go ahead and step your foot on the gas because it is simply a reminder that you are doing everything right and your twin flame is doing the same.

When talking about Twin Flame Healing, it makes sense to shed light on the quote, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” by Rumi. Within the twin flame connection, something happens in the dynamic called mirroring and triggering. Now in what ways do you find yourself triggered by your twin flame?

The thing you need to understand about the world within the twin flame connection is that twin flames are not actually creating the wound within each other; instead, they bring these wounds to the surface that need healing. The way that these wounds are brought to the surface is through twin flame mirroring. Twin flames are always energetically mirroring one another at every single moment of every single day.

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In fact, if you can recall, that is the very definition of a twin flame, and it is the soul who is our perfect energetic mirror. Just like the way you look at yourself in the mirror, and you notice that you have a wound on your face, you will be able to see it. When twin flames look at each other, they see their own wounds right in front of each other.

As twin flames, the problem here came from past romantic karmic relationships that are based upon a very different dynamic from our twin flame. Within this past relationship, we see our partners as very external beings, and we never really saw this person as a reflection of ourselves. In other words, we saw them as very separate beings from ourselves.

But with our twin flame, we try to bring out this outdated way of viewing relationships into the twin flame connection. So, usually, what happens is that in the beginning, our twin flame mirrors back to, and this includes our own wounds, fears, doubts, and insecurities.

We still do not realize it, though, because we tend to see the things we did from our past relationships. We do not realize this because this is the ego that is talking to us, and of course, our twin flames will react negatively.

Our twin flames will eventually reflect these things in our lives, and this triggers us to do a deeper analysis. This will happen over and over again, and it creates this cycle of mirroring and triggering between the two of you.

When we are in our ego, our twin flame is in our ego as well, and this cycle can be very toxic. In this relationship, it looks like there are two people pointing out each other’s flaws and lies.

This will always trigger to increase the negative radiations within your relationships until they spiral downwards. Because of the mirroring in your relationship, the spiral cycle of toxicity can become very intense very fast.

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What many people do not realize is that this spiral movement can equally work in the opposite direction. You can equally trigger one another in this upward cycle of growth, encouragement, and evolution. So, instead of spiraling downward to toxicity, you and your twin flame can also spiral upward to growth for the both of you.

You can use this wound to trigger one another towards our highest souls, growth, and to the deepest level of healing. Now, let’s discuss how we can flip this equation and use these wounds to actually heal.

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Guide to Twin Healing

First of all, finding a space between the trigger and the reaction. Actually, if we look at it very carefully, we will realize that the triggers are not actually the problem.

We are programmed that we have to react a certain way to specific triggers all throughout our lives. When things happen to us when people say something about us, we are triggered, and we become attached to these and react a certain way.

However, if we start to separate ourselves from these triggers, everything will change. What needs to be done is to find a space or a gap between those particular triggers. It is also important that we know the difference between reaction and response.

When we talk about reaction, it takes into consideration the desired outcome of the interaction, and it may result in a positive or negative outcome. On the other hand, a response is engineered to produce a positive outcome and has a clear intention behind it.

In the case of a twin flame relationship, when we respond to our triggers, we use this gap between the trigger and the response to set the intention of our own healing rather than what will benefit our ego from immediately reacting. In a nutshell, our reactions come from the ego, and our responses come from the soul.

Whenever our twin flame triggers us, our ego naturally reacts to protect itself. To release this ego protection, we should increase our sense of inner security because the ego is looking for external validation. It is doing such because it does not feel that we are stable and secure.

Healing the Twin Flame connection is very internal, so it is important to find time to meditate in the morning to increase the space between our triggers and responses naturally. So that when the time comes that your twin flame triggers you, you will learn how not to react right away because the reaction to these triggers tend to happen very unconsciously.

So, a little piece of advice, carve out 15 to 20 minutes of your day to completely clear your mind so you can naturally widen your space from all of the triggers. Once you begin to widen this gap through meditation, you will be able to choose how you will respond through this trigger rather than immediately react by externalizing the situation.

Twin Flame Healing requires a great deal of introspection, and it can be very unconscious but will always exist. When our twin flame is triggering these wounds, we must accept that some parts of ourselves need healing and that we should use these triggers are moments to do the healing.

I promise you everything will be worth it in the end. How can I be so sure?

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Inner Child Healing

To start healing our inner child, it is important to remember that our childhood has a lot of impact on the person we are now. Growing up, there must have been a lot of moments that have contributed to your habits, perspectives, outlooks, and even traumas.

The bad things that happened to us have made us feel unsafe, and we subconsciously carried these while growing up. However, always remember that we should not always blame our parents or caretakers because they have done everything they could.

Past Life Wounds Healing

We may be carrying unresolved past life issues and traumas because of the Law of Karma. To heal this, we do not necessarily need to know all the details in our past lives to understand what this trauma is and how it affected our psyche.

When we experience something traumatic, our psyche cannot process what’s happening and won’t be able to function as it normally does. This can lead to phobias, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and confusion in a lifetime.

Ancestral Karma Healing

When our ancestors left this realm, it is believed that they have carried unhealed wounds into the Spirit world, but we call always heal this when we are willing to do our part.

Changing the Old Belief System

In this world, we are bombarded by standards set by society a long time ago, and these rules are the ones that are considered to be accepted and right. These old ways became our belief system because we believe that they are true even if they are not.

As we might have observed already, there are a lot of toxic belief systems that we have that are unjust one way or another. However, as awakened creatures in this 3D world, there is this urge to change these belief systems for a better and more harmonious world. You may also read twin flame number sequences. 

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Signs of Healing With Twin Flames

In twin flames, healing occurs when both of the twins have already healed individually. This usually happens after the separation and maturation.

  1. You are no longer obsessing over your twin flame, and you stopped feeling sad and unfulfilled.
  2. You genuinely understand what self-love is now. Because of this, you are starting to treat yourself with respect, and you already recognize your own inner beauty.
  3. You now trust your higher self because you have healed and learned to trust the divine connection.
  4. You are now practicing mindfulness daily to help you decrease anxiety and increase focus and concentration. After all the hardships you have undergone to achieve this healing, you are now making it a habit to be grateful and mindful.

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