Twin Flame Silent Treatment: Why they aren't talking? -

Twin Flame Silent Treatment: Why they aren’t talking?

The silent treatment implies your twin flame isn't responding to you. Perhaps they're ignoring your communications sent by email, phone, or in person.

At the best of circumstances, the twin flame journey may be confusing. You're dealing with feelings you don't completely comprehend.

The runner is dealing with them as well. However, the runner is resisting because they don't understand them as well as you do.

It's typically a fruitless exercise to inquire as to why the runner performs whatever they do. The short answer is that only God understands why people do whatever they do. It might not be easy to deduce their motivations at times, but there is a reason.

You can sometimes blame their behavior solely on their personality. But, more often than not, there's a deeper reason for it.

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Why do they give you the silent treatment?

“Why” is usually a fascinating question in any of these. It's difficult to say, but it's generally for the same reason every time.

The runner has the same powerful emotions as the twin flame chaser. However, they have no idea what they imply, so they worry and strive to resist.

It doesn't imply anything is wrong; it's just the way things are. It's a natural part of the separation process, yet there are still ties between you two.

It all boils down to soul shock in most silent treatments. Your twin has no idea what they're experiencing or why they're feeling that way.

Your partner isn't your twin flame if they ignore you on purpose or to hurt you. You'll probably feel emotionally bruised and confused if you're the one who's being neglected.

The silent treatment of twin flames may be the most aggravating and painful aspect of separation. If you're on the twin flame path and have reached the terrible separation phase, you know that the twin flame silent treatment is one of the most painful experiences you can have.

When your twin flame is trying to put some distance between you, either physically or spiritually, you're likely to get this incredibly frustrating and triggering silence treatment. They could be attempting to pull their energy back and put some distance between them and the connection.

Trying to deal with the twin flame silent treatment can be unpleasant, hurtful, and triggering. It's also aggravating, mainly if you've been accustomed to sensing their presence in your energetic space.

When it occurs, try to manage this as yet another phase along the route towards unification. That's precisely what it is.

Don't fall victim to low vibe frequencies like anxiety. Have faith in your unique relationship, and know that your unbreakable bond is never weakened or broken, only hibernating for a while.

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Here are some instances as to why your Twin Flame is avoiding you:

  • They are mirroring your fears

Your twin flame isn't ignoring you. You're not confronting your concerns, and they're responding with quiet.

You and your twin flame have fundamental scars. Being frightened of commitment or love is one of them.

Your twin flame won't be able to cope with their concerns until you deal with yours. Whatever the cause, covering it up won't stop your twin flame from reflecting your silence.

  • They are mirroring your lack of self-love.

You're not taking care of yourself or respecting your body and mind. Therefore you're disregarding portions of yourself that require love.

Until you realize it, your twin flame will naturally mimic this behavior back to you. Your twin flame will have picked up on everything, whether it's intellectually, emotionally, or physically.

  • They are going through a period of growth.

You and your twin flame may need to learn and develop independently at times. While the shift in your connection may appear abrupt, it is no cause for alarm.

Your twin flame could be learning something new. Furthermore, they may feel compelled to go through it alone. You'll be able to reconnect happily after they've learned all they need to know.

I actually wrote a guide about Twin Flame Astrology, something you might be interested in.

How long is it going to last?

A lot of people have gone through times of quiet from their twin flame. It can range from minutes to months.

Also, it might last for years or so. It may feel like an eternity, but no one will be able to provide you with an answer.

A lot of this is out of our control at any stage of the twin flame journey, and going through times of silent treatment or not talking much can be difficult. The more you know about the trip, the faster you'll be able to complete it and the less stressful it will be for both of you.

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What to do when your Twin flame gives you the Silent treatment?

It may be appealing to hide and wait for your runner twin to “figure it out.” However, the wisest course of action is to do everything we can to continue the adventure. That is, working on ourselves.

We're the ones who have to deal with it. We are not yet ready for the union.

Therefore we are in the separation phase. It's easier to provide this advice than to follow it.

No matter how painful it is, our best option here is to leave the channels of communication open. Just focus on your spiritual path for the time being.

Here are some things you need to do when your twin flame ignores you:

  • Heal yourself

Healing is essential for both of you. While your spouse is focusing on themselves, you should work on fixing your traumas.

To begin, it's a good idea to address any worries you may have. Identify and address previous traumas and false-negative thoughts.

Other parts of your body that may require mending include:

  • Vows and promises made in previous lives
  • Traumas you've experienced in the past
  • Sexual and physical scars from this or a previous life

Use their quiet as fuel to heal yourself, rather than perceiving it as a source of sorrow. After both of you have recovered, you'll be ready to reconnect with your twin flame.

  • Respect yourself to earn their respect

This is true in “normal” relationships, and it is true in twin flame relationships. Because when you appreciate yourself, your twin flame is forced to do the same.

You're setting the bar, and they must now rise to the same level as you. It's natural for them to mirror what they sense in you by loving yourself. Your twin flame will rise to the occasion as well.

  • Give them time and space.

As much as you're tempted to contact them, your twin flame doesn't want or need that. By insisting that they speak to you, you'll only push them further away.

They probably need time to process their prior experiences. Everyone requires space, time to ponder, and a little bit of distance. You're both on a journey, learning the love and connection you share.

The attraction between you is too powerful, and they'll give in when they're ready. And you'll feel better about the idea that they've found their way back to you.

  • Don't chase after them.

That isn't to say you should abandon them altogether. Would you please not listen to your ego, which would advise you to react by blocking them indefinitely?

Instead, keep a line of contact open. It doesn't matter if it's only texting to say you're available anytime they are. Let them know you're still there but that you're respectful of their time and space.

This relieves some of the strain on them. It also makes them more likely to return to you when they're ready. Furthermore, it can prevent you from worrying about them in the meantime.

  • Listen to your intuition.

You know your twin flame better than anyone else, so trust your gut instincts. Go with the flow, equipped with the methods we've discussed and understanding of your partner. You may also read this article on twin flame crying. 

Go with your instinct if it tells you to contact them after time has passed. Look inside to determine if you have any unresolved conflict with your twin flame. Remember, while you both have underlying wounds, you both require your place to heal.

If you begin to suspect that your partner is neglecting you on purpose, trust your instincts. A twin flame would never do anything to hurt you on purpose. They don't see any other option for dealing with their problems.

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Understand your twin flame

You have finally understood why your twin flame is ignoring you. Also, you know what to do about it. However, the process might still hurt, but it will be worth it.

It's all part of the process of personal development, learning, and growth. Until you make adjustments in your life, your twin flame will continue to hurt you.

Remember, your twin flame isn't hurting you on purpose. They're there to push you ahead, force you to heal, and achieve your higher self.

It would be best if you considered how much you benefit from a twin flame's silence. It's difficult to argue that it's the ideal motivator for self-care and healing.

So, anytime your twin flame decides to take a break, know that it's for both of your sakes. Furthermore, the distance between you will only strengthen your love and sense of self.

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