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Understanding & Surviving Twin Flame Intense Attraction

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At this point, you already know that this twin flame connection is the most intense connection you have ever felt in your life. The attraction of twin flames will always stand out from all other attractions you have felt in this 2D world. You may be asking yourself these questions like “What makes it different from other connections and attractions you have had?” There is an incredible sense of familiarity because you may have met your twin flame repeatedly in many previous lifetimes, and that is why it is so familiar.

Difference Between Normal Attraction and Twin Flame Attraction

As you learn about your whole twin flame journey, you may have learned that your twin flame is actually the other half of your soul in another form. Together or not, your soul bond exists in you, and you have an extremely similar frequency to your twin flame. It is hard to deny that there is emerging going on physically, and it is lifetime chemistry now.

A normal connection is different from a twin flame connection in terms of the intensity and familiarity of this connection. In a normal 2D connection, as you further explore things with that person, you get less attracted to him or her in time.

But with a twin flame connection, as you go further with your connection and relationship, the emotional frequency strengthens. This is because you are just deepening what you already have that started in one of your past lives.

When you first meet someone you instantly got attracted to, there is a sense of adventure and excitement. But when you first meet your twin flame, the connection feels like you are home because there is pre-existing closeness on whatever level, and both of you already know that.

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Vivid Dream Encounters


Sometimes, we get sexual fantasies about someone we are extremely attracted to, and it can get a little hot and steamy. This feeling is different from that of the twin flame, and although it can also be hot and steamy, it is also something that you have never felt before. Your vivid dream encounters that have your twin flame in them unfolds way before you even met, and it can take way long before you meet.

This is because twin flames communicate through dreams, and sometimes it can be a memory from one of your various past lives. It seems like it is a collection of slices of these memories that come together. Therefore, these vivid dreams with your twin flame are indeed authentic.

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Why Is It So Strong?

As you may have already expected, the sexual interaction of this connection will be so intense that it is a whole different experience. The familiarity in this connection adds to the excitement and emotional bond between the two twin flames. It is powerful because twin flames are connected by a soul and energy bond that will forever get you together to not be ever dissolved.

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How Do I Survive this Twin Flame Connection?

The twin flame connection often does not make sense on the physical plane because it is the most intense connection. It is not a physical, emotional, or sexual connection because it connects two souls on a spiritual or astral level. Here are some tips on how you can deal with all the confusion you have right now.

You need to realize that you and your twin flame will never be separated, and nothing can come between this connection. Keep in mind that this intensity sill eventually decreases, and it is just a matter of your decisions and when to do it to make that happen.

If there is something that came up that can cause your separation, the universe will always find a way to get you together, even if it means for a very long time. And the energy is stronger when the universe is pulling you towards each other.

It is important to learn how not to fight off the intensity when it increases in this twin flame connection because the more you do, the more you will manifest drama and difficulties. Know that when the intensity increases, there is something to learn in a twin flame relationship. So, it is best to step back, assess the situation, and find out why the intensity is increasing in the first place.

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When you already identified the reason why the intensity is increasing, you can go ahead and talk to your twin flame. Try and work things through with them and figure out the lesson the universe is trying to give.

It is certain that when you meet your twin flame, it is different from all the other attractions you had in the past. He or she may not be your type, but there is an unmistakable wave between the two of you.

It is common that one twin flame is ahead of their spiritual journey, and this intense attraction causes one twin to panic and flee back. This attraction between twin flames is like a magnetic pull between the two of you, and it seems like there is a telepathic connection.

I wrote an in-depth explanation about the Twin Flame Eye Lock, which you might have experienced as well. 

There could be a cold a hot phase all throughout your twin flame journey. It is very common to have the roles of the runner and chaser when it comes to this relationship because we were programmed differently in this 2D world. This doesn’t mean that something wrong is going on when you have been undergoing these two phases.

Thinking of the spiritual journey like this will only lead to conflicts and increased emotional baggage. To avoid this, it is important to know that what you are going through is completely normal.

The twin flame energy is electric, and it drives you both onwards. It is a connection that is on 24/7, and it is sometimes hard to put into words. When you are in a twin flame relationship, it feels like you can no longer be attracted to someone else.

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How to Survive the Runner and Chaser Phase?

In the Runner and Chaser phase, one twin flame will abandon the other knowingly or unknowingly. When the runner takes off, it is most probably because he or she might have been feeling overwhelmed.

After all, this is a very new feeling to them. When this phase begins, it is all based on the ego of both of the twins.

When the chaser chases the runner, it is not always for the benefit of both of the souls. Sometimes, it is because the chaser has issues of abandonment, loneliness, and worthiness. This phase is actually meant to resolve these issues and let go of all these baggage.

To deal with all of this, it is best to let the runner run and do whatever it is that he or she needs to do. If you are the chaser, it is best to just let go of chasing and pleading for your twin to come back. You have to learn to separate your desire from your ego because it wants that connection now, and when it doesn’t happen, it blames the runner.

As the chaser, you need to heal something within, together with the runner, to get through this phase. You should learn how to listen to your emotions and process how you are feeling to begin healing or conditioning. When the chaser stops chasing the runner, the runner will finally be at peace and start to heal their own issues that caused them to leave.

Remember that the purpose of the twin flames is to hold and anchor divine light and unconditional love in the time of ascension. For this to happen, you need to have a strong vessel to get rid of toxic cycles, negative habits, and limiting beliefs.

This phase that you are currently undergoing might not be the most exciting, but it is very important. It is a way for you to get rid of your limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities. And if you are doubting, do not worry because it is completely common and normal, especially at the beginning of your journey.

The thing is, twin flame relationships are always intense, and you feel feelings that are very new. This only means that this relationship is super passionate, but this also means that the arguments are most intense. This will lead to questioning whether or not this partner is your twin flame.

When you are thinking this, your mind is doubting this whole, but your heart definitely knows that this is your twin flame. That is why it is pulling you towards your twin flame, and when there is a separation that is going on, no need to worry because the universe will always find a way to get you back together.

When your twin flame triggers you, it is always best to communicate with each other and try to work things through. After all, the journey of twin flames is not always on top.

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