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Why Do I Obsess Over My Twin Flame & How to Stop It?

If you feel like you are obsessing over your twin flame right now, you may want to finish reading this article. Obsession is just one facet of the twin flame connection that nearly all twin flames experience at some point in their relationship. Believe it or not, it is actually more common than you think, and it usually happens to the twin flame chaser.

Even though the twin flame obsession is commonly associated with the chaser, the twin flame runner can also feel the same. However, one twin flame counterpart that is awakening first tends to be more energetically sensitive.

As a result of these energetic sensitivities, they can feel and recognize this twin flame connection initially in a more powerful way than the so-called less awakened twin. If you are the twin flame that is having obsessive thoughts and feelings, this article will provide a sense of relief to you.

What you are experiencing right now is a powerful and intense energy, but these aren't some negative reflections about you. You may be confused as to why you are feeling this way because you know yourself that you are not like this, and this is just you negatively judging yourself. This is also because people judge you based on the ego and not on the soul.

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When You Meet Your Twin Flame for the First Time

These twin flame obsessive thoughts and feelings are just a result of your ego and logic trying to make sense of what your soul knows to be true. Oftentimes, these obsessive thoughts and feelings begin after we meet our twin flames in this 3D world.

When we finally meet face to face with this physical shell that houses an identical soul frequency to ours, we see our soul reflected back to us authentically when we look at their eyes. They are also seeing us in the same way because we can read it in their faces. When we first meet our twin flames, there is a massive energetic exchange that takes place between these two twin flames, especially if they are within the auric fields of our physical bodies.

When our auras touch or when their physical bodies touch, even the slightest brush of the fingers, you receive some energetic download. And within this download, you know every thought that your twin flame has ever had in this lifetime.

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Why Do I Obsess Over My Twin Flame?

This energetic exchange is like you are catching up with each other's speed, and it is like accelerated soul learning for the purpose of accelerated soul evolution. This whole thing is taking place in the subconscious mind, and your unconscious mind is not aware of this. Because of all these, the obsession over these thoughts and feelings starts.

It is confusing when you meet someone, and you experience this energetic download. However, you are only getting snippets and flashes of the lives of your twin flame. At this point, you do not know if you are making these things up because you have no immediate confirmation of this truth.

The ego instantly goes crazy because it likes to live in the present moments. It usually asks for evidence right away, and it does not understand the soul's intuition.

Intuition is knowing what you cannot know, and the ego cannot grasp the existence of this soul, knowing that you can know someone without consciously knowing everything about them. Naturally, your ego will want to validate what you unconsciously know.

This is like an extreme version of knowing something at the tip of your tongue. Imagine this experience to the maximum extremes between two twin flames. You experience déjà vu and feel like you really know this person you just met, but you just do not know when, how, and where you met them.

Before coming into this lifetime, your souls were pre-destined the circumstances of your twin flame meeting. Before you were born, your soul was given the name, the physical attributes, and the likeness of your twin flame. It was engraved in your soul's DNA so that you will have this feeling of déjà vu and familiarity when you meet.

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This is a slight awakening to your soul's amnesia, and you will remember that you know this person. You will slowly remember that you are destined to meet this person in this lifetime, and you have everything about your twin flame within your soul, but you cannot consciously access it.

You are given snippets one moment at a time because you are only given these insights at the perfect moments. These small portions of your twin flame's life will come to you when you need to remember them. Your higher self knows that if you receive everything at once, it will scare you, and you will receive whatever it is that you need to know at the right time.

The ego goes crazy, and it wants to know everything at the moment because it is the king of instant gratification. This leads to obsession because you meet this person with déjà vu and awakening, and your ego, after some time, continues to turn this person over and thinks that you need to find out everything you can about this person.

There is a feeling that you need to know your twin flame's life and who they are in this lifetime. Your soul knows the answers to these answers, but your ego wants to know all of them immediately.

However, all this so-called “obsession” also runs deeper than that, and it comes from feelings our twin flames' presence with us all the time. We feel our twin flames' presence prior to the meeting, especially when we are alone to comfort us in very brief instances.

When we finally meet our twin flames face to face, there is an initial fascination about them, and this will eventually intensify throughout time. After the initial meeting, you will be able to energetically feel your twin flame's presence with you in a way like you never did because the soul merges, and your connection deepens.

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Having this magical experience will really have us hooked on our twin flames, or the entire concept of it. But we shall all remember to slow it down, because real love and obsession do not coexist. 

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How to Stop Obsessing About Your Twin Flame?

To minimize or eliminate these obsessive thoughts, you have to redirect your thoughts to yourself other than onto your twin flame. Even though it takes a lot of conditioning and training, it is best to imagine yourself alone and without your twin flame. It is also best to focus on yourself in practical ways like self-care, setting new standards for yourself in the workplace, and faking confidence until you make it.

It is also good to focus on your present relationships other than your past, or better yet, focus your energy on the present reality. You have to remember that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit, and if you want to stop this obsession, you better start now.


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