The Ultimate Twin Flame Journey Guide -

The Ultimate Twin Flame Journey Guide

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A twin flame plays multiple roles in your life; they can be your life-long friend, your lover, your teacher, or your travel partner. They reflect who you are; hence, we call them your mirror.

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You only have one twin flame in your lifetime, but they can reunite with you in another one, or you may already have met them in your previous life. God created them to awaken your Spirituality in an event called Kundalini rising.

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They help you transform by breaking the barriers that hinder you from blossoming into your complete phase. Your twin flame is the other part of your soul to put it succinctly, and you share with them a divine mission.

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How to identify if it's your twin flame?

1.) When you finally meet them, something settles in your gut like an anchor weighing heavily, and it makes you stop on your track.

2.) Despite getting overwhelmed in basking in their presence, they also shroud you with a feeling of calmness and contentment

3.) It's predestined for you to get separated from your twin flame, and the pain is excruciating

4.) No matter what the rift was between you, you find yourself going back on the front porch of your Twin flame. You can't bear the thought of knowing that your soulmate is out there walking on another part of the world and not being with them.

5.) Your friends and family will urge you to find another partner, and you convince yourself that it's for the best, but deep down, you know that your twin flame is irreplaceable.

6.)You and your twin flame are like the perfect salsa partner that, over the years, have perfected your dance routine- every twist and turn and the perfect timing to dip. You're naturally synchronous with each other.

6.)Despite identifying with their ego, your twin flame will find ways to teach you a lesson, and they take pride in seeing you grow.

7.) You merge your ideas and add brush strokes to each other's lives with your personal form of creativity.

8.) When you’re with them, you’re your authentic self and is more assured that you do not lose grip of who you are because they're there to remind you of your true self constantly

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9.) You could be in a major conflict with each other, but they still look out for your best interest.

10.) When you part ways with this person, no matter how bad the separation was, your intuition tells you that you will meet them again.

11.) When you're together, there is an immense power shrouding the both of you, which makes other people envious.

12.) Because it is of divine union, you read each other so well that mutual trust comes naturally in your relationship.

13.) No matter how far the distance, you can still feel their energy because of your strong connection with each other.

14.) There's an intense longing for each other.

15.) When you're with them, you have fewer restraints, and your inner child may resurface.

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Steps to achieve your twin flame union

You may not have encountered your twin flame yet, or you already did; either way, at the chance of meeting them, you have no plans of letting them go, which is why you're here. How do you secure a twin flame union when you know it takes more of what you have pitched in to obtain this? It requires more than your earthly achievements, like tapping into your higher self and going on a spiritual journey.

Sometimes, it would take for you to start from the bottom first, just like I did.

I was in a really dark place before I met my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay bills, and feeling lonely each day. 

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After meeting him, I started a business and earned $11,300 during the first month, moved into a bigger home, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

1.) Define the union you want for yourself

Picture it out, a union on your terms and not decided by anyone else. How does this particular union appeal to you? What are the emotions that it invokes in you? Calmness? Peace? Excitement? Happiness but frustration at the same time? In what direction do you see this relationship going?

Define what you think you need to obtain and the necessary steps to maintain and keep it. Are you willing to sacrifice to make this union happen? How much will it impact your life, and are you ready for such changes?

2.) Manifest it

Own the wishes of your heart. Claim it as yours. If you want this union, think of it as if there's no possible way to stop it- like a force that's not to be reckoned.

Believe that the universe is listening and that it will heed your call for a divine union. Having pictured it in your head, you will it to come to life through your manifestations. You have your senses open for any signs that it's finally taking place.

You must also align your thoughts and actions with your desires; Anything you do that opposes the union you want will set you up for failure. Clear your mind and get rid of resisting energy. Your twin flame can't find you, and a union won't exist if you don't meet them halfway.

3.) Surrender to it

When you've done all that you can- conjuring the image of your union and manifesting it- what's left is to do is for you to fall into the grand plan of the universe. Don't fight it and let it take its natural course. For this union to have the divine blessing, you also have to trust God to put you in the place where you exactly belong.

Taking a step back does not mean that you stray away from your vision- you also have to devote yourself to it while waiting for its creation. Your physical body may rest, but your spiritual and mental state must continue participating on your behalf.

How to approach your twin flame union?

Because having a twin flame is such a rare event, and you only have one, you might not fully grasp the situation at first, causing you to mishandle this spiritual awakening. Not everyone can get it right on their first try. 

And this might be the first lifetime that you and your twin flame have ever been together. There are usually common scenarios on how people approach their twin flame union, and I'll draw it out for you so you can have a solid idea.

In the first scenario, the starting phase would be, having met your partner for the first time- you're all over them. It's as if the term “Personal Boundary” never crossed your mind and that because it's your twin flame, you feel like your obsession is valid.

You linger close and never have them out of your sight as if you have this unshakeable fear that you might lose them. You have your world revolve around them, and you let their presence affect your major decisions in life, which is honestly off-putting.

You wait for them and cater to their every needs to the point that you have begun neglecting yourself. There are times in which you change some parts of yourself to force a union to happen.

You want it quick- you want reassurance that they'll never let you go. But, you should know by now that that's against what a twin flame stands for, right? Hence the second scenario. The second scenario is centered around YOU and the process of self-care.

You embrace yourself before you embrace the arms of another. There is a considerable distance between you and your twin flame, and you know this is necessary for your growth and healing. 

Whatever pain you experience with and because of your twin flame, you don't let it misdirect you towards destruction. You know that the hurt will also serve as a salve to your being.

Doing things for yourself, like believing in what you are capable of, is congruent with the purpose of a twin flame who came into your life to guide you and push you into reaching your full potential. It shouldn't be hard to pinpoint which of the two approaches you should follow.

What happens in your twin flame journey?

1.) Having a twin flame means you have to undergo a rough journey towards spiritual awakening for you to heal. You will look into the eye of the demon within you because only by acknowledging all sides of you- even those you deem unacceptable- can you begin to rebuild yourself. You bring to the surface all your repressed traumas and the feelings that accompany them.

When you finally accept that your emotions are valid and sit with that negativity for as long as needed, you will experience a catharsis or an emotional release. With baby steps, you can now embrace your authentic self.

This process will purge out the conflicting energy in your body, and you will have a clean slate to start over. It becomes easier to deal with the daily obstructions in life because you feel lighter.

2.) You feel connected with your twin flame despite the distance and circumstances. Your soul connection allows you to immediately recognize each other and determine what the other is feeling even when you are miles apart. Your chakra flow is twice as powerful, and the feeling of oneness will never go away.

As part of this union, you are sensitive to each other's needs and are flexible together. Being in the company of your twin flame, conversations flow easily, and you do not feel the need to withhold any information from them. Even from across the room, you may have an inkling of what they are thinking.

3.) We cannot summarize a twin flame union like that of simple love. It's not made out of coincidence, nor can it be quickly forgotten once you are over and done with it. Divine beings themselves intricately designed it.

A twin flame does not exist solely for entertainment or to fill a void.

It was not created to give you a sense of validation. The creator gifted you your twin flame to help you find your worth by challenging you always to do better and explore your spiritual core. You may even view your twin flame as an enemy at one point because it confronts you with the truth to open your eyes and reach enlightenment.

Ultimately, A twin flame bridges you to your higher self.

4.) Unpack and let go of what weighs you down. Some things are beyond our control, and in trying to take matters into our own hands- we only worsen the situation.

We must learn when to take a step back and surrender our will to the greater force. We should remember that there is power in silence, so instead of intervening, we should meditate instead.

Letting the universe control the course of your journey gives you time to focus on yourself and heal. You can cultivate what is meant because you do not waste your time rushing events that weren't meant to happen yet.

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Twin flame separation

Finally, getting the person on the other end of your red string doesn't mean you stop at that point. This is real life we're talking about, and happily ever after, in reality, needs a continuation.

After encountering your twin flame and getting drunk in each other's overwhelming presence, it gets to that level where you start seeing them as your mirror. You start seeing yourself in them.

It's only natural that after spending quite some time together, you start mimicking each other. Or maybe you were so much alike from the start that it was the reason that you were drawn to your twin flame, and they to you. But they aren't perfect the same way you are not without flaws.

The things you once loved about them slowly become the things you regard with scorn. It was a soothing feeling whenever you could be vulnerable in front of them, but now the fact that they can get into your mind irritates you.

Your relationship built on mutual trust turns sour, and you wish they no longer had as much access to you. It felt good for someone to finally see you, but it's gotten to a point where the things they see begin to scare you.

That's what makes your twin flame different from your other relationships- they accept all the good and even the bad in you. They would bury you countless times as you keep transforming and changing into different versions of yourself.

But they would still stay at your funeral and would even throw a eulogy for good measure because they know that you have to die before you are reborn. You would drift apart, and the distance would only widen with every afflicting truth.

You might also experience Twin Flame Purging Symptoms throughout your journey. 

However, this transition period will be in your favor no matter the anguish it brings. It will balance each other's personalities. At this point, you must remain grounded in your authentic self.

This temporary separation is a part of your twin flame journey, and once you succeed on your own- you will reunite with your twin flame. In your moment of pain, the thing that consoles you is knowing that not only are you connected by souls but that you also have shared unconditional love. At this time of aloneness, you must work on yourself and reflect on what you need for your ascension.

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