Kissing your Twin Flame (The Ultimate Guide): How Does It Feel? -

Kissing your Twin Flame (The Ultimate Guide): How Does It Feel?

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In almost all of the modern romance films, novels, or similar media, there will always be kissing scenes. Kissing is a passionate way to make your loved one feel loved. 

This article will guide you and help you understand what kissing between twin flames feels like. What to observe when you’re kissing your twin flame, and even how to kiss your twin flame, amongst other things.

How Does It Feel When You Kiss Your Twin Flame?

Kissing your twin flame is a momentous moment in your journey to true union together with your twin flame. It is a very big step up to just being together, even if you’re a person who has experience with kissing and liked to do it. 

Remember, a twin flame relationship is very different compared to a normal relationship. It is more special, as it is a relationship that encompasses the entirety of a human being, including their soul.

If you have already kissed someone, you may remember your first kiss as a very big moment in your life. However, if you kiss your twin flame, it will be even bigger, such that you may even forget your first kiss. 

Your first kiss with your twin flame will feel like you’re on cloud nine in the ninth circle of heaven. 

I was in a really bad place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and just always so lonely.

After meeting him, I launched a business and made $10,000 the first month, moved into a bigger place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

That will be what most twin flames experience. However, there are other feelings involved for other twin flames. 

Remember that different twin flame journeys are always unique in their ways. 

Whereas other twin flames feel like it was a calming and soothing event, something that can remove every problem in the world. Others attest that time stopped when the kiss happened, and some even say that they felt like they kissed themselves.

What Else Happens?

One thing to look out for during your first kiss with your twin flame is soul shock. It’s a phenomenon where an intense current runs through your soul after a significant spiritual event, like kissing your twin flame, or the deeper intimate act, the twin flame sex. 

Signs To Look Out For When Kissing Your Twin Flame

Kissing your twin flame may be a very big moment in your life, but there are still some signs you have to look out for as no two twin flame pairs are the same. You may have read or heard stories about other twin flames doing one thing, but throw that knowledge away as that may not work with your twin flame. 

Only look at the things listed below as references and not as hard rules to follow.

If you want to kiss your twin flame, you’d want to observe how they act and react. Even if you’re already connected through a spiritual bond and you two have practically the same personalities, you’d still want to observe your partners. 

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They may not be in the mood for kissing since they had a bad day or received some bad news. Failing to notice things can make you delay your kiss, or even miss the chance altogether.


The first thing that you ever want to observe is their eyes. There’s a saying that says eyes are the windows to the soul, and that point is especially important for twin flame relationships. 

The spiritual nature of the relationship is also counted on, that’s why observe your twin flame’s eyes.

When you’re leaning in to try and kiss your twin flame, don’t swoop in immediately. Check their eyes when you lean in, and when you see that they gaze at your eyes back without other physical resistances, that’s when you know they’ve consented to your kiss. 

If they look away and have a certain look in their eyes, they may be apprehensive about being kissed in those circumstances you currently are in.

I actually wrote an article about the Twin Flame Eye Lock, which you might be highly interested in. 


Another part of their body you want to observe is their hands. If you know about the seven main chakra points in the body, you will know that you have a heart chakra point, and it is also connected to the hands. 

That’s why your hands will show a lot of information about what you are feeling right now. Palm readers use the information from their hands, but sometimes you don’t need to be a palm reader to know what that hand gesture represents.

Back to kissing. The most obvious rejection move for a kiss is when the hands block your lips or even your entire face while you attempt to kiss them. 

However, if they’re constantly touching their lips for almost no reason at all, then the reason they may have is that they want you to kiss them. 

Additionally, if they’re unnaturally touchy, there’s a message that they want something. It may not exactly be a kiss that they’re looking for, but that’s a sign that they want to get intimate.

Speaking of rejection, you may also find this how to deal with twin flame rejection guide interesting.


Whether the signs shown are to kiss or not to kiss, there’s a bigger thing you need to worry about, and you should know these signs before you even engage in intimacy with your partner. 

They are signs that tell whether or not the person you’d want to be intimate with is your true twin flame. False twin flames do exist, and while they are not bad, they are impacting your relationship with your true twin flame.

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How To Kiss Your Twin Flame?

Even if you don’t know how to kiss, you can still achieve intimacy by kissing your twin flame. However, there are some things to note if you want to kiss your twin flame.

First, your kiss should be one that was brought about by the circumstances and not something that was planned. It can be planned but be brought to kiss due to the circumstances and not the plan itself. 

You’ll be more sincere that way and the twin flame energy swap through the spiritual connection will flow better.

Next, figure out what kind of twin flame you and your partner are. Check your personality first. 

Are you and your twin flame people who are a bit modest and conservative? Then you don’t want your kiss to be very passionate as it can most likely lead to soul shock. 

Interestingly, others say that you might not want your first kiss with your outgoing twin flame to be too gentle, otherwise, they’ll also receive soul shock from it being too caring.

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