Twin Flame Stages (Complete Guide): Know The Stages! -

Twin Flame Stages (Complete Guide): Know The Stages!

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A lot of people know about soulmates. They’re being shown in mainstream media, and movies are made about them. They are depicted as beautiful relationships that will grant you happiness. Some of you even dream about meeting your soulmate. Guess what, there’s good news for you, as well as even better news. The good news is that you do have a soulmate somewhere out there in the world.

The even better news is that another kind of relationship resonates on a deeper spiritual level with you. Not a lot of people know about their existence, and some even confuse them for soulmates. They are called twin flames, and a relationship with them gives you an even more beautiful and satisfying experience than that of soulmates.

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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

What is a twin flame?

The most common conception that people have is that a person is a single soul given to a single body. What people don’t know is that a soul can be divided. A twin flame is a soul that was split into two and given to two different physical bodies. Your twin flame is your partner that comes from that separation of souls.

Because you and your twin flame used to be a single soul together, you have a very powerful spiritual bond with each other which soulmates cannot hope to contend with. Meeting your twin flame will feel like a big hole in your life has finally found something to the plugin. It will make you feel complete and satisfied.

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Breakdown of the Twin Flame Journey Stages

It is important to note that there are no two twin flame journeys that are the same. Some people skip stages (like the searching or separation stages). If you don’t have the same amount of stages as is listed here, that’s alright. This breakdown is only a guide, and it lists all of the possible stages that twin flames experience in their twin flame journey.

It may also be a bit difficult to know where you are in your journey exactly. For example, you may think you are already in the awakening stage, but you’re actually still in the searching stage. It may be difficult but it’s best to know and understand the kind of stage that you might be in. It’s best to understand every stage that’s present even if you aren’t in that stage yet, as it will help you in the future.

Finally, know that there are some stages in your twin flame journey that you may encounter more than once. For example, you may have finished one separation stage in your journey, but because of circumstances out of your control, you had to be separated from your twin flame again. These cases can happen so you should be prepared for that as well.

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Without further ado, below are the possible stages of a twin flame journey.


During the searching stage, you will realize that there is a void in your life somewhere, but you couldn’t put your finger on what it is. Most people begin at this stage, but some people begin at the next stage because of coincidence or fate. Still, people should know about this stage because it can cause them great confusion and anxiety if they know something is missing but they don’t know what it is.

That something is a person. It is your twin flame, one who is the mirror of your soul. You have everything in your life already, but you’ll still feel that void that was left by your twin flame. You may not have known about their existence, but you know that they’re out there somewhere. You feel that you have to meet them, and so you begin your search for them. This urge is the reason why you have a searching stage.

Some people assert that the reason single people love to travel is actually the longing to look for their twin flame. Subconsciously, people want to fill the void in their souls. The experiences they have during the travel are bonuses as well as extra preparation for when they meet their twin flame.

One thing to be wary about is that the searching stage can be very long, and can also happen repeatedly. The reason for the repeated search is that you may be able to encounter false twin flames. They can have the same first signs such as true twin flames, twin flame numbers, and intense attraction, but later on, in the journey, you’ll find out that they’re actually not your twin flame. You then redo the searching stage, and the journey is restarted.

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After you have known that you have a twin flame, you will then meet. However, it doesn’t mean that you can immediately meet. You don’t even know who your twin flame is. It will be the work of the Universe to bring you both together on a very special event. It might not be a special event in a worldly sense, but it will be very special to both of you.

Fate will turn for both you and your twin flame, and you will meet. An amazing thing in the awakening stage is that you will be able to know that he/she is your twin flame once you meet them, and your twin will know too. It might not even be a physical meeting, especially with the technology nowadays. You can meet virtually, or even in each other’s dreams.

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You will always carry with you the sense that enables you to recognize your twin flame upon meeting up. That is because you have that unique soul connection different from and stronger than all your other connections. It is because of that sense and connection that some people skip the searching stage. Sometimes, people meet up without minding the void in their souls. Then they recognize their twin flames, and the journey starts after their awakening.

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This stage is one of the longest stages, but it can feel very short. During this time, you know more about your twin flame. During this stage, you’ll feel that you’ve found your true love. It will feel blissful, but like all times that you enjoy, you’ll feel that it will be suddenly cut short.

This is also the time when twin flames know their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses. It’s not necessary to verbally communicate it, as they can also show it during their relationship. Twin flames have the same strengths and weaknesses, it’s still better that they show it because it could determine whether you are with your true twin flame or with a false twin flame.


The crisis stage is a step that you’d love to skip, but you can’t. Every couple, even those who are not twin flames, goes through a crisis stage. It is in this stage when problems and disagreements arise. No matter how strong your bond is or how easy it is to get along with one another, you will always have disagreements. Misunderstandings can pop up from even the most insignificant things.

The most difficult part of this stage is that it can lead to the next stage in this list, the separation stage. It can happen to even the strongest of connections. If you want to skip the next stage, then hunker down with your twin flame and commit to not separate no matter what. Additionally, both of you must act on that commitment and not make it lip service.

However, you should think of this stage as something that can produce a positive result. Think of relationships like gold, even if relationships are much more valuable than gold. To refine gold, one would need to put it to the test. You can refine gold using acid, heat, or even electricity. If gold can handle those tests, surely your relationship with your twin flame can withstand hardships.


The separation stage can be skipped. If you can hear the testimonies of those who have gone through this stage, you’d want to skip it. This stage could determine the fate of your relationship with your twin flame. Do note that not all twin flame journeys end up with the true union stage. Some are cut short at the separation stage.

During this stage, there will be two parties: the runner and the chaser. The latter may not be pursuing the running twin flame. However, the fact they have a very strong spiritual connection means that they will always be bound together and where the running twin flame goes, the chaser twin flame is sure to follow.

Also, note that the twin flames’ roles during this stage can flip-flop. Sometimes, the runner twin runs because they want to improve themselves. After they do, they want to return to their twin flame but finds out that the latter is now the runner twin for one reason or another.

The best thing to do during this stage is self-improvement. Whether you are the runner twin flame or the twin flame chaser, you have to improve yourself. The biggest reason why twin flames run is their unpreparedness for the situation. Improving yourself will take care of that unpreparedness, and your enthusiasm for self-improvement will spread to your twin flame as well because of your special spiritual bond.

Pursuing self-improvement is also the best way to know whether the one you’re going through is your true twin flame or not because your twin flame will always want you to improve whereas a false twin flame will not.

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The surrender here is not talking about giving up on the relationship. It’s talking about giving yourself up to the fact that you and your twin flame are meant to be together. You find out that you can’t give up on each other. You now know the full extent of how important your twin flame is to your life.

This stage usually happens after separation. But it can also happen after the crisis stage has been resolved positively. Either way, what doesn’t kill your relationship makes it stronger, so if you and your twin flame are in this stage, congratulations. You are one step away from the best moment in your twin flame journey.

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True union

The true union stage is the culminating stage in your twin flame journey. You have been through a lot of good and bad times; now you will go through your best time. It is during this time that you will understand what all the hardships in your life (not only in your journey) were meant for. It was so that you can be prepared to live happily with your twin flame for life.

You hunkered down and fought your problems and misunderstandings together. There’s no doubt you also fought each other at times. You laughed, fought, and cried as one unit, but two individuals. The true union stage is the time to be one, in flesh and soul. The soul that was split into two is finally complete.

Common Twin Flame Signs

Since you want to be with your twin flame, you also have to know whether you truly are with your twin flame or not. As was touched upon earlier, there are also false twin flames. You may have the same intense attraction that you’ll have with your true twin flame. But later on, you’ll realize that he/she is not your true twin flame.

Listed below are some of the signs that can help you know if your partner is your true twin flame.

Shared interests

Out of all the people in the world, there are surely more than just one person out there who has the same interest as you. It doesn’t mean that all of them are your twin flames. What this section means is that you and your twin flame will have shared interests. You’ll find that you and your twin flame have a lot in common, and that includes but is not limited to your interests.

Similar weaknesses

Another thing that you share with your twin flame is your weaknesses. Because you are both from the same soul, you’ll both get the same weaknesses. This is one thing that may distinguish twin flames from soulmates. There are a lot of soulmates who are complementary to each other. Twin flames, however, are very similar to each other. You can use that to determine whether you are with your twin flame or with a false twin flame.

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The telepathy here may or may not conform to the usual mainstream media description. There are times where it does when twin flames have a very strong bond with each other already. When twin flames are in the higher stages, they can communicate without speaking. This is not a superpower, it’s just a trait that already exists between twin flames since before the soul got split and distributed to two physical bodies.

The spiritual connection between twin flames not only gives them the ability to communicate without speaking. Telepathy is a much broader term than you think, and there are also forms of it that are subtle. Things like sharing emotions or even dream-sharing are also included in telepathy. There are some times when you can’t control your telepathy with your twin flame. The dreams and emotions sometimes get shared automatically, and the special spiritual bond with your twin flame is to be blamed for this situation again.

Physically magnetized

When you’re with your twin flame, you get the feeling that you want to be with them even just a little bit longer, and it happens every second, this also happens even after knowing that your twin flame is married. Simply put, you want to be near them all the time. Even if you don’t know your twin flame at first, you’d want to stay awhile longer when you get near them. You may even feel inexplicably hurt when you two get separated.

Encouraging self-improvement

One of the best signs that you are with your twin flame is if your twin flame doesn’t hold you back from your self-improvement and even advocates for it. Subconsciously, your twin flame knows that your improvement will bring improvement to both of you as a single whole.

If your partner right now doesn’t want you to improve, then it’s a sign that you’re currently not with your twin flame.

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