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Unakite Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Unakite is a visionary stone that will encourage you to see a clearer path on your objectives in life. Unakite has a distinct mottled green and pink appearance.

But when polished, it makes on a stunning multi-colored appearance that is truly eye-catching when used as jewelry. Unakite stone strikes a balance between dealing with your emotional state and spirituality.

Unakite acts as a grounding stone as it will aid your transformation by releasing restraints that stifle your mental and spiritual progress. It will anchor yourself with the earth's energy for you to manifest. Unakite stone is one of nature's most soothing crystals for your heart and mind.

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It has the potential to combine the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the warm, loving passion of pink. It is a stone committed to balancing the ethereal body and resonates with the vibration of being a caring, compassionate, and kind individual.

History Of Unakite

The other name for Unakite stone is Epidote since its main component got its name after the Greek word epidosis that means “rising together.” Unakite is a strongly bound stone that holds a significant meaning to companionship. It instills the idea that whatever goes together remains together.

Its appearance has thick, opaque portions that vary in color from pistachio to moss green with areas of pink, peach, or light red as a granite rock.

The Unakite stone's first discovery was in the Unaka Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Fortunately, these are now common as pebbles and boulders in glacial drifts across the Great Lakes and Zimbabwe, and Switzerland.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Unakite

  • Physical Healing

Unakite stone is a powerful talisman for reducing or even stopping you if you have a smoking problem. Unakite, such as the Amethyst stone will help you in overcoming other long-term addictions like overeating or excessive alcohol or drug use. It allows you to release any negative stimuli that mainly affect your behavior.

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Unakite stone might help you remove toxic substances and energies from your system on a deep cellular level over time. Unakite stone strengthens the reproductive system by encouraging a healthy pregnancy, especially during the transition from pregnancy to labor.

It is beneficial in assisting you to solve any weight problems when needed. Unakite stone helps with breathing irregularities like hyperventilation.

  • Emotional Healing

Unakite is a stone tuned to the earth and generates a slow, steady energy flow for healing and rebirth. It gently acknowledges any underlying cause of illness or medical conditions caused by too much emotional stress. Unakite stone will significantly aid in suppressed sentiments like rage and frustration. It will re-energize your energy in the body while helping you out regularly to internalize these feelings.

Unakite stone will gently and regularly bring these wounds to the surface for you to address and make an end to this ongoing torment. It will aid in avoiding any new trauma by helping you release these sentiments over time. Through balanced emotions, you can enjoy a healthy outlook in life by healing the wounded self and learning to handle difficult circumstances with awareness.

  • Mental Healing

Unakite stone helps you maintain an open mentality of facing issues that might seem almost impossible to surpass. After a while, it will reassure you that there will be new dawn around the corners.

It's a stone that will help you get through times when you don't know how to help yourself. Unakite stone is an effective stone to help you make choices, particularly when you feel stuck in a challenging situation.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Unakite is an excellent supporting stone that aids in the growth of businesses in beauty, aromatherapy, and fashion design. It's also a pillar of strength for professions under marriage counselors and divorce lawyers.

The green in the Unakite stone does have a considerable significance in society. It is the color of progress, prosperity, achievement, and career. The green in Unakite stone has also gained the comparison to money within the twentieth century.

  • Relationship Healing

Once you achieve a balanced feeling, Unakite stone will help you have a healthy relationship. It promotes you to have a harmonious relationship. Problems are inevitable to arise as you and your partner grow together. You will start to realize the indifferences that might trigger you to have frustration.

The Unakite stone will be your guarding stone to ensure that you will both stay committed to accepting your flaws. It is an ideal stone that focuses on a healthy romantic relationship and in your professional workplace. Unakite stone is particularly beneficial when working closely with a relative or acquaintance, where positive interpersonal experiences are crucial.

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The Metaphysical Benefits Of Unakite

Unakite stone helps to get your emotional body and spirituality to work closer together. It promotes tolerance and gentleness for all things that you might be dealing with daily.  Unakite stone will encourage you to be patient and perseverant in the pursuit of inner peace.

Unakite stone deeply connects to the Heart Chakra, which you can find in the center of the breastbone.

It governs what you can welcome and what you should avoid in your interactions with the outside world. It can also make you feel either controlling or dominated in a relationship when the Heart Chakra is out of balance. You might become easily judgmental of others' minor flaws. It can also lead you to experience a powerful emotional reaction when problems arise.

Remember that crystal energies that are pink and green remove blockages and rebalance the Heart Chakra. It will assist you in clearly understanding your desires and emotions. Unakite stone is excellent for knowing the cause of your sentiments then subtly resolving problems that stifle spiritual growth.

Unakite stone, when placed on the Third Eye, aids in past-life healing by allowing you to return to the root of an issue and move forward.


The power of the Unakite stone will remind you that you don't have to give up things that make you happy now to achieve long-term success. Its pink and green colors, which signify innocence and maturity.

Unakite stone will assist you in gaining a healthy outlook from yourself and others. It has a caring vibration that will help you learn more about yourself and discover who you always want to be.

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