Venus Conjunct Ascendant: Inner Beauty That Shines Even Outside -

Venus Conjunct Ascendant: Inner Beauty That Shines Even Outside

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Venus' Role In Astrology

One of the personal planets in astrology, Venus, is named after the Goddess of Love and Beauty. By this, the planet Venus then is what represents our feminine and sensual side. Like the goddess where its name is derived, the planet represents love, pleasure, and beauty. It signifies art, aesthetics, literature, and finances! Governess of love, Venus rules our insights and fantasies towards love and relationships. It can even show you what type of person we are interested in and the type of person we attract. This planet is all about relationships, affection, sex, and intimacy.

Venus' Role In An Individual

People ruled by Venus are generally charming. Like the planet that shines brightly in our night sky, they shine brightly too. These people are always concerned with their physical appearance. Being ruled by this planet, Venus people are dazzling! Their fashion tastes are unique, albeit trendy!

These people are quite popular not only because of the way they look. As astrologers view Venus as the feminine planet, Venus-ruled people are caring, loving, and kind. More often than not, these people are sweet and gentle. 

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Cravers of balance, Venus people tend to gravitate towards harmonious relationships. They crave a surrounding where pleasant feelings live. One way to push a Venus person away is by putting them in an unhealthy environment. These people like to maintain peaceful relations with everyone.

This trait is the reason why they have a lot of friends. These people are pretty famous, and rightfully so! Expect that they are always the center of attention; the stoplight shines on them. But instead of shying away from the limelight, they will make the most out of it! It is also rare to see a Venus person be single. They are always in love, although it can be because they are just in love with the idea of love. For some of them, it is better to be in a relationship, even if it's an unhappy one than being single.

As Venus rules these people, you can expect that they like to please themselves as well. They may come off as selfish people and often self-absorbed. Since they like everything to be rainbows and unicorns, they shy away from disagreements. These people don't want to be in the middle of quarrels. 

And because they do not like conflicts, expect that they would always remain in their comfort zones. Venus-ruled people will never leave their safe zones. It is better to not grow at all than surround yourself with challenges and grow from them. Because of this, a lot of people would view them as shallow, superficial ones.

Ascendant's Role In Astrology

Of course, this is not a plane nor an aspect. We know how the sun mirrors our overall personality. It signifies who we are as a person. Then we have the moon. The moon is all about our deepest emotions. The ascendant, then, is what we give off as “the first impression.” It is also responsible for our perception of the world. Whoever we interact with the first time will sense the vibe that our Ascendant gives off. And we get to know the person, we also get to know their Sun, Moon, Venus, and so on.

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Ascendant's Role In An Individual

Your time of birth is crucial in knowing your ascendant sign. Whatever sign is on the horizon at your time of delivery is your Ascendant. Our Ascendant is what makes our natal charts “personalized.” and is what makes our natal chart “our own.” 

Ascendants if what people perceive to be “the first impression.” Being the first thing you will encounter in a person, astrologers refer to Ascendant as “public mask” or “front door.” If you are an Aquarius rising, best believe that people's first impression of you is intellectual and that you like to do things on your own. Ascendant plays a significant role in our personalities, as well as Venus.

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Venus Conjunct Ascendant

Venus Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Venus's conjunct ascendant people are one of the most likable persons. Their beauty does not only exist on the outside but it is mirrored on the inside too! Your beauty shines not just on your face but on your heart as well. These inner and outer beauties are the primary reason why you charm people. And you take pride in being so attractive that you take the time to care for yourself.

Being a Venus conjunct Ascendant, you have a high fashion sense. Your style is exceptional, and everyone cannot help but adore you for it. Your heart is warm, giving, and affectionate. Thus, Venus-Ascendant people get along with people nicely. This socialization skill is your charm! Since everyone loves you, your social circle is big. Venus-Ascendant natal ensures that you are famous.

Just like a person ruled by Venus, you crave harmony and balance. You ensure that everything in your environment is healthy and pleasing. You are a peacemaker and have a loving heart. Venus-ascendant people will try their hardest to shy away from disagreements. Often, these people run away from possible conflicts. 

And because they do not like confrontations, they do not stand up for themselves. Venus-ascendant people would rarely voice their opinion, especially when if this will cause a fight. They are push-overs because they refuse to stand ground and create unpleasantness.

They highly value pleasure. People ruled by this aspect want to please everyone. But these people should also be careful in craving pleasure. Because more often than not, this can quickly become a selfish trait. You may become so self-absorbed that you forgot about caring for other people.

Venus conjunct ascendant people gain pleasure through compliments. They love to be showered by it. This trait can turn to be vain, and again, being self-absorbed. Because you are too used to the compliments, you may appear to be unmoved when someone praises you. This feeling of nonchalance may pain the person giving the compliment.

Venus-ascendant people are the laziest. One would often find them procrastinating. 

Venus Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Commonly regarded as the best transit, Venus-ascendant conjunction showers everyone love and money! You will feel the urge to be loving and caring. This aspect is a great time to start new romantic relationships. This event is also the perfect time to make friends. With Venus-ascendant in transit, everyone will look attractive to everyone. There can even be an additional charm and sexual appeal. Take advantage of this transit by socializing.

This transit is also best for those who are currently in a relationship. Being more affectionate and warmer to each other is the best way to use this event. Furthermore, it is the ideal time to fix any relationship problems that the couple might have. 

Venus-ascendant transit will also bring you the desire to take care of yourself more. Don't restrain yourself if you feel like you want to shop and buy expensive jewelry. This transit is an excellent time to pamper yourself and treat yourself. You can also try renovating your house or your room.

The planet Venus then is in touch with our feminine and sensual side. Like its namesake, it represents love, pleasure, and beauty. You might also be interested in Venus conjunct Neptune.

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