Using The Twin Flame Mirror Image (Source of Reflection and Growth) -

Using The Twin Flame Mirror Image (Source of Reflection and Growth)

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If you are a hopeless romantic, you'd likely fantasize about your soulmate as someone you met through sharing an umbrella or accidentally bumping into them in which their face seems to sparkle up close with your heart thumping loudly in your chest. The concept of having a red string does seem pretty appealing. Isn't it comforting to know that the universe custom-made someone for you? That is a planet inhabited by billions of people, you will never be alone?

But when it comes to twin flames, we should not over-romanticize it. We often think of this person as ”the one” or what grants us a happily ever after in a quaint home, with two dogs and a white picket fence. If only things remained dreamy as it was from the start. If that's how things would go, it would completely contradict what a twin flame stands for.

A twin flame's purpose is to guide and ensure that you break the limitations you've made for yourself. They want you to look out into the horizon and know that there are a lot of things for you if only you took the chance to jump into the unknown.

Don't fall for the illusion that just because they feel like home and provide you with a sense of peace and safety like no other is that that will all they ever be. Your twin flame opens hidden doors to yourself, and some of them are ones that you're not willing to step into.

Before meeting my twin flame, I was in a really bad place. I was working two jobs, struggling to get along, and extremely lonely.

After meeting him, I launched a business and made $11,300 the first month, moved into a better home, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

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What Does It Mean To Have Your Twin Flame Awaken?


Spiritually awakening your twin flame is a path towards self-enlightenment. As you will face truths about yourself that are hard to accept, this journey is never smooth-sailing.

Because a twin flame is a shared soul in two different bodies, the existing distance between you will not matter. What bounds you together is that gravitating love and genuine happiness.

When you meet this person, there is instant recognition called the Kundalini rising, and that's because twin flames could exist in several lifetimes. You may have already met them in your previous life, so you feel nostalgic when you meet them the second time around. Because your energy perfectly aligns with one another- you are more sensitive to each other's needs- be it psychologically or spiritually.

This connection is so satisfying that constant sexual union is not necessary. Your love for each other will suffice that it transcends a bond formed out of the entanglements of two warm bodies.

When Kundalini rises among twin flames, this event will amplify their every emotion. Because you mirror each other, what you will feel will automatically be sent to your other half as if it's an unconscious signal.

When you feel negative emotions, it transports into your twin flame's soul intensely, which causes them pain. This sudden surge will throw them into a temporary state of confusion, and this will only cause them distress.

”What if I'll never end up with someone? I can't fuck a plant until it moans my name.” The more you are in a damp mood, the more you will manifest the wrong things. So, form a fist and tell the universe that you will meet the love of your life.

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What to do with it:

Keep your body grounded as you connect your spirituality with someone and your physical consciousness. Focus on your breathing, feeling in your chakra as you intentionally surrender or meditate.

The more you are mindful of the physical sensations and your immediate surrounding, the more it will clear your mind. It would be best to concentrate on the present so thoughts of the future and past will not overwhelm you.

This mental state balances the resisting energy inside you. Having reached a state of equilibrium, you obtain clarity, which will no longer prevent you from manifesting and making positive experiences.

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10 Affirmations to help you on your twin flame journey

  1. There is a divine union between me and my Twin Flame
  2. My twin flame and I strive towards our individual growth
  3. My twin flame will stay with me despite my reaction against their unwanted revelations of who I am
  4. All good things will take place at the right time.
  5. Despite our egos, I have a strong bond with my twin flame, and it will bridge whatever differences we have
  6. I can stand on my own and feel a wholeness without having to depend on my twin flame
  7. I am grounded with the present and thus attract prosperity
  8. I embrace the gifts given to me by the universe
  9. I surrender to the grand purpose woven for me
  10. I take the time to enrich and nourish myself

Why is there a need for twin flames?

The universe sent you a twin flame to aid you in your spiritual awakening. They assume the role of igniting your soul and developing your personal self. A twin flame doesn't only serve to accompany you in times of loneliness and affliction, but they also confront you with your deep-seated issues.

They set up a path for you towards self-healing, even if this means baring your soul- opening up wounds and digging up internal conflicts you've long been repressing.

What it's meaning and advice to twin flame age difference? learn more and add this to your knowledge.

Signs you have found your twin flame:

1.) The connection is always there

You have telepathy in which you can sense each other's state and emotions despite the distance you have. This makes it easier to cater to your needs because you're already in tune with each other's spiritual bodies. You both can feel if something is wrong with the other, and your connection urges you to check up on your partner.

2.) There is mutual trust

Because your twin flame mirrors you, even if they threaten your comfort by revealing you, you trust that they only want what's best for you. You have faith in knowing that their actions lean towards caring for your well-being despite its ambiguity. Your twin flame devotes their time and effort to your personal growth, so you have it in you to trust the process.

They're privy to different parts of you on varying levels, so who else but them would you trust with your untold secrets? With sides to you that you don't show to the public?

3.) They offer a sense of security like no other

They hold you in their cradle of calm and secureness. The world could crash and burn, but you would still feel at peace in the arms of your twin flame. You know the level of commitment they have with you, and they would douse any flame of doubt with their constant reassurance.

You may have struggled now and then, but at the end of the day, they will be there waiting for you. After a tough day at work, their presence is the ultimate rest that you seek. It's that little luxury of having every other aspect of your life be against you, but your twin flame would still accept you despite how unworthy you feel.

4.) You both show your authentic selves to each other

You're way past that stage where you hold yourself back in fear of them getting turned off by your obnoxious laugh or your pedantic ways. In the presence of your twin flame, you're as transparent as you can get and give the bare minimum to conceal what you consider the ugly parts of yourself. It doesn't matter since they see you for who you are and might even know something about you that you don't know about yourself.

Whether you look like you're about to do a catwalk or display the couch potato version of you, it won't change how they treat you. Your being vulnerable will not dissuade them from staying near you. They will hold the messy parts of you in times when you can't hold them yourself.

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Using The Twin Flame Mirror Image


Meeting your twin flame in this lifetime will boost your spiritual awakening or your kundalini rising. Your twin flame is an impetus towards reaching your higher self.

How to effectively use twin flame crystals? and how it can help you? Learn why is it important.

Anything that seems to keep you apart is part of your spiritual growth. Your souls are intertwined in that there's an instant connection on your first encounter.

Your connection with your twin flame is not just about fulfilling your romantic fantasies but also reflecting on each other and sharing the light you have within you with the world. Ascension can only begin with a peaceful partnership.

At the start of your relationship, you and your twin flame will be oblivious of your capability to mirror each other. There may be an instant recognition with your souls, but you will not know the depth of that bond until at a much later time. 

It takes years of building up before you realize how much of an impact you have in each other's lives and how in line your values and visions are. You both brace yourself for an adventure as you find yourselves caught up in a whirlwind of romance, not knowing the life lesson that's in store for you.

You and your twin flame will be perfect mirror images of each other. You will reflect on everything- whether it be good or bad.

The twin flame mirror's effect can be so powerful that it might try to cleanse everything that isn't in accord with unconditional love. Archaic beliefs, repressed emotions, and unresolved traumas will start to reemerge.

Our twin flame will make us face the demons we've long hidden in the closer or under our bed, for us to finally take control of them and be in union with all parts of ourselves. In this transition, we will confront and heal everything that once hurt us.

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