Twin Flame Telepathic Kiss: Here's how to send soul kisses! -

Twin Flame Telepathic Kiss: Here’s how to send soul kisses!

Twin flame connection is a unique bond that allows twin flames to be together in the astral realm. The heavenly realm is a hundred times larger than the physical or material plane.

It is unbelievable how twin flames connect with each other despite the distance. If you want to kiss them when you are away, it is possible with a telepathic kiss.

Communicating with the mind is innate for twin flames. They may not discover it yet, but the soul connection allows it to happen.

They send their energies to the Universe, which comes back to them on a different level. When they reach the same frequency, the communication between them is simultaneous.

However, it may require focus to send them soul kisses. You can imagine virtual kisses, right?

But that is not the case for twin flame telepathic kisses. Your twin flame can actually feel your soft lips and receive your message.

Telepathic intimacy likely happens when you are very attuned to each other. You can unlock telepathic abilities with people having intense devotion like twin flames.

Have you ever experienced thinking about them, and they suddenly reach out to you instantly? Out of the blue, they decided to text or call you to check on you.

How to send Telepathic Kiss?

Do you know that you can always do it whether your eyes are closed or open? Sending your love some kisses is easy to do telepathically.

There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you put us emotionally. You can gather some energy to do it and be familiar with how it feels.

Don't fret when you miss them terribly and you long for their caress. You can make anything happen by following the guidelines and tips below.

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Sending Telepathic Kiss with eyes open

You can do it alone by facing a blank wall or with a mirror. Focus on your twin flame and what you want to send them, which is the kiss.

Imagine your twin flame right in front of you. Feel the radiant love for your twin flame that comes from within.

You can stand in front of a mirror and stare admirably. Imagine their eyes staring back at you, full of admiration and love.

You see the face of your special someone, and you feel the energy surge. You can sense the immense energy in your chest just by thinking about them.

It may also mean that they are thinking about you at the same time. It is the best time to joyfully send soul kisses to your twin flame.

Sending Telepathic Kiss with eyes closed

If you opt to kiss them telepathically with your eyes closed, you can. Some people prefer closing their eyes when sending a telepathic kiss.

It is because they have fewer distractions, and they can concentrate more. Focusing on what you will do is essential to successfully send it.

Are you familiar with creative visualization? It is what most twin flames use when doing it with eyes closed.

So first, close your eyes, and imagine the face of your twin flame. The more details on their face, the better you can express yourself.

Visualize their jawlines, blushing cheeks, eyes' shape, and luscious lips. Feel the warmth and feel yourself kissing them.

As twin flames, your connection is beyond time and space. You can actually sense when you are connecting.

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Connecting with a new soul is possible if you haven't met your twin flame. It is possible to send telepathic kisses to someone you have never seen.

It is because of the presence of soul connection you are still linked. It may take more time to practice since it may be difficult to visualize if you've never seen them.

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Tips in performing Telepathic Kiss


Getting your physical body to relax is vital as it allows energy to flow more. Breathe gently from your abdominal area and maintain the pacing.

As you breathe slower, you create relaxed waves in your brain cells. It is helpful, especially when you are doing twin flame telepathy or meditation.

Take your time to lose the tension in any part of your body. If you are still tensed up, playing meditation music may help.

Find a comfortable place where no one will bother you with anything. You don't have to lock yourself in your room or isolate yourself.

You can sit, stand, or lie down, whichever position you are at ease. You feel secure, and you can focus on your breathing.

It is essential to let go of any negative emotions and get rid of sadness. Loosen up your mind and body to achieve complete relaxation.


As you are relaxed, imagine the love energy surrounding you and from within. You can even imagine floating around the clouds of love and warmth.

Stay focused on the person you want to reach out to and kiss. Think of the Universe as the messenger and your mind as a tool.

You must be clear with your goal, such as sending love through kisses. Be creative when you imagine your twin flame partner.

You can be as detailed as possible and create more extensions. You imagine how they look, what they wear, and as if they are with you.

Feel your lips as you imagine and slowly feel a tingly sensation. You can even imagine that your lips taste like honey or chocolate.

You now have sweet lips ready to kiss your twin flame waiting for you.

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Think of a red string binding and connecting the two of you. When you have accepted your emotions, let them travel into your chakras.

It is normal to feel warm sensations or chills on your spine. You can even feel your stomach filled with butterflies with excitement.

Envision your emotions traveling from your body through the string to your partner. Let the emotion flow, and start from the beginning if you face any blockages.


Decide which part of your twin flame's face you want to kiss. It can be a soft peck on the cheeks, on the lips, or on the forehead.

Feel it, and you can even act it out as you imagine it. You can even whisper messages or in your thoughts what you want to say.

It can be a simple “hello” or something like “call me” or “I love you.” You can do it a few times until you sense that the recipient got it.

Your intuition will tell you that you did a great job, and your message came across. Some people's firsthand experience includes receiving a reply from them through text.


Repeat the process for at least 10 minutes to conclude it is successful. Be patient with the procedure and allow yourself to discover what you can do more.

Keep doing it until you are satisfied that you reached your goal. You don't have to worry if you are unsure about the result.

You never miss the cues that you connected with them. It is because you can simply feel it with your entire being.

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Does the receiver always feel the twin flame telepathic kiss?

Well, it really depends if the recipient of the kiss is honest with themselves. It is because you can always interact and accept what is sent, but you can deny it.

Denial does not automatically mean that you are dense and that you did not feel it. You have not yet openly accepted the existence of your twin flame in your life.

When this happens, you usually ignore any signals sent to you. Thus, you felt it but just shrugged it off.

You can even think of something else when you feel it. It would be better to open your heart and accept the love and care the kiss gives.

On the other hand, if you believe in your twin flame relationship, then yes. You no longer have to guess what the other is feeling because you already know.

Being a single soul separated into two bodies, your unique soul bond is extraordinary. As a person, we strive to find someone who completely understands us.

We long for the person who knows what we are thinking and feeling. Words are no longer necessary because it is how unified you both are.

The signs are everywhere in your surroundings, and you can spot them easily. Your strong gut feeling tells you what is on your mind without asking.

It is amazing how telepathy works for twin flames. It is powerful and effective, and it can be fun, too!

Twin flames are always in contact as they are energetic bodies as one. They may be separated in the physical plane, but they can be together spiritually.

Both energies gravitate towards each other because they are meant. Their instincts tell them to be with their twin flame is what they need.

The bond created can develop telepathy the more they spend time together. Being in each other's presence, they can be more aware of what they can do telepathically.

They can even learn how to improve their communication with it. Even if they are wide awake, they can send and receive information simultaneously.

However, it may take them some time or enough practice. They can express intimacy through dreams and astral travel.

Frequent energy exchanges with your twin flame make you familiarize each other. It helps your relationship to be established and improved.

The passion intensifies as you get to know each other. As time goes by, your chemistry is unlike anything you have experienced before.

It is a kind of relief and gratitude to experience such immense love.

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