Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Insights Into A Complex Process -

Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Insights Into A Complex Process

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The twin flame separation stage is one of the hardest parts, if not the hardest part, of the twin flame journey. It is when you experience the pain of getting executed through getting torn to half by being pulled apart by two horses. 

You know what a runner twin flame is already. If you don’t, here’s the short description: the twin flame who initiates the twin flame separation stage and runs away from the relationship. 

They do it due to several reasons, but the most important of all is that they feel that the pair is not yet ready for the true union stage.

Only this time, you aren’t actually killed, and you experience that pain over and over again. The metaphor is rather accurate due to the nature of your soul.

As you may have already known, twin flames came from one soul which was separated at the start before being given to two separate bodies. Because of this situation, twin flames are given a special spiritual bond. That’s why the execution method previously mentioned is accurate.

During twin flame separation, you’ll be torn apart from your twin flame. Other than the things mentioned above, another thing that makes the twin flame separation stage even harsher for the couple is that the one who initiated the suffering is one of the parties themselves.

The main reason for the happening of the twin flame separation is the unreadiness of both parties. That either means you are also to blame or that no one is to blame for the twin flame separation stage.

Still, it’s useless trying to pin the blame on anyone. What is more important is how twin flames get back together. 

When will the twin flame separation stage end? 

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About Runner Twin Flame Awakening

You may then ask the question: why do they need to awaken? Don’t you need to keep your eyes open for you to run? 

It may seem like a silly question, but that is actually a deep and valid question. Yes, you need to keep your eyes open when you run, however, there are times when wind resistance makes it difficult for your eyes to keep open. 

You have to close your eyes at times, and that’s what also happens during twin flame separation.

When you have to close your eyes while you run due to the wind resistance, that’s when you know that you’re going too fast. There are also times during the twin flame journey where you’re going rather fast with your twin flame during your journey.

Those are usually landmarked by events that create soul shocks, such as kisses or sex. No, those acts are not what causes the soul shock themselves, but the passion that comes with those acts trigger soul shocks. 

Your relationship can be so intense that one of the twin flames runs because they got scared or confused with the soul shocks caused by such intensity.

This chasing in terms of spirituality is the point when the runner twin flame has to open their eyes, to wake up. Awakening is the point when the runner twin flame gets to the same understanding as the chaser twin. 

Factors That Lead to Runner Twin Flame Awakening


The pain you feel during the twin flame separation stage is three-fold: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It blasts a gaping hole through you thrice. 

Additionally, it doesn’t happen once. It’s a lingering pain that will stay with you until you surrender. 

However, what surrender means here is different for different kinds of people.

Some people will surrender their pride or any other negative trait they have that will stop them from going back to their twin flame. Some people will forfeit their lives instead. 

Finally, some people choose to stick with the status quo and live through the pain. 

The decision lies with the runner's twin flame, but the majority cannot take the pain and decide to go back to their partners.

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Reopening of a void

When a twin flame hasn’t met his/her other half yet, you have what you call a searching stage in the twin flame journey. It is in this time that both twin flames have a yearning in their soul to fill up the inexplicable emptiness. 

When twin flames meet each other, they meet the ones who can fill up that hole in their hearts. They can experience what it feels like to be complete after decades of separation.

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The feelings that runner twin flames usually get during this time are those of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.. Twin flames who run away from their partners will feel dissatisfied with their lives even if they are living the life. 

They may have all the luxurious cars and posh hotels that they can possess. They can have all the harems they want, but they’ll still feel empty inside. 

They won’t feel the happiness that most people who have those things get.

Thoughts in chaos

If you are a chaser twin flame and you think that you are the only one who is feeling confused about this entire situation, then you are mistaken. 

Your runner twin flame is also feeling confused about the entire ordeal. It’s possible that they’re even more confused than you are. 

Remember that twin flames have a unique spiritual and karmic bond between them. They have a telepathic connection that sends emotions over to their twin flames at times. 

This telepathic connection gets even stronger during the twin flame separation stage for the twin flames to be guided through the ordeal. During this time, twin flames are sharing emotions and are one in the heart.

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Every twin flame journey has its special quirks. There are twin flame journeys that don’t have the twin flame separation stage at all. 

There are also twin flame journeys that have a lot of twin flame separation stages.

There are journeys where the runner twin flame and the chaser twin flame are still attuned with each other despite the situation, only because the circumstances needed the separation and not from the initiative of both parties. 

There are also journeys where the runner twin flame is low in spirituality and thus got left so far behind, causing the separation.

The intensity is not the same as when someone is on a higher spiritual level, and that’s why runner twin flames who are low on the spiritual side are more difficult to handle.

However, you can never guess the future. There’s a possibility that at some point in time, the runner twin flame starts working on their spirituality, and their spiritual level increases. 

They don’t have to catch up to the other twin flame for them to be awakened. They only have to reach a spiritual level where they get aware of the situation and get back to the relationship to try and grow with their twin flame together.

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Aid from the Universe

Twin flame relationships are some of the most special things in the Universe. That’s why the Universe gives twin flame relationships high regard and will aid them during their ordeals. 

During the most difficult times in their relationship, twin flames get signs from the Universe. Some of these signs can come in the form of angel numbers. 

However, they are not limited to angel numbers and can come in different forms.

Angel numbers

Angel numbers are signs sent by higher beings to aid people in their journey. They have a variety of meanings depending on the sequence of the numbers as well as where they are found. 

They are not only used to help twin flames, however but their importance in twin flame relationships also cannot be understated. 

They’re very helpful in guiding twin flames through their journey especially during rough times like the twin flame separation stage. The angel number that you see can make or break your relationship.

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Other signs

Besides angel numbers, there are a lot of other signs that you can get from about anywhere. 

It can be in any shape or form as long as it reminds the runner twin flame of their partner and their relationship. It may even not be related to the relationship, but the particular word, phrase, or number stands out and the runner twin flame suddenly thinks about the relationship for some reason. 

Those things are signs from the Universe and the higher beings, and they’re extra noticeable to the runner twin flame because the Universe made them that way.

If the runner twin flame or even the chaser twin flame get signs like the ones above, then it’s the Universe’s way of saying that they should get back to the relationship or to get out of the relationship.

 Yes, there are instances when the Universe advises twin flame pairs to truly get separated and end the relationship, as surprising as that sounds. Whatever the reason is, it is for the greater good.

What Can You Do as the Chaser Twin Flame?

If you are the chaser twin flame, then the first thing you have to do is to ascertain the situation. Sometimes, you don’t need the Universe or the higher beings to tell you what to do. 

You just have to rely on logic and common sense for you to get through the twin flame separation stage. However, it’s difficult to muster both logic and common sense, or even just one of them, if you are down on the dumps emotionally.

So the actual thing that you can first do is to calm yourself down. You have to comfort yourself first because you are also an affected party and not just someone on the sidelines who can easily say what they want. 

Doing things like taking a walk or taking a warm bath will help. Do what you want.

After you’ve calmed down, you have done 50% of the work for yourself already. You can now assess the situation with a clear mind. 

You don’t have to know what you need, because you already know what it is. You need to continue the calming down process, and you need to work on yourself. 

Working on your self-improvement is the best thing you can do after calming down.

You have to take note that you can’t do anything much in this situation. It is the runner's twin flame who has to realize everything, after all. 

Even if you are connected with a spiritual bond, you don’t have the same mind or the same spiritual level. You have to patiently wait for them while giving them emotions and feelings through the spiritual bond that you have. 

Make them feel loved, and make sure you let them know that you’re always open to communication.

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