Twin Flame Surrender Symptoms: Is it for the best? -

Twin Flame Surrender Symptoms: Is it for the best?

You must be prepared to allow yourself to be vulnerable and show your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It means that you have to be willing to be honest with yourself.

If you are trying to rush through this stage and force the surrender, it will worsen. The situation will probably become more of a power struggle than anything else.

When both of you are not being honest with what you feel, this stage becomes more difficult. You will both feel guilty, angry, and confused, leading to many arguments.

It's important to remember that this stage of surrender is not about you becoming the slave of your twin. It is about you becoming the master of yourself.

You want to be free to make your own decisions and be open to making mistakes. You need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you want to do.

Do you want to give up your twin?

The twin flame journey is a spiritual journey of self-discovery, which everyone should understand. It is a journey to discover your true self and align with the Divine.

I was in a really bad place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and just always so lonely.

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This is why it is essential to have an intimate connection to your twin flame. It is vital to be in their presence and their energy.

If you are not feeling connected to your twin flame, you are not being true to yourself. Every twin flame relationship will have different variations of separation and surrender phase.

The best way to get to know your twin is to surrender and let go. It's a matter of being open to it and accepting that you are not in control of your life.

You can move forward with your life with a clear mind and heart. Surrendering doesn't mean you give up your independence or power.

It's actually the opposite of it because it's not about giving up on your twin flame connection. You surrender away, which is not focusing on your twin or ego but yourself.

You shouldn't give up your own desires, but you let go of your ego. You let the higher self and your twin guide you through the steps.

You will likely feel very lonely at first, but it will all make sense in time. Your Twin Flame Journey is not a journey that you take alone.

I suggest checking out the article I wrote about Letting Go of Twin Flame, it might be highly relevant to your situation.

What are the Signs of the Twin Flame Surrender Stage?

You feel like you have gone through a lot, and you've gone through much work already. You reached this stage where the only way is to go forward.

No more going backward or sidewards in playing old 3D conditioning behaviors. You understand that it is time to relax and allow what comes next.

You move away from the twin flame union obsession of getting there quickly. As a result, you no longer feel any stress associated with your twin flame union.

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You feel lighter when the weights of wanting control are off your shoulders. You shrug them off and release the pressure as you step away from always being in authority.

You relax more and learn to enjoy every moment of the experience. You begin to see things clearer without holding negative feelings.

You see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you know you are walking towards it. You move forward with calmer emotions and clearer visions.

The light ignites hope and comfort when you feel like giving up.

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What are the Twin Flame Surrender Symptoms?

Ending Obsession

In every twin flame relationship, there will always be a time that you get so consumed with your twin flame. You spend so much time thinking about them that you can't get them out of your mind.

You scroll through their social media and text them often. You get so busy with them that you find it hard to focus on something else.

When the separation phase occurs, you still have communication with your twin flame. But you chase after the runner always.

However, there comes a moment when you realize certain things. You are no longer forcing yourself and your twin flame to get back together.

You begin to notice that you are shifting into focusing on yourself instead of your twin flame. It can be a sign that you are stepping onto the surrender stage.

Your mindset has changed, and you begin to find yourself not concerned about the union anymore. You still have intense feelings towards your partner, but you understand that it's not in your control.

You care about them, and the emotions of attachments are slowly fading. Because they are still your twin flame, you can still feel them in your heart.

Growing Power

As you turn your focus on yourself, you feel that your power is growing more. It can be a time when you move towards self-discovery and transcendent goals in life.

The ultimate goal is to be a master of yourself and be an improved version of yourself. You take better care of yourself, moving forward towards successful endeavors.

You might have been stuck on something before, but as you let go, it pushes you forward. Your acceptance and understanding pave the way for you to find your authentic self.

As a result, the surrender stage gives you the energy to reach your goals. You become invested in what makes you a better person in many aspects.

Feeling Lighter

When you allow the Universe to take over, you remove stress from your shoulders. The pressure is no longer weighing you down to what you want to accomplish.

As your 3D self feels lighter, how much more in your 5D self. You know that you are strolling in the right direction and lifting your vibrations.

Thus, you experience inner calm, which can be a strange feeling. You are used to holding tight to situations, and this time, it's peaceful.

You look back, and you see what you have been through together. Instead of looking at the negative beliefs, you turn towards a hopeful tomorrow.

Twin Flame Healing

As you traverse the twin flame journey, both twins face situations for their healing. But as you continue yours, the surrender stage allows you to focus on your own growth.

You may be consciously aware of what's going on, but it directs you into improving. When you work on yourself and realize your mistakes, you learn from them.

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Any obstacle you are facing prepares you for the twin flame union. So, the least you can think about is considering the surrender stage as selfish.

You are not abandoning your twin flame, but it is what's best to help them. You have spent so much time chasing your twin that you lost track of your purpose.

When you focus on yourself, you realign yourself to what is your life's purpose. It is your guide in life decisions, behaviors, and goals.

It creates meaning in your life by giving you a sense of direction. As a result, you use your gifts and capabilities to contribute to the world.

Do twin flames have no choice but to surrender?

There are days when the pain of twin flame separation is unbearable. You feel hopeless, and darkness seemed to consume you when they left.

But deep down, the essence of the twin flame connection is comforting you. No matter how difficult the situation may be, the connection reminds you of its uniqueness.

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The shared energy you have triggers an energetic surge in yourself. It paves the way to change and find your authentic self, whatever it takes.

It may sound a bit harsh, but the answer is yes. For twin flames to continue their journey towards union, they must surrender after separation.

There is no other way than to accept what's next for you to endure and undergo the entire process. You will find unconditional self-love within you as you heal and discover true happiness.

As explained earlier, the surrender is contrary to what most people believe. It is about time to stop the arguments and negative energies flowing in the relationship.

It is propelling them further to their goal, so you must act on it to proceed. Both of you must swallow the big chunk of truth with acceptance and be cool about it.

It is essential to have a high level of human and spiritual understanding before twin flame union. You overcame many challenges to develop your soul into this level of maturity.

As twin flames hold the intense connection in their hearts, they transmute and transform cosmic energy. It may be challenging to surrender at first, but you feel more comfortable with yourself as you continue the journey.

You deserve to pat your back for doing a great job of growing. You achieved so much, and you endured tremendous inner work to continue.

It is best to continue taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit. If you feel like your body is tired, have some rest to recuperate.

It is essential to listen to your body and choose healthy options. You feel more refreshed and fuller of energy to face what is ahead.

Remember to let go of your need to control what's going on in your life. It is better to give up the expectations you had of your twin flame.

But instead, focus on learning how to be a better twin and work on it. It means letting go of your old self to successfully accept and embody the love and energy of twin flames.

Continue to surrender to the Universe and allow the grand scheme of things to carry you. You must trust the entire process and let the Divine plan work in motion.

Allow yourself and your twin flame to grow and mature at your own pace. When both of you are ready, you nourish for the Divine love to bloom beautifully.

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