Twin Flame Runner Regret: The feelings you need to know! -

Twin Flame Runner Regret: The feelings you need to know!

You have regrets in your twin flame relationship no matter how often you deny it.

When you meet your twin flame, you might think that they are already perfect for you. But as you think they will be your destined one, unexpected things happen.

The twin flame runners are likely to feel confusion, disorientation, and anxiety for them to leave. They may have feelings of loneliness and pain, but regrets are sure.

You feel like it doesn't work out, and you are heartbroken. But when they come back into your life, the magic continues to happen.

They may come back to you, but they still carry the weight of what they did. That is why you have to know the signs of regret of a twin flame runner.

It is essential to establish a good twin flame relationship. So, understanding what your runner twin flame feels would help you both in what’s ahead of you.

Believe it or not, as twin flame runners, they also feel intense pain during the separation. Twin flame chasers are not the only ones who suffer at that time.

During separation, twin flames share intense emotions and thoughts even when they are far from each other. The separation can be one of the most challenging parts of a twin flame relationship.

You have many questions about the other twin flame and your future together. This is when you have the most doubts about the relationship and how you will ever be together again.

When you are in a relationship initially, they may feel like they are on top of the world. Everything seems perfect, but with the overwhelming surge of energy between you two, the other feels scared.

Find out more about what twin flame runners regret through the signs.

Although they initiated the separation, they are also in deep pain. Since your solid bond is strong, they pretty much feel the same way you do.

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They feel terrible about leaving you and moving away from you. And because they left, that would not make their pain less valid.

They regret the choices that caused them to feel this kind of pain. They are indeed in denial about their feelings, even if they can sense their low energy.

No one wants negativity in the world, but it can be troubling for someone who is aware of the consequences. As a result, they regret being the reason why they feel pain because they are behind it.

Aside from regretting causing pain to themselves, they also regret causing pain to their twin flame chasers. The moment they step out of the relationship, they seem selfish, but they regret it.

In most cases, it’s the last thing that they want to do. Your eyebrows might be raising right now because they left, remember?

But the twin flame connection is profoundly rooted in your souls. You may be angry at them when they broke your heart but hear them out first.

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The unconditional love that binds you two would not change your feelings for each other. Nothing can break the bond the Universe has created being mirror souls.

The separation did not diminish your twin flame connection. Like their counterpart, they regret hurting you in any way.

However, it is inevitable, and you cannot avoid it. As difficult as it may seem to be, they feel immense regret afterward.

As you continue to read this article, try to open your eyes and be open-minded. It can be challenging to muster empathy and compassion when you are hurting, but it helps.

Many people believe that twin flame runners have always wanted a separation. But they don't do it voluntarily, but it is necessary for their journey.

There are many reasons why separation may take place unexpectedly.

For one, they have unprocessed karma that requires you to deal with them at some point. They have to face their karma as consequences of their actions and clear them.

They may have to dig deeper into themselves because they may need to do more shadow work. Shadow work means getting in touch with your dark side.

You may have repressed a part of yourself that you must have explored. You dive into your unconsciousness and discover what needs to be worked on.

Any traumatic experience or unconscious fixations can be part of your conscious awareness. It takes some therapy to understand those unconscious aspects that influence your impulsive behaviors.

There might be things that you suppress as a child. You hide and store them away instead of expressing them.

As a result, they play in different stages in your life. They might show up when something triggers you in your relationships with other people.

Moreover, you and your twin flame may not be at the right frequency yet. When both frequencies do not align, it can cause misunderstanding through miscommunication.

Although twin flames do not need words to communicate, they have to be in synchronized frequencies. The vibrations must be in sync for them to jive together.

A most common reason is they become stagnant in their personal growth. You are slowly in the awakening process, but your other is far behind.

They may have to step up a little more in their spiritual work. It is because they may have reached the plateau on their path and requires a more forceful push.

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Sometimes the twin flame runner might be more frustrated than the chaser. The mentioned reasons lie out the runner's hands to they are entirely and voluntarily in control.

In other words, if they have been running from you for months or years, they still feel a sense of guilt. They feel bad about themselves for stealing your heart away for some time.

You may feel the pain when they abandon you, but they regret being the runner, too. As much as everyone wants to blame the runner for the distress caused, they don't choose the role.

It comes naturally, and they are still feeling terrible when they think about it. It is not a great feeling being the reason for all the suffering and unhappiness.

Runners may see themselves as the evil person who prevents the twin flame union. But it is not the sole role of the runner.

Before the act of running away, they have massive and various levels of fear. Fear can be a strong emotion wherein people act in specific ways they never really thought of.

They are afraid of rejection and vulnerability. They don't want to get hurt, and because of their fears, they overthink things.

They are scared to let their guards down because something might negatively impact them. They do not want to feel abandoned at any point in their lives.

They may be frightened to see themselves, but you mirror each other as twin flames. As you see yourself reflected, it can be a bit dizzy.

The intensity of the relationship may take them by surprise, causing them to react negatively. As you meet your twin, you can become a different new person.

The runner feels that the twin flame relationship is too good to be true. So, they start to think about what would happen when it disappears.

As a result, it affected their confidence in the relationship, causing them to distance themselves. They are consciously or subconsciously bothered, which influences them to get scared and run.

And when they get to this stage of your twin flame relationship, you see signs. It’s like signs of regrets are flashing everywhere.

Frequently you get to see purple and yellow colors wherever you look, especially flowers like hyacinth. According to Flores, it’s a symbol of regret.

On the other hand, rue, an herb, symbolizes regret, sorrow, and repentance. Likewise, you get to notice more people wearing black clothes.

You see black color in things like phones, cars, shoes, etc. It seems it stands out more because of your counterpart’s feelings of regret.

Aside from color, the synchronicities with the things around you connect you to your twin flame. It can be any form, such as music or movies, that reminds you of your twin.

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The content may be about what you are going through. You relate more to what you are listening to and watching because it's similar to your situation.

Sometimes, songs or music suggestions also appear similarly. Either you smile because of the reminders, or you burst out crying because you remember.

There might be moments where you feel like something is drawing you to go to a place. It is a particular place that pulls you, and you feel like checking it out.

It may be a place where you spent together during the relationship. Or it can be an unfamiliar place that may be special to your twin flame.

Mood swings can be prevalent, too, because twin flames have telepathic communication. You might feel a little uncomfortable, and your twin flame might be the reason for your discomfort.

And because of telepathy, they can show up in your dreams. They can appear as themselves in your dreams, but they can also be something else.

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Although the scenes in your dreams are unclear, the message is clear – their regret.

It is possible that the runner will come back due to regret. But over time, there's a chance they will run again.

It is because they did not yet solve the main issue. So, they have to fix them first before coming back to you.

If they do not determine why they run in the first place, it keeps repeating. They must understand what they are going through and the process to move forward.

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