Venus-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense and fiery passion between Venus and Mars -

Venus-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense and fiery passion between Venus and Mars

Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry

Astronomers discover numerous planets, but only a few come to mind, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. These celestial bodies are so bright that you have to have perfect telescopes to observe them. Many people mistake them for stars because they are so bright. But to the astronomers, they are planets since they are wandering bodies that move around the Sun.

Venus and Mars are the 2nd most vital aspect in synastry. They are fiery, intense planets that show matters of the heart. These planets represent the woman and man in a couple: Venus and Mars, the only natural match in the pantheon of astrology. From days long forgotten. When God created them as siblings, the two have been inseparable pairs, helping each other face their challenges.

Venus and Mars come together in synastry, creating a very loving and passionate romance. Both planets possess hot and fiery energy. When both worlds come into contact, the chemistry is so intense that it makes both parties want to get intimately connected. They both soak in the knowledge and expertise of the other person and enjoy every moment they spend together.

As Venus orbits around the Sun, it goes through a rotation inside Mars orbit. With every passing year, the two planets come in contact with each other. This has led astrologers to believe that there is some attraction between the two planets. All the significant elements of a relationship, trust, and compatibility come out quickly. This is when two planets like Venus and Mars come together. This is the factor that makes the relationship of this combination more unique. And also different from other types of relationships.

The sexual attraction Venus and Mars have is so fierce that it's so hard for both of them to resist. The presence of intense emotional and physical attraction is another factor that brings these two planets together. When these two planets come in contact with each other, there exist strong energy of desire and passion towards one another. 

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When the energies of Venus and Mars are joined together, it precipitates vibrant and energetic energy. This enthusiasm that Venus and Mars have allows both of them to enjoy shared activities together.

Mars has this dynamic and energetic aura. Venus's person is attracted by the vivacious traits and persistent attitude of the Mars person. Venus person is in awe of how the Mars person exhibits itself towards other people. This makes the Venus person crave the Mars person even more.

Venus person has a welcoming aura and is sympathetic and very open-minded. The sweet and loving nature of Venus person is what attracts the Mars person.

The intense emotional and physical attraction that Mars and Venus have in this aspect guarantees a long-term relationship. Even if both of you decided to end your relationship, the loving connection you have with each other could not be denied.

Venus person provides calming energy in the relationship. The composure of Venus person balances the impatient and yearning soul of the Mars person.

However, Venus's person can become too confident and has the tendency to become out of focus and procrastinate. Mars's tenacity and determination act as an inducing force to encourage Venus person to work proactively and keep focused.

Venus person adores the Mars person so much. The love and affection that the Venus person gives make the Mars person more motivated in life. In return, the Mars person gives back the same intensity of love the Venus gives.

Both planets evoke an overwhelming feeling towards each other. This fiery passion that you have keeps the intimacy and excitement in your relationship. The intense physicality the Mars person radiates is being transmitted to Venus, enhancing its creativity and sensuality.

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Venus in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Mars in Synastry Chart

The pairing of Venus and Mars in the soft aspect creates a harmonious blend of energies. Both planets are sexually compatible. Each knows how to make their partner sexually satisfied and happy. Mars and Venus have this instinctive mutual understanding. Their strong connection with each other makes their intimate moments blissful.

These aspects promote a fiery and intense attraction between two people. These challenging aspects occur less frequently in all the Venus and Mars couple combinations, so they can be considered an external connection between two individuals.

When the planets of Mars and Venus come together in your relationship, you will see no limits. And it can be beautiful, but some challenges may arise. Your relationship will be warm, sweet, and passionate, but sometimes things get out of hand. At times, you can become jealous or possessive.

For the most part, a Venus person will enjoy the company of a Mars person. The intensity and passion of a Mars person can make a Venus person feel alive again.

The main challenge when the Venus person is in conjunction, square, or opposition with Mars is that Mars desires to control Venus person. Furthermore, it will try to change them into a version of itself. In other words, it will try to ‘mold' the Venus person to comply with its desires.

However, Mars and Venus can become too comfortable in the relationship. This can make them feel as if there is no excitement in their love life already. This is a challenge for both of them on how to overcome the dull moments in their relationship and bring back the fiery passion you have towards each other.

Mars' perseverance attracts Venus, while Mars is captivated by the beauty and loving nature of the Venus person. Together, both planets inspire each other. They have this warm and loving connection in the soft aspect. 

Mars person is flexible, giving, and impulsive. On the other hand, Venus person is loving, loyal, and reserved. Venus person desires to be loved by others and sometimes likes solitude. The overall purpose of having a relationship between these two signs is to be attracted to each other's differences. Each can learn something from the other. Yet, some powerful forces are working against them that they need to overcome if they go past the passion stage.

Mars is full of wonderful ideas for the future and is full of determination to achieve its goals. On the other hand, Venus is more of a subtle type and lets Mars lead the relationship. When your energies are joined together, it will produce an energetic and powerful vibe.

The relationship between Venus and Mars is full of sensuality and intimacy. When your energies are joined together, it will produce an energetic and powerful vibe. Even if your relationship has already ended, both leave a mark on each other's hearts. A connection that you will never forget.

Mars's clear goals in life help Venus person to stay motivated. Venus person, in turn, liberates Mars from being too serious towards life. Venus teaches the Mars person to step out from their comfort zone and learn how to have fun.

The contrasting qualities of Mars and Venus in soft aspects balance each other, creating a harmonious relationship. If managed well, this relationship could last lifelong.

Venus in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Mars in Synastry Chart

Venus and Mars in hard aspects precipitate a strong sexual attraction that is rough and aggressive. Either of you can become strongly attracted toward the other, and may act aggressively that can offend the other.

Being in a relationship in this aspect would be very challenging for Venus and Mars. Both will face problems and challenges in their relationship. It would be tough to establish a harmonious relationship when Venus and Mars are in a hard aspect.

The Mars person's direct and eager nature can upset and hurt the Venus person without him knowing. Another challenge for Venus and Mars is the burning passion present in the relationship. This can give rise to negative emotions, such as jealousy, possessiveness, and manipulation will resurface.

Mars will most likely become obsessed with Venus person. Because Venus person is adept at handling obsessive emotions, it has the tendency to become manipulative towards Mars.

Venus may control and manipulate the Mars person through passive-aggressive acts. For Venus knows how head over heels is Mars towards her, she may use it as an advantage towards Mars person.

The personal traits of Venus and Mars can be seen by their sign placement in natal charts. Venus helps identify the woman's needs, her dependency on men, and her material nature. Mars shows which type of man will attract her.

Venus wants to be loved, appreciated, or admired for his beautiful personality. Mars will show him compliments, but he will also show his possessiveness at times. When you are with Venus person, stick to his side, and let him walk on the chosen path. If you love a Venus person, be prepared to shower him with compliments. He will appreciate your remarks or words of admiration, but he might get jealous if you show too much affection to other men.

Be sure to stick next to your partner because he needs security in your relationship. Venus person is truly a friend to your heart. Venus person will always be there for you, listen to you, and support you. He will try to advise you to help you solve some personal problems. As long as Mars is around, Venus would be prideful about his success.

On the other hand, Mars can be very jealous of the people with whom Venus person is interacting. Because of Venus's friendly nature, it could trigger the Mars person's insecurities and show his jealousy through aggressive behavior.

There would be a lot of misunderstanding and fights in your relationship for your emotions are not aligned in this aspect.

The challenge for Venus and Mars is that both need to be open with each other. Both need to learn how to set aside their pride to maintain intimacy and harmony in the relationship. It would be best if you let your partner know about your insecurities and doubts to make the relationship work.

If both are unwilling to be vulnerable and be open towards each other, misunderstanding could happen, which could be the cause of the clash between partners.

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In astrology also are termed as a composite body. In astrology, Venus is known as the ruler of Libra, and Mars is known as the ruler of Capricorn. Mars creates a special kind of bond that has never been appropriately explored to date.

These two have a serious love-hate relationship, and their fiery, passionate feelings towards each other can be easily turned into a potentially unhealthy obsession. For this reason, the Venus person must learn to avoid playing games. When this aspect is involved in the synastry chart, the other partner must learn not to take things too personally or too seriously because manipulation is involved.

Mars person rushes headlong to make things happen, while Venus person is quite cautious and takes time to make plans before stepping out. This causes arguments because Venus person will continuously question Mars's actions. The intense emotions make the two feel better about themselves when the two are together.

The primary stress in this relationship is the conflicts of opinions and views. The Mars person has a strong belief in everything, while Venus encourages Mars to have an open-minded approach to life.

The Venus person is an expert at handling family. Mars' desire can create trouble because Mars can become very pushy and demanding. The Venus person is interested in pleasing the Mars person will manipulate to win them over. People often view Venus as a female planet with Cardinal air sign, Cardinal water sign, and Cardinal earth sign compatibility.

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