Twin Flame Runner Feelings (Complete Guide): Why Are They Running? -

Twin Flame Runner Feelings (Complete Guide): Why Are They Running?

In a twin flame pair’s journey, it won’t always be good times. There will be times when things get tough. It is in those times when the twin flame pair’s fight or flight response kick in. There will be one who wants to stand and fight the adversities coming your way, whereas another one of the twin flames will want to fly away from the situation. This situation is called the twin flame separation stage, and the twin flame pair will be divided into two parties.

The more common name of the first party is the chaser twin. The chaser twin is the one who is said to remain standing for the relationship. They stand and fight, dealing with the pain and absorbing whatever they can absorb during the twin flame separation stage. They stay intact and keep on fighting. Perhaps chaser twins should be more aptly renamed to fighter twins.

However, this article is dedicated to knowing about the second party in the twin flame separation stage, and that is the runner twin flame. In this article, you will know what a runner twin flame is; what possible reasons the runner twin flames have for running; the possible feelings they have while they’re on the run; what runner twin flame awakening is; and how to deal with the twin flame separation stage as the chaser twin.

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What Is a Runner Twin Flame?

The second party in the twin flame separation stage is the runner twin. It’s probably not as good to say flyer twin instead of runner twin, so the name should remain the same. The runner twin flame is the one who runs away from the situation. It may be because they realize that their experience and readiness are not enough. Maybe they ran away so they can buy time to get more experience and ready themselves better for the true twin flame union.

The Reason Why Runner Twins Run

The main reason why runner twin flames run is because they are not ready for the kind of relationship twin flames have. They’re shocked by the intensity of the love and bond between twin flames. They may also have issues in the past, traumas if you will, that they still haven’t gotten over and are affecting the relationship.

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If twin flames want to get to the true union stage of their relationship, they have to remove all obstacles between their union. They have to remove physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blockades between both twin flames. Only then will they be ready for true union with their twin flame. If the pair is not ready, then separation will take place, and it may not happen only once. They must be careful not to make that happen repeatedly because there have been true twin flame pairs that have fallen out of favor with each other due to being tired of the repetition of separation stages in their relationship.

Possible Feelings the Runner Twins Have When They Run

What does your twin flame feel while they’re running from the situation? Listed below are some of the most common feelings. If you contact them and they say they’re not feeling at least one of the feelings listed below, they may only be hiding it within themselves or they don’t realize it yet. Of course, you don’t outright ask them if they’re feeling any of the feelings below, else they may be offended.

Without further ado, the list of feelings for the runner twin flame.

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Fear is the single most common feeling that’s almost always experienced by every runner twin flame. In a twin flame relationship, there are so many things you can be fearful about. You can be scared about the intensity of the relationship, how you’re almost no longer the you that you know of due to the passion you have for your twin flame. You may also feel like the relationship you have with your twin flame is too good to be true, and you get scared thinking about what would happen if it disappears in a flash.

The runner twin flame feels that fear in the relationship, causing them to consciously or subconsciously distance themselves from the relationship. What’s worse is, when they run, they get even more scared. They get scared about running from their beloved, and they get scared thinking about what would happen if they try to get back to them. They get scared about what their twin flame might say if they contact them. There are simply so many things that runner twin flames can get scared about, sometimes you can’t even blame them for running.


If you’re confused as to why your twin flame has separated from you, then you have to know that they’re feeling the confusion too. Twin flames have this inseparable, primeval spiritual bond that has existed way before the twin flames became aware of the existence of their twin flames. That bond also gives twin flames synchronizing feelings. That’s why if you’re confused, they’re just as confused as you are.

Runner twin flames simply don’t know how to handle the situation that they are in. They’re groping in the dark, sweat and maybe sometimes tears falling to the floor. They’re also feeling the pain that you’re feeling, and every other emotion you have also synchronized with theirs. Synchronization of feelings is really strong during the twin flame separation stage, and your twin flame has no idea how to handle the sudden surge of emotions.


Because twin flames have a special spiritual connection, there are times when both twin flame parties, not just the runner, feel uncomfortable. They are both dealing with so many things changing in their lives, and twin flames need the time to adjust to those changes. During the adjustment period, they feel uncomfortable. They want to forget about weaknesses and past failures. They’d want to keep all the negatives under wraps and just move on with the relationship without thinking about it.

The thing is, all the negatives are still part of the twin flame. Even if they run, they are still with the runner twin unless he/she can change that part of him/her during the time that they’re on the run. The runner twin flame doesn’t understand that, and another thing that’s making them uncomfortable is the fact that they don’t know what to do with their weaknesses and how to fix them.

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Although regret is one of the most common feelings that a runner twin flame feels when they run, there are a lot fewer runner twin flames who say they felt regret compared to the other feelings. Some twin flames don’t regret having run away at all. However, there is still quite a number who regret running away from their twin flame. The main reason that twin flames separate is the unreadiness of both parties, but there are times when it’s only due to pure misunderstanding on both of their parts.

According to some former twin flame runners, they regretted going through the twin flame separation stage because it lasted a lot faster than most. The reason it lasted faster is that the separation stage could have been avoided altogether. It resulted from a misunderstanding, or a series of misunderstandings, that could have been talked over. But because of their personalities, they clashed and got separated.

However, it was also in their personalities that they could talk over problems and deal with them, so they regretted wasting precious time and tears while they got separated due to a simple series of misunderstandings.

Runner Twin Flame Awakening

When talking about runner twin flame awakening, this is not the same as the awakening referred to when talking about the twin flame journey stage. The awakening stage in the twin flame journey refers to the awakening of both twin flames and it happens after the searching stage for twin flames. For the runner twin flame awakening, this exclusively happens to the runner twin flame and it happens during the separation stage. The runner twin flame awakening is not a stage in itself but is part of a stage.

What does it mean, then, for a runner twin flame to awaken? It means that you (if you’re the runner) or your twin flame realizes what the chaser twin already realizes: that you two are tied together with a spiritual bond so strong it doesn’t break even when the two of you get separated. It’s when the runner twin flame ends the separation stage and the twin flames get back with each other. It’s the signal that the twin flame separation stage is over and you’re about to enter a new stage in your journey as twin flames.

Always remember that the chaser twin and the runner twin are always connected with a spiritual bond. They’re inseparable, and that’s why your twin flame also feels what you’re feeling. If you miss them, they also miss you, but they haven’t realized it yet. That’s why one of the things you have to do is to remind them what they have left behind. Sometimes, it’s not advisable to stay put if your twin flame ran away.

There are times when you have to be proactive. It doesn’t have to be an in-your-face call or mail to your twin flame about the things he left behind. However, you can give them subtle signs that will enable them to remember, and thus awaken them.

Listed below are some of the possible reasons for the reawakening of the runner twin flame. It lists even reasons that you may not have an active hand on.

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Possible Reasons for Awakening

  • Can’t find another love better than the chaser’s

There are a lot of twin flames who have gotten back together because the runner twin flame tried to find another love, but failed to do so. The main reason is that no matter how much time you spend looking for another love, you’ll never find a love stronger than that with your twin flame. No one else will look as attractive, nor feel as good to be with, as your twin flame.

Runner twin flames, who are mostly the Male twin flame, usually try to find another love. It’s because they want to fill the hole in their heart and to remove their loneliness. But what will end up happening is that the person he/she will get together with will be compared to his/her twin flame. The replacement partner will never be the same with your twin flame, and that’s why the relationship will end.

During this time, the runner twin flame will start to realize that he/she and the chaser twin are meant to be. It might be especially so if the chaser twin flame has been good to the runner twin even during the separation stage. It clears away doubts and fears, accelerating the end of the twin flame separation stage.

  • Realizing that the separation is a waste of resources

The resources mentioned above are time, money, and energy.

The runner twin flames are wasting their time running away from their twin flame. It’s because they cannot find anyone else better than their twin flames, and so in the end they’ll go back to the relationship. Why not go back to the relationship if they realize that it’s a waste of time?

During a relationship, there will be times where one spends for his/her loved one. It’s not just money that they’re spending, but energy as well. They could go on dates or talk with each other on the phone. All of those cost money and energy. It even also costs time. If everything is for naught, in the end, they might as well end the relationship and go back to the one they love.

As long as everything is ready, even if they’re not sure that it’s OK, they’re going back. Then, they either find that everything’s alright or that the situation has reversed and they become the chaser twin instead.

  • Realizing they’re not happy without their twin flame

This point is sad for twin flames who had partners other than their true twin flame. It’s sad for the partners. Runner twin flames realize that no matter how good their partners treat them, as long as they’re not their twin flame, the situation’s not as happy or fulfilling as when they’re with their twin flames. They’ll always feel unsatisfied with the situation.

If twin flames are together, it won’t matter how much garbage life throws at them, they’ll still be happy. If they’re separated, they’ll always feel a big loss in their lives that can only be treated when they’re together with their twin flame. When the runner twin flame realizes this fact, they’ll go running back to where they came from: the chaser twin’s bosom.

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  • Higher beings sending signs

As was mentioned earlier in the article, there are times when you should be proactive and not simply wait on your twin flame who ran away to awaken. If the Universe and the higher beings are giving you positive signs, such as the angel number 1010, it’s an even bigger reason to pursue your running twin flame as the chaser.

This is because the runner twin flame may either be seeing the signs as well and they know what it means, or they have realized things on their own and they’re ready to get back into the relationship. Remember that your twin flame is connected to you, even if they ran away and got both of you going through the twin flame separation stage.

  • Dealing with the separation stage as the chaser

If you are the chaser twin flame in the twin flame separation stage, you’re in a tough spot but you’re also the best person there is to help your runner twin flame. You are the person who’s most intimately connected with your twin flame. You have a spiritual bond that no one else in the world has, even including their mother. You have to use that connection to help your twin flame out, not only for his/her awakening and for your relationship, but for your twin flame’s well-being as well.

However, there’s also not a single perfect answer as to how you should deal with the separation stage. The closest to the perfect answer would be to work on yourself and improve. It helps you out as it gives you something to think about while the separation is going on. It makes you improve, thus helping both you and your twin flame in the relationship. However, it doesn’t help your twin flame out other than sending them a bit of emotional stability through your spiritual bond. Additionally, although your twin flame is all for your improvement, there are instances where they may feel a bit dejected and neglected if you spend way too little time with them due to you focusing on yourself.

It feels like a tightrope-balancing act. You have to balance yourself as well as your twin flame. Yes, there is a kind of telepathy between twin flames that enables them to somehow communicate something to their twin flame partner. However, you cannot expect everyone to have strong control over what they can send, especially when the twin flame separation stage happened very early on in the relationship. Additionally, your twin flame may still be confused about a lot of things, so giving them even more confusing signals can lengthen the twin flame separation process.

You also have to know how much space you should give to your running twin flame. Everything hinges on the circumstances of the situation. It depends on what you and your twin flame’s personalities are. You have to give them enough space while keeping them as near to you as possible. Yes, the situation’s contradictory, but so is the twin flame separation stage.

The runner twin flame must realize things on his/her own. Because if they don’t, they’ll continue to run. What you can do for them is to show understanding and give them positive emotions, if you can. You can wait for them, and while waiting, you should also improve and prepare yourself so that the twin flame separation stage won’t be back another time. You can give them space and encouragement.

When will runner twin flames awaken? No one knows, not even the runner twin himself/herself. All you can do as the chaser twin is to wait while preparing yourself for the future and to let your twin flame know that you’re always open to welcoming them back with open arms.

I actually wrote an article to let you know what twin flame runners are thinking.

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