Venus In 5th House Synastry: A Relationship Written In The Stars -

Venus In 5th House Synastry: A Relationship Written In The Stars

Venus Traits

Venus is one of the most worshipped goddesses in Roman mythology. This goddess of love blesses the lovers with passionate affection for each other. Being the goddess of beauty as well, Venus is also the ruler of all things pleasing. She has a gentle and caring heart but she is the protector of artists too. No one can be on par with this goddess’ beauty, but there lurks a cunning and treacherous character in her too.

The goddess and the planet’s role in astrology are the same. The planet Venus rules over love and relationships. Being a personal planet, Venus rules our identity when we are in a relationship or in love. How do we express our love for this person? Do we prioritize our relationship it’s the least of our priorities?

This planet reveals our love language. Do we feel the other person’s love through physical touch or acts of service? When you look at Venus, it may show you your charm and what makes people attracted to us. When your Venus and your partners’ Venus are compatible, expect that the relationship will be harmonious too.

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Like the goddess of beauty, the planet Venus also favors lovely and beautiful things. These things include aesthetics, art, and literature. The brightest planet in the Solar System rules over performing arts too. Venus also symbolizes balance and harmony. 

Venus people, like the goddess, have gentle and caring hearts. And you will notice this in your first meeting. Their selfless character will woo you in. You can't help but give in to the force that pulls you in their lives. These people want to be always of help. Expect that they sincerely want to help you out without any underlying motives.

The first thing that will strike you when you meet a Venus person is their style. Venus people are fashionable. You will often wonder if they ever experienced being unattractive in their lives. The answer is no. These people put enormous effort into making themselves pretty. When I say enormous it means splurging a lot of money, time, and effort to look glamorous.

Because these people also like to maintain their surroundings pretty, they also take a lot of time and effort to redecorate or design their spaces. You’ll notice their exquisite taste in furniture, art, or decorations. Venus people are also creative and artsy. We are not surprised if they are involved in the arts as well. You will find these people drawing, writing, or dancing. It is possible that they do all of these!

But these qualities are all on the surface of the Venus person. Underneath this attractive façade, there lies an ugliness within. These people do not want anything to disturb the harmony they created in their surroundings. For this reason, they shy away from conflicts and disagreements. Venus people would not stand for themselves if it will cause struggles.

House In Astrology

During the time of our birth, the planets are placed in certain houses. We do not mean houses with a concrete structure. On our birth charts, there are twelve houses that correspond to the different aspects of our personality. These aspects include yourself, romantic relationships, and family relationships. It even expands to work routines, travel plans, spirituality, and fantasies.

When a certain planet is in a house, it affects our personality greatly. For instance, Mars in the 6th house. 6th house is all about the individual’s health, wellness, and physical activities. Put Mars in the 6th house and the result is that this person is highly active. They have robust health and they value being physically fit.

Put Mars in the 10th house, and everything becomes different. 10th house symbolizes work ethics, work routines, and travel plans. With Mars on the 10th house, this person is competitive on his job. They are goal-oriented and ambitious. 

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Venus In 5th House Synastry

5th house is our character development. This house governs our maturity and where you will find your character in its best version. With Venus’ person in their partner’s 5th house, expect that this will be a transformative pairing.

Venus will certainly find this house person attractive. Even if the house person does not feel like they are likable, this Venus will make them feel like they are. Venus’ eyes will remain only with this house person and no one else matters. These people cannot help but be drawn with their partners. The house person then will feel grateful for being appreciated and wanted.

These people will enjoy each other’s company. And there’s not a day where these people bore each other. Their relationship is lively and full of excitement. However, there lies the possibility that they would refuse to acknowledge their responsibilities. This couple should not forget that there should be a balance between obligations and fun. Life is not all about fun and games. It goes hand in hand with responsibilities.

This couple’s love for each other is so strong that they acknowledge each other’s flaws. They know that their partner is imperfect, and the couple will embrace these imperfections. This way they will readily forgive each other when these imperfections surface.

In relevance to having Saturn in the 5th house, Venus in the 5th house synastry is a relationship where they both feel that they are meant for each other. It’s like their home has two eyes and a beating heart. The couple will support each other through thick and thin. They share each other’s priorities and help each other grow.

Venus inspires the house person to be creative and develop their skills and talents. The same is true for the house person. This house person encourages Venus to do their best and even look their best. They are each other’s cheerleaders, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This relationship will definitely be a harmonious one, especially because the couple will want to spend their lives with each other. There’s a big possibility for this couple to tie the knot and raise children. With the couple’s compatibility, they need to nurture the relationship for the long run. To nurture this, always think that conflicts do not destroy harmony. Conflicts make an imbalance, but the harmony will be stronger when this conflict is resolved. 

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