Twin Flame Magnetic Pull (Complete Guide): Is There Also A Push? -

Twin Flame Magnetic Pull (Complete Guide): Is There Also A Push?

Twin flames are such wonderful beings. They’re special right from the get-go, even before they are born. They have a natural strong spiritual connection with each other. Because of that connection, there are things that they can experience that normal couples can’t.

This article will talk about one of the fundamental forces for twin flames: the twin flame magnetic pull.

What Is This Twin Flame Magnetic Pull?

Before you and your twin flame meet each other physically, you have this hole in your soul that you yearn to fill. You want to plug up this hole, and you feel certain urges to go to places even if you don’t know what those places are. There seems to be something trying to navigate you somewhere, pulling you from where you are to whatever destination that pull takes you.

When you finally meet your twin flame, even if you don’t know them or know their name, you would feel like you want to know them. However, there is also a familiar feeling, as if you two have already met ages ago. There’s a weird attraction in play here, and you feel like you have to go meet that other person no matter what.

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When twin flames first touch each other, they feel something electric happening. They feel like something just zapped their souls. There’s also a tingling feeling afterward. This also happens during times when they kiss or when they have sex. Having physical contact with your twin flame is like having an electric current pass through you.

All of what happened above is what twin flame magnetic pull is about. It’s not everything, but it gives you an idea of what twin flame magnetic pull is. Twin flame magnetic pull is a force coming from your twin flame that can attract you to where they are, even without any directional signs. You can feel it instinctively and you don’t need to activate it in some way to feel it.

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Why Do Twin Flames Feel the Magnetic Pull?

There have been several theories as to why twin flames feel some sort of magnetic pull. Listed below are just a couple of them.

Spirit bond theory

The most popular theory is that of the spiritual connection. To reiterate what is well-known, twin flames come from a single soul that has been split into two and then provided to two different physical bodies. Because the two souls came from a single soul, they have a spiritual connection that ties them together even after splitting up. It is due to that spiritual connection that twin flames subconsciously know where their other half is.

It is also due to the nature of twin flames that they feel that magnetic attraction. Because twin flames originally come from a single soul, the two souls want to come back together and have a true twin flame union. They want to come back together and create a certain attraction between twin flames, and they act upon that attraction.

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Electromagnetic theory

There is also a theory that mixes spirituality with science. In spirituality, it is said that everything is made up of energy. People are made of energy. The thoughts, emotions, and will of humans are made up of energy. The stars in the sky are made up of energy, and so are the spirits and the soul.

In science, not everything is energy. Energy is only power derived from chemical or physical resources to produce light or heat. Everything else is made up of something else, like the elements of the periodic table or the compounds formed by the elements. However, it is also energy that ties together science and spirituality.

In science, you have what you call the four fundamental forces that govern how objects interact with other objects. One of those fundamental forces is the electromagnetic force. That force creates interactions through the use of electricity. And electricity can be converted to energy. Do you see where this is heading now?

The theory that tries to explain the twin flame magnetic pull with science ties it with electromagnetism. The theory wants to put up that since everything is energy, everything is also electrically charged. Because souls are energy, they are also electrically charged. Anything electrically charged has a magnetic pull, and they can attract or repel other objects that have the opposite or the same charge as they have, respectively.

In other words, the twin flame magnetic pull is the result of sufficient and compatible electrical charges due to their nature of being energy.

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If There’s a Pull, Is There Also a Push?

Based on the electromagnetic theory for the twin flame’s magnetic pull, if there is an attractive force, there is also a repelling force. That’s why there are also times in a twin flame’s journey when twin flames go through a twin flame separation stage. That same energy that enables them to find one another will also make them separate from one another.

You can look at this from a simpler perspective. If you play with magnets, especially those with specially-marked sides indicating their polarity, you will find that if you randomly put two magnets near each other, they will look for opposite poles and attract each other. If you deliberately put two opposite poles near each other, the attraction will also happen. However, when you point the two similar poles of the two magnets, they will repel each other.

In the same way, twin flames will feel attracted to each other because they are both magnets. They will look for areas where they can vibe with one another, and when there are times when they can help each other, they will give it their best. However, when the twin flames get to areas where they are too similar, especially weaknesses, there will be a repelling force that will come into play.

Even in times when the similarity is positive, there will still be a repelling force given certain conditions. For example, you and your twin flame both like Hawaiian pizza. There will still be times when you will fight over Hawaiian pizza, like when you eat the last slice and your twin flame gets mad. Given certain circumstances, your twin flame will be repelled due to your similarities.

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Do Both Twin Flames Feel It at the Same Time?

The question posed above is usually where the electromagnetic theory has difficulty in answering. Because the electromagnetic theory is based on science, it is over-reliant on numbers and concepts to form conclusions. However, humans are complex creatures, they cannot be simplified into a few concepts or numbers.

There are no two twin flame journeys that are exactly the same, and there are countless factors that are present in each twin flame journey. Although there may be similarities here and there between twin flame pairs, differences always occur.

There are twin flame pairs that will experience the attractive pull at the same time. This happening is especially evident during times when the twin flame separation stage is about to end, where twin flames usually find that they’re seeing each other more. They may bump into each other more than usual. There are also instances where they are both led to a certain spot for them to meet if they have not met each other for a long time.

However, there are also twin flame pairs that don’t feel it at the same time. For example, one of the twin flame parties will wait for some time in an area where they were seemingly pulled into, only to wait for nothing and go back home empty-handed. It may be possible that the other twin flame felt the attraction but they declined to go to that place, but it’s also a possibility that the other twin flame did not feel anything at all.

There’s a lot of speculation and possibilities regarding this phenomenon and that’s why it’s difficult to answer the subtopic question using the electromagnetic theory.

Pros and Cons of Twin Flame Magnetic Pull

As with anything in the twin flame journey, twin flame magnetic pull has pros and cons. Tackled below are the pros and cons of the twin flame magnetic pull.


The twin flame magnetic pull is one of the biggest reasons why you and your twin flame even met each other. There are already very few twin flame relationships. Without an indicator like the twin flame magnetic pull, twin flames might not be able to discover themselves.

The twin flame magnetic pull also acts as an assurance during times of separation. During the twin flame separation stage, you can still feel a tug in your soul that tries to pull you in certain directions. That may be from the twin flame magnetic pull and it’s tugging at you to tell you that your twin flame is still out there. The relationship is waiting for both of you to come back together.


The twin flame magnetic pull is an intense attraction. However, it is not the only intense attraction that is present in the world. Because of that fact, you can’t be too sure whether you are feeling the twin flame magnetic pull or just another intense attraction. Such attractions can come from false twin flames. Their attraction may not be as strong as the true twin flame’s, but if you’re experiencing the attraction for the first time, you will mistake it as a twin flame magnetic pull.

The attraction isn’t limited to false twin flames either. You also feel a strong attraction to addictive substances or even your own hobbies. Just because there is an extreme attraction, it doesn’t mean that it’s the twin flame magnetic pull.

Additionally, even if it is the true twin flame magnetic pull, the attractive force is indiscriminate. It doesn’t happen in the most convenient times. There are a lot of times when the pull draws together the twin flame pair too soon. The twin flame pair may not be ready for true twin flame union and thus be led to several twin flame separation stages. The magnetic pull may even happen during a time when both parties are still married, thus creating a lot of unnecessary problems.

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