Twin Flame Separation Stage: Everything You Need to Know! -

Twin Flame Separation Stage: Everything You Need to Know!

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Getting to meet and know your twin flame can be the best things you’ll ever do in your life. It’s incredible to have someone who can understand you and vice versa. It simply feels like there’s a void somewhere in your soul, and then you find your twin flame.

You find out that it’s not just a gaping hole, but an entire half of your soul is missing, and you found that missing half. It feels fantastic.

So what happens when you suddenly lose that other half again? Here are the 4 W’s and 1 H of the Twin Flame Separation Stage. You’ll find out about the what, who, when, where, and how of the twin flame separation stage.

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What is the Twin Flame Separation Stage?

The twin flame separation stage is an event in your relationship with your twin flame. One of the twins will look for (or create) reasons to not meet the other. Sometimes, this is just a romantic break, where the other twin doesn’t like to be intimate with you for a while. There are some of those times where they’ll really stay away from you physically and even block you from any way of contacting him/her.

How it feels?

Here’s how it feels: the most negative feeling you’ll ever get. You feel like you’re being pulled apart by two opposing black holes. This separation stage from your twin flame is the most challenging part of your journey to your reunion. You can think of it as a break-up on steroids.

It’s a wholly different beast compared to normal break-ups. It’s like the difference between midday and the period just before dawn arrives. Usual break-ups can range from something you can forget to something you’ll genuinely shed tears for. The twin flame separation stage feels like someone gouged your eyes out while you were looking at a majestic view. More than just the pain of losing your sight is the desperation of not being able to see again.

Is it bad to be in a twin flame separation stage?

Is having a twin flame separation stage such a negative thing? If you look at it one way, yes, it is a negative thing. It is, in the sense that if you’re not strong enough mentally, it may lead you down a destructive path. There have been cases of twin flames doing drugs, becoming mentally unstable, or even worse, committing suicide after their separation.

However, twin flame separation can also become a catalyst for growth. As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” You can learn from the separation. You can work on yourself for improvement. If you do that, your twin flame will also benefit since you are one soul.

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Who are the Parties in a Twin Flame Separation Stage?

The easy answer as to who the parties are would be you and your twin flame. However, the situations can differ. There is more surprising depth about this question than what meets the eye.

Difference Between Twin Flame Relationships and Dependent Relationships

There are instances where people have twin flame relationships. There are also instances where people have unhealthy, dependent relationships. Sometimes, people mistake one for the other, and in both cases, it isn’t good.

Here’s how you know the difference between dependent relationships and that between twin flames. In a dependent relationship, one or both parties feel like they need the other to feel that they are worthy of existing.

They think that they aren’t valuable enough by themselves. They need the other to feel that they have value. It is an unhealthy and imbalanced relationship, even if they both feel dependent on each other.

On the other hand, twin flame relationships have boundaries, just like every healthy relationship. Although they have intense feelings for each other, they also set borders that they shouldn’t cross.

They can easily set boundaries as well because of their similar personalities. Although the relationship can quickly turn sour if their bad traits show up, they still deeply respect each other and thus don’t necessarily feel devalued by the other.

This distinction should be made clear first because this article is made specifically for twin flames. However, if you feel like your relationship is a dependent one, you can still read on as there are many things you can learn about relationships in general here.

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Runner Twin and Chaser Twin

You can also classify the two parties in a twin flame separation into the runner and the chaser. To this point, let’s show an example.

Let’s suppose there is a twin flame pair who just met. They found out that they have so many similarities. They click and become a couple. After a few months of dating, they found out that they are so similar, they even have the same dislikes.

Unfortunately, they both dislike their negative traits, and once they show, fights start to pop up. These fights then become very unbearable, and one of you decides to leave the other.

The one who decides to leave is the runner twin. The one who didn’t initiate the separation is the chaser twin. It doesn’t matter if the chaser twin is actively trying to reconcile or not. The term to be used is still chaser. You have to remember that you are both still part of the twin flame pair, and being the chaser or the runner won’t change that fact.

Additionally, the scenario above is just an example. A separation doesn’t always mean leaving the relationship. It may mean that your twin flame is distancing himself/herself from you for a while.

It may be due to a lot of different reasons. If they distance themselves, they’re the runner. If you initiated the distance instead, you’re the runner, and they’re the chaser.

Does distance matter?

The distance here is not the verb but the noun. Its meaning is when the twin flames are in a long-distance relationship or separated by a physical space. That now depends on the twin flames themselves. Physical distance may or may not indicate twin flame separation.

However, physical distance can indeed become a factor for the twin flame separation stage. It is because one or both parties can easily make it an excuse to delay their union or take the relationship less seriously. This scenario is especially true if the twin flames are laid-back.

As with normal couples, twin flames should stick together or be near enough for a short-distance trip.

When Does Twin Flame Separation Happen?

There are still some disputes about whether the twin flame separation stage can genuinely be called a stage because there have been instances where twin flames separate more than just once. However, both factions disputing over the terminology of the phenomenon agree that twin flame separation is real and should not be taken lightly.

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One reason for that is because of the frequency of its appearance. Twin flame relationships are generally very close and intimate. Twin flame separation is an infrequent circumstance even amongst the already rare twin flame pairs.

If you are going through twin flame separation, know that you are going through an exceptional event. It has to be handled with special care as well.

It has been established earlier in the article that twin flame separations also have perks. One of the said perks is that you can use twin flame separation to determine if you are in a twin flame relationship if you haven’t already known. In our world today, information is a necessity.

When the separation happens, the information you gain can help you in your journey towards union with your partner.

There are also the lucky ones that are very unlikely to experience the very rare twin flame separation. These people are those who are already mature and ready for union even before meeting their twin flame.

They’re already prepared and more stable, with fewer negative traits to have disputes on. As the saying goes, Lady Luck favors the prepared. It’s still possible for them to go through the twin flame separation stage, but the possibility is minor due to their maturity and readiness.

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Common Signs of the Twin Flame Separation Stage

How do you know that you are in the stage of separation with your twin flame? Listed below are the common signs of twin flame separation. However, don’t worry if you don’t have them, as there are people who don’t experience them. No two twin flame pairs’ experiences are alike, after all.

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Without further ado, here they are:

Appearance in dreams

Some twin flames experience dreamland escapades with their twins after their separation. During this time, the twin flames may communicate even better than they usually speak physically. If you’re one with a good memory or one practicing remembering dreams, you may even remember your conversation with your twin.

However, if you are the runner twin, you’re much less likely to remember the dream. Runner twins may remember the dream, but they may think of it as just another one of their dreams. There have been many explanations, but the most common one is the subconscious guilt of initiating the separation.


If the first sign happens when you’re asleep, this one happens while you’re awake. There are many ways that this can manifest. However, the most common one is the ability to talk to your twin as if they were nearby. If the twin flame separation ever ends in a twin flame reunion, you can talk to your twin about what you were thinking about during the separation. There may be times where your twin flame can attest to having heard you speak to them while being far away.

Phantom limb effect

To those unfamiliar with the phantom limb effect, it is the phenomenon where one will still feel their missing limb as if it were still connected to them.

What happens with some separated twin flames is similar to the phantom limb effect. They feel that their twin is right beside them while doing something they used to do together.

Some even attest to feeling them physically, but it’s usually just a feeling, albeit one strong enough to feel physical.

The above scenario is not surprising for twin flames, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel this. Twin flames are initially one soul but were separated into two bodies, after all.

Why Does Twin Flame Separation Happen?

We now have the most essential question in this article: why. What is the reason for the twin flame separation stage? There are several reasons. Listed below are 3 of such reasons.

  • The twin flames aren’t ready

This point is a collection of many other reasons, but all of those reasons point out that both parties are still not ready for the next stage of their relationship. It is important not to pin the blame on just one of the parties because the relationship is between twin flames. It is a relationship that exists between two physical beings that are one soul.

Here are some of the reasons why the twin flames still aren’t ready:

  • Both parties are still immature

This one never pertains to physical immaturity. What is vital in the relationship is the mental aspect. That includes the psychology and emotional capacity of the twin flame pair. If the couple is not ready to handle the union psychologically and their emotions are running amok, it’s probably best to have separation first. It may allow the couple to grow as well as the time to do so.

  • Scars need to fade first

Twin flames might have the same personalities, but it doesn’t mean they must have the same experiences. Sometimes, one of the parties is still in the process of licking their emotional wounds. Those might be wounds inflicted on them by people they trusted or loved.

There are also times where the scars still need to fade for them to completely move on from their traumas towards a new chapter with their twin flame.

It’s best to give these wounded people the time to heal and let the scars of their wounds fade. Pushing onwards without care may cause the separation to become permanent if it wasn’t already.

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  • Not time yet

Sometimes, it’s simply still not the time for both parties yet. It may be that one of the twin flames still has issues to resolve. Perhaps one or both of them are still too young. There are many other things under this category. The point is that it is not yet the time to continue or pursue the relationship with your twin flame.

  • The runner is afraid of getting hurt

This case usually happens if the runner twin is aware of how painful it is to be separated from their twin flame. Subconsciously, they develop an escapist mentality, thus wanting to run away before they get hurt.

They don’t realize that they’re the ones making their own fears a reality, but you can’t blame them too much for doing that. The fear of losing your twin flame is simply that impactful.

  • The connection between the twin flames is too intense

There are times when your connection with your twin flame is too intense. If it is, it means that you and your twin flame are too invested in one another that you forget yourselves’ development.

This situation is especially troubling if you aren’t ready to proceed to the next stage of the journey towards your ultimate union. Both of you will be stuck at a certain level and never progress if it continues.

That’s when one or both of the twin flames notice that fact. They start to distance themselves from their pair. It’s a separation stage for the twin flames, and it might sting, but it’s necessary. If you’re on the receiving end of this, it’s best if you understand your twin flame and do the same thing as he/she is.

How to Cope With the Twin Flame Separation Stage?

Now that you know the most critical question about the twin flame separation stage and the possible reasons for the separation, it’s time to know answers. After all, one is reading this article to answer the swirling questions in his/her mind. How does one cope with the excruciating pain during the twin flame separation stage?? Here are some answers.

  • Understand your twin and accept the circumstances

It has been touched upon earlier in the article, but the best thing to do first is to accept the situation. Accept the fact that you and your twin flame have been separated due to certain reasons. If you can do this, you have taken the first step, and you will have a much easier time in the future.

The next thing to do is to understand why your twin flame has done this hurtful thing. If your twin flame is still open to communication, you can ask the reason as to why they have done this. Try to be as calm as you possibly can, and be gentle, as if you are talking to yourself.

It’s not that hard to do, especially if you think about how your twin flame is also you, just in another physical body.

If you can’t reach or contact your twin flame, you can still do introspection. Always keep in mind that if they’re truly your twin flame, they didn’t intentionally do it to hurt you. Just think, who in their right mind would want to hurt themselves truly? Because that’s who you are to your twin flame. You and your twin flame are one and the same soul.

  • Keep communication lines alive

It doesn’t mean that you have to call or contact your twin flame constantly. Sometimes, it’s counterintuitive to contact him/her frequently because the thing they need most during separation is space. They may need the freedom to focus on themselves, and if you constantly contact them, they may start to think of it as an annoyance or harassment.

What it does mean is that you should be open to communication whenever possible. You can even contact your twin flame yourself. Just try to be considerate about the times you contact them and about the content of your call. It might even be just the thing needed to shorten the separation time.

  • Be ready for your reunion

The best thing to do while waiting for the time you and your twin flame are separated is working on yourself. You can do this so that you are much more ready when the time comes for your reunion. Remember that one of the reasons for the twin flame separation stage is that both of you aren’t ready for the next step.

Make it a motivation. You can work on most, if not all, of your negatives, so you should work on self-improvement. Since you are thinking about this, it’s highly probable that your twin flame is also thinking the same thing.

When you are both ready, your relationship can continue. It will even be a lot better, and you might trigger the saying that love is sweeter the second time around.

  • Stop looking for evidence of separation

If ever you’re feeling discouraged during any point of your twin flame separation stage, it’s best to stop looking for evidence of your separation.

Think of it like this: You and your twin flame are never really separated. You are one and the same soul, inside two separate physical bodies. It may sound like a broken record at this point, but this point is imperative. Stop thinking that you’re separated because you’re actually not.

You can also read more on how to cope with twin flame separation.

So lift your head up and stop getting downcast. Be optimistic that you and your twin flame will be able to meet once again physically. This time it may even lead to the ultimate union between you and your twin flame.

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