Two different colored eyes spiritual meaning: Eyes no match -

Two different colored eyes spiritual meaning: Eyes no match

Have you seen someone with two different colored eyes? If yes, you might feel amazed at how this thing would happen that sometimes you end up staring into their eyes. This unique eye color is a medical condition known as Heterochromia; where it’s a rare eye condition, and only six people in a thousand have it. Since it is rare, you might be wondering if there’s a spiritual meaning of having this kind of condition.

In the spiritual world, people with Heterochromia can see heaven and earth because of the different colors of the eyes. People with two different colored eyes are referred to as having “Ghost Eyes.” Many cultures worldwide believe that being born with Heterochromia means that person has witch eyes.

Luckily, Heterochromia doesn’t affect visual acuity. You could have it as early as you’re born or develop it during childhood. It can also be inherited or get from an eye injury. Well, there are three types of Heterochromia:

  1. The complete Heterochromia, where the iris of one eye is a different color.
  2. Partial Heterochromia, where only portions of the iris have different colors and only occur in one or both eyes.
  3. The central Heterochromia, where the iris has a different color near the border of the pupil covering the central color that radiates out from the pupil.

Heterochromia witchcraft

A striking or sparkling pair of eyes can make an impression, but the same goes when they are two different colors. As mentioned above, the scientific term for having different-colored eyes is Heterochromia.

This eye condition comes not only in humans but also in dogs and cats. But how did this strange condition happen?

Usually, Heterochromia is congenital and caused by benign mutation, affecting the melanin development in the irises. Meanwhile, people who aren’t born with Heterochromia can still acquire it.

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It can be due to trauma, such as eye injury and surgery, or disease that affects the eyes, including diabetes, eye tumors, and glaucoma.

The acquired Heterochromia can look attractive as congenital Heterochromia but indicates that the eye is damaged or not healthy.

Because of this mismatched eye color, it is often associated with witchcraft. This condition is an intriguing anomaly in some cultures, but not for everyone.

In some Native American cultures, many people believe that having Heterochromia allows these people to see heaven and earth simultaneously because of their different eye colors. They call this condition “Ghost Eyes.”

Like all people worldwide, including Eastern Europe, pagans believe that people with heterochromia signify that this person has witch eyes.

Two different colored eyes dream meaning

When you dream about a baby with two different colored eyes signifies drive, energy, and determination. You can enjoy and spread out to experience things in life as much as you do because this dream means that good times are about to end. 

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Moreover, this dream denotes freedom of expression and the ability to let go of the negative energy in your life. You are about to enter a new phase of your life, like getting married or moving to a new place.

This dream could also represent the way you move and walk through life. Either with grace and poise, or you’re careless.

You are open-minded and accept changes in your life; however, you will need a lot of effort and strength to achieve this task. The feeling is like someone is bugging you while doing some work.

Seeing two different colored eyes also means enjoying the whole journey. Maybe, it’s because you don’t know the person well, and they appear mysterious, enigmatic, and engaging.

Therefore, you’ll crave to see more of this person.

However, this dream could also hint at respect and solidarity. As of the moment, you are refusing to go along with the people around you.

However, you feel overworked because you want to do things independently. Therefore, this dream signifies that you need to take some time to have some fun and look for yourself.

It symbolizes a source of spiritual guidance where you’ll feel calm and relaxed.

Here are other dreams related to eyes in general:

Now that you know the meaning behind dreaming of two different colored eyes, let’s know the meaning behind dreaming the eyes.

Generally, dreaming of eyes regardless of color have a significant meaning. If you see your own eyes looking in the mirror or photograph in your dream, try to remember what they looked like.

The rarest type of eye-related dream is the one having different eyes from your natural eyes, such as different colors and shapes, an animal’s eyes, or another person’s eyes.

All of these dreams have different meanings, and you’ll get to learn them today. Eyes have a strong symbolism in reality, but eyes have different interpretations in our dreams.

They always show a bit of general yet specific symbolism with the most intimate information.

Let’s start with blue eyes. Seeing blue eyes in dreams signifies love or desire for romance.

This dream could mean that you probably miss someone very much. It could be a friend you haven’t seen for a long time or your loved one who’s far away.

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This color represents memories, reflecting melancholy or nostalgia about the past.

You want to move on and leave everything behind, but you cannot. Well, this dream is not harmful; it only reflects the difficulties of absorbing and accepting things because you’re not used to the way they are now.

But it doesn’t mean that things have poorly changed; it’s like, they are no longer the same. It also means that not all of those things will prevent you from moving on; it’s never an easy thing to do.

Blue eyes in the dream, like seeing yourself having them symbolize solitude. It means that you’ll go through these problems on your own, far from other people.

Well, you have the strength to do it, and you prefer to do it alone. You don’t want others to see your weakness.

On the other hand, green eyes signify jealousy, complicated love, and adultery. This dream suggests that your partner isn’t honest with you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person cheats on you; it’s just that they are not telling you the truth or hiding something.

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Green-colored eyes represent dishonesty; however, they can also symbolize white lies, where your partner is hiding something from you not to worsen the situation. Probably your partner wants to save you from harm or unnecessary worrying.

Dream about brown eyes indicates positive meaning. They also represent romance, care, warmth, and desire.

This dream denotes that someone wants you badly. It could be someone close to you who has difficulty expressing their feelings towards you.

They fear that you would reject them.

Moreover, this dream tells you to pay more attention to the things around you or how people behave. You could meet new friends or connect with someone from your society.

You can also find a more in-depth meaning of hazel or brown eyes in the article I wrote about Hazel Eyes Spiritual Meaning.

When you dream about bloody eyes, they represent negative things. It means that someone would get hurt emotionally.

They also signify illness, so it would be best to monitor your health. Bloody eyes are connected with sadness, crying, misfortune, grief, and misery.

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It also tells you to be suspicious of the people around you, especially those who claim to be your friends but disappear when you have problems. Bloody eyes in a dream could signify that you’ll get hurt by someone you trust.

A rare dream about eyes is having vision loss or losing your eyes. Such dreams carry hidden messages that you should try to analyze to the best possible.

For instance, someone manipulates you or controls your life, but you fail to realize it. It could also mean that you no longer realize how your actions can affect people’s lives, particularly those close to you.

It could also mean that you overlooked someone’s need for help, support, or love, which creates some misunderstandings and issues. These dreams bring negative thoughts, but you’re too occupied not to realize them.

On the other hand, such dreams mean eye-opening, to see the things you are unaware of. You tend to look around, but your focus is narrow, so you fail to see different things.

Lastly, a dream about having eyes that are not yours is confusing and somehow bothering. This dream reflects those personalities you are unaware of in your waking life.

If you dream about having eyes with different colors aside from your natural eye color, it means that your emotions occupy you, so you should think about that. 

When you dream about having eyes that are unusual or not human symbolizes that you’re allowing your instinct to guide you. Meanwhile, a dream about someone with crossed eyes means that you’re lucky in your life. It is the best time to give your best shot in everything you do.

Ensure that your pending projects are done and start on a new one. This dream is a lucky sign, where you’ll meet a special person in your life.

It could be the love of your life, especially if you’re single. But if you’re married, it could be someone that can help you grow in your career or business.

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