Twin Flame Purging Symptoms: What you should know! -

Twin Flame Purging Symptoms: What you should know!

Twin flames have the connection that receives Divine love in their hearts. But as individuals, they have to go through the spiritual awakening process.

Twin flame purging is essential to increase the capacity of love and the duration of having good feelings. It is natural to have growing pains to hold more love during the expansion.

The Divine Being has prepared it for you, but you have to learn the lessons first. As you continue learning, you can choose appropriate thoughts and actions conveniently.

The term “conveniently” because some people know the difference between right and wrong. However, they still choose negatively influenced by external factors.

So, getting rid of the clutter inside you will help improve your reaction to the surroundings. It is better to distinguish which ones you are using and which ones are using you.

You make room in your heart to fit the immense love from the Divine, so you clear out the old mess. You must clear away the old before more blessings can come in.

Some things need to be released because they are no longer doing you good. You may seem sentimental, making it so difficult to do.

But just like cleaning your full closet, you need to let go of old clothes to make space for new ones. Some of you may still keep clothes in your wardrobe that are no longer your size or style.

You may be familiar with them and grew fond of them, but you don't wear them anymore. If you don't use them anymore, they are just taking space.

It can be a space you can reclaim for the new wardrobe you would use. It is essential to update your inner self and your outward self.

It takes some time to do it successfully. You may cry some tears as you let go of the past, but it is essential to continue the journey.

The best thing to do is clear out thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations that don't resonate with the Divine love.

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If you notice that you are purging, remember to be gentle with yourself. It is ideal to choose to nurture and support yourself with healing thoughts and activities.

It will help you grow and establish new vibrations at your comfort level.

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What are the Twin Flame Purging Symptoms?

You start being observant of the things that surround you. Experiencing the awakening process allows you to, well, be awakened.

You open your eyes to the things you easily ignored before, whether with people around you or yourself. You tend to ask more questions about how you are feeling and why.

If you blame the environment before, you begin to have a better perspective. You ask the right questions, and you introspect more often.

You realized many things you may have neglected and turned a blind eye to them earlier. You may remember something you have done in the past that still bothers you today.

You may often feel frustrated when you recall the moments when they hurt you. And now, you only realize that you are the one who did them wrong.

You feel guilty for the things you may have told them. But it is also vital not to dwell on the past pains, so spiritual purging is necessary.

Realizations make you notice how your behavior changes, even in simple situations. You come to realize that you are less angry about things that usually piss you off.

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It comes naturally to be calm even if you don't try. You blow off on others rarely, which can be surprising for you.

However, you must assess yourself with what you truly feel to understand yourself. You may look fine and composed, but you feel chaotic inside.

You think that you are doing good with your actions and reactions. But sincerely, you feel hollow deeply, and you are projective otherwise.

As a result, you may have fallen into the trap of distracting yourself. Instead of facing the issues and problems that burden you, you act busy.

You may be emotionally unstable and feel physically sick when you purge. But it's not the only symptom you should worry about.

Sometimes, you may feel exhausted and unwell, so you shouldn't shrug it off. You have a strong urge to lie down in bed the entire day.

Your body is calling you to take some rest, and you should heed it. Moreover, when this symptom persists, go see a doctor if necessary.

Some would call it physical and emotional suffering because it is unpleasant. It is a force you can't simply ignore because it's intense.

You may also experience ringing in your ear/s, and if so, I wrote an article about Twin Flame Ear Ringing and its significance. 

There might be things that require confrontation from you, which you avoid. You may not realize it then, but they have held you back.

You have to work through them because there is no skipping in the process. You should resolve them and move forwards towards enlightenment.

The spiritual journey is not easy to traverse because it involves awakening in various aspects. It involves accepting who you are as an individual and going beyond it.

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Contrary to what others believe, it is not built on excessive positivity. Moreover, the changes may be far from what you always wanted.

Obviously, not all things that happen to us are in our favor. Acceptance is the key to understanding why these events happen to you.

Notably, the situations you face are the lessons you need to learn for you to grow. At the same time, each person is unique with different background, so there's no shortcut.

Don't fret when things are beyond your control because everything happens for a reason. If you continue to resist the flow, you are delaying your awakening.

Therefore, it also affects your twin flame relationship since you work in partnership.

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As you are changing, your relationships may start changing too. Some people around you may not understand or appreciate the changes that transpire.

They feel that you no longer resonate the same vibes before, and it seems like an invisible wall. They will say many kinds of stuff about you, which may be painful to hear.

It can be new to them but what matters most is you learn from mistakes. You prioritize yourself more, and it strips them of their power towards you.

It may sound like you have become selfish, and your ego has gotten big. But it is not true because they actually focus on their ego.

They are only concerned about your changes because you no longer suit their needs. That's why they liked you before because you allow them to control your actions and thoughts.

This time, the soul speaks, which is more compassionate and understanding. You become more in touch with your higher self and lose the grip of your ego.

Individual differences are challenging to deal with, but you respect each other's individuality. You see other people for who they are and not just how they present themselves.

You discover yourself more, and you clearly see how others treat you. You are no longer in the shadows of acting friendly to gain others' approval.

You have never been more confident about who you are. You love your authentic self, and the right people will love you for being who you truly are.

Some of your friends will raise concerns that you slowly drift away from the group. They talk about how you become out of reach and turn into someone they don't know.

But always remember that the only opinion that matters about your newer version is you. People must understand and accept who you are and who you are becoming.

It is a journey that only you understand, but it is for the better. As a result, many people will leave you behind, and that's okay.

Maybe their purpose in your life has been fulfilled, and you don't need them onwards. People come and go, but they will always have a special place in your heart.

Most likely, you find yourself isolated, and you feel alone. You are taking a bold step of transition from the old egoistic self to a calm, reassured self.

You express gratitude for whatever people's contributions are in your life. Whether they give you pain or joy, they help you through an essential process.

Be true to yourself and let go of the fear of not being accepted by society. Anything that holds you back prevents you from growing, and that's not healthy.

If they genuinely care about you, they are always in your life despite the distance. Moreover, it is you who have a role in their life as their guide into spiritual awakening.

Since you learn to raise your frequency, you may notice more happy incidents happen frequently. For example, you talk about your friends in high school, and suddenly you bump into them in the mall.

It seems a delightful coincidence, but actually, you attract more extraordinary things in your life. Being in a state of good mood and high vibrations, you become a magnet of the same frequency.

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Moreover, the importance of ascension includes the process of letting go or purging. And so, you find yourself willing and able to let go easily.

You learn to cut ties with toxic people from your circle or surrender control over the situation. The best way to describe it is that you learn to let go of your ego and ascend into your higher self.

You are at peace and no longer let fears and doubts hinder you from taking risks. You lift the so-called attachments for the Universe to handle, whether on things or people.

You can speak to a gifted advisor you can trust because there are many fake experts online. Seeking guidance from them can help you with what you are going through. 

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