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A Guide to Twin Flame Separation Sickness: Why it hurts and How to Feel Better?

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After the blissful stage with the initial connection of twin flames, separation follows. It can be devastating and confusing when one of the twin flames runs away.

If both twin flames partners are unwilling to take the inner journey, they blame each other. Instead of healing, they get to experience discomfort because of their resistance.

It is a natural phenomenon when twin flames constantly trigger each other. They mirror the issues that need to be solved and changed.

It is common, but it is a life-changing event in every twin flame relationship.

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What Causes Separation Sickness?

One of the twin flame partners is not yet emotionally mature, which causes the separation. Certain immaturity causes fears and doubts to surface.

You may feel that you are not yet prepared to face each of them. You question the occurrences in your timeline, and you turn away.

It may take time for you to accept the importance of facing them. It is part of your spiritual evolution that could end the pain of separation.

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It helps if you start working on it efficiently. Therefore, you can reach a level authorized by your Higher Self.

Another reason is that one of them is losing its grip on reality. It is a sign that the ego believes in the illusion of the lower self's identity.

One can believe that the only way to return to reality is to undo the connection. It means avoiding or trying to cut ties whatever is present.

There will be events that are too heavy to carry for one of them. The complicated situation could lead one person to retract and turn the other way.

One might feel the pressure to accept the union or feel like being controlled. Sometimes, they also think they are not good enough for their partner with apprehension.

In a relationship, it requires working together to make things better. Partners must change and evolve individually and together to grow.

As a result, they must go through the process without any shortcuts. It can lead to many negative thoughts and feelings.

It includes experiencing pain, confusion, and disappointment for one of them. One can be demanding, while the other loses the ability to interpret things better.

No matter how painful it will be, everything is part of the process.

At first glance, they may be unsure and might not accept each other. One may think that their twin flame is not what they wished for when they were younger.

The twin flame partner may not be what they have in mind. But ignoring the stereotyping could make things flow better, lighter, and easier.

There are times when one of the twin flames is in another relationship. You feel a strong sense of separation because you are spiritually attached to it.

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Physical distance can also be a solid reason for twin flame separation sickness. It is when both twin flames feel down because of the overwhelming physical absence.

As twin flames, you desire intensity between your partner. However, when you are far from each other, you get depressed.

It becomes another cause of intolerable hurt and loneliness.

Separation Sickness affects all aspects of a human being including physical, mental and emotional.

How does it feel having Twin Flame Separation Sickness?

Although going through the separation phase is entirely normal, twin flames still get heartbroken. It is inevitable to feel pain during this stage in every twin flame relationship.

If you wonder what it feels like to experience separation sickness, read further.

Others describe that they feel a sudden pain. It is heartbreak in every imaginable way that refers to every aspect of your being.

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It hurts the spiritual and emotional parts, including physically.

When you try to avoid your twin flame partner, you intensify the suffering. You seem to try to escape instead of dealing with it head-on.

As a result, one of the twin flames partners will feel worthless and rejected.

But remember that twin flames are part of each other, so you continue to feel them. Even though separated, you think about their thoughts, emotions, and physical state.

Thus, twin flame separation sickness occurs. The physical pain mirrors what the soul feels inside when they are apart.

With the physical symptoms, your arms and shoulders hurt often. You feel upper back, lower back, middle back pain, or back pains.

Like the legs, knees, and feet, your lower extremities hurt. You feel profound physical exhaustion but experience poor sleep.

When you are away from your counterpart, you may have headaches, back pains, and heartaches. Regardless of who runs away or is left to stay, both equally feel physical pain.

The good thing about it, though, is you find out more about your unresolved issues. You identify them depending on what is bothering you at those moments.

It helps make changes about yourself. It is part of preparing yourself for a successful twin flame reunion.

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The Physical Symptoms and their Meanings

There are energy centers at specific parts of your body called chakras. If the energy does not flow properly in these areas, you experience energetic blocks.

Energetic blocks may cause several types of pain all over your body. It can also be a sign that chakra has low energy.

One of the ways to improve the flow of energy is through breathing exercises. Moreover, meditation can also help by clearing the mind and overall calmness.

Let us break down the meaning behind each symptom.

Shoulder, Arms, or Upper Back Pain

If you experience shoulder, arms, or upper back pains, you might be dealing with the blocked heart chakra.

It can mean that because you feel rejected, you lose your confidence. It may be a sign that you forget to take care and love yourself.

You should realize how to appreciate yourself even more. In addition to believing in yourself and gaining back your confidence like before.

Lower Back Pain

If your lower back hurts, it can mean that you have a blocked root or sacral chakra. The Root Chakra is at the base of your spine, while the Sacral Chakra is near.

A blocked root chakra may lead to various forms of trauma, nervousness, and insecurity. This chakra provides the foundation of life to be responsible for your sense of stability and security.

Other common symptoms of root chakra blockage include anemia, lower back pains, joint problems, etc.

On the other hand, the lower back pains can also point to the sacral chakra. It is the energy center for emotional connection, boundaries, and creativity.

People consider it the body's energy center for creative and sexual energy. It is a vital force located just below the navel at the lower spine.

Since it houses emotions, passions, and pleasures, you should revisit your passion lately. Uplift yourself by bringing back the things or activities that emotionally satiate you.

As it gives you joy, you improve your well-being and happiness. It could positively lead to bringing your twin flame union closer.

Exhaustion but Poor Sleep

Although you always feel tired, you cannot seem to rest well. You want to sleep well because of the physical exhaustion you are feeling.

It may result from using your energy to try to stay connected with your twin flame. But with many circumstances, your bond is unbreakable.

You may feel that you are distant or maybe not in tune, but the fact remains, you are twin flames. You have a strong connection with others amidst any problem you encounter separately or together.

Middle back pain and stomach problems

Butterflies in your stomach are one of the descriptions when twin flames meet their counterpart. But as different phases in the relationship, you could experience stomach issues during separation.

You are physically drawn to each other as twin flames. And so, when one is moving away from the destined path, you feel physical discomfort.

Since you connect with your twin flame, you feel this discomfort when the other is ill. But it could mean that you have low self-esteem or anger issues.

It can be a reminder to work on the individual's well-being and goals. You improve what is needed to improve, especially spiritually.

Pain in legs, knees, and feet

When your lower extremities such as legs, knees, and feet are painful, you need reflection. Feeling pain on these parts could mean that you neglect your basic needs.

When your feet hurt, it is a reminder to stay grounded. Find that sense of stability and be conscious of your needs.

Overall, different pains associated with various parts of the body are essential. Consider these pains as warning signs of what areas need attention and changes.

Align your mind, body, and soul to take care of yourself properly.

What can you do to feel better?

Understand that it is part of the spiritual journey for your growth and evolution. The first step in feeling better is to understand theunderstand better the situation you are in.

When you know what and why it is happening, you see things differently. You can do something about it or ask for guidance and support in difficult times.

The next step is accepting that you have a divine mission to fulfill together. In acceptance, there is no need for blaming, overthinking, and wishing for something else.

As you accept what is happening, you try to forgive yourself and your twin flame partner. There is a release of a heavy burden on your heart and shoulders in forgiveness.

You might feel hesitant, but it plays a big part in the reunion of twin flames.

And by healing, you get to become wiser, better, and more aligned to your higher self. You recover from past wounds and issues by successfully overcoming them.

Lastly, raise your vibrational frequency.

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