Venus Conjunct Uranus: Loving And Living Life To The Fullest! -

Venus Conjunct Uranus: Loving And Living Life To The Fullest!

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People who are born under the influence of Venus conjunct Uranus are very individualistic. 

Venus conjunct Uranus are very confident people. For this reason, they pull people into their orbit, and they are very popular, so people cannot help but give in. 

Venus conjunct Uranus people think that popularity and big social circles are shallow. People need to be sincere, and sincerity does not come with big social circles. 

Venus Traits

Venus is a personal planet. It means that this planet corresponds to a particular aspect of our personality. 

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In this case, Venus is all about us in love or a relationship.

The Roman Goddess Venus and the planet Venus in astrology share a lot of similarities. First, the Roman Goddess rules over love and intimacy. 

The planet Venus, in astrology, governs love and intimacy as well. It also relates to everything that goes hand in hand in love, including sex and affection.

Venus reveals our perception and attitude towards love. It also shows how a person acts and resolves relationship problems. Since Venus focuses on love, the planet also indicates our charm, its downside, and how to best use it. 

Venus reveals how we attract other people and how we get attracted to other people.

Being the fun-loving people that they are, these people have wide friend circles. Another reason for their wide friend circles is their fashion style. 

These people put utmost importance on the way they look and their fashion statement. Because of their trait, they are always to the rescue when their friend needs a fashion emergency.

Venus people put a lot of time and effort into the way they look. Possibly, they may even spend a lot of time and money shopping. 

These people are prone to overspending and may end up in a ridiculous pile of debt. They even end up buying everything that catches their eye, despite not needing or using it.

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These people like to feel pleasure now and then. Their craving for pleasure is why they can come off to be selfish people. 

But they are pretty selfless, too, because these people prioritize others. 

They do not want people around them to get hurt and burdened. They will sincerely extend a helping hand.

Since these people like to surround themselves with lovely things, they tend to shy away from conflict. These people hate disagreements. 

In line with this, these people will not stand up for themselves. They would like to keep their opinions on themselves to prevent any conflict.

Uranus Traits

Unlike Venus, Uranus is not a personal planet. It does not correspond to a particular aspect of our personalities. 

But when Uranus is there, expect that planet where it is aligned can feel its impact. The Roman God Uranus and the planet Uranus in astrology have a similarity as well. 

The Roman God rules the unbounded sky. The planet Uranus is all about free-spiritedness and open-mindedness.

When Uranus's influence is in the air, expect that you will feel revitalized to change everything about yourself. This planet is all about breaking free from traditions and groundbreaking change. 

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Venus Conjunct Uranus Natal

These people highly value individuality and open-mindedness. These traits are evident from their unique style with their personal touch. 

Because they like to express themselves, Venus-Uranus natal people are cut out from the rest because they want to be different. Their open-mindedness makes their perception of everything welcoming.

People born with Venus conjunct Uranus in their birth chart are opinionated. And when confronted by someone who opposes their opinions, they would not back down. 

Being ruled by Venus, they are highly passionate about their views. But despite their headstrong attitude, these people are not open to compromise. 

These people perceive compromising as “losing themselves.” If they allow compromise, it feels like they've lost a part of themselves. 

Venus-Uranus people can be pretty hard-headed and stubborn.

Despite being welcoming to change and to people in their lives, they tend to stick to their lifestyle. They do not want anyone else to change them. 

Venus conjunct Uranus people like individuality so much that they get attracted to people who exhibit it. They like relationships where their partner will not be too attached or clingy to them. 

Venus Conjunct Uranus Transit

Venus conjunct Uranus transit may induce you to do something exciting! If you have the impulse to change your style, it is best to follow through with this

You can feel that you are inspired to dye your hair in bright colors, do it!  This event will bring about something new and exciting. 

Hence, it is best to embrace it.

This feeling of excitement can also extend to your relationships. You can put a little more spontaneity into your long-term relationship that feels stagnant. 

However, it is best to also ask your partner about this. Your partner may feel shocked by the sudden excitement and be repulsive. 

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