Venus Opposite Pluto Transit: How To Survive This Complex Aspect? -

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit: How To Survive This Complex Aspect?

Venus Traits

Roman mythology tells us that Venus sprung up from the sea. When Saturn initiated a bloody attack against Uranus, the latter's blood fell to the sea. Ironically, Venus is the goddess of fertility. It does not surprise us because she is also the goddess of love and those related to it, such as sex and intimacy. This goddess is a charming lady, and gods and mortals cannot help but stare at her in awe.

The goddess' realm is not far from the planet's dominion in astrology. The planet concerns itself with love and relationship. Because love and relationship encompass a variety of things, it also falls under Venus' rule. Hence, we can say that sex, desire, intimacy, affection, and fertility fall under this planet's rule as well.

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Venus is an essential planetary placement in our birth charts. It is a personal planet because it governs a particular aspect of our personality. In Venus' case, it rules our character when we are in a relationship or love. What is our love language? How do we express our love to our partners?

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But since Venus does not only encompass relationships, it also knows our carnal desires. It knows our best charms and how it attracts other people. The brightest planet reveals our most brilliant trait too. When you look closely into Venus, you will know how to highlight your charm and make it shine the brightest.

Venus also rules over the arts and lovely things. These precious things include aesthetics, fashion, style, decoration, and furniture. Additionally, the same thing also goes for the arts. It rules performing arts, literature, and visual arts.

At the outset, Venus lives a happy life. Everyone adores this planet, and the planet lives in luxury as well. But deep inside the core of this planet lurks a monster. Venus is all about pleasure, as we say, but it sometimes borders on fantasy as well. Fantasies are either highly idealistic or near to reality. Hence, too much Venus will result in delusion and addiction to things, not in the realm of reality.

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Pluto Traits

Unlike the adorable Venus, Pluto doesn't get that much admiration. Since Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, chills are sent to the ancient Roman's spine when they hear the name. He is cold and unforgiving, and people say he's unattractive too. For this reason, we can infer that Pluto does not want to be seen, for he keeps his invisible helmet at his head at all times.

Although the planet does not rule over the dead, the god and the planet are almost similar. This planet depicts dark and unconventional things. And when we say dark, it's unquestionably dark. The planet is associated with taboo, occult, incest, and forbidden love affairs. It is not surprising that some people get involved with this stuff since Pluto's influence reigns in them.

The planet rules over the things we do not want anyone to see. Hence, Pluto hides a variety of things. These things can be mental illness, childhood trauma, trust issues, and unresolved conflicts. It seems like Pluto sheds its invisibility helmet to hide these things from people around us.

And when we finally let go of these things in ourselves, a grand metamorphosis follows. For this reason, Pluto also governs change. And not just the ordinary, menial change. Pluto represents transformation and growth. It is responsible for our change in perception, ideas, and character. And these changes can only happen if we are brave enough to face the things we kept hidden.

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Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

Many view the opposition as one of the most challenging aspects. When two planets sit on opposites, they are in opposition. And what happens when they sit on the ends? They will assert dominance. Think of it as if they have a thread connecting each other. The planets will push and pull. And what happens when there's so much push and pull? The thread breaks or one of the planets does. With opposition in sight, the planets will find it hard to coexist harmoniously.

Expect that this is what will happen in Venus opposite Pluto transit. With this event, your dramatic emotions will be much more intense. You will feel very sensitive and emotional. And people will not like this because they see you as overdramatic and irritating.

This aspect is especially challenging for couples. They will be the most affected ones during this transit. Expect that you will feel the urge to control or manipulate your partner. If it's not you, then you may think that your partner is trying to do those things to you. It is best to communicate about the things that are bothering you. Calmly discuss power struggles, if there are any, and find out their root causes. 

There may be times where you may feel highly possessive of your partner. Jealousy may be out of control, and heightened suspicions will come out of nowhere. It is also possible that fights will get mismanaged, which will lead to violence or nasty arguments.

It does not mean to say that single people are not also affected by this event. Venus opposite Pluto transit warns people to take extra care when socializing. You may attract creepy people such as pedophiles and stalkers. Careful about who you give your affection to. You might fall for someone violent or abusive. With Pluto on the influence and in opposition at that, you might find yourself fascinated in a romantic relationship full of manipulation, gaslighting, and violence. This transit reminds you to take caution in entering a new relationship. 

Also, you may feel the urge to use your charms in getting your way. You may feel the need to lure a person and trap him to do your bidding. It is good that you know how to highlight your charms. But it is never good to use a person for your gain. Try to channel these intense feelings to other things. 

Do something you are passionate about and put all your feelings into it. You can also try to immerse yourself in physical activities and put the intense energy into working out.

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