Twin Flame Soul Shock: Shocking truth about it! -

Twin Flame Soul Shock: Shocking truth about it!

Can twin flames really shock each other's souls? Surprising as it may sound, it is an intense and necessary experience for spiritual growth.

If you are wondering how this can happen to you, read on. It is one of the dreaded moments in your spiritual journey that is inevitable.

The emotions you feel may be overwhelming and can turn your soul into a state of shock. It can be rough and painful for both of you.

After feeling the unexplainable attraction of the twin flame connection, your bond is more profound than before. But the separation phase can be traumatic and confusing.

It will manifest in various ways you cannot entirely expect. But the outcome is more straightforward as the separation gets nearer.

As soon as you recognize what is happening, the sooner you understand. Accepting the presence of soul shock can help you to move forward faster.

If you are thinking, what makes things move quicker is you allow the energy to flow. When you resist, it becomes more stagnant and challenging to deal with.

But when you open your mind and heart, the Universe recognizes it. It is a sign that you are now ready for the next stage in your journey.

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What is Twin Flame Soul Shock?

In a twin flame relationship, one of the partners can experience a soul shock. It is a destructive feeling in the runner's soul.

As a runner, it becomes the reason why you isolate yourself. It causes you to detach and move away from your twin flame.

It seems like you are not yet ready for this kind of connection. Or the intensity has got into your nerves that you become lost.

As a result, you have no idea how to handle it and make rash decisions.

Although you strongly feel the need to go without apparent reason, it shatters your spirit. It is an extraordinary agony that affects both twin flames on various levels.

As a chaser, the feeling of abandonment is terrible. The devastation to feel comes like a storm, as your soul is crushed.

Regardless of whether you are the chaser or runner, you feel the soul shock once you are separated. The distance in the 3D realm is painful, but the soul bond is never broken.

There may be many things you can do to minimize the shock. One of them is to let go of wanting control in your twin flame relationship.

As much as you want things to work out the way you planned, you can't control everything. Therefore, learn to allow the events to take place and run their course.

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What happens during Soul Shock?

There is no exact time when soul shock happens. Each twin flame relationship is unique, and your journey together is different from others.

No twin flame story is the same as they say, but you might be curious about what triggers it. To be honest, it just happens.

Let's take this analogy to explain further.

You meet your twin flame for the first time, and the moment your eyes lock, it's ecstatic. We can compare it to starting the engine of your car.

The spark of the initial meeting has caused joy in your soul because you finally meet them. Even though you are aware of your twin flame's existence, it's superb to be in front of them.

As you spend time together, you get to know them more deeply. The car in our analogy is now moving fast.

Everything is doing great, and you are both having a good time. And then, suddenly, the car stops.

The twin flame runner leaves the chaser in a snap. When someone hits the brakes, everyone in the car is affected.

Not just the passenger but also the driver swing their body to the unexpected pause. Both the runner and chaser will face the impact of the halt.

What are the Symptoms of Soul Shock?


When everything is doing fine and the other leaves suddenly, it may feel like a betrayal. But it is essential to understand that twin flame soul shock is not betrayal.

No one wants to betray or hurt their twin flame on purpose. You have been together for quite some time, and the bond has been stronger than before.

You may feel like the Universe is playing tricks on you. You start to question if your twin flame is just joking around.

You feel immense emotions like guilt and rejection, which are overwhelming. It is because this is a new spiritual experience for you that you must encounter.

You may also want to recall if you ever said or did anything wrong that offended them. Moreover, your thoughts puzzle you more, resulting in overthinking.

It is normal to feel a mix of confusing feelings.

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Before you experience soul shock, you become more anxious than usual. It is like a big exam is coming or you are about to go on stage to perform.

It is like you become worried, yet you don't know the exact reason why. It is because your spirit recognizes that something is about to happen.

Your soul and body are getting ready for the next stage of your twin flame journey. It can be a period of pain that requires preparation.

But how can you prepare if you don't know what's going to happen, right? Well, thinking about many things that worry you can give you a lot of emotions.

It is best to embrace the feelings instead of running away from them. Fear can be one of the triggering factors that cause you anxiety.

Is it going to end? Are we going to back to each other? And many more questions.

You may feel afraid that your twin flame will slip away from you. Moreover, they can become the person who got away and took your heart.

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You might think of what to do now and scramble your way to it. It is because you will lose them if you don't take immediate action.

But here's some advice: you don't need to do anything. Forcing the issue can prolong the agony for both of you.

Instead of worrying about the future, live in the present. You face your fears and worries so you can learn and grow.

Allow the energies of your twin flame to work on your life as they may be. Eventually, it will fall into the right place because it is meant to be.

If you rush things, the more you make mistakes. Twin flames will be together, but it's only a matter of time.

After all, it is one of the reasons it happened because it is necessary for your soul's evolution.


Leaving the person that matters most to you is heartbreaking. At the same time, being left alone by your special someone is as painful.

The pain is not solely an emotional aspect but can also turn physical. Your thoughts can also torment you in a way that they keep popping out.

You may feel like you are being cursed or punished because it bothers you so much. But there is no truth in any of these things you think.

Instead of sulking into the pain, accept and get over it. Although it is easy to say and difficult to do, try your best, and you'll be fine.

Remember that diamonds are made under pressure, and you are a gem. The Universe is preparing you for something, and you must trust the process.

It allows you to show your true colors to shine the brightest. As soon as you see these challenges as blessings to get better, then it wouldn't be so heavy.


Just when you thought you found your forever, this happens. The vision of having someone by your side and growing old together becomes vague.

You miss them, their warmth, and your conversations. You remember the moments you spend with them and wish to do it again.

Being alone for some time isn't such a bad thing. With it, you have more time to unlock your potential and enjoy your hobbies.

You are likely to become a person whose happiness does not depend on others. You begin to enjoy simple chores and have fun while being yourself.

You can delight in these things while waiting for your twin flame. It can speed things up when you love and care for yourself more.


You may feel frustrated over many things, and most of them stem from control. Most likely, you want control over your life, and frustration follows when there are detours.

When something happens out of your hand, you get upset. Although you just want to be on top of everything, it does not necessarily apply.

Life brings many surprises that help you become a better person. It is ideal to be open to changes and adjust accordingly.

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You become more preoccupied, and you feel like you have lost yourself. It feels uncomfortable at first when you experience soul shock.

You feel like there is no sense in continuing what you have started. Most likely, you feel that the love you give is not reciprocated equally.

But even though you grieve at this stage, remember that it's just part of the process. Being at the lowest is not always the ending.

Once you understand that undergoing soul shock is beneficial, you'll feel better. You are making progress in your spiritual growth, and it means you are closer to the union.

You may feel the relationship will fade away, but you can get back on your feet now. You begin to find yourself again and love who you are.

It's amazing when you discover your strength and the incredible power within you. With the help of some circumstances, you can use them for your benefit.

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