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Uranus Opposite Pluto Transit: What To Do In This Erratic Event?

Uranus Traits

In Roman mythology, Uranus rules over the uninhibited sky and its creatures. This god is the first known to rule the universe. But unfortunately, this free-spirited god is also cruel to his wife and creator, Gaea. For this reason, his son, Saturn, ousted him from power and seized the throne from himself. There's not much to tell about this god when we relate him to astrology.

When we look into astronomy, Uranus's characteristics can be indeed related to its role in astrology. This planet is known as an ice giant, but we have very little information concerning this planet. The eighth planet in the Solar System is one unique celestial body. This gas giant rotates on its side, earning the name “sideways planet.”

Like how Uranus is a unique planet in its way, uniqueness is what the planet promotes in astrology. Uranus rules over originality and being one-of-a-kind. Our identities do not have a blueprint. Everyone is built differently, molded uniquely that even our fingerprint is our own! in conclusion, Uranus reminds us to own ourselves and show our authentic selves to the world.

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Like the Roman god's dominion, the planet rules over being boundless. The ice giant encourages us to break the norms and traditions, especially those that are oppressive. This planet pushes us to overcome our fear of the unknown. We should sometimes think outside of the box, and we should push our limits once in a while.

Uranus is also the planet of technology and innovation. This planet longs for progress, and with improvement comes sudden changes. This planet reminds us that life is not predictable. You will not know what you will get today or tomorrow. It reminds us to prepare for the shocking changes that may come whenever.

Pluto Traits

Pluto is the cold and mysterious lord of the Underworld. He rules over the dark realm of the afterlife, and he thrives in hiding himself together with the dead. This god does not like to be visible for reasons we have yet to reveal. But narrators in Roman mythology say that this lord is ugly, and mortals fear seeing his face. For this reason, he never forgets to wear his invisible helmet when he ascends the mortal world.

Like how the lord of the Underworld thrives in the dark, the planet Pluto shares this trait. In astrology, the planet symbolizes dark unconventional things. These dark, bizarre things include occult, taboo, incest, and even forbidden love affairs. So it is not surprising that Pluto people are interested in these things. Disturbing as it may sound, but they may also be involved with these things.

Pluto also hides the things we do not want anyone to see. It seems like he brought his invisibility helmet to hide these things in us. These things that we hide vary, but mostly it's all about our unresolved issues. It can also expand to mental illness, childhood trauma, and trust issues. Yet, we try so hard to hide these things, and we pretend that everything is okay.

When we finally dare to confront these things we hide, there will be a total turnaround in our character. Hence, like Uranus, Pluto concerns itself with shocking changes. But in Pluto, it's more of a transformation and rebirth. This planet encourages us to rebrand ourselves and remove the negative energies festering in ourselves.

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Uranus Opposite Pluto Transit

With the opposition in the influence, how hard will this transit be? The opposition, like the square, is one of the most challenging aspects of astrology. Opposition happens when planets sit on opposite poles. And when planets sit on the opposite side, it is difficult for their traits to blend. Planets would assert dominance on an individual, resulting in chaos in the person's mind and heart.

Similar to the Mars-Uranus aspects, with Uranus opposite Pluto transit, this event will encourage you to open yourself to changes. This transit will bring about transformation not only to your life but also to your relationships. It is best to take advantage of this event by welcoming the changes in your life instead of fighting them.

With Pluto on the influence, the changes that will come will turn your life upside down. Expect that this transit will wreak havoc on your routine as well. It may seem that everything is going smoothly in your life until this transit comes.

When you resist the changes that this transit will bring, it will bring out the worst circumstances. You have no choice but to be flexible to the changes. Similar to what the Moon-Pluto aspects are, this transit ensures that the more that the person struggles to change, the more that this transit will open your eyes to the changes that will come.

This transit, you will feel like you have no control of any situation. Despite the influence of Uranus, your freedom feels like it went out of the window. You might even feel like nothing is going on your way. Your work may demand longer working hours from you, or your partner may be demanding so much from you.

It may also seem like your possessions are slipping away. These possessions may come in the form of relationships or material possessions. This transit gives you freedom when it comes to the attachment to your possessions. Try to assess whether these possessions are still worthy of your energy and time. If it's not, the transit encourages you to leave it all behind.

One way to adapt to this transit, aside from letting the changes come, is looking at the brighter side. This transit is scary, indeed. You will never know what changes will slam you in the face. But on the brighter side, the things that are happening will make sense in the future.

Go with the flow of change because that's what you can only do for now. Patience will help you during this event. Just endure all the transformation going on and bear with it. After all, this transit teaches us to be flexible. It reminds us that change is the only constant thing in our life, and we should embrace it. We should welcome change, no matter how we don't like the changes that came.

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